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Building Industrial Hemp Houses Written by webmaster Tuesday, 28 June 2011 14:02 - Last Updated Tuesday, 28 June 2011 14:03


A North Carolina company is using industrial hemp to build highly livable homes which slash both construction costs and energy use while providing a wide range of other economic and environmental benefits.

For a CNN “Hemp Homes” video and links to information on building with Tradical® Hemcrete®, visit the Hemp Technologies site .

Hemp-built homes are new for North Carolina – but not for Europe where Hemp Technology has a long history of mixing hemp's woody core materials with lime to create an eco-friendly alternative to concrete.

Australia's also on board, with Hempcrete Pty Ltd there explaining that “Hempcrete has no equal as a natural building product, sequestering carbon dioxide for the life of the building. By combining water, hemp aggregate and lime-based binder to produce excellent thermal insulating and acoustic properties, hempcrete is not just an insulator – it buffers temperature and humidity, prevents damp and mould growth, making inside the building a comfortable healthy environment. It is fire and termite resistant, lightweight and forms a hard wall surface yet is vapor permeable to help reduce humidity and prevent condensation – a truly amazing natural product.”



Building Industrial Hemp Houses