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Entrees Sides

Adana: Ground lamb meat, marinated with

herbs, charcoal grilled, mounted on a wide skewer, with dressings, tomatoes, parsely, & green pepper. w/ rice, pita bread, and jajik & donerg dressings 13

Doner: Marinated beef or chicken with special herbs and spices, cooked on a vertical broiler, with dressings, tomatoes & pickles 9

Shish: Small cubes of veal or chicken,

marinated with herbs and spices, on a skewer, grilled to perfection. w/ rice, jajik, hummus, & grilled pita bread 11.5

Eggplant Naploeon: Small cubes of

Hummus: Delicious fluffy blend of crushed garbanzo beans flavored with fresh garlic, lemon juice and olive oil 5

Dolmas: (4 Pieces) Grape leave, stuffed with rice, parsley, onions, & herbs cooked in olive oil and sprinkeld with lemon juice 6

Falafel: (4 Pieces) Vegetarian fried meatballs made witha blendof chick peas and servedwith a blend of jajik and lavash 8

Jajik: (12oz) Yogurt, olive oil, garlic, dill, cucumber, and mint


veal or chicken, marinated with herbs and spices, on a skewer, grilled to 10 perfection


Iskender: Thinly cut doner meat, with a

special turkish tomato sauce over pita bread, topped with melted butter, and yogurt on the side 11



Beer: Mythos, Athenian, Alamanza 4

Hot: Greek Cappuccino, Greek Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Tea


Cold: Coke, Sprite, Root Beer, Iced tea 2.5

Juice: ask for our fresh fruit blends 3.5

Baklave: Rich sweet layered pastry filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with honey 4

Gelato: Our take on a delicious cold treat 3

Melomacarina: (3 Pieces) Tasty greek cookies


Bougatsa: Semolina and vanilla bean custard wrapped in phyllo


Oma Ali: French bread cooked withsour cream, milk & honey with mixed nuts



Goulash Menu  

Mediterranean Restaurant

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