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KEVIN PATRICK ROBBINS PHOTOGRAPHY Headshot Guide for Actors Kevin Patrick Robbins Photography, Toronto, Canada | | +1 647-238-7957





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My Approach to Headshots I was an actor before I became a professional photographer. I understand your needs as an actor and the needs of casting directors. Because of that, you’ll notice three things about my headshots that are different from most other headshot photographers: a plain white background, camera at eye level, and horizontal orientation. It’s all about the eye, specifically, the casting director’s eye. Typically, a casting director might spend half a second looking at your headshot. Do you have the look for the part? Should we call you in for an audition? No? Next! Yes? Brilliant! 1. PLAIN WHITE BACKGROUND The Plain White Background (PWB) puts the focus squarely on you. Solid colours, walls or blurry backgrounds steal focus from your look — your face and expression. The PWB eliminates all distractions. No shadows on walls. No plants. No windows. No fuzzy, round dots of light. Just your good-looking self clear and focused. I have a set and specific lighting setup for shooting actors that produces a consistent, crystal clear look, so we can focus on your expression.

2. CAMERA AT EYE LEVEL Shooting down on a subject makes them look inferior, weak or small. You see a ton of headshots where the photos are looking down on the actor. You don’t want to look weak in all of your shots. Watch a movie or TV show. How often is the camera looking down on the lead actor? Rarely. Al Pacino and Tom Cruise are shorter than the average person, but you would never know it from watching their movies. I also don’t shoot at an upward angle, either, which distorts your features.

3. HORIZONTAL ORIENTATION Movies are shot on a wide format for a reason. TVs are typically widescreen now for a reason. Why? Again, yes, it’s all about the eye. The eye naturally sees on a horizontal plain. Just turn your head and look around you. Is your scope of vision vertical or horizontal? If you answered vertical, you should make an appointment with your optometrist immediately. Just because a photographer can turn the camera on its side, doesn’t mean he or she should.

Kevin Patrick Robbins Photography, Toronto, Canada | | +1 647-238-7957

How to Prepare for Your Headshot AUDITION READY. These words represent one of the most critical factors in a successful headshot shoot, and it’s one that makes your life easier: show up to your headshot session as if you were going to an audition. THE REAL, NOT THE IDEAL YOU. You don’t want your headshot to represent an “ideal you” but rather, to be the best representation of “the real you.” If you can’t replicate the look on your headshot when you go to an audition, your headshot is not going to be an effective marketing tool.

First of all, the two most important things you can bring to the shoot are a positive attitude and an abundance of energy. Prepare for your headshot the same way you would for an audition. Leave all your worries and woes at the door and think about having a fun, positive experience, because that’s what we’re going to try to achieve. Before you come in, think about your energy. Take a breather. Centre yourself. Have your coffee, drink your Red Bull, eat some Maca root. Whatever. If you have those two things, we’re going to have fun and capture some fantastic shots and expressions. As far as looks go, we’ll start with a casual look, and progress through a more business/corporate/professional look, and wind up with look you would have if you went for a night out. Everything else is technical. The technical stuff is important, though, so let’s address that now. WARDROBE: • Bring a variety of tops to change into throughout the shoot: casual shirt or T-shirt (avoid logos and distracting patterns), solid colour business-appropriate shirt, plain white dress shirt, classy evening top • NO logos or patterns, but match your look (eg. if punk rock, bring clothes to suit) • Don’t worry about pants, we’re shooting headshots, not legshots.

A Natural Progression of Makeup Looks Ladies, since it’s easier to add more makeup to your look than it is to scale back, we’ll move through progressions as we move through wardrobe changes. We start off with a very natural beauty look, move to a medium look and then get closer to dark/ smokey look that you would put on when you go out for a night on the town. Kevin Patrick Robbins Photography, Toronto, Canada | | +1 647-238-7957



Women *............................................................................475 Men.....................................................................................350 Kids......................................................................................250

DEPOSITS. A non-refundable $150 deposit is required to book a session. Payments can be made by PayPal, online bank transfer, or cheque. Cheques can be made out to Kevin Patrick Robbins Photography. Session dates are not confirmed until funds clear.

Additional Images, Retouch & Print Release.......... 50 * Includes Professional Makeup Artist Each session includes three finished, retouched images, and print release. Kids rate is for people 15 years and younger. A web gallery of proofs will be available 48 hours after your session. Final images will be delivered in JPG format with print reproduction rights up to 9” x 12”. We do not supply RAW files under any circumstance.

PAYMENT. Balance of fees is due on the day of the shoot, payable by cash, cheque or credit card. CANCELLATIONS. Cancellations with less than 72 hours notice may result in the loss of your deposit. If your slot can be filled within that period, your deposit will be applied to a rescheduled session. All cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will result in the loss of your deposit. Please plan ahead. RESHOOTS. I like to think I have an eye for images that “work,” but if for any reason you don’t like your shots, let me know within 48 hours and you’ll have 30 days to come in for a one hour reshoot. Additional studio time will be billed at the standard rate of $100 per hour.

Kevin Patrick Robbins Photography, Toronto, Canada | | +1 647-238-7957

Your Take-Aways ONLINE PROOF GALLERY. Within 24 hours after our session, I will upload low-resolution, unretouched proofs to a password-protected web gallery. The number of proofs will vary based on session length, but you can usually expect 20-30 shots per hour of shooting. (You cannot download or use these images.) As a side note, the longer the session tends to be, the more usable photos we will get, as a lot of time is spent upfront coaching you on how to look great in front of the camera. PICK THREE FINAL IMAGES. From the proofs, select three (3) images that best represent you and your image. Consult with your agent if you’re having trouble picking from all your great shots. Time permitting, I will recommend my top three picks from our shoot. After you make your selections, I will colour correct and retouch your selected images to remove any blemishes, flyaway hairs, etc. I will not remove identifiable marks, such as moles, birth marks, smooth skin, or dramatically reduce wrinkles in a way that alter your appearance, so please don’t ask. Casting directors want to see THE REAL YOU. Upon completion, for each of your images, I will provide you with: • four (4) web-ready JPG files of each image, sized at 2048px, 1600px, 1200px and 960px wide • a license to use each image in perpetuity, for selfpromotion and publicity ORDERING PRINTS. If you agree to shoot with me, you are agreeing to print your images with my trusted print labs. In Canada, those are Pikto in Toronto and Rocket Repro in Vancouver. Prints will be finished at the 8” x 10” industry standard size. Pricing for prints is currently: • 25 @ $75 • 50 @ $100 • 100 @ 150 • 150 @ $225 WATERMARKS, LEGAL, ETC. I do not watermark your proofs or final images; I believe if people want to know where you got your headshots, they will ask. I retain full copyright and moral rights of all images. You are provided a license to use the final images only.

Kevin Patrick Robbins Photography, Toronto, Canada | | +1 647-238-7957

Kevin Patrick Robbins Photography, Toronto, Canada | | +1 647-238-7957

Headshots Guide for Actors - Kevin Patrick Robbins Photography  
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