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Dear reader, As you know a new year stands for a lot of things. New wishes, new promises to yourself, new agreements with others around you and new opportunities that arise. The same goes for us, the Brewed team: we have new plans, ideas and concepts to work out. That is why we launched a new website that works together with the already known website at At you can find new in-depth articles about different subjects but also blogs from the different editors. The number eleven is also important for this magazine, because of its underlying reasoning. As known in several different cultures, eleven is the number of mad men. This because of the fact that it is one number below twelve, which is the number of perfection. So with the number eleven you’re not quite as perfect as with the number twelve. Even the Dutch word for the mad men’s number (het gekkengetal) counts eleven characters. What a coincidence, isn’t it? But why is it so important now, and not just in another issue? Because in one month, you may have already guessed it, it is ‘Carnival’ and so this region will go mad again! Greetings and ALAAF! Kevin Rombouts – on behalf of the Brewed team!





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International identity

Does this apply to the NHTV? FINLAND, BULGARIA, GERMANY, SWEDEN, DENMARK, YOU NAME IT! WHEN YOU WALK THROUGH THE NHTV BUILDINGS, YOU HEAR ALL KINDS OF LANGUAGES AND SEE ALL KINDS OF STUDENTS FROM DIFFERENT COUNTRIES. THE INTERNATIONAL COURSES OF THE NHTV HAVE A MIXTURE OF ALL KINDS OF STUDENTS. NHTV CAN BE PROUD OF THEIR NAME AS AN INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION. HOWEVER, HOW INTERNATIONAL IS THE NTHV REALLY? WHAT MAKES THE NHTV AN INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION AND WHAT DO INTERNATIONAL AND DUTCH STUDENTS THINK OF STUDYING IN THIS SO CALLED INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENT? Internationalization is an undeniable fact. There are hardly any companies or organisations left, which do not have international clients, contacts or suppliers. International academies such as the NHTV are preparing their students for this international environment. They stimulate their students to study abroad, focus on international aspects and want to make sure that their graduated students end up in a good position on the international market. The NHTV is well known for its international environment and its different nationalities that can be found within each NHVT building. Approximately 10% of the students are international. The NHTV courses are outstanding and interesting for both national and international students. NHTV can be proud of this, but it is a hard job to keep up the good international reputation, since the NHTV needs to fulfill both the needs of national students and international students. Nevertheless, how is this international focus integrated into the internationality of the NHTV?


International Office The international office is one of the most important things that support an international environment among students from the NHTV. We can call it ‘the gateway to the world’. The international office has six main tasks; Admissions, Exchange, Visa, Scholarships, International Crisismanagement and International student support. The international office is one of the main benefits that suit the international environment of the NHTV. No borders, No bounderies, Just Directions “Dutch and lost? Imagine being an international student!” One of the slogans that indicates the need of an organisation like Compass at the NHTV. Compass is an international sorority connected to the NHTV that was officially founded in 2001. “Our primary goal is to support and help international students integrate into the Dutch society and to make their stay in Breda unforgettable.”

“Being an international student is not always easy” In September 2002, Compass developed the CoCo system (Compass Companion, Uniting Cultures), which offers interested international students the opportunity to have a Dutch student as a companion who knows the way around Breda and the NHTV. Compass is famous for throwing international parties with a cultural background such as ‘Beerfest’ that are held at the bar ‘De Speeltuin’. “This is not the only thing we do, we also organise city trips, international brunches and introductions.” With all the different cultures at the NHTV, Compass will always be here to help. Just as our motto says: No borders, No boundaries, Just directions.

What do you think? It seems that the NHTV puts a lot of effort in making its environment international, but what do international and Dutch students think about this? Brewed asked several students about their opinions and it seems that there are different opinions about NHTV’s international environment. “Being an international student is not always easy.” International students are in general very satisfied with the international atmosphere on the NHTV but they have also some difficulties to cope with. Some International students see the English language as a barrier. “Sometimes teachers or classmates are not able to express themselves in English or talk Dutch very often.” Others are frustrated with the fact that applying for student loans, searching for a job or renting a room can be very difficult when you are an international student.


We can conclude that most international students are pleased with the NHTV as their study institution. International students have the feeling that they are accepted and equal to Dutch students. When we asked one student if he would still choose for the NHTV, , if he could do it all over again, he replied: “abso-freakin-lutely!” “I love this school so much, I wish I could date it!”

Few international students also addressed that before they came to study at the NHTV they were not aware of the fact that there is offered many support for international students at the NHTV. “To attract more students, NHTV should stress the facts that international, but also Dutch students are given much support and international facilities during their time at the NHTV”.

Dutch NHTV students have a slight different opinion. They sometimes feel that it is quite hard to connect to international students, because they have the habit to group up. “Most of the time international and Dutch students work in seperate groups, while I think mixing up would be a learningfull experience.” However, Dutch students definitely also see the benefits of studying in an international environment. “Studying at an international school opens other doors for the future, like working or studying abroad.” or “You learn here how to react up on different cultures and ways of working , this is valuable for your self development.”

NHTV and Internationalisation

When we asked what students should change to make the NHTV even more international, students suggested to get more involved with different cultures. “The different cultures among the lecturers and employees that work here is very diverse, I would also like to experience these cultures among students.”

Internationalisation is part of the ´NHTV way of life´. During the last years, NHTV has established 65 targeted worldwide partnerships with universities and institutes of higher education in countries like Finland, Germany, UK or Australia. This year NHTV established a new partnership with Nanyang Technological University in Signapore, Bilkent University in Ankara, Pbosphorus University in Istanbul, Whistling Woods International in Mumbai, Bali International Tourism Institute, Penn State University and Laguna Beach Collge of Arts in the USA. This network offers students valuable exchange or internship opportunities. Now 35% of all workplacements are done abroad and it seems that this is increasing in the future. The goal of NHTV in relation to internationalisation is to be an institution of higher education where student from all over the world can study in an international studyenvironment by the end of 2013. NHTV wants to offer bachelor and master programmes that give students the opportunity to enlarge their chances and prepare for the international market. We can conclude out of the conversations we had with several students from different NHTV courses that the international environment of the NHTV offers good opportunities for the future. However if we look critical to the international environment we can say that it also in a developing phase. NHTV is on the good way to become a more internationalized higher education accesible for students all over the world. We hope that by the end of 2013 the NHTV will be a well-known international education, which offers even more opportunities for students to expierence international environments and opens a door to a future full of international dimension. By Anne Wollerich and Sanne Simons



The first year IMEM students Like I explained in the lead above, the first year went to one of the big late night shows on the Dutch television, called the MaDiWoDoVrijdagshow. In this show, that has been on air since August 30, 2010, Paul de Leeuw and his sidekick Filemon Wesslink discuss the daily news and have different famous and infamous people as their guests. The show was recorded in Studio Cé, Almere and thus we had a long trip ahead of us. This BOD was created and executed by Judith Berden, Kimberly de Bruïne and Steffie Westerhout.

The day “started” at 16:00, on the central train station of Breda. After gathering all the 120 students, the group travelled to Almere. It took three different trains, two different busses and some intercom chatter to get us there, but we can conclude that it was worth it. Because of the high number of students (the highest attendance rate since the start of the BOD), we had to use the train’s intercom and it was up to Kimberly de Bruïne to get all the students in line, in and off the train. As I said, it was not only trains we invaded that day, but also busses. After we arrived at Almere’s central station, it was up to us to invade a single bus with 120 students. As you can imagine, the bus was packed with students giving a normal bus trip a fun twist. After being welcomed by the production leader of the show, we got a small introduction and a tour of the studio. The tour took only ten minutes, but this was not strange knowing that it is a pretty small studio. We got to see several dressing rooms (including Paul de Leeuw’s personal room), some make up rooms and of course the stage. Because the show is an evening production and people need to eat (students included), we all got a traditional Dutch meal: potatoes with beetroot and chopped steak.


Groupspicture in front of the Tuschinski Theater

At 21:00 we entered the studio and got placed on our seats by one of the production leaders. Then Paul and Filemon made their entrance on the stage. After some fun interaction between Paul and the audience (which were a couple of jokes and some questions from him to us, the students) the show started. The show took only forty-five minutes, but was packed with different subjects, from culinary books to a new TV show about life in a fraternity. After the show, the production leader answered some of the questions asked by Judith, Kimberly and Steffie. Then a two-hour bus trip followed and we arrived back in Breda at 02:00 p.m. Are you curious about the MaDiWoDoVrijdagshow? Then go to Uitzending Gemist and look for the show of Monday, November 1st or check out our website!


The second year IMEM students Unlike the first year students, the organizers of the BOD for the second year chose to pick not a subject but a theme: Entertainment in the past VS. entertainment today. Sebastiaan Hoeboer, Tijmen Nobbe and Joeri Teunissen organized this BOD and took us on a trip to Amsterdam. This trip had a more cosy atmosphere to it: instead of 120 students of the BOD for the first year, this trip was with a smaller, but just as nice, group. We started at 08:30 a.m. on the central station of Breda where we got on a direct train-connection to Amsterdam, which takes roughly two hours. After getting some fresh air by walking around the city of Amsterdam, we arrived at the magnificent Tuchinski Theater. Here we got introduced to the story of the old man Tuchinski, who came to the Netherlands from Poland in 1904. We also got more information about the theatre itself and its architectural design. We also got a tour throughout the different areas and the different cinema halls in the building and also got an explanation about the artwork that was there.

DJ platform in The Heiniken Music Hall

The head of Abraham Tuschinski

After leaving the Tuchinski Theater, we took the subway to one of the areas more known by students in Amsterdam, namely the area around the Amsterdam Arena. Because besides this stadium and the shopping area that lies around it, it is also home to Pathé Arena and the Heiniken Music Hall. The HMH was the second stop in our tour. In this, by Heineken sponsored (hence the name), concert and event hall we got a tour that showed as the dressing rooms, including some spicy stories about famous stars, the stage area and backstage area of the HMH. We also got a lot of numbers and name about what happened within the HMH and what their future plans are.

David Fincher, also known from movies like Fightclub, Se7en and Zodiac, gives the movie a great look and feel which results in an epic drama with great characters like Eisenberg and even Justin Timberlake as “the guy that created Napster”.

To give the day a relaxed ending we went to the building directly next HMH, named the cinema Pathé Amsterdam. Here we went to the movie The Social Network, about the hectic launch of Facebook. This movie, directed by David Fincher with Jesse Eisenberg in the main role as Mark Zuckerberg, tells the story about the launch of Facebook and the bumps in the road it had to face.

With the credits rolling over the screen, not only the movie came to its end but also this BOD. We travelled back home with a lot of new knowledge in our back pocket. The overall day had a good atmosphere, the reactions were really great and so we can conclude that also this BOD was a successful one.

By Kevin Rombouts


Degree fraud: Are we safe?

Bright career or none at all?

LATELY IN THE NETHERLANDS THERE HAS BEEN A HUGE FUSS, THIS TIME CONCERNING GRADUATE STUDENTS. THERE HAS BEEN A HUGE SCANDAL CONCERNING THE BACHELOR DEGREES OF THE IMEM STUDY PROGRAMME AT THE IN HOLLAND UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES WHICH WAS ACCUSED OF GIVING AWAY CERTAIN DEGREES TO STUDENTS TOO EASY. A huge investigation has been conducted from(12/19 June 2010) at the InHolland University of Applied Sciences and Mr. Leers is the head of this party. It all started when students that had a study delay all of a sudden were able to graduate in a very easy way! This concerns students who graduated within the last two years. Now what really happened was that students with a study delay followed a fast track programme called “the pilot”.


This method consisted only a simple document students had to hand in to get the study credits they were still missing. With this method everybody would get a seven as a grade and pass. The reason behind this was thought to be financial. For every student that graduated they would get money from the government. So for every student that would graduate the university was guaranteed money, so the more graduates the more money there would be. This turned out to be false. The investigation that was conducted came out negative saying that there was no indication of fraud but that the exam committee hadn’t followed the regulations already set. Also that there was never a financial motive behind this. Now you might ask yourself: “How does it work at the NHTV? We have an IMEM study programme?”. Well we asked ourselves the same question and decided to ask somebody who had a bit more knowledge on this subject.

We made an appointment with a Member of the Board of Governors of the NHTV. But before going to interview with Mr. Van Os some further research needed to be done and to get to know the subject a bit more. For you people who haven’t heard anything about this: it all started in 2010 in June when a scandal came to light about students that had a study delay who suprisingly easily graduated. Rumour has it that the students missing the study credits in order to graduate had to submit a very simple documented assignment and then they would have a seven as a mark all of the sudden. In this way there was a bigger percentage in graduated students and the university got more financing from the government. Due to this there were graduates out there with an invalid bachelor degree.

After thorough research on both university and teachers the operation came to its conclusion that there was no indication of fraud but that the rules and regulations weren’t executed as they should have in the first place. A special team looked at rules and regulations but also the exam committees and the way of grading students and found out that this hadn’t been always correct. Furthermore the fast track course or also called the pilot was created to help students with a study delay so 6th year students. Despite the fact that it was designed for that purpose there were 5th, 4th,and even some 3rd year students participating. What also was found was that the majority of the students didn’t even know about ‘the pilot’ only some of them knew which made the programme unfair and invalid.

Total panic of course about whether this rumour was true or not a huge investigation started with Mr. Leers as head of the whole operation. The request came from InHolland University of Applied Sciences itself and meanwhile the papers kept writing anything there was to find about this subject increasing the anxiety but also creating false sources and blowing it up.


NHTV University of Applied Science Breda

Bachelor Tourism Management 12.06.2011 Breda William Edgar Nathaniel Smit “We strive for quality which is more important to us that quantity” Mr. Van Os tells us and this we can trackback to the fact that only people who pass the selection procedure are allowed to study at the NHTV. After the investigation at the InHolland all universities of Applied Sciences had to be investigated as well. “The results were that 34 universities needed further investigation in which the NHTV was not part of. Due to this fact there were no rumours about the NHTV in general” Mr. Van Os tells us. Mr. van Os, Member of the Board of Governors We asked Mr. Van Os a Member of the Board of Governors at the NHTV about this matter and he reassured us that we here at the NHTV we have nothing to worry about. “First of all we have an internal checking system for ourselves to see what is happening” he told us. There is an exam committee and a study programme committee which internally checks whether rules are being followed and other matters such as these. They also keep track of the students that graduate and the ones that have a study delay are provided with a mentor keeping track of their progress decreasing in this way the possibility of something going wrong. There are frequently quality checks done and proficiency and quality striven can be seen at every teacher at the NHTV.


Furthermore due to the media boost this matter got the InHolland University of applied sciences closed that particular fast track programme and asked the (Inspectie voor Hoger Onderwijs) Comitee of Universities of Applied Sciences to do research on how it is done at other universities and how they manage and organise their IMEM study programme. Also the Chairman of the board of the university InHolland Mr. Dales made publicly known that they found the leak, took care of it and that from now on they will double check and be very strict when following the rules in order to prevent something like this happening again. We wish them all the luck in the world and lets hope that in the near future scandals like this will not occur again. by Rika Ziamba

Level Complete “Do not keep all that happens here so secret.”

WE ALL KNOW BY NOW THAT THE NHTV DELIVERS HIGH QUALITY EDUCATION AND EXCELLENT COURSES, LIKE INTERNATIONAL GAME ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN PROGRAM. THE KEUZEGIDS HBO VOLTIJD 2011 (STUDY GUIDE 2011) EVEN AWARDED THIS COURSE AS BEING THE BEST COURSE WITHIN ITS CATEGORY. WITH THE CLOSING COMMENT OF THE ACCREDITATION COMMITTEE: “DON’T KEEP ALL THAT HAPPENS HERE SO SECRET.” IN MIND, A GRADUATION EXHIBITION HAS BEEN DESIGNED. THE NAME: LEVEL COMPLETE. IT IS HERE TO SHOW THE REST OF US WHAT THESE STUDENTS CAN ACHIEVE AND WHERE THEIR RESEARCH WILL LEAD THEM. Between Febraury 11 and February 27 the Centre of Visual Culture (Centrum voor Beeldcultuur) will turn into a big portfolio that gives iGAD graduates the chance to show off the different projects they have been working on. The exhibition will take you on a journey from early sketches of models, concepts and simple mathematics to the final product and with that showing what the course really is about. But what do they do at the iGAD course?


Apart from showing the work of the graduates, the exhibition will also host the fifth edition of the Never Ending Conference. At this conference, in the NHTV location Mgr. Hopmansstraat, guest lectures will be given by different industry professionals from the videogame industry (for example professional gamer Paul ‘astz!’McGarrity). They will discuss various topics relating to video game development and the current gaming generation. The iGAD Exhibition “Level Complete” will take place from February 12 till February 27, 2011, at the Centre for Visual Culture at the Reigerstraat 16, Breda, the Netherlands.

Level Complete


The exhibition is free of charge and open daily (except for Mondays and Friday February 18) from 13:00 till 18:00. On Thursdays the exhibition is open for visitors between 13:00 and 21:00. So are you interested to check out this exhibition? Then take a look at the website of Centrum voor Beeldcultuur, or take a look at our website, where this article will be including address information, a route description and the link to their website. Hopefully we will see you soon! By Kevin Rombouts




MARC HOVENIER Tell us something about yourself. My name is Marc Hovenier and in 1992 I graduated from the VAT (Verkeers Academie Tilburg). VAT was back then already NHTV, but everyone still called it VAT. I studied Logistiek en Technische Vervoerskunde (LTV). Now I teach the courses logistics and ICT here at NHTV in the SLM academy. I have had a couple of nice jobs, now I have my own company and (obviously) I am a part-time teacher.

everything down in a scrapbook. Another change is that when I was studying here, there were a lot of contact hours. Now students work a lot more independently. And of course, due to the technological changes, now there are more courses connected to ICT. How did you experience student-life then? Are the students now the same as when you studied here? The main reason that I chose the VAT was that there was a big bar in the centre of the school. This bar symbolized the relationship that teacher and students had, it was all very informal. Often we went to the bar at school to drink and then mostly 5/6 casks got empty. We also went partying a lot and teachers came with us to for example Polly Maggoo (in Tilburg).

What has changed within the NHTV? Comparing now to the time you were studying here. The biggest visible change are the laptops. Now everyone has laptops, smart phones etcetera. This is a big technological change. Back then we were still writing




Tell us something about yourself. My name is Suzanne van Rijswijk. I have studied Outward Tourism from 1994 until 1998, the year that I graduated. This study was the same as what now tourism is. I am a student counselor at SLM (Stedenbouw, Logistiek & Mobiliteit) for ROP (Ruimtelijke Ordening & Planologie) / Urban Design nowadays, which is one of the three studies within SLM. I meet students to talk about their academic career, in which I coach them. Supporting projects and organizing excursions are also a few examples of what I do. What has changed within the NHTV? Comparing now to the time you were studying here. When I studied at NHTV, the study was very broad. We had a lot of different courses which all didn’t really dig deep into the details, it was a bit superficial. Now all courses deeply discuss everything told in class and the variety of courses has narrowed down. How international was the NHTV back then? It was very international, or at least, tourism was. Everyone had to go abroad one time and this was a lot of fun. I have been to several countries, like for example Beijing in China. Now we try to internationalize SLM as well, but this is not always easy. Due to the fact that it isn’t really necessary for these studies to go abroad.


Tell us something about yourself. I am Jannie Timmermans. I studied Tourism Management (MTB) from 2000-2004. My specialization course was Imagineering. For my graduation I wanted a specific supervisor from Leisure Studies, Thomas van Velthoven, which I eventually got (after quite some ‘pretty pleases’ to the coordinator of all graduations). Now I am a teacher myself, for International Media & Entertainment Management (IMEM). I teach courses such as Introduction to the Media Industry, Imagineering and Media Psychology, and I supervise the first year mADE Production House students and I am the coordinator of our exchange students. What has changed within the NHTV? Comparing now to the time you were studying here. The school is a lot more colorful now. The V-building was called Schakel and the T-building was called Meeuw. The H-building wasn’t part of the school yet. We didn’t really


know what it was, because it was hidden behind some bushes. When I started working here, I found out that H0.002 used to be a gym, you can still see that from the ropes that are hanging there. How did you experience student-life then? Are the students now the same as when you studied here? There were a lot of nice parties, Feecie already existed. A group of friends that called themselves ELMO organized a lot of parties with different themes and dress codes. This was always a lot of fun. I also had a room, first in the Haagse Beemden and later I also lived in the city centre.

REMCO WACHELDER Tell us something about yourself. (Who are you, what do you do now at the NHTV etc.) My name is Remco Wachelder, I’m 39 years old, married and a happy father of a daughter of 6 years old. I studied

Tourism Management from 1992 ‘till 1998. After that I worked at the sales and marketing department of US Airways and Maleysa Airlines. I eventually ended up back here at the NHTV and I am now teaching Marketing for FBTR (Tourisme and Recreation). In my free time I enjoy the internet, marketing (of course) and travelling. To maintain my physique, I regularly make trips with my bicycle. How did you experience student-life then, and are the students the same as when you studied here? The students now are much more driven, back when I was studying the government ‘allowances’ were much higher and also you didn’t need to pay back the money if you didn’t complete the program. Also, more students now are still living at home, whilst when I studied there were a lot more students moving away from home. Student life has not changed that much, I think, because it still has the same essentials; alcohol and students. Yet, the student’s life now is more controlled by part time jobs as they are seemingly necessary to sustain their lives, that wasn’t the case in the 90’s. How international was the NHTV back then? It was only a little bit internationally orientated, but almost zero, I think there was only one program that was international. It was because the current N-building wasn’t built back then and the NHTV was primarily a tourism program.


HELLO, GOODBYE! GOODBYE, HELLO! INEKE VAN COUWENBURGHKEULEN Tell us something about yourself. (Who are you, what do you do now at the NHTV etc.)

in, them wanting to do more and see more in and of the world.

My name is Ineke van Couwenburgh-Keulen, I’m 38 years old, happily married and mother of twins. I studied Recreation Management from 1991 ‘till 1993 (It was called a shorted HBO back then, but doesn’t exist anymore). After that I started working at the intern bureau for media and entertainment at the NHTV for four years and after that I did numerous stuff for the NHTV, including helping students who want to start up their own company and since September this year I am the Manager master media innovation. On the side I have my own company and in my free time I enjoy playing tennis and staying in shape.

How did you experience student-life then, and are the students the same as when you studied here?

What has changed within the NHTV? Comparing now to the time you were studying here. It has gotten much bigger, mainly because of this new N-building. NHTV has gotten more ‘worldly’, which is mainly because of the students. They have changed a lot since I studied here, they became more assertive, more knowledgeable and more independent, resulting


When I studied at the NHTV there were a lot of students who lived away from home, now I don’t see that anymore, more people tend to live at home. I guess that it’s partly due to the fact that the government allowances were much higher back in the 90’s. Student life was good for me, Tuesday night was always the night that my course went out and enjoyed themselves in the city centre. Also, what I see now is that students do a lot more on the side of their studies. A lot of them have a part time job which they are even willing to skip class for. That wasn’t normal back when I studied. But overall, student life has not changed that much; you still stress for deadlines, still make friends, still party at least once a week and that’s good, that’s the way it should always be.

HELLO, GOODBYE! GOODBYE, HELLO! CISKY GIJTENBEEK Tell us something about yourself. (Who are you, what do you do now at the NHTV etc.) My name is Ciska Gijtenbeek, I’m 38 years old and a loving mother of two children. I studied a shorted HBO Travelling-agency management from 1994 ‘till 1996. After that I started working at, surprisingly, a travelling agency. When that came to an end I came back to the NHTV to work as a secretary for IMEM and later Tourisme. In my spare time I like to jog and I also very much enjoy photography.

How international was the NHTV back then? I studied at the Sibelliuslaan and there it was a 100% Dutch, there was no English whatsoever. I knew of one course that kind of appealed to international students but I didn’t contact them, as opposed to now where the whole N-building seems to consists of different nationalities.

How did you experience student-life then, and are the students the same as when you studied here? I, like many of my peers, was living in Breda and I enjoyed myself. I think my average of going out would be 2 to 3 times a week; the city of Breda was kind to me, I guess, haha. The main difference I see with students now is that are more worldly, they are more assertive and I dare even say more grown up. Also the jobs, now they seem essential while when I studied they simply provided the cash to go out.


HELLO, GOODBYE! GOODBYE, HELLO! ANNEKE VAN DER VOORT Tell us something about yourself. (Who are you, what do you do now at the NHTV etc.) My name is Anneke van der Voort and I am now a teacher of cross cultural management. I studied Leisure management from 1987 ‘till 1991. After that I went aboard to find my interests in life and eventually switched from the interest of leisure management to marketing communication and ended up back at the NHTV. I am also responsible for making IMEM more international, this includes, for example, searching for new exchange partners. In my spare time I like to do yoga, sing and play the guitar. That is, if not all my free time is eaten up by my children, of which I have two and dearly love.

it’s one of the things that attracted me back to the NHTV. The positive atmosphere here at school. How international was the NHTV back then? For me student life wasn’t very international, because there were no international courses. I think the first one came when I just left, European Tourism Management around 1990/91 and I remember I was kind of envious because I was attracted to the international part, but I was just about to graduate so I couldn’t switch, besides the tourism part wasn’t really for me. But it all worked out in the end; here I am, back at the NHTV, making sure all of you have a nice international student life.

What are the changes you see comparing now with then? By Lotte Smits and Thomas Schouten The NHTV now is much more international, it is much bigger, but what I like is that within each course it is very small; teachers are easily addressable, students know almost everyone of their fellow students. This was the same when I studied here and I’m glad it didn’t change,


Behind the curtains of NHTV Theatre THE MAIN ACTORS MAKE A DEEP BOW FOR THE HEAVILY APPLAUDING AUDIENCE AND THEN THE BIG RED CURTAINS CLOSE. END OF THE SHOW. YOU GO TO YOUR CAR AND DRIVE HOME, STILL ENJOYING THE OVERWHELMING SHOW. BUT WHAT’S HAPPENING BEHIND THESE RED CURTAINS NOW? ARE THEY BREAKING OFF THE STAGE AREA OR WILL SOMEONE ELSE DO THAT? IS IT A CHAOS OR A BIG PARTY? AND HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE INVOLVED IN ONE SHOW? BREWED ASKED FORMER NHTV THEATRE CHAIRMAN JEROEN WILMS FOR DETAILS. Jeroen already started building up knowledge and experience at the age of twelve. He helped with technical stuff on several occasions, got his own drive-in show on his 15th year, toured for three months in New Zealand with a musical crew when he was sixteen and from that moment he knew that theatre would be his future. In his first year at NHTV he joined NHTV Theatre as a producer and in the second year they asked him to become the new chairman. “I knew it would be hard and that I was going to be the asshole for the upcoming year”, he says. But when you have an ambition, you should go for it. And so he did. Until recently he fulfilled that job with many pleasures, learning moments, ups and downs

Before we continue the story, let’s go back to the very beginning of NHTV Theatre. September 2004 A new bunch of students came to the NHTV. One of them was Steven Spaans. He was looking to join the musical student association but.. there was none. 23rd of December, 2004 Steven gathered more theatre loving students and together they founded NHTV Theatre. 16th of June, 2005 They premiered their first play in the Avenue with Fatal Fashion, it was small but a huge success. 23rd of January, 2006 The NHTV theatre became a fact at the Chamber of Commerce. February 2007/ August 2007 Due to the fact that the whole management went on a foreign intern destination, the theatre was for half a year non active. 3rd of March, 2008 Jeroen Wilms takes over the chairman’s seat on the board. 14th of December, 2008 Steven Spaans becomes an honorary member of the NHTV theatre. Beginning of 2009 The NHTV Theatre almost bankrupt. 23rd of December, 2009 Their first Lustrum can be celebrated! A great night with many activities was followed. Now in 2011, NHTV Theatre is shining more than ever. With more than 70 members, it’s the largest student theatre group in the Netherlands and becoming bigger and bigger.

Jeroen Wilms, NHTV Theatre chairman


Behind the scenes Together with the secretary and the cashier, the chairman makes the most important decisions. They are part of a board of seven people who are the heads of the several subcommittees, such as communications and PR. Within such a subcommittee there are stagemanagers and producers who make the content of the shows and direct the players, singers and dancers. Of course there are also many people working on the make-up, the clothes, the décor, sound and light. Yes, NHTV Theatre do everything ithemselves. So what happens behind the big red curtains as soon as they close? Jeroen: “Before I allow them to do ANYTHING, they have to hand in the sound transmitter. These things are very expensive and delicate. Then, the stage will be broken down immediately by many people , except for the players and the clothes are cleaned up nicely. Of course I give a ‘thank you word’ in a separate area to everyone who helped with the show and I talk with sponsors to keep up a good social network. After that: party time!” This party time is often done in the ‘Bruine Pij’, THE pub of NHTV Theatre. It’s also the place to be after rehearsals, after meetings or for those lonely Wednesday evenings. It’s the place to relax, have fun and be a student again after long working days and strict rehearsals. It’s the place where director and actor shake hands after a theatrical yelling over a forgotten line.


Backstage fun NHTV Theatre is founded, managed and visited by students. Students wouldn’t be students if they wouldn’t fool around with each other at times behind and on the stage. Jeroen told us, while laughing; some memories of funny happenings and things people did within NHTV Theatre. One time, Jeroen got a phone call in the morning after Queens Day. Sleepy (and still a little bit drunk) he answered and got to speak to the panicking mother of one of the theatre members. She was looking for her son, whom she hadn’t seen or heard of for ten days. ‘Where was he?’ Jeroen had no clue, he might have seen the guy maybe two times before. He started calling around and after three calls he found the guy, just sitting behind his laptop, chilling and not being aware of anything. Yes, you do have responsibilities as a chairman, maybe other than expected. There was also this time on stage, where the leading actress Linda had to drink an entire bottle of Martini. Of course, this was just water... she thought. The guys (of course they were guys)

responsible for the joke were in the production room, giggling and waiting for the big moment. Unfortunately, another girl backstage was very thirsty and sang to someone on Nelly’s tune: “It’s getting hot in here...” Oops, the sound person forgot to turn off that microphone. Laughter in the audience of course and a partially shamed lady behind the stage. She saw Linda’s bottle, took a big gulp and found out that it wasn’t water. Still fun for the guys in the end. Membership stuff Let’s be clear right away: being a member of NHTV Theatre doesn’t make you rich in monetary terms. However it makes you rich in many other ways. The subscription fees you pay (€25,- per year) can be seen as college money. You learn more than you will ever learn at school studying theory. Furthermore, you gain a lot of experience, which is good for you resume and you can make friends for life. If you want an active, managerial job within the theatre, like becoming a member of the board, you’ll have to be a regular member for one year first. You’ll have to know all ins and outs. Of course, to become a member you have to be a student at the NHTV.

Sometimes, NHTV Theatre is very businesslike, but it’s also just a student society. The difference between a normal student society and NHTV Theatre is that you’re working together on a real product. Furthermore, the partying, the trips and the special nights are just the same as in any other society. “NHTV Theatre is like a playground.”


Upcoming show: SAFETY FIRST! Dates: Price: Language: Location:

February 22nd , 24th , 25th , 2011 €9,Dutch Podium Bloos, Speelhuislaan 153

“People don’t have an identity to keep for themselves, they build an identity. And they don’t have just one. They want more! “ When do we need to give up our privacy to guarantee our safety? What do you choose for? Your privacy or your safety? With the play Safety First, written by Marijke Schermer in 2008, director Oscar Bastieans wants to make you, the audience, aware of the fact that your privacy decreases and so your safety decreases as well. The Family Black has got a safety company. With their slogan, Safety First, they sell safes and emergency packages till the most advanced information technologies. In a way, they sell a feeling of safety and control. The journalist Nikkel Wesselink starts a research to the success of the company and it seems he is going to make a very important discovery. He needs to be stopped before he really makes that discovery and harms the company with it. When Nikkel falls in love with the daughter Alex, it turns out Nikkel only has his luck as a weapon. He changes his journalistic attitude for the marriage. But then it seems like he loses control of the things happening. By Jenneke van Genechten and Marieke Suichies


Judge a book by it’s cover WHEN GROWING UP, WE ALL LEARN TO LOOK AT THE INSIDE. SEE IF PEOPLE ARE KIND, HELPFUL AND FRIENDLY. HOWEVER, THERE IS NOT ONE PERSON WHO DOES NOT HAVE PREJUDICES WHEN SEEING ANOTHER HUMAN BEING AT FIRST SIGHT. WE TEND TO HAVE AN OPINION, AFTER JUST A FEW SECONDS. BUT WHAT FACTORS CREATE THESE PREJUDICES? WE THINK THAT CLOTHES ARE A MASSIVE INFLUENCE ON THE FIRST THOUGHT THAT YOU HAVE OF SOMEONE. SO WHAT DO CLOTHES TELL US? We are all familiar with the typical stereotypes. You have the preppy boys, the emo’s, the gothics and the girly girls. But nowadays, we cannot put everyone in their own little box, especially because people are not that limited anymore. They tend to mix it all up. Take a piece of every style. Does this mean that you will not be judged by your clothes, any longer? Nope, not at all! People may not see you as a typical stereotype, but they will still judge you for those high heels or baggy jeans. So in a way, you can say that what you are wearing, will define you as a person. The question is though, why would people judge? Instead of being open minded, it seems easier to have your opinion ready and waiting to share.

When meeting new people, human beings can get a little stressed. New environments and getting to know new individuals is always causing a little bit of tension. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is a well known fact that a first meeting between people can be a little bit awkward. To form an opinion, before actually knowing a person, gives human beings a sense of reassurance. When having an opinion about a person, and so actually thinking you know this person, you think to also know what to expect of this person. That is the reassuring part. In your brain, no surprises can occur. Yes, this is absolute nonsense. But that is how the mind, of us intellectual human beings works. It is comforting and actually quite easy, to just stamp a mark on an individual, and be done with it. Not only clothes seem to tell us everything we need to know about a person. To make matters worse, judging people for piercings, tattoo’s, bold heads or dyed hair is not an exception. I mean we all know that people with shaved heads are hooligans, that people with tattoo’s are not the most social human beings on this planet, that people with piercings just want all the attention that they can get and that people who are dyeing their hair are just crazy! Well actually… we do not! So why do we think that we have the right to think that we do have this privilege to judge?


The main reason is the fact that people only judge people that are not comparable to themselves. They cannot relate to them, because they would never let needles project ink into their bodies, or dye their hair green and purple. Because they do not understand the ‘why’ part, they toss the whole person who do does these things. If we cannot understand why they do that kind of stuff, we will not understand this person at all. They give up on maybe, a beautiful friendship or love affair. And that is quite a shame is it not? So let me give you a little help tool so that you will not miss out on lovely friendships or great loves.

THE SITUATION: You are walking down the street with your friend, and a very strange person catches your eye. He or she is full of tattoo’s, piercing in the nose and the clothes are very bright. WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Propably you will pass this person by, but not without giving him or her, the look. Afterwards you will make fun of this person with your friend. WHAT SHOULD YOU DO!? Use Brewed’s 3step plan against prejudices!


Step 1 Do not give this person a look as if you think he or she is nuts. Look at the person with either no expression on your face, or smile. We do not smile enough these day. Step 2

Please people, wake up and realize that if we would all be the same it would only be boring! A little clichĂŠ, I know. But it is the truth, right. Do you really only want to see the pretty blond girl with a cute dress and high heels, and the handsome tall guy with baggy jeans, a nice blouse and the sweetest brown hair color? No, you do not. Believe me! A library is so much more beautiful with all those different covers.

Do not immediately start blabbing with your friend about this person in a negative way. But wonder together who this person got so confident to wear whatever he or she want. And then admire it. Even better, envy it. Step 3

By Sascha van Eck

Walk up to this person. Tell him or her, you think it is absolutely amazing how he or she dresses and looks. Just make conversation. You might even can something out of it.

Judge a book by it’s cover


The 25 Questions ROBERTJAN KUIJTEN (29) IS A FIRST YEAR SLM, URBAN MANAGEMENT STUDENT FROM BERGEN OP ZOOM, IN THE NETHERLANDS. LAST APRIL YOU COULD SEE HIM STRUGGLING WITH OBSTACLES ON TELEVISION, BECAUSE HE WAS IN THE TELEVISION SHOW WIPE OUT. HE DIDN’T WIN THE PRICE OF THE SHOW, BUT IT WAS QUITE THE ADVENTURE. 1. For the people who don’t know the television show Wipe Out, can you give an explanation? Wipe Out is a television show that has two sides. For its participants the goal is to be as fast as possible at the obstacle race. The other side, is the side of the public. Here they want to see you fall down and the more spectacular way you fall, the better it is. 2. How did you come up with the idea of joining the television show Wipe Out? First I saw a commercial on television and with my sportive history I thought I stood a good chance of wining this show. Of course I thought it would be nice to have a chance at winning the price money, the only thing I had to do is finishing that obstacle race. I like adventures.


Robertjan got wiped out!

3. Where there rounds of selections before you were able to join the television show? Yes, two rounds. For the first round you had to write a motivation letter. The second round, they invited you to come to the studios. There you needed to motivate for 1 minute long, telling them why you should be in this show, without using the words ‘like’, ‘challenge’, ‘adventure’ and ‘money’. I thought my selection round was really bad, I can’t even remember what I said, but surprisingly they chose me. 4. Where was the Wipe Out production location? The set of Wipe Out is in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the district Benavidez. This area is quite rich. The weather was really nice. 5. How was your flight and hotel? All participants gathered at Schiphol airport. Here a crew member showed us the way. In the airplane I spoke with some other participants. When we arrived at Argentina it was Sunday night. We were taken to our hotel by bus. It was a four stars hotel with a swimming pool on the roof.

6. How did you spend your days in Argentina? Monday we had the whole day off, so we went to the city and swum in the pool. Tuesday we needed to be ready at 6 ‘o clock in the morning for the first filming day. They filmed us in the first round. Wednesday they filmed round 2,3 and 4, Thursday we flew back to the Netherlands. 7. Did you have nice co-candidates? Yes, we partied a lot over there. Even when we were back in the Netherlands sometimes we came together as a group. I didn’t build close relationships, but some others did. 8. Were the recordings during your study/work period? No, at that moment I was unemployed so that wasn’t a problem and I was back home for celebrating Christmas. 9. When were you on television? It was broadcasted in April 2010, while the recordings where in December 2009.

10. How far did you come? At the first jump in the first round I sprained both my ankles. That was not a good start, but I made the first 2 rounds. 11. Was it hard? Yes, on television it looks easy but in reality it is much bigger. 12. What was the price you could win? € 5000,- (not tax free), but also the pride. 13. What do you know of the history of Wipe Out? Wipe Out is an Endemol USA program. There are 2 obstacle races, one in the VS and the other in Argentina. There are two Dutch editions. 14. Were there recordings of other countries during yours? Not during our recording but I know that before us the Russians where here for recordings. 15. Was it the first time you joined a television program? No, at my previous education I was a climbing instructor at the Klimpijler, Neeltje Jans. There, two documentaries were made where you could also see me.


16. Would you like to do more programs? No, other shows don’t have interesting topics for me, but Wipe Out is something I would like to do again. 17. Would you recommend others to join such a program? Yes, it’s a great experience, you meet new people and you get a nice look backstage at the television set. 18. What did you like the most of joining this show? Meeting new people, a whole new journey. Remarkable is that the cast of ‘Onderweg naar morgen’ stayed in the same hotel, so I had breakfast with them. During breakfast they were rehearsing. 19. Which obstacle was most difficult for you? The ‘big balls’! It was really hard to get on top of them. The ‘Regilo Tuur-wall’ was also hard, it hit my face. And I lost the race at the ‘King of the hill’ obstacle. Here you stand on a pillar and you need to come to the middle while a turning bar tries to hit your feet.

20. Did you hurt yourself and how were the others? I sprained both my ankles in the first round. A few more had back pains and one distorted his knee, so no real accidents. 21. Did you get much response/recognition? Yes, people from my past like my last employer and people from high school. 22. How was it to work with famous people? They acted quite normal, I contacted host Wytske Kenemans and producer Sicco. He is now producer of the Voice of Holland. 23. Do you still contact each other? I still have Sicco on Hyves, but that’s all. 24. Did you learn something during the show? Not really, it was just a great adventure. 25. You didn’t win the show but do you have the feeling you won something for yourself? Yes, I’m proud I was selected to join this show and that I made it quite far with two strained ankles. It was also a nice holiday! By Naomi Schonenberg


PUT YOUR MIND ON THE CRUISE CONTROL AND SOAK UP ALL THE DIALOGE, SMILING NEWSREADERS, CONTINUOUS COMMERCIALS AND REALITY SHOWS. WATCHING TELEVISION. WHO DOES NOT LIKE SITTING ON THE COUCH WITH SOME COKE AND CHIPS WATCHING THEIR FAVOURITE TELEVISION SERIES. TELEVISION IN THE NETHERLANDS WAS INTRODUCED IN 1951. REALITY TELEVISION BECAME VERY POPULAR ESPECIALLY IN THE NETHERLANDS SINCE THE LAUNCH OF BIG BROTHER. ALTHOUGH WE THINK THAT MOST REALITY TELEVISION SHOWS ARE DUTCH, MOST SEGMENTS WE WATCH WERE BOUGHT OR REMADE FROM INTERNATIONAL SHOWS. SOME BECOME A BIG SUCCES OTHERS ARE A WASTE OF TIME TO WATCH. WE TOOK A CLOSER VIEW INTO THE REALITY TELEVISION CULTURE. Reality television: From birth to adulthood Reality television has become a guilty pleasure for many us. Whether you are watching ‘The Voice of Holland’, ‘The Real World’ or ‘Deadliest Catch’, all are different formats of reality television but are still under the same genre. A short recap of the history will clarify the rise and fall of certain formats within reality television and explain why certain shows are more popular. Reality television can be divided in four generations. The first generation was best to describe as ‘rescue program’s’. This format of reality shows follows the experience of people working for public services such as the police and fire department. This is the generation that has the most rawness in its content. It displays people daily life on the work floor as it is, with an entertaining purpose. But the rawness has made it emotionless. That is how the next generation developed, people were searching for topics and situations where they can identify with. By displaying people with an emotional situation, the shows are trying to get us, as the viewers to identify with the person onscreen.

Now we have come to the most defying moment for reality television, which is the third and fourth generation, ‘creality’ television. Creality means: reality that has been staged and created. ‘Big Brother’ is the founding father of this format. This development has changed the landscape of reality television completely and is responsible for the current state of reality television. Almost all of the best-rated reality shows at the moment, such as ‘Expeditie Robinson’ and ‘Wie is de Mol’, are created with this format.


The fourth generation takes us back to the ordinary. Whether this is of ordinary people with extraordinary talent such as ‘Idols’ or ordinary lives of extraordinary people like ‘The Osbournes’ and ‘De Phaffs’. Going ‘Downtown’ When looking at the tvguide now you will be amazed by the amount of reality on television at the moment. The Netherlands had an important influence on reality television with ‘Big Brother’ but other countries also had a fair share of shows that influenced the television scene. The Japanese game shows are largely known for their combination of pity and entertainment. Though these shows are huge in Japan, the foreign versions are not that popular. After some research a conclusion was formed by us, that the non-original versions are just not that funny. Maybe it is because they try too hard to make things funny when they are not or perhaps it is because of the Japanese language, we as non-Japanese speaking people have no idea what the contestants and host are saying there, for all we know they are exchanging cooking tips. Let’s take as an example the MTV game show ‘Fist of Zen’, which was modeled after the Japanese show ‘Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende’.


In the British version, the contestants are there for fun while in the Japanese version there is a fixed group of people. The Japanese set does not change frequently, though in ‘Fist of Zen’ the contestant changes each episode. After several episodes of ‘Downtown’ you have the feeling you know this group of people and know how they would react to the challenge they face. The foreign versions of Japanese game shows do not have this formula. This might be the point breaker. When you have people to root for, you build a certain compassion for them and the show. When the contestants are there to play for one time only, you do not have that. That explains the huge popularity of reality shows with people where we can root for time after time, whether it is a competition show (Benelux Next Top Model) or a show that follows the lives of a fixed group of people (Jersey Shore). Foul or succes? As said before most Dutch television segments are buyed or remaked from international shows. What are the new television shows for 2011? Will these imported shows be a great succes or a complete foul? The Dutch television market is still developing. However, will we be attracted to these new Dutch synchronized reality television shows?

Hawaii five-0 Veronica starts in Januari with the new serie Hawaii Five-0. It is a remake of the same series of the seventies. This criminality serie is about an elite team who combats the criminality on Hawai. The story starts with Detective Steve McGarret who travels to the island Oahu to research the murder of this father. There he gets the task to combat, together with an elite team, the organised criminality in Hawai. From the first moment on the elite discovers that there is a lot going on, on the island. In Amerika Hawaii five-0 was launched in November 2009 and growed out to one of the best watched series of the fall. Wie is mijn vader?

Iedereen is gek op Jack, The new comedyserie with the main character Linda de Mol is called: ‘iedereen is gek op jack’. The show is a remake of the American show ‘Everybody loves Raymond’, and will be about the modern couple Barbara en Jack played by Linda de Mol and Jeroen van Koningsbrugge. They are parents of three children and find themselves constantly in funny and recognizable situations. ‘Iedereen is gek op Jack’ is launched in 2011 on RTL4.

RTL 4 will launch a new show in 2011, “Wie is mijn vader?” (Who is your daddy?). The show is about donor children who search for their father and half brothers and sisters. They get help from a specialised team that uses the newest DNA techniques. The show will start half a year after the start of the show DNA Onbekend, which is a show that unravels family secrets by DNA investigation. The show is a dramatised remake of the reality show “Who’s your daddy?” The show is about an adult who had been put up for adoption as an infant. Now he is placed in a room with 25 men, one of whom is his biological father. In the contest, he should pick out who was his father, if right the contestant would win $100,000. by Sanne Simons and Thu Ha Nguyen





MADNESS WHEN YOU ARE WALKING DOWN THE STREET AND YOU ARE SUDDENLY SURROUNDED BY RIDICULOUSLY DRUNK RABBITS, PRIESTS, SUPERMANS AND EVEN WALKING TAMPONS THAT ARE ACTING COMPLETELY FOOLISH AND YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA OF WHAT IS GOING ON, PLEASE DON’T DIRECTLY BELIEVE YOU ARE PARANOID. IT’S JUST THE TIME OF THE YEAR WHEN NOTHING IS CRAZY ENOUGH. THE TIME OF THE YEAR WHEN BEER IS EQUAL TO WATER AND WHEN EVERYBODY IS YOUR FRIEND. FOUR DAYS OF COMPLETE MADNESS. ALAAAF, IT IS CARNIVAL! For international students who see this kind of weird scenes for the first time, Carnival in the Netherlands might look like the most stupid and ridiculous event ever. And that’s what it is. But before you prejudice Carnival as being way to weird for you, you should learn more about it in this article. Because Carnival is a beautiful Burgundian folk event with meaningful traditions and only one thing on your mind: celebrate life!


Carnival is an originally catholic event that is being cele brated during the four days previous to Ash Wednesday. According to the tradition, the party lasts from Saturday till Tuesday evening – Shrove Tuesday. At midnight, the lent term of 40 days begins, until Easter. The word ‘Carnival’ is derived from the Latin words carne vale, which literally means ‘goodbye to the meat’. And that’s what happened during Carnival in the middle ages. Traditionally, Carnival was the last opportunity for people to eat as much as possible before the lent term started: 40 days with a minimum amount of food. By that time, people were already dressed (because of the extreme poverty in Brabant in that period, the costumes were simple) and people ridiculed each other. Anno 2011, the catholic aspect has partly blurred away and Carnival is a no-nonsense event for everybody. Carnival in the Netherlands is mostly being celebrated beneath the rivers, in Noord-Brabant and Limburg.

Eleven is the typical Carnival number. Officially, the Carnival season starts every year on the 11th of November (11-11) at 11.11 pm. In most cities, the season starts with a ceremony in which the new Prince and the rest of the “Council of 11” are being announced. The reason for the use of the number eleven, is because it stands for foolishness and madness. From the 11th of November on, a lot of Carnival related festivities take place until the final four days of Carnival. Carnival in other countries Italy, Venice Since 1660 ‘Carnevale di Venezia’ is the most leading Carnival of Europe. The Carnival starts around two weeks before Ash Wednesday and ends on Shrove Tuesday (Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras), the day before Ash Wednesday. Especially tight masks and dazzling costumes are central for the masquerade balls.

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. Rio Carnival is a wild 4-day celebration, 40 days before Easter. It officially starts on Saturday and finishes on Fat Tuesday with the beginning of Lent on Ash Wednesday after which one is supposed to abstain from all bodily pleasures. The Rio Carnival is not only the biggest Carnival, it as also a benchmark against which every other carnival is compared and one of the most interesting artistic events on the Globe. The highlights of the Rio Carnival are the parades, held since 1984 in the Sambadrome. The Sambadrome is a part of rua Marquês de Sapucaí, which is especially provide with tribunes during the parades. VS, New Orleans. Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday in English) is a Carnival celebration well-known throughout the world. The New Orleans Carnival season starts after Twelfth Night, on Epiphany (January 6). It is a season of parades, balls (some of them masquerade balls), and king cake parties.


It has traditionally been part of the winter social season; at one time “coming out” parties for young women at débutante balls were timed for this season. Celebrations are concentrated for about two weeks before and through Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras in French), the day before Ash Wednesday. Usually there is one major parade each day and many days have several large parades. The largest and most elaborate parades take place the last five days of the season. In the final week of Carnival, many events large and small occur throughout New Orleans and surrounding communities. Chelsea (21) was born in North Canton, Ohio, and celebrated Carnival last year for the first time. “I don’t get the whole principle of Carnival, but I liked it a lot!” For her, Carnival is all about being together, drinking a lot and acting crazy. It makes her think of how she used to celebrate Halloween in America, but than instead of dressing up like monsters, we dress up crazy in Holland. Next year, she is planning to have a great time during all days of Carnival, here in Breda.


Gunther also experienced Carnival in Breda last year for the first time. He didn’t know he had to dress up and he thought it was all kind of weird. “People were acting strange and I didn’t really know what it meant”. In his own country, the Philippines, there are six festivals that are quite similar to Carnival in the Netherlands. The difference is that they traditionally celebrate ‘something’ like God. Next year, he will be celebrating Carnival with his friends in Holland, and he will dress up as eccentric as possible! Carnival 2011: Friday 4 until Tuesday 8 March 2011.

By Benthe Kuijpers and Alies van Hout

Prins Lucius d’n Aller Irste Lucien Verhoef was just been chosen to become the Prince of Carnival in “ ‘t Kielegat” for the upcoming three years. For him, Carnival in three words is: party, humor and sociability. During Carnival, he needs to be present at a lot of traditions and he gives speeches to make sure there is a good vibe. Because he was born and raised in Breda, Carnival in “ ‘t Kielegat” is very special to him. He thinks Carnival in a city is different than in villages, because the audience is more diverse. “To receive the key of the city from the mayor on the Big Market Square must give him a fantastic feeling!” Also his wife and children are looking forward to Carnival. You can find Prince Lucius d’n Aller Irste mostly at Café Noir, de Bommel, Ome Jan and Chassé theatre. Lucien wants to invite all international students of the NHTV to join and let them know Carnival is an event for everyone. “After Carnival I would like to know: “Do you have a nose for it?”, “Avez vous une petite nez pour sa?”, “Haben sie eine kleine Nase für das?” or “我对此有

一个小鼻子?” ”

Traditions during Carnival Place names. This is one of the Burgundic traditions during Carnival. Breda changes its name into ‘Kielegat’. --------------------------Carnival foundation. Every city has its own foundation that chooses one Prince plus cortège (“Council of 11”). ---------------------------Parade. In every city, a colourful parade takes place in which everybody is free to participate. ---------------------------Motto. Every year, every city comes up with a new motto. Kielegat’s motto for 2011 is ‘K’ebbur ‘n nuske vor’. This means something like ‘I have a sense for that’. ----------------------------Clothing. For clothing, there’s only one rule: you can be as crazy and original as you want.

Hedde gij d’r echt ‘n nuske vor? Die van mij zit dur vor, dur agter, dur bove, dur onder en dur neffe, dus dat zit wel goed.


Zoom In In a world that has its focus on time, it’s almost idyllic how this young man takes a moment to exclude every piece of chaos around him to send or read a text message. Time seems frozen in this picture, making the watch on his wrist ironic. The man emits modernity while letting his head rest on the torso of a plastic woman. By the look of his relaxed attitude, the content of his text message seems not that important. By the look of his face however, it seems serious enough to be unaware of the many cultural aspects this scene depicts. While different ages and styles are displayed by the people, a Dolce & Gabbana sign tries to hide between the classical holy statues, which are by the way, all turned with their backs to the modern man. By Jenneke van Genechten Your picture in Brewed? You can send your own good quality picture to:


Picture by: Sofie van Hout


Set sail to The Pirate Bay



Following the logical imperative, the fact that everybody knows how to do it means that it is most likely already outdated and in fact, that’s the truth. Websites where one can still find old-fashioned links to actually right-click, compare to the rest of the ever evolving internet like grandpa’s trusty Volkswagen to a brand new Porsche.

Grandpa “Save target as…”

Sadly, mother “Napster” has already moved on to a better world and so it is up to the children to hold up the torch. While there are several elements in line for the throne – RapidShare or YouSendIt just to name two – t he most prominent and media heavy heir is called Bit Torrent.

It is not entirely clear who provided the first file to be downloaded, although rumors reach back to Napoleon; being of small stature, the poor man had to have his attachés “down the loads” from high cupboards and closets. Two hundred years later, we teach our children to “right click, save target as…” as soon as they know how to spell their name. Everybody does it and nobody spends any thought on the process or even how the thing we’re downloading just now actually got where it is in the first place.


Downloading is dead, long live sharing

To explain what BitTorrent actually does, let’s return to the analogy of the great (yet short) French emperor: the technology behind BitTorrent means that instead of someone putting a file on the cupboard and someone else pulling it from there, the content of the file is now distributed over a range of attachés and everyone of them hands his lordship the papers individually. That is a great concept, because it is very unlikely to ever lose a file completely, but at the same time you can easily lose a part of your file by one of the attachés going amiss. Yet, the system proves to be working in two very important aspects: persistency and volume.

Sympathy for the devil The protocol behind BitTorrent is just about a decade old and already varying sources estimate it’s responsible for 27% to 55% of all internet traffic. Counting other file sharing mechanisms and regular downloads, the percentage reaches staggering levels. Since “percentage of all internet traffic” is not a really accessible variable to keep in mind, here’s a try to make it more transparent: The website “Drowned in Sound” reported that in 2008, 40 billion songs were being illegally downloaded, equating to 95% of all music downloads or – in other words – a total of £48 billion in lost profits.

The oldest such file in existence is the movie “The Matrix”, with still one person left offering it since 2003, unchanged; and the award for the biggest volume caused by a single file goes to the recently released computer game Star Craft II: In the same time it took to sell 2.7 million actual copies, the game made it to 3 million downloads, amounting to almost 16 Petabytes (16.000 Terabytes or 16 million Gigabytes).


Set sail to The Pirate Bay Seeing how this number does not include any other media, be it books, film, TV, games or computer programs, it is all too understandable that copyright laws and antipiracy organizations are up in arms in almost all western countries.

A place of wonder, mystery and bounty

With downloading from illegal sources for private being permitted under Dutch law, it is not all too surprising that an estimated 25% of the Dutch online population (15 years and older) engage in illegal downloads; or, in another perspective, a quarter of the great French nation at the beginning of the nineteenth century participated in the holding and sharing of Napoleon’s files.

Of course there are other “business models”, one of which is of particular interest due to its recent fall from grace. A former safe haven in the Swedish waters of the internet, “The Pirate Bay” rose to the very top of websites for pirates and buccaneers offering and using the torrent system. The services are offered free of charge, without any need for registration and yet an ever growing group of people signed up to be “on board”.

The Dutch Court of Appeal of The Hague issued a surprising statement saying that the permission of illegal downloads is not harmful to copyright owners, but actually to their advantage. A madman’s logic at first glance, the reasoning behind the verdicts proves to be sound, at least to some extent. Suffice it to say that the explanation lies in the levy system of blank CDs and DVDs (“thuiskopievergoeding”). With downloading being permitted (following the verdict), its full extent can and will be taken into account for the determination of the levy charges

By incorporating the illegal portion into the calculation, the copyright owners are – in theory at least – compensated for their loss of income. Quite ingenious, isn’t it?

Until last year, TPB – as it is called by its users and insiders – prided itself with an iron hard refusal policy on complaints from copyright holders. While the actual wording of their response emails is too harsh for this article, suffice it to say that the tenor of all the published mails was this: “No action (except ridiculing the senders) has been taken by us because of these. :-)”



Having been at “war” with the authorities for almost 4 years and eventually to court for over a year, the men behind TPB were finally convicted and sentenced to a year in prison and a $905.000 fine each. As was expected, appeals were filed almost immediately and the online community of TPB could hope to fight another day. This hope was shattered however, when just a week before the editorial deadline of Brewed the appeal was rejected. While the jail time has been lowered for the individual defendants, the reparations in cash were almost doubled.

Arrrrr, we’re doomed The naysayers of the inte rnet have been at their best for over two years, foreseeing the inevitable end of “Their” Pirate Bay for quite some time now. Curiously enough, the number of registered users of TPB has almost reached five million. When the charges were filed in 2008, there were merely a million people registered. This steep increase in users is largely responsible for continuous “rum all ‘round” business of TPB. Today, the site functions exclusively on user input, meaning no actions are taken by The Pirate Bay itself. Combined with its long history of resilience and moving servers and hosters (even to the Ukraine and a nuclear bunker in the Netherlands), it is questionable if and when TPB will finally sail out into the open sea and never return.

by Tilo Franke





NHTV Live A live look into a student life EVER WONDERED WHAT IS HAPPENING BEHIND THOSE BIG YELLOW DOORS ALL DAY? WHAT STUDENTS ARE REALLY DOING DURING A FULL DAY OF WORK? NOW YOU HAVE THE CHANCE TO LOOK INTO THE REAL STUDENT WORLD, BECAUSE A GROUP OF IMEM STUDENTS ARE MAKING LIVE TELEVISION WITH THE NAME: NHTV LIVE! The Concept NHTV Live is a concept created by a group of second-year IMEM students who were asked to share their vision on how to attract more international students to Breda. Their idea: Show what is really happening during a typical mADE Production House day at school by using a new technique: Live stream! An actual live stream on the internet were everybody can watch, listen en comment during their daily activities. According to Jet van Strijp, one of the group members, the concept is beyond reality television. This is true reality television and even better: it is live! As Jet stated: “Looking at the concept, we are way beyond Big Brother!”. “‘We are revealing the falsification of reality shows. We do not live stream fake actions and smiles, but pure emotions and hard work.’’ The Content YouTube is already doing live streams, and live stream will become bigger in the future as a media tool. “We are bypassing traditional marketing techniques. Live stream is unique and new, so an excellent way to be different than the other schools in promoting.” according to Martijn. “We talked a lot with students, and came to the conclusion that showing videos works a lot better

than reading text or showing pictures. We also aim at the international student who will get a connection with the NHTV, before they are even at the school” stated the team. Seeing characters progress with their daily life and evolve, is the red line of the live stream. They talk about their lives outside school, discuss subjects from movies till politics and just have fun. But the main task of this group does not lie in front of the video camera, but behind the screens. Their aim is to show students something else then marketing tricks and perfect open days. The Group The group that makes this all possible is a group of second year IMEM students. These eight students are Jet van Strijp, Tommy Stienissen, Bob van Eck, Tim van Steenbergen, Martijn Deenen, Joost Beers, Mark Peter MacGregor and Thijs van de Wouw and are being supervised by Paul Buchanan. A structure is not really there, but as Joost Beers said: “The boldest one takes the lead, a sort of survival of the fittest. And most of the time Jet wins.’’ So are you interested in NHTV Live and want to take a look? Then join them every Tuesday at their website between 09:00 and 17:00, or send them a tweet via their hash tag #nhtvlive. You can also give them comments, ideas or information during the chat that is open during the live stream. You can also find them on Facebook, just search for NHTV Live at Facebook. You can’t miss it! By Kevin Rombouts


Who really has the voice of Holland?

THE VOICE OF HOLLAND, POPSTARS, X-FACTOR AND IDOLS. SINGING TALENT SHOWS ARE DOMINATING OUR TELEVISION SCREENS BREEDING THE NEXT NEW POP IDOL AND YOUTUBE HIT ONE AFTER ANOTHER. BUT ARE WE REALLY LONGING FOR ANOTHER BIG FAILURE OR WANNABE? Remember Raffaëla? She was the winner of Idols, the third Edition (2006) of the popular television talent show. She told the audience during one of the live shows that she was pregnant. After winning the show, she scored one small hit with the rip off song Right here right now (which was also sung by the Swedish winner of Idols a year earlier) and right after that she disappeared. Until the moment we saw her participating in a complete new talent show: The Voice Of Holland, for her second chance.

However she was not the only one from the old Idols. During the voice of Holland ‘real talents’ can sing their songs without being judged by his or her looks. Refreshing, Holland thought, because the Voice of Holland became an instant hit. Ben Saunders is one perfect example. He’s not only the show’s most wanted talent but he also became a huge YouTube hit. So yes, Holland seems ready for another pop idol, but how about you? Are you getting tired of all the talent shows or can’t you wait for the next edition of X-factor? What’s your favorite talent show and who is your favorite candidate? Join us for the Brewed discussion on our website or Facebook for your voice in brewed!

by Asanki van der Schoof




Oscars VS. BAFTA’s

Clash of the movie awards

A FRESH YEAR ALSO MEANS FRESH OPPORTUNITIES FOR ACTORS AND ACTRESSES, MUS ICIANS AND COMPONENTS, DESIGNERS AND DEVELOPERS AND MANY MORE TO WIN NEW PRIZES. AS USUAL, WE KICK OFF THE NEW YEAR WITH TWO OF THE MOST PRESTIGE AWARD CEREMONIES IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY: THE ACADEMY AWARDS AND THE BRITISH ACADEMY OF FILM AND TELEVISION AWARDS. TILO AND KEVIN TOOK A GLANCE AT THE AWARDS AND TELL YOU WHO THE NOMINEES ARE! A short introduction: Let us introduce these awards, for those who have been literally living underneath a rock for the past 80 years. The Academy Awards, or short Oscars, and the British Academy of Film and Television Awards, or BAFTA in short, are two of the most prestige and well known international movie awards that are handed out every year. The BAFTA’s are usually held early in February, although this was only introduced in 2002 to precede the Oscars, and are held in the Royal Opera House, London, United Kingdom.


The BAFTA’s are usually a good way to measure where the Oscars will end, which are basically the competitors of the BAFTA’s. This year’s BAFTA’s will be held on February 13th, 2011 at the Royal Opera House in London. On the other hand, a bit further down the month, we find the Academy Awards. These movie awards are probably the best known entertainment awards and for many entertainers in the film industry it is the highest accreditation they can get. The Academy Awards are by many people known as the Oscars, which is the name of the award they receive. Where the name derives from is unknown, as there are multiple stories about this. The earliest mention of it is in 1931 where Academy’s Executive Secretary, Margaret Herrick, saw the award and mentioned it looked like her ‘Uncle Oscar’. The award ceremony for the Academy Awards will be held at the famous Kodak Theatre, Hollywood in the United States.

THE 2011 BAFTA NOMINEES: Best Film: BLACK SWAN - Mike Medavoy, Brian Oliver, Scott Franklin INCEPTION - Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan THE KING’S SPEECH - Iain Canning, Emile Sherman, Gareth Unwin THE SOCIAL NETWORK - Scott Rudin, Dana Brunetti, Michael De Luca, Céan Chaffin TRUE GRIT - Scott Rudin, Ethan Coen, Joel Coen Outstanding British Film: 127 HOURS - Danny Boyle, Simon Beaufoy, Christian Colson, John Smithson ANOTHER YEAR - Mike Leigh, Georgina Lowe FOUR LIONS - Chris Morris, Jesse Armstrong, Sam Bain, Mark Herbert, Derrin Schlesinger THE KING’S SPEECH - Tom Hooper, David Seidler, Iain Canning, Emile Sherman, Gareth Unwin MADE IN DAGENHAM - Nigel Cole, William Ivory, Elizabeth Karlsen, Stephen Woolley Director 127 HOURS - Danny Boyle BLACK SWAN - Darren Aronofsky INCEPTION - Christopher Nolan THE KING’S SPEECH - Tom Hooper THE SOCIAL NETWORK - David Fincher Leading Actor JAVIER BARDEM - Biutiful JEFF BRIDGES - True Grit JESSE EISENBERG - The Social Network COLIN FIRTH - The King’s Speech JAMES FRANCO - 127 Hours Leading Actress ANNETTE BENING - The Kids Are All Right JULIANNE MOORE - The Kids Are All Right NATALIE PORTMAN - Black Swan NOOMI RAPACE - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo HAILEE STEINFELD - True Grit Animated Film DESPICABLE ME - Chris Renaud, Pierre Coffin HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON - Chris Sanders, Dean DeBlois TOY STORY 3 - Lee Unkrich


THE 83RD ACADEMY AWARDS: Best Picture: “Black Swan” Mike Medavoy, Brian Oliver and Scott Franklin, Producers “The Fighter” David Hoberman, Todd Lieberman and Mark Wahlberg, Producers “Inception” Emma Thomas and Christopher Nolan, Producers “The Kids Are All Right” Gary Gilbert, Jeffrey Levy-Hinte and Celine Rattray, Producers “The King’s Speech” Iain Canning, Emile Sherman and Gareth Unwin, Producers “127 Hours” Christian Colson, Danny Boyle and John Smithson, Producers “The Social Network” Scott Rudin, Dana Brunetti, Michael De Luca and Ceán Chaffin, Producers “Toy Story 3” Darla K. Anderson, Producer “True Grit” Scott Rudin, Ethan Coen and Joel Coen, Producers “Winter’s Bone” Anne Rosellini and Alix Madigan-Yorkin, Producers Director: “Black Swan” Darren Aronofsky “The Fighter” David O. Russell “The King’s Speech” Tom Hooper “The Social Network” David Fincher “True Grit” Joel Coen and Ethan Coen Leading Actor: Javier Bardem in “Biutiful” Jeff Bridges in “True Grit” Jesse Eisenberg in “The Social Network” Colin Firth in “The King’s Speech” James Franco in “127 Hours” Leading Actress: Annette Bening in “The Kids Are All Right” Nicole Kidman in “Rabbit Hole” Jennifer Lawrence in “Winter’s Bone” Natalie Portman in “Black Swan” Michelle Williams in “Blue Valentine” Animation: “How to Train Your Dragon” Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois “The Illusionist” Sylvain Chomet “Toy Story 3” Lee Unkrich


by Tilo Franke and Kevin Rombouts


1. 2.

Angry Birds Title of Application: Angry Birds Developer: Rovio Platform: Android, iOS, Symbian Price: Free (Android), €0,99 (iOS), €3,00 (Symbian) MOBILE GAMES ARE GETTING HOTTER AND HOTTER. PEOPLE WANT TO HAVE SOMETHING TO DO IN THOSE MOMENTS WHEN BOREDOM SETS IN. DEVELOPERS ARE NOTICING THIS AND THUS ARE FILLING THE GAP WITH SIMPLE BUT ADDICTING GAMES. ONE OF THOSE GAMES IS ANGRY BIRDS, CREATED BY ROVIO AND AVAILABLE ON DIFFERENT PLATFORMS. Get those eggs back! In Angry Birds your task as an angry bird is pretty simple: Get revenge on those damn pigs who stole your eggs. You ask how? Simple: Place yourself in a huge catapult and launch yourself into the pig fortress with the ultimate goal to destroy them all!

Damn those pigs! Like my explanation, the game is easy to understand and can be played by anyone. But to master the game, a lot of trying, cursing and practising is required. Because the more levels you complete, the more difficult the levels get. Be happy The overall idea that you get while playing Angry Birds is pretty simple: you just get happy. The happy tunes, the fun graphics and of course the gameplay itself always puts a smile on your face. This logically explains why the game has been sold a stunning 10 million times at the time this article was written (December 2010). By Kevin Rombouts




KIngs of Leon

Come Around Sundown


The in Nashville, Tennessee established band was formed in 1999 by two brothers, Anthony Caleb Followill and Ivan Nathan Followill. They were joined later by their cousins, Michael Jared Followill and Cameron Matthew Followill. Their first album, ‘Youth and Young Manhood’, came out in 2003. It was a critically acclaimed album, ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine rating the album with 4/5 stars. The following years they released two more albums before their most success studio album ‘Only by Night’ was released in 2008. It was after the release of ‘Only by Night’ Kings of Leon became popular among a larger audience.


The End of the Beginning The album starts ironically, with a song titled : ‘The End’. It is a nice start-off for the album, it brings you into the groove with some great guitar sounds. ‘Come Around Sundown’ brings you back to the nice summer days. You can hear the band was influenced by Southern rock. With just the right combination of rock, slightly country and blues sounds, the Kings have created an album which makes you want to lay down (preferably in the sun) and just enjoy the music.


Conclusion ‘Pyro’ and ‘Mary’ are the perfect example, it has the right balance of mellow and edginess the band is known for. ‘Radioactive’ and ‘Beach Side’ on the other hand has a more beach-ish and summer vibe, which will especially help us during these cold days, making us looking forward for the summer to come. Even though the sounds of these four songs differ from each other, they are for me the best songs of the album. With a different sound the songs still brings out the same vibe.

All things considered it is a good and consistent album, but not many of the songs have the potential to become mainstream hits like ‘Sex on Fire’ and ‘Use Somebody’. This album has less catchy lyrics and songs compared to their predecessor. But it is nice to have a band who does not care about being commercial. After their fourth and most successful album ‘Only by Night’, this album brings back the sound of their early days, which can be compared to their debut album ‘Youth and Young Manhood’. It shows the band is true to itself and that the boys are not starstruck. By Thu Ha Nguyen Thi




Thirteen Reasons Why Written by: Jay Asher


‘’One: you listen. Number two: you pass it on. Hopefully neither one will be easy for you. When you’re done listening to all thirteen sides- because there are thirteen sides to every story- rewind the tapes, put them back in the box, and pass them on to whoever follows your little tale. And you, lucky number thirteen, you can take the tapes straight to hell. Depending on your religion, maybe I’ll see you there. And if you tend to break the rules understand that…you are being watched’’.

The reasons



When Clay Jenkins comes home from school he finds a box full of cassette tapes. Curious to hear what’s on it he discovers it’s the voice of Hannah Baker, his classmate and crush who had recently committed suicide. On these seven cassette tapes Hannah explains to thirteen people why she committed suicide, what their part was in her death and what decisions and memories made her end her life.

Sounds heavy but the book is beautifully written. The tapes take you back to events that happened in the past and they make Clay think about all the things he did the past couple of weeks. Hannah Barker will guide you through her story as well as Clay himself who relives these moment with Hannah to find out why he’s on this list of thirteen people and what he did to be part of her death.


“Thirteen reasons why” is Jay Asher’s first debut roman and although it focuses on high school students this book will even affect older readers especially when you are a fan of reading. It is written in the I form which makes you feel like your right by his side also experiencing the same emotional cycle that Clay goes through. The book “Thirteen reasons” why has been nominated for many awards, won several of them and has many positive reviews across the internet. Just to make sure you all understand what the end conclusion here is: Go. And. Read. Thirteen. Reasons. Why. ‘’And if you tend to break the rules understand that…you are being watched.’’

By Asanki van der Schoof




Harry Potter

and the Deathly Hallows The begin�

ning of the end


Make way for the Dark Lord For those of you who haven’t read the last book (shame on you!) I’ll give a short introduction. Voldemort has regained his old position and nobody is denying it anymore. Together with his loyal Death Eaters he takes over the Ministry of Magic and nothing is going to stop him from spreading hate, fear and above all death into the wizarding world. The wizarding world as we know it, is basically back where it left off 16 years ago, when Harry ‘defeated’ He Who Shall Not Be Named as a baby. Harry on the move In the meantime, Harry plans to leave his friends and allies because he doesn’t want anyone to be murdered only because they’re trying to help him. But we know Harry Potter isn’t the same without the company of his friends Ron and Hermione and eventually the three of them leave the others to search and destroy the Horcruxes of Lord Voldemort and to prepare themselves for the unavoidable battle against the Dark Lord’s army.



It’s going to be a bumpy ride When I saw the movie I was pleasantly surprised. The film really stayed true to the book and the acting of the main characters was so much better than in the previous movies. For those of you who like special effects and action scenes, there are plenty (especially in the beginning of the movie). But because the movie lasted over 2,5 hours some scenes could also look boring sometimes. Overall, I thought that this Harry Potter movie was the best I have seen so far. The scenes with Ron and Hermione are brilliant and I also have to compliment Ralph Fiennes on playing his character Voldemort with such control and power.

Where other Harry Potter movies were a bit disappointing, this Harry Potter movie has it all. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part 1 has the exact amount of humour, drama and special effects. I know you will laugh and cry during this movie, but most important you will catch yourself smiling, at least I did. Oh, just one more thing: ‘You will completely fall in love with Dobby the House elf.’

By Anne Wollerich




SoundHound Apllication Title: Developer: Platform: Price:

SoundHound SoundHound Inc. Android, iOS €3,99 (Android), €4,99 (iOS)

So does this really work?


By listening to the tunes of the song, a specific voice or a well-known music lyric the application starts searching in a huge database of songs and albums. In this database millions of songs are available, so it will work with more than just the super charts of the international music scene. Even several Dutch songs are being recognized, which makes the app pretty amazing.


We can say that the main function of this app works really well, but this function is not the only one of the app. Once you’ve searched for a song, the application will give you a lot of information besides the song and the artist. It will also give you an album, an album cover, lyrics, YouTube videos and even the possibilities to buy the song via iTunes and Amazon.

Now you may be thinking “what the h*ll is SoundHound?”. Well, the answer to that is pretty simple: SoundHound is an application for your Android or Apple smartphone that will give you the title of that song or that artist. The application listens to the song, tries to recognize it and gives you all the information.

Yes, it really works!

By Kevin Rombouts



On the 29th of November Showbizz Baby would go in premiere in Amsterdam. We were all dressed up and looking good while we were on our way to the premiere of Showbizz Baby. Driving to Amsterdam we had some weather problems. It was snowing heavily (as we all noticed in November) and there was already 800 km of traffic jam. With still an hour to drive we decided to go back home, because it was already slippery on the road and there wasn’t really a positive view on the traffic jam. So, no premier for us. Disappointed but with a positive mentality we would go to the next show of Showbizz Baby later that week. On that specific day, we were preparing for the show that night. Suddenly the radio informed us that Jennifer Hoffman was ill and that all the shows would be cancelled for the rest of the week. Even our second attempt was not going to be a success.

We really wanted to write this article so as determined as we were we wanted to go to the next show for the third time. This time it was in Tilburg, near Breda. We checked everything: the weather, traffic jams, illnesses but there was no information that could tell us that this time we wouldn’t make it to the show. And indeed this time the show would continue. We made it to the theatre and watched the show. Is all the fame worth it­? Showbizz baby is about the hypocrite Entertainment world. A world where everybody would do anything to become famous. The ambitious agent Diane (Jennifer Hoffman) makes a carrier plan for her television actor Mitchell (Hylke van Sprundel). Diane and Mitchell have a relationship for the outside world but in real life Mitchell is gay and Diane is a lesbian. For Diane it is a bad moment when Mitchell falls in love with a younger man Alex (Egbert-Jan Weeber) who also seems to be a gigolo. Diane tells Mitchell it won’t be good for his carrier. Alex also has a relationship with a girl named Ellen (Judith van den Berg) at that moment. The show might sound complicated and it was but the message they brought with this show was: How far do people go for their carriers? Is all the fame worth it?


During the show, there where a lot of shocking moments. Mitchell and Alex kissed and lay in bed together but this was all with a sense of humour. There was a big variety in the audience. Children from the grammar school had to come to this show to write a review for the subject CKV (culture and arts) but also students and older people between 35-50 years old came to the show. In front of us there was even a couple of probably 65+ years old. The reactions from the audience on the show were also diverse. While some guys near us where reacting like ‘iewl!’ and ‘ugh!’ when Mitchell and Alex kissed other people were laughing about it. At a certain moment almost the whole cast was jumping on stage in only underwear and dancing on music while making gay movements. People in front of us stood up and walked away. They probably thought it was too much about sex, but on the other hand we looked at the 65+ years old people sitting in front of us and they where laughing the whole time.


After the show we drank something in the cafeteria of the theatre. We were talking about the show, the reactions and about the performance of the actors. ‘It would be so nice if we could meet them and interview them’ we thought. So we sat down at a table that was near a door we thought the actors would come out of. After a few minutes we saw them walking away via another door to a private section. After waiting some minutes they didn’t come back, so we thought; all right lets go home then. We went upstairs to get our jackets and while we were walking downstairs we saw the whole crew standing at a table. ‘This is our chance’ we thought and with no doubts we approached the whole crew.

All the actors were so nice! Jennifer Hoffman has this reputation in gossip magazines that she can be a bitch but she was so friendly in real life. She was really interested in Brewed and we had a nice conversation. Jennifer Hoffman also followed a study program called Media and Entertainment. Egbert-Jan Weeber, who has this reputation of being a sexy guy was in real life even sexier! They told us that it is difficult to perform while there are these CKV kids who think it is a cinema where you can eat and talk during the show. Also Egbert-Jan said that they sometimes get these grouse reactions on the scene where Mitchell and Alex kiss each other but he doesn’t care. After all, going to the show for the third time seemed to be the will of God, because during the premier we would probably not have had the change to talk to them. Now we talked to the whole crew in private and we also got a great picture with the actors! Showbizz Baby is a production of Rick Engelkes and is directed by Sarah Moerenmans. Jennifer Hoffman already has some experience with another Rick Engelkes production; Extreem. She loved working with Sarah Moerenmans. For Egbert-Jan Weeber it was the first time to work with Moerenmans. From various people he heard that she was a good and special director, so when they asked Weeber to audition for the role as Alex he had no doubts.

Agenda Showbizz Baby February 2011 Th. 10 Fr. 11 We. 16 Th. 17 Fr. 18 We. 23 Th. 24 Fr. 25


20.15 20.15 20.00 20.15 20.15 20.15 20.15 20.15

March 2011 Tu. 1 We. 2 Th. 3 Fr. 4 Sa. 5 We. 9


20.00 20.00 20.00 20.15 20.15 20.15

by Lisa Kroon and Nathalie van Eijk


LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON MICK AERTS (19) IS AN IMEM STUDENT THAT \ LIKES TO WRITE BLOGS ABOUT HIS EVERYDAY LIFE. READ MORE AT HIS WEBPAGE HTTP://COLUMNISTMICK.WEB-LOG.NL/COLUMNISTMICK/ “I got 4 tickets for tonight. Related Rhythms. Schouwburg, tenth row in the middle. Pick you up at 19.15. Chris” That was a text message of my dad. That night we went to see some Africans hitting their drums. My dad spontaneously bought tickets. “But I have to go volleyball” was my answer. “Cancel it” he answered. My father and I went, together with some friends, to the theater. We had a great time.


I live in a family of five people. I have a crazy dad, an overanxious mom, myself, a nice sister whom I don’t always like and if you add my handicapped brother, the insane family is complete. Despite all this, I love each of them. But my dad is my idol. My father, who behaves like a twelve-year-old is forty three years old. He has been writing columns for several years just like me. I hope I will once be just like him. He is a nice man and it is nearly impossible not to like him. Like him I too am great with kids. And once we are in the city, we are not afraid to make a fool out of ourselves. We are open to any challenge that crosses our way. You only live once.


WORLD AWAY SOMETHING GEZELLIG, SOMETHING RANDOM JALEH LAPITAN ASHTIANI (21) IS AN IMEM STUDENT FROM FINLAND. SHE LIKES TO WRITE STORIES ABOUT HER ADVENTURES HERE IN HOLLAND. CONTINUE READING AT HTTP://JALLUNJUPINAT.BLOGSPOT.COM/ Time flies. Especially after you‘ve turned 18. If someone wishes to disagree, you can always check the last texts I‘ve written. My poor two readers are still stuck in August, when it‘s already November. By the way I will be turning 21 in a month and I will have the chance to go on a boat cruise, without a supervisor. Of course then we will not be winning cruise tickets anymore. Call on me. Because of the clock running faster than me, I will be writing more about what has happened lately and at some point also of the first days here. You will probably get confused of the dates and people I write about, but no worries you will get to learn more about them perhaps on Christmas or the Christmas after it.

I live in a family of five people. I have a crazy dad, an overanxious mom, myself, a nice sister whom I don’t always like and if you add my handicapped brother, the insane family is complete. Despite all this, I love each of them. But my dad is my idol. My father, who behaves like a twelve-yearold is forty three years old. He has been writing columns for several years just like me. I hope I will once be just like him. He is a nice man and it is nearly impossible not to like him. Like him I too am great with kids. And once we are in the city, we are not afraid to make a fool out of ourselves. We are open to any challenge that crosses our way. You only live once. by Benthe Kuijpers


AGENDA Movies Music Movies February 17th // The King’s Speech [Drama] This is the story of King George VI of Britain, who is plagued by a dreaded stutter. Due to circumstances he reluctantly assumes the throne. With the help of speech therapist Lionel Logue, George undergoes a journey to get back the voice he needs to become a great leader of Britain. With several awards in the pocket this movie is a must see. March 24th // The Adjustment Bureau [Thriller/ Romance] When the politician David Norris falls for the ballerina Elise Sellas, ‘Fate’ keeps them from being romantically involved. Who is this person? Why does he want to influence their lives? Does he work alone or are there more people like him? Mystery, action and romance is combined in this film adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s short story, ‘Adjustment Team’. Starring Matt Damon (The Departed, The Bourne film series) and Emily Blunt (Sunshine Cleaning, The Devil Wears Prada).


April 13th // Rango [Animation/Adventure] A chameleon that aspires to be a swashbuckling hero finds himself in a Western town plagued by bandits and is forced to literally play the role in order to protect it. April 15th //Scream 4 [Horror] Ten years have passed, and Sidney Prescott, who has put herself back together thanks in part to her writing, is visited by the Ghost-face Killer. After the successful predecessors, Scream finally returns with Courteney Cox, David Arquette and Neve Campbell, who reprise their roles in the fourth instalment of Scream. April 21st // Red Riding Hood [Thriller] Set in a medieval village that is being haunted by a werewolf, a young girl falls for an orphaned woodcutter, much to her family’s displeasure.

Theatre Culture Concerts


February 24th // White Lies Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam €29,50

June 11th -13th // Pinkpop Landgraaf, Limburg

March 15th // KT Tunstall Melkweg, Amsterdam €25,00 March 18th // The Black Keys Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam €34,00 April 8th/9th/11th // Roger Waters The Wall Live GelreDome, Arnhem €67 – €69 In honor of Pink Floyd’s 30th anniversary of the album “The Wall” one of Pink Floyd’s founding member, Roger Waters, is having an European tour. It promises to be a spectacular show, just as it was 30 years ago.

Events March 16 // Slow Food Market NHTV, Sibeliuslaan 13, Breda From 12:00 till 17:00 As part of the Foot Ethics event of the NHTV, the Slow Food Market approaches the pleasure or food with a distinctly different philosophy. Workshops, interactions and actual slow food companies are brought together to give students the opportunity to dive into this new approach. All profit from the Slow Food Market will go to a charity. March 23rd -27th // International Film Festival Breda Various locations, Breda From the 23rd till 27th of March, the International Film Festival Breda takes place for the third time. The basis of the film festival are the developments in the visual culture in cinema. The different media that is being used for visual art are now combined together to represent the way we handle and associate with visual art nowadays. With a various program presented during the film festival, people of different ages, industries and preferences come together to experience all types of visual arts in cinema. By Thu Ha Nguyen Thi


puzzle Despicable Me Sint Last Airbender Rapunzel Harry Potter Due Date Buried Hangover Titanic Avatar Lord of the Rings Kick Ass Narnia Inception Finding Nemo Nine Easy A Lion King Shutter Island Date Night Megamind Social Network Knowing Psycho Machete Toy Story Perfume Want to win free vouchers for Studio Grease?

Puzzle by: Asanki Van Der Schoof


Then e-mail us the three titles that are in the puzzle, but not in the list! Send us an e-mail at: and we will draw winners from the correct answers.


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Brewed February 2011  

The February issue of Brewed, the student magazine, created by students of the IMEM course of the NHTV Breda.

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