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Created by: Kevin Rombouts (090812, 2ME-5A)

Š 2011, Kevin Rombouts Published in house ( for contact) All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a database and / or published in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the prior written permission of the publisher.


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our vision: “We strongly believe in a world where simplicity is the keyword. Get rid of the overload of information and focus on what’s important.” Kevin Rombouts, founder of Bent Design



our values: “As Bent Design we stand for a number of things: community, innovation, simplicity and quality.� Kevin Rombouts, founder of Bent Design



our ideal customer: We will be focusing on Jack. Jack is a 26 year old male, born in the age of Facebook and Twitter. Jack is a good looking, charming guy who takes care of himself. His overall image is important to him and for that reason he takes close care of the information he shares on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Jack cares for technology, trends in entertainment and new media. He attaches great value to social interaction with his close friends and family via personal contact but also via social media. The quality of a product is another important aspect for Jack, just like innovators and their innovations. Jack makes sure that he has all the latest gadgets and loves to use them in public so that he can tell everybody about it. Jack is currently looking for new products that fit his needs and requirements.



our logo: Our logo is created to be easily recognized by the public. The b and d are letters that are very similar to each other, The form of the letters show simplicity, clinging to each other as a vast community. The two letters rest on each other, but also complement each other, making them strong. The colours are soft colours, making them easy to blend in.. The logo is perfectly usable in black and white, shown on the right. The fonts that are used are ChunkFive for the word ´bent´ and the font Raleway Thin for the word ´design´. These fonts are free to use and re-use, as they were created by The ±League of Moveable Type. The hexadecimal colour codes are #3c3c3c for the black colour, used in the ‘b’ and in ‘bent’, while the ‘d’ and the word design uses the code #a48a7a .




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our products:

QR.t (spoken as Q-art)

QR.t hides the personal pictures of a person / family in the form of an QRcode. The QR-code has an modern design, so it fits in every modernstyled household. When the QRcode is scanned by someone with for example a mobile phone or tablet, a single photo or slideshow of photo’s is shown. The photos in the slideshow can be adjusted on the website, with a personal login code connected to the specific painting. Paintings can be created in various sizes and are printed on high-quality materials.



our products:

DesignAR (spoken as


DesignAR is a tablet application that is usable on multiple platforms (iOS, Android) and lets the user redesign any specific room in seconds. This works in combination with the build-in camera. The user points the tablet to a specific area / wall and is then able to redesign it. This can be done in the form of wallpaper, furniture and decorations. Instead of the IKEA ARapplication for iPhones, this application doesn’t use specialised QR-codes but makes use of an algorithm that scans the area and knows its dimensions. This makes it easier for the user to use it in any room he or she likes. This application will also be sold in normal stores as an downloadable code in combination with a special tripod in which the tablet can be docked.



our B.A.C.: For our first brand awareness campaign we would like to create a old-fashioned poster in combination with an interactive element. Instead of just putting a website on a poster, we chose to implement the QR-codes as we saw them in our QR.t product. We want to invite our viewers to scan the code and check out our special mobile website. On this website customers can then fill in their e-mail address so that we can e-mail them our web-address, in the hope that they will check it out.


Š 2011, Kevin Rombouts

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