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Kevin Schott

Has Received Many Positive Reviews From His Clients

ExtensivelyExperienced Professional Kevin has 25 years of experience in the manufacturing, high technology information service industry and Big Five sector and is known for his keen business insight and positive attitude. He has undertaken many financial and management responsibilities, including strategic planning, venture capital raising, operational management, audit management, financial reporting, cash management and acquisition due diligence.

Diligent Professional At present,Kevin Schott is managing the operations of Kevin Schott CFO Advisors With vast experience in financial services industry, the company offers excellent services to individuals and organizations looking for CFO services to offer full-time assistance or to complement the existing staff. Kevin Schott has worked in a variety of disciplines and company sizes, ranging from start up to large, multinational power houses.

Qualified Professional He has received excellent reviews from clients for his commitment to providing professional services. Kevin Schott is also a humanitarian who believes in working for the welfare of society. Furthermore, he contributes to Salem United Methodist Church, Ladue High School Hockey Club, Ladue High School Lacrosse Club, and AAA St. Louis Blues Hockey Club.

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Kevin Schott Has Received Many Positive Reviews From His Clients