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Evolution of Light Painting 3-D Light Painting Using iPad This illusion is developed by Dentsu London and Berg. The technology is called Hologram (App can be downloaded in iTunes). The mechanism is that when you moved the iPad horizontally, the corresponding 2D image will be displayed on the screen. Thus by joining the 2D images alone the lines, a 3D image can be formed. The stitching process can be done by prolong exposure of the camera theoretically. And, theory is always beautiful.

TONE AND STYLE • Unbeatable 3D illusion by light painting • The effect is amazing, and the feeling is very future, hightechnology • Message or graphics can be displayed in air, which is unbelievable • The effect is too nice that audience will think that it is by photoshop Page 13

From Lomography to Light Painting  

This article described the development of light painting from lomography

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