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What is lomography?

“We are reading a different photography bible.� Introduction In the technology blossoming era, modernization and mechanic advancement is applied to every gadget. Thanks to the digitalization and technological advancement, mobile phones, camera and computer are brought to another level. Traditional film camera which need manual exposure is now replaced by digital single-lens reflex (DSLR), which can produce beautiful and high-resolution images with automatic settings, high-speed shutter settings, etc. The digitalization in the photography industry also leads to the rise of post-editing trend. People are now obsessed with Photoshop in post-

processing. The beauty of photo taking with careful and manual settings are now lost. Everyone is now a photographer. With your DSLR or iPhone, people can capture their moment effortlessly. Thus, where is the challenge in photography and what is the soul in photo taking? History of Lomography Lomography is founded in early nineties in Austria and it consists of a family of cameras such as the first experimental Russian Lomo LC-A, fisheye, Holga, etc. The photos produced are all possessed the unique high contrast, vignettes and soft focus qualities.

Lomography is a lifestyle Camera setting is not the key in lomography and sometimes, random, insane setting or trial photo taking can crate photos of one kind. There is not wrong setting in the eyes of lomographers and we love off-colour, wrong focus, vignetting effects, blurred & darken corners and noise are something different and precious in our perception. We are reading a different photography bible.

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From Lomography to Light Painting  

This article described the development of light painting from lomography

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