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About Avis There are various options of traveling in Kenya. Tourist can get easily car rental companies in Mombasa, Malindi and Nairobi. But before you drive any car of rental companies, you should be age 25 to 70. Few car rental companies include Avis, Elite and others available. Avis operates all over in the world. Their car runs on the road of every country. Many drivers prefer to rent a car with driver. Avis car rental/hire agency gives you chance to drive and driver if you require. Avis car hire if you don’t need driver and Avis rent a car with driver. Generally tourists like to take Kenyan driver and there are many reasons behind this. Kenyan drivers know their country road very well and you cn add some knowledge about Kenya, wildlife, safari and tradition. Most important things to see in Kenya is wildlife safari, animals, tradition and many other.

You’ll need to: Age should be 25 or above Driving license for at least three years Have a credit card handy Be sure about fix date and time of travel Select your Avis car locations Select which type of Avis car you would like to take

Why Avis? Avis is branded car rental and car hire service in the world. Avis have different branches in most of the countries. Customer can get easily car where ever they want in Kenya. We have offices in Mombassa and Nairobi. Avis provides car rental service in Nairobi and Mombassa Tourist can easily hire a car / rent a car in Kenya Easy to get any where in Keya (Nairobi, Mombassa) Office transport service Airport pick and drop facility Quality branded car rental and car hire service agency in Kenya Avis car rental agency have well trained & experienced drivers Online reservation available for car rent / car hire Internationally recognized brand service Car hire / rent service available 24 by 7 Branded car available for rent / hire (BMW, PAJERO, MITSUBISHI LANCER)

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