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“The enthusiasm and passion with which the Money Mentor Club team seeks to help people with their financial wellbeing is impressive. They are a welcome addition to Datchet and to the Windsor constituency. As an entrepreneur before entering Parliament, it is good to see a local business helping people to understand the labyrinthine tax code and the ‘real world’ of managing finances.” “People will increasingly learn about their personality type, financial profile, basic investment techniques and how to achieve their financial wellbeing goals through the use of online applications. Once they know what they want to do, they will then be able to choose the best products and financial advice online or in person as suits them best”. “I was particularly interested by Money Mentor Club’s inventive focus on well-being rather than purely focussing on profit, as well as their research-based approach to help people understand their personality type. I can certainly see a gap for people wanting to discover their overall comprehensive financial well-being with products like WOWW! (The Ways Of Work and Wellbeing!)” “It is reassuring to see the research-based approach they are taking and I very much wish them well for the future.”

Adam Afriyie MP Chair of the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology




Putting Health, Wealth & Work Together - With Wellbeing



Profile for Kevin Thomson

The NEF SCORE Report 2015/16 By The Money Mentor Club  

The NEF SCORE Report 2015/16 By The Money Mentor Club