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Giulietta previews in Jozi 100 years ago, a red blooded Italian racing car manufacturer was born… 90 years ago, Guiseppe and Enzo secured race victory at Mugello… 70 years ago, they became a revered national Italian emblem… 60 years ago, they won the first ever Formula One World Championship… 55 years ago, the Giulietta icon was born… Now, you can secure a piece of motoring history for yourself.

Knowing Alfa Romeo is to understand uncompromised beauty, to understand the birthplace of legendary desirability. It is knowing why an automobile is more than moving parts, more than pressed leather, electric current, cold steel and hot oil. It is knowing that a car has a beating heart, a soul, a name. It is knowing that desire is forceful, tangible yet inexplicable, and that compromise plays no part in the reasoning of the heart. It is knowing that every experience in an Alfa Romeo is to be enjoyed, a privilege, an event, the embodied aspiration of vehicle ownership… Owning an Alfa Romeo is displaying a passion, it is owning individuality, an elite understanding amongst fellow Alfistis. It is owning a desire for perfection, innovation, legendary performance and beauty by design. Owning an Alfa Romeo is to own the spirit of Italy, the scarlet hearts of Bertone, PininFarina, Giugiaro and Zagato. It is owning a history of passion, a piece of the Quadrifoglio, a need to manifest the joy of driving.

Driving an Alfa Romeo is an expression, a display, a call to others to challenge your choices. It is to feel the legends of Enzo, Fangio, Campari within your soul. It is to drive a history of racing success and national pride, to drive the relentless pursuits of the people who design, build, race, own and love them. Driving an Alfa Romeo is to drive yourself into the pages of a 100 year old story of pride, passion and dedication…and the latest chapter has just been written.

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta has been Alfa Romeo’s lovechild for more than half of its 100 year history. It became the icon of Italian design, performance and driving pleasure, making words such as Spider, Berlina and Sprint commonplace in motoring circles. Hundreds of thousands of motorists across the globe consider themselves fortunate enough to have fallen in love with the Alfa Romeo brand through their Giuliettas for over five decades. Alfa Romeo has kept the legend alive with the launch of an exciting all-new Giulietta, a blend of historic design and flare mixed with modern aesthetics, performance and features making it the most sought after and safest compact hatchback available. Leveraging off of Alfa’s recent design language renovations, performance innovations and reliability commitments, it promises to be the most stylish, enjoyable and desirable family hatchback you will see on South African roads from January 2011, and for many years to come.

With the immense success of the new MiTo and the sheer brilliance of the 8C backing up a legendary marque, the Giulietta is the compact hatchback of choice for the discerning, stylish buyer – it is absolutely gorgeous to look at, leaves no feature unattended to and is the safest hatchback to ever be tested, scoring a Euro NCAP 5 star award.

Come see the culmination of 100 years of racing, driving and design passion at the Melrose Arch Piazza from Thursday 18th November to Sunday 21st November 2010 as Alfa Romeo S.A. launch the new Giulietta. This will be your opportunity to join the exclusive list of owners who will take delivery of their Italian gems in early 2011, becoming the instant envy of anyone who compromises their driving pleasure. Also on display will be a collection of modern and yesteryear Alfa Romeos, reminding you why the Giulietta truly is the blue-blooded descendant of motoring and racing passion. Join the Alfisti crowd and realise that it’s time to drive the car you really want to drive. - Kevin Willemse

DieselDrive - Alfa Romeo Giullietta debuts  
DieselDrive - Alfa Romeo Giullietta debuts