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Isiah Anderson is a visionary with a passion for change and is committed to creating opportunities for urban communities to thrive in the areas of economic development, education and community revitalization.







Motivate. Inspire. Move. Change.

Contact Isiah Anderson 600 North Hartley Street. • Suite 170 York, Pennsylvania 17404 Great Black Speakers: For Booking Inquiries, contact Sharee McFadden at

600 N. Hartley St. • Ste. 170 • York, PA 17404 • P: 717.845-4046 • •

About Isiah Isiah Anderson is a man of passion. From his faith, to his family, to his business, he is driven by a passion for change. With more than 20 years of experience in leadership, mentoring, and coaching, Isiah aides his team in developing and implementing programs designed to innovate urban education, create economic opportunities and cultivate community-building partnerships. He is the Managing Officer of Three Cord Inc., a management company committed to building strong, healthy, and sustainable urban communities that thrive in the areas of economic development, education, and community revitalization. Being raised by a single mother, Isiah is all too familiar with the struggle that often surrounds young black men in urban America. Fighting to survive the harsh realities of his life, Isiah struggled to identify himself, not based on his situation, but his potential as a leader. It was while attending Scotland School for Veterans Children that Isiah’s leadership qualities were identified and nurtured. From there he attended the Valley Forge Military Academy which led him to enlist in the U.S. Military, where he was commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant Armor at Fort Knox Kentucky. He served in the United States military for 8 years. Isiah has worked within the community for the past 15 years, always serving in a capacity to mentor and guide urban youth, specifically through sports, coaching and counseling. He developed Three Cord Inc. to offer the best in education management and pioneer real change in community and economic development efforts. Seeing the success of Challenge Academy, a school he developed to provide alternative education for grades 6th through 12th, he set out to create other avenues of change and progression. After years of attending court hearings and funerals for young men, Isiah realized the immense need for effective, viable opportunities in the areas of economic development, community revitalization and education. This realization, matched with his passion and vision for change, motivated Isiah to establish an innovative innercity school, New Hope Academy Charter School, in 2007. Serving students in grades 5th through 12th, New Hope Academy was designed to offer parents a choice in their child’s education, while creating stronger bonds in the community and connecting students to real life experiences that they can use beyond the classroom. In 2010, Isiah and his wife opened New Grounds Roasting Company as an avenue to create job opportunities and community building experiences in York City. New Grounds Roasting Company has been recognized as a community anchor business, bridging gaps between diverse groups of people from all backgrounds. He is responsible for leading and managing the continued development of all Three Cord Inc. schools and businesses. Isiah is a native of Philadelphia and holds a BA in Social Work from Shippensburg University. He and his wife, Jenne are the proud parents of five boys and two girls. They reside in York County, PA.

600 N. Hartley St. • Ste. 170 • York, PA 17404 • P: 717.845-4046 • •

Awards and Recognitions Include: Men of RHOalty Sigma Gamma Rho, 2011 African American Love Feast Community Leadership Award, 2008 Crispus Attucks YouthBuild Leadership Award, 2003 
 Shippensburg University, Alumni Award, 1998 
 York County Coach of the Year Award, 1998 Basketball Coach for William Penn Sr. High School, Scotland School for Veterans Children and Crispus Attucks Charter School

Topics and Audiences Isiah Is Available To Speak On Such Topics As: • Coaching • Mentoring At Risk Youth
 • Changing Mentality and Attitude
 • Business Development
 • Urban Revitalization • Discovering Your Passion
 • Economic Development
 • Education Management • Social Entrepreneurship
 • Motivating High Achieving Youth
 • Leadership

 • Personal Development
 • Sports Management • Achieving Success

Some Of Isiah’s Audience Includes: • High School Youth • Young Professionals • Budding Entrepreneurs • College students • Business Leaders • At-Risk Youth • Sports Organizations • Not-for-Profit Agencies • Young Black Leaders • Business and Community Leaders

600 N. Hartley St. • Ste. 170 • York, PA 17404 • P: 717.845-4046 • •


This generation is starving for guidance. You can’t expect change when there is no action behind the vision. Our youth can’t be left to follow lost leaders. Isiah has found a formula that works and is creating an army of leaders. ~Eric Thomas, Speaker, Activist, Educator and Author

Having been mentored by Isiah Anderson, I personally understand his dedication to empowering and creating change in people. My experience with him continuously reminds me to live with purpose and passion. ~John Thorton, Sports Agent and former NFL player

“The economic impact of Three Cord Inc. and its family of companies has been a great asset to the York community. He has fostered long-term change by establishing a foundation of quality education for our city’s youth and opening doors that invite all of our diverse residents into a safe, community-centered environment at New Grounds. He is definitely leaving his footprint in our community.” ~C. Kim Bracey, Mayor of the City of York

600 N. Hartley St. • Ste. 170 • York, PA 17404 • P: 717.845-4046 • •


As a friend and associate I have seen him expand his personal vision and become not only a savvy business leader, but an innovator, a mover for change. What Isiah has done in our city is impacting literally hundreds of lives, providing jobs, economic boosts for the area and has really set the standard for successful community gains across the board. Our economy, education system and community is benefiting from the work he does and the people he brings together to achieve his vision. ~Steve Mitchell, Rudy Art Glass Studio

“Coach Anderson was one of the first people to let me know that I had potential to do whatever I wanted in life. I remember sitting on the bench in between AAU games and him telling that one day I would be a great player. From that moment on the passion and drive I had was different. He finds a way to bring the best out of people on and off the court. I am glad to be influenced by him at such a young age. Isiah Anderson is definitely one person who has helped me reach the level I am at today.” ~Pops Mensah-bonsu, Professional Basketball Player

INSPIRATION! That’s the one word I would use to describe Isiah Anderson. He bleeds passion and exudes heart. If you want to see a man in action, getting it done and making it happen, look at Isiah. I’m lucky enough to have had that ethic rub off onto me and get passed onto our players. ~David Archer, Mighty Ants Boys Basketball Head Coach, New Hope Academy Charter School

600 N. Hartley St. • Ste. 170 • York, PA 17404 • P: 717.845-4046 • •

“I’ll admit this to you right now: I was an average to below-average student. That’s the truth. I don’t remember having a lot of the educational fundamentals, but I’m not making an excuse. That’s just how it was.”

Excerpt taken from Chapter 5, “My Brothers Keeper” “My heart when I was younger was my younger brother, Ivann. He taught me how to take care of someone. I’ve always said he had it worse than my brother and me. At least we could remember happier times; I’m not quite sure there were as many while he was coming up. By the time he was born, I was five years old and an old five at that if there’s such a thing. I had already been refereeing fights between my mom and dad while assisting taking care of my little brother when I was instructed to. I just remember him being a special little boy, cute as a button, and I had made up my mind that I was going to protect him. I was going to be to him what I didn’t have - a protector and father figure.”

600 N. Hartley St. • Ste. 170 • York, PA 17404 • P: 717.845-4046 • •

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Roaster diversifies beyond York cafe | CPBJ

Roaster diversifies beyond York cafe

June 11. 2013 8:45AM Brent Burkey

York-based New Grounds Roasting Co. has branched out at light speed this spring into business l its shop on West Market Street.

Dante Strange hands a customer a drink at New Grounds Roasting Co.'s conces sion cafe at Sovereign Bank Stadium Susquehanna Photographic in York. Photo

In the past few months, the business has opened a concession cafe at Sove reign Bank Stadium, hom city's minor-league York Revolution baseball team, as well as landed a deal to supply York Townsh WellSpan Health's York Hospital with coffee, owner Jennifer Anderson said. The business also includes using the coffee shop property as an entertainm ent venue on Friday and nights as well as operating the coffe e shop, is like adding a new company's worth of business into t Anderson said.




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Adding to the irons in the fire was that key new employees were coming aboar d about the time new opportunities cropped up, with store manager Rairis Carter and wholesale director Colin Cameron c board roughly around the time baseb all season began and the call from WellS pan came in, she said. Neither had experience in coffee. Then again, neither did Anderson, outside of being a self-describe aholic" before she bought the assets and the building of the former Spark y & Clark's Roasting Co. in "And I'm just looking, going, 'Gosh, we are all doing this for the first time, '" Anderson said about thi "But this team has really hit the groun d running and gelled." It wasn't always like that, Anderson said. She first decided to buy the busin ess when she realized she step away from her business manager role at education management busin ess 3 Cord Inc. after she d marry owner and managing officer Isiah Anderson.

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600 N. Hartley St. • Ste. 170 • York, PA 17404 • P: 717.845-4046 • •

“Many dreams die before they ever manifest because many lack someone to push them beyond their comfort zone. Long before he started 3 Cord, Inc., Isiah (Anderson) poured priceless wisdom that has accelerated my growth in faith, business, and life.Over the last 15 years his counsel has stretched, pushed, and encouraged me to pursue dreams that I would have never pursued otherwise. For this reason I highly recommend any dreamer to connect with 3 Cord, Inc. so their dreams can take flight.” -Omari Pearson

“It is my personal mission to fill in the cracks in our community. The cracks in education, by offering choice. The cracks in the economy by creating opportunities for prosperity. The cracks in communities by pioneering change. That is my mission while I’m here.”

600 N. Hartley St. • Ste. 170 • York, PA 17404 • P: 717.845-4046 • •

600 N. Hartley St. • Ste. 170 • York, PA 17404 • P: 717.845-4046 • •