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SMALL SUCCESSION AFFIDAVIT - F2BTAXAF La. C.C.P. Arts. 3421 through 3443 set forth the requirements for the taking of possession without a full succession in appropriate cases. In particular, Art 3432 sets forth the information required to be in the affidavit. Act 81 of 2009 raised the maximum value to $75,000 and allowed the ownership of some real estate. Act 323 of 2011 modified the small succession procedure, making it applicable to ancillary proceedings filed in Louisiana by a decedent whose testament was probated in another state. Also, Act 323 repealed Paragraph D of Art. 3431 which had defined “small succession immovable property” very narrowly, so that only the decedent’s domicile could be included. Now, apparently, any immovable property owned by the decedent can be included in the small succession, provided that the value of the totality of assets is under $75,000. This example assumes that the decedent is a minor child survived by parents and minor siblings. * * * * * * *


SMALL SUCCESSION AFFIDAVIT BE IT KNOWN that on the day and date set out hereafter, in the presence of [_NOTARY_NAME_], a Notary Public in and for [_Parish_] Parish, Louisiana, and the undersigned good and competent witnesses, PERSONALLY CAME AND APPEARED: [_FATHER_], and [_MOTHER_], who are husband and wife and who reside at [_Street_Add_], [_City_State_Zip_], who, after being duly sworn did depose and say that: 1. They, [_FATHER_] and [_MOTHER_], are husband and wife. Neither of them has ever adopted any children, and of their marriage [_#_Children_] children have been born, the only children ever born to either of them, the names of said children and their birthdays and Social Security numbers being: NAME


SS #


[_Ch_1_DOB_] [_Ch_2_DOB_] [_Ch_3_DOB_] [_Ch_4_DOB_]

[_Ch_1_SS#_] [_Ch_2_SS#_] [_Ch_3_SS#_] [_Ch_4_SS#_]


[_DEC_CHILD_] died intestate domiciled in [_Dec_Parish_] Parish, Louisiana, on [_DOD_] at the age of [_Dec_Child_Age_], never having been married and never having had nor adopted any children, being survived by [_his_her_] parents, [_FATHER_] and [_MOTHER_], and by [_his_her_] siblings, [_CHILD_TWO_], [_CHILD_THREE_] and [_CHILD_FOUR_]. 3. [_FATHER_] was born on [_Father_DOB_] and [_MOTHER_] was born on [_Mother_DOB_]. As may be seen by reference to paragraph 1, above, they are the only heirs of [_DEC_CHILD_] who are of full age of majority. 4. The only assets in the estate of [_DEC_CHILD_] and their values are as follows: ASSET








Total Value of Estate

[_Total_Value_] 5.

Affiants make this affidavit in compliance with the laws of the State of Louisiana, and particularly C.C.P.Art 3432. THUS DONE AND SIGNED at [_Sign_City_], [_Parish_] Parish, Louisiana, the parties hereto having affixed their signatures in the presence of me, Notary, and the undersigned witnesses, on [_Sign_Date_], after due reading of the whole. WITNESSES: _________________________ [_WITNESS_1_]

__________________________ [_FATHER_] (SS # [_Father_SS#_])

_________________________ [_WITNESS_2_]

__________________________ [_MOTHER_] (SS # [_Mother_SS#_])

______________________________________ NOTARY PUBLIC, Bar Roll Number [_BAR ROLL NUMBER_] [_PARISH_] PARISH, LOUISIANA ********** WORD KEY:


[_PARISH_] Parish in which affidavit is signed. [_NOTARY_NAME_] Name of the notary before whom the affidavit is signed. See README Special Note No. 3 on USE OF INITIALS. [_Parish_] Same as [_PARISH_] but not in caps. [_FATHER_] Full name of father. [_MOTHER_] Full name of mother. [_Street_Add_] Street address of father and mother. [_City_State_Zip_] City, State and zip code of father and mother. [_#_Children_] Number of children in family (including deceased child, here Child One). [_CHILD_ONE_] Full name of first child. [_Ch_1_DOB_] Date of birth of first child. [_Ch_1_SS#_] Social Security Number of first child. See README Special Note No. 2 on TIN. [_CHILD_TWO_] Full name of second child. [_Ch_2_DOB_] Date of birth of second child. [_Ch_2_SS#_] Social Security number of second child. See README Special Note No. 2 on TIN. [_CHILD_THREE_] Full name of third child. [_Ch_3_DOB_] Date of birth of third child. [_Ch_3_SS#_] Social Security number of third child. See README Special Note No. 2 on TIN. [_CHILD_FOUR_] Full name of fourth child. [_Ch_4_DOB_] Date of birth of fourth child. [_Ch_4_SS#_] Social Security number of fourth child. See README Special Note No. 2 on TIN. [_DEC_CHILD_] Full name of deceased child. [_Dec_Parish_] Parish in which child was domiciled at death. [_DOD_] Date of death of deceased child. [_Dec_Child_Age_] Age of deceased child at time of death. [_his_her_] His or her as appropriate for deceased child. [_Father_DOB_] Father's date of birth. [_Mother_DOB_] Mother's date of birth. [_Asset_1_] Describe first asset. [_Asset_1_Value_] Value of first asset in $. [_Asset_2_] Describe second asset. [_Asset_2_Value_] Value of second asset in $. [_Asset_3_] Describe third asset. [_Asset_3_Value_] Value of third asset in $. [_Total_Value_] Total value of all assets listed. [_Sign_City_] City in which affidavit signed. [_Sign_Date_] Date on which affidavit signed. [_WITNESS_1_] Name of first witness. [_WITNESS_2_] Name of second witness. [_Father_SS#_] Father's Social Security number. See README Special Note No. 2 on TIN. [_Mother_SS#_] Mother's Social Security number. See

README Special Note No. 2 on TIN. [_BAR ROLL NUMBER_] Bar Roll Number of Attorney.

F2btaxaf small succession affidavit