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Women for Sobriety and the Need for Gender Specific Treatment for Women Marilyn Monroe. Judy Garland. Janis Joplin. Anna Nicole Smith. Amy Winehouse. Whitney Houston. What do these women have in common? Drugs and alcohol had something to do with their deaths. They are proof that women also battle substance abuse and addiction, and that sometimes women lose. However, hope is not lost for all women struggling with drug and alcohol issues. Women for sobriety can enjoy lasting recovery if they get the right kind of treatment. Women for Sobriety – Is Addiction Solely A Man’s Problem? In the article “Addiction in Women” found in the Harvard Mental Health Letter, it was said that men are more likely to be addicted than women. However, when women do get addicted, the process is quicker and the consequences are more serious. As Alice G. Walton notes in her Forbes article, it takes a smaller amount of time for women to become substance dependent and to get sick. In addition, female addicts find it harder to stop the destructive habit, putting them at greater risk of death. Hence, women for sobriety have tougher challenges to face in their journey to recovery. Women for Sobriety Need Specific Treatment Women become addicted easier because of physical and psychological factors. These factors should be considered in the treatment process of female patients. As the Women for Sobriety support group mentioned in their website, while the physiological aspect of recovery is the same for both sexes, the emotional needs of women are different from those of men. Female addicts would not be able to successfully recover if their emotional needs are not met. Therefore, there is a need for treatment programs which are specially designed for females, as those which are found effective for men will not work for women. Finding Rehab Facilities for Women for Sobriety

If you or someone you know is a woman struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, do not wait for ‘rock bottom’ because it might be too late by then. Seek help immediately. There are rehab facilities in the country which offer gender specific treatment, enabling determined women for sobriety to regain control of their lives and enjoy a drug- and alcohol-free life. We can help you locate rehab facilities which specialize in addiction treatment for women. Contact us and let us be of help in your journey to recovery. Help for women alcoholics is always available Our substance abuse counselors are just a phone call away Call: (866) 930-9579 – Open 24/7 CEwhVE1huW

Women for Sobriety and the Need for Gender Specific Treatment for Women