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Kevin Huynh

Student No: 639492 Semester 2/2013 Group 5


I measured my object by choosing an arbitrary point of reference (origin) then measuring out from that point. The origin I decided on was the very peak of the umbrella. From the origin I located secondary origin points, these point were situated around the object at its endpoints, these points assisted in the measurement of the umbrella as measuring from the origin did not give enough information for a correct scaled drawing. I also used mathematics to assist in the drawing of the umbrella, knowing that a circle’s dimensions in one plane adds up into 360°, I counted the number of ribs (28) and then divided the number of degree of the circle with the amount of ribs to get the arc between each rib (12.85°.) However due to this method the drawings are not to scale as I made the assumption that this umbrella was an perfect umbrella without any human error in the manufacturing process.

Measured Drawing Set




The umbrella is made up of many different elements that are all interconnected creating a system. These elements govern the way the system works, furthermore since all the elements are interconnected the movement of one element to cause movement in all elements. By this principle the umbrella functions with ease. The fulcrums of movement in this umbrella is the runner moving on the y-axis, and the prevent joints located at the intersections of the stretcher and runner and at the intersections of the rosette and the ribs. These prevent joints are held together with string which is held together by the tension provided by the opening of the umbrella. As the runner is connected to the stretcher, any movement of the runner in the y-axis will translate in the movement of the stretchers in the x-axis. Therefore causing the ribs of the umbrella to open and close since the ribs are connected to the stretcher.




1. Rosette 2. Runner 3. Stretcher 4. Rib 5. Prevent Joints 6. Intertwined Supporting String


Using Rhino and the same measuring steps undertaken in the ‘measured drawing set’, I started from an arbitrary point of reference and from that point I drew poly-lines and circles to define a line then a form, then using the ‘sweeprail’ command to construct the surfaces of the umbrella. Elements that were repeated around the umbrella were only imputed once and the ‘arrayholepolar’ command used to copy the element around a central location. While analysing the structure of the umbrella, I realised that once it was open many of the elements are in tension with one another, each element depending on the tension of the next element to support the whole structure.

Digital Model

I decided to construct two objects that described and explored the volume of the umbrella. One focused on the connections and the other the structure of the umbrella. Connection This focused on the cause and affect of changing/ moving an element in regard to other element. Is this model since all elements are connected to one another, the movement of one will cause movement in all, similar to the umbrella. This model also represents elegance and balance also represented in the umbrella. Another similar characteristic reflected in the model is the hinge system. This hinge system only allows movement to a certain degree just like the umbrella, roughly 120째.

Structure This model focused on the structure of the umbrella and how it represented skin and bone. Just like the umbrella, were the fabric represents skin and the bamboo ribs, bone; this model reflects these

Developmental Sketch Model

After brainstorming a second skin idea that are also related to skin and bone, I came to the conclusion that the second skin should have a supporting structure and a membrane. This membrane probably transparent so the supporting structure is visible, to reinforce the notion of skin and bone. Connection was another big aspect of the structure of the umbrella that I felt had great meaning to the brief. Personal space is defined by the connections you have with another individual. A Limited connection will probably lead to a greater personal space, whereas a deep connection will probably lead to a limit personal space. Developing a personal space for myself was quite hard as I had to first define my personal space, which is constantly changing in intensity from person to person as my connection/ relationship changes. Visualising this, I found it much to complex to compute so I settled for the personal space I may have during the parade, where my true personal space may be shown to complete strangers.

Idea Development

Sketch Design

Sketch Design

M1 Final  
M1 Final  

Virtual Environments Module One- Ideation Final Presentation