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Breast Augmentation - Improves Breast Size and Shape

Improves Breast Size and Shape Breast augmentation improves breast size and shape. The procedure is carried out to enhance the size of the female breast or to balance difference in size between the breasts. This surgical option is suitable for breasts that have reduced in size after child birth, breast feeding, or weight loss, or for underdeveloped breasts. Different Kinds of Incisions, Types of Implants The procedure involves the placement of breast implants. The two options available are • •

Silicone gel implants Saline implants

People considering the breast augmentation surgery have options regarding where the incisions will be made. There are three kinds of incisions for augmentation mammoplasty – underneath the breast, through the armpit, or around the areola. The different incision points have their respective benefits and disadvantages. The most versatile of the three incision techniques for breast enhancement is under the breast. It is also the more frequently adopted approach. It enables accurate positioning of the implant, under the breast parenchyma or under the muscle, while providing a well concealed incision location. Saline or silicone implants may be used. Your surgeon will consider certain aspects before performing the surgery: • • •

Breast anatomy Body type Skin elasticity

The size and type of implant chosen would depend on these factors.

Choose an Experienced Surgeon to Get Maximum Benefit from the Surgery To get maximum benefit from this cosmetic breast surgery, you have to find a board certified, experienced surgeon. If you’ve opted for the right plastic surgeon, you’ve won half the battle in improving the appearance of your breasts. You have to be perfectly open during the initial consultation. You must discuss your goals, health, lifestyle, questions and concerns candidly with your plastic surgeon. You may also have to discuss previous surgeries, current medications, and tobacco or alcohol use. The plastic surgeon would assess your general health status, and inspect your breasts, taking thorough measurements of their shape, size, skin quality, and location of the nipples. He would also provide you with instructions pertaining to what you should do on the day of the surgery, post-operative care, follow up and wherever necessary, breast implant registry documents. Results of Breast Augmentation Immediately Visible The results from the plastic surgery procedure are instantly noticeable. Over time, any swelling would come down and the incision lines would fade. Improvement in the projection and fullness of your breasts means you can feel happier in swimwear and other tight or shape flaunting clothing. You would feel more womanly and selfconfident when you realize how well the breast augmentation improves your breast size and shape. Contact Us Sean Boutros, M.D. 6400 Fannin, Suite 2290 Houston, TX 77030 713-791-0700 713-791-0703 fax

Breast Augmentation - Improves Breast Size and Shape  

Breast augmentation surgery is carried out to enhance the size of the female breast or balance the difference in size between the breasts. B...

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