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MODELING WHAT MATTERS Welcome to The Hill Ministry where we bring glory to Jesus Christ. Through Godly leadership, mentorship, teaching, training, and counseling. Grounded in a firm biblical foundation, our synergized approach empowers individuals to activate and realize their designed purposes in the Kingdom of God. The Hill’s many offerings for revealing God’s purpose and focuses on the personal applications of the word of God, personal relationships with Christ, individual and corporate worship, Godly business models and in “cross-pollination” through providing service in the community and marketplace. We believe in all aspects of the individual’s life, from familial and other interpersonal relationships, to health, finance and business, may be transformed through this manifestation of God’s plan.

FOSTERING COLLABORATION THROUGH THE LOVE OF GOD Our Mission The purpose of The Hill Ministry is to offer a biblical model that will grow and nurture believers as they discover and release the Kingdom of God in their lives.

Vision Statement • To provide Christ-based counseling services • To provide Christian-based training, which focuses on servicing the basic human needs on a local and global scale, through partnership and relationships • To establish a community of BELIEVERS trained to release God ordained assignments • To implement corporate worship that ushers in the presence of God through love, honesty and integrity

VALUING AND APPRECIATING EACH OTHER THROUGH DIFFERENT SERVICE MODELS Support Groups The Hill employs “THE RED ZONE” analogy as it pertains to the development of the believers’ position, and engaging in life’s ever-present struggles. These strategic groups are designed to direct men in taking their ordained positions in the family through; impartation, purpose, agreement, and alignment of their hearts with the Kingdom of God. Through real scenarios, men learn how to apply the word of God to real life problems. “THE RED ZONE” becomes the place where we consistently learn how to advance in the Kingdom of God, even during conflicting situations that hinder our purpose in God’s plan.

COMMUNITY WORSHIP The community worship network brings different cultures and ethnicities together under the unity of worshiping God, in Spirit and in truth. The network expresses a corporate unified idea for the love and appreciation of God, and trains others to participate in this wonderful expression of love for Jesus Christ.

“The RED ZONE” Is the place where intense warfare is engaged with the believer without any real plan of action toward defeating an unseen enemy, or WHO strives to hinder abort, miscary, steal, cripple, block, the plan of GOD’S will for our lives. The apostle Paul states that “we are not ignorant of Satan’ devices.” With a strong understanding of who we are in Jesus Christ, and a working knowledge of understanding and applying the word of God, the goal of this book is to be a guide and support system in walking and releasing our authority, your spiritual arsenal, and tools that has already been given through the finished work of Jesus Christ on Calvary.

Men’s Fellowship Twice a month men from all areas of life meet to be mentored, coached, trained, taught and encouraged on how to be the priest and prophet of the home. Due to the war on our purpose, men are encouraged through strong accountability and empowerment. In the end, men are refreshed and renewed to be all they can be in Christ.


The Hill Ministry P.O. Box 7436 路 York, PA 17404 Office: (717) 845-4046

Rev. Moses Smith Chief Elder

-Psalms 121

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Rzpamphlet 2