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Suranne Jones

A Mix Match Let's start off with that name, a mix of Exotic, as in “Suranne”, and “Girl Next Door” as in “Jones!”  A name that might explain why this popular actress mixes high and low brow roles like strawberries and cream. Thespian Versatility Born in Oldham Manchester with the Sun in Virgo and Moon in Gemini she emanates versatility.  She is no thespian fool. However, during her Guardian interview she insisted “I wasn’t academically bright – maybe at first, when I was little, but it was lost. I started doing a drama workshop and got really into it, then I did a BTEC in performing arts and started to work. I left home at 16, toured with regional musicals, did some theatre education in schools. I would get home for little moments, to drop in, get my clothes washed, then go again.” Not into Overacting Virgo backs up that “Go for it” attitude. Moon in Gemini accentuates quick thinking and a capacity to dig deep when it comes to complex roles.  She is versatile, rarely hesitant! She knows her craft. After all, she is earth sign determined, always ready to  put one foot in front of the other until she reaches her goal. CREDIT: BBC

“I Worked and Worked!” The lovely actress told the Guardian "....I worked, and worked!” Yes, she worked beyond self doubt and hit the jackpot over and over again. In fact she moved on from those aforementioned "Greater Manchester, repertory-style musicals" to “Prestige British Telly” before you could say “Where's the New Script?”.

“Suranne always hits the sanity button in the end. “Going Domestic!” is her cure. No Angelina Jolie Suranne is no Angelina Jolie; she knows it of course. She told the Guardian she has the “same crooked nose, as her mum and the same big eyes like a pixie,” but she comes across as gorgeous anyway. There is something magnetic about her. Something that sends shivers up and down the spine! Mr Mercury, the quick silver planet adds to the mix by  ensuring she mimics a smorgasbord of facial expressions, along with the darker aspects of the human soul of course.

Credit: BBC

Hitting Hard Shriek “Betrayal! Murder! Paedophilia!!” and Suranne will hit hard with her interpretations of human weakness. Remember her Doctor Foster, in that TV drama? She won a Bafta and a standing ovation at the Royal Opera House for her performance. She deserved it. Few actors could so convincingly morph into such a dark Cruella da Ville as a result of a husband's infidelity. Her role in the murderous “Save Me”,  also ensured the biopic became an award winning drama. However, "pitch black" roles eventually got to her. Playing a grieving mother whose daughter is abducted and murdered by a paedophile in “Frozen!” saw her collapsing behind the scenes. Her performance was described as “riveting!”

Nervous She said “I’d been feeling edgy. Nervous around people. Not being able to converse properly. Not being able to get my points across. And being in the theatre didn’t help. I don’t think theatre was the cause, but I think it heightened it. You’ve got a 1,000-seater full of people staring at you. And when you feel the anxiety, breathlessness, it’s just drilling right into your solar plexus and you think, wow! This is something I can’t stop, not once the show’s started.” “With every new job now, I’ll consider the psychological side, I think. The content. Which I maybe didn’t do before. I’ll need to know that I can live in that place for a period of time.” That crisis led her to understanding her limits. Certainly, in future, a wise Saturn placement will ensure she feels safer in taxing roles. CREDIT: Instagram/BBC

That Sanity Button With a probable Sun in her fourth house Suranne always hits the sanity button in the end. “Going Domestic!” is her cure. That "homestead" tendency probably originated whilst “Growing up in working-class Oldham”. After all, she was the type of kid who loved picking up a video and pigging out on peppermint creams with her brother. Family mean everything. Something of the Ms Jones There will always be something of a "girl next door" Ms Jones about Suranne, after all she is the kind of gal whose shoulder, folks cry on. She is also the kind of girl who nurtures faith in something, a faith in her own inner core perhaps! She once said “...That the inner light, the inner confidence, can go out of all of us, can’t it? And if you lose it personally, that inner thing, you can’t put it out professionally – cos that’s where it all comes from, inside you!” Yes, exotic, down to earth. Suranne emanates a compassionate light that  tells us love is our birth right! Her performances help us hope, help us understand our foibles, help us face our fears.

CREDIT: Guardian

Philip Garcia Celebrity Astrologer

When Summer is a washout‌

Well, there's nothing we can do to change the weather but what can we do when summer's a washout and we've children, holidays and lots of time on our hands. Not everyone wants or can afford to go overseas, but even if they do there are often days or even weeks either side that are rain-soaked, with unreliable forecasts. When summer's a washout here are a few tips: Children love adventures. Anything that seems different, mucky or messy will often go down a treat. So why not pack a picnic and have it on the kitchen or dining room floor? They could help with the preparation, you could maybe even bake a cake together and then put a tablecloth or travel rug on the floor and share an al fresco meal together indoors. Get out the crafts. Lot of glitter, glue and paint will often keep children amused for hours. The messier the better! And you could add some value to the time spent on their craftwork by making Christmas cards, calendars and little personalised paintings and gifts which would happily be received by aunts and grandparents. Go for a day out on the bus or train. Some children rarely use public transport so it can be a real adventure for them to go out for a day trip to the seaside or park. You could play games like I-spy en route and keep them off their devices. Wrap up and go for a walk. It's only rain after all. You could have a hot meal slowly cooking for when you return home. Then you could all dry off and enjoy some cosy settling down time afterwards.

Adults often use poor weather as an opportunity to catch up on chores and indeed one of my friends paints a wall whenever it rains. After our recent prolonged bad weather I'm sure she must have painted the entire neighbourhood! But rather than do chores why not get out your board games and maybe even set up friendly competitions? Many find that they have so much fun that games evenings become a regular, eagerly anticipated part of their social diary. Use the indoors time to revisit your back catalogue of music, sort through old photos, maybe read those books you've been meaning to read.

Vary home entertaining by having a safari supper, where one course is served at a different person's house. You then walk from house to house. That way you still socialise but spread the effort and financial cost around. And it's a good reason to brighten up your home! Or even invite friends or neighbours round for a coffee and a chat. Use the rainy weather as an opportunity to invest a little in those relationships. Be indulgent and enjoy making time for a leisurely bath, to read, catch up on some films. Ensure your home's a pleasant retreat by lighting a few candles and improving the ambiance. Buy a bunch of flowers and put them in the hallway, your bathroom, so that they brighten up an unexpected area of your home.

Source some free entertainment. Museums, art galleries and exhibitions can often provide great interest for an hour or two, an excellent way to pass a rainy afternoon. Enjoy a walk in the rain, possibly when there's hardly anyone around. You may see birds, animals, scenery that you perhaps would hardly notice at busier times. A raincoat and a pair of wellington boots could see you right. We can't change the weather but we can certainly change our response to it. Feel free to add your own ideas to the list.

Susan Leigh - A.C.H.Qual, M.N.C.H.(Acc), M.S.M.S.(Acc), H.A.Reg from Altrincham, Cheshire, is a counsellor, hypnotherapist, relationship counsellor, writer & media contributor offers help with relationship issues, stress management, assertiveness and confidence. She works with individual clients, couples and provides corporate workshops and support.

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DIY SOS 20 Years

DIY SOS marks 20 years on air with a special one-off episode! Since the first episode aired on the 7 October 1999, DIY SOS has a become a popular stalwart of BBC One, regularly reaching audiences of over 7 million. Award winning and with Royal participation, the TV build series engages communities around the UK. Over the years, more than 200 episodes have aired and more than 20,000 volunteers have given their time, completing over £16 million worth of builds. In this 20th Anniversary special, DIY SOS Presenter, Nick Knowles hits the road to catch up with some of the inspirational people and communities who have excelled after DIY SOS completed their build and remind us why the programme has enjoyed such longevity. On his travels across the length and breadth of the country, Nick returns to some of the series’ biggest and most challenging builds, including Canada Street in Manchester, The Yard in Edinburgh and, DIY SOS’s most logistically difficult and longest build, the construction of the Grenfell Community Centre and Dale Youth Boxing gym, amongst others. Nick Knowles, DIY SOS' presenter, says: “I'm really excited for people to see the anniversary show. So many of the people we have built for have taken what we’ve built and passed on the love and work ethic that the thousands of volunteers have shown over 20 years to improve people’s lives across the country. It’s a tribute to every supplier and volunteer and it’s full of emotion.

You’ll laugh and cry I promise but you’ll also feel proud of us as a nation.” Credit:BBC

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Stephen Fry Weight Loss

Stephen Fry reveals five stone weight loss after battling prostate cancer. The broadcaster, attributed his weight loss to lots of walks and eating sensibly. He told BBC Breakfast: “At the moment I’m very happy, there is the vertical moment and the horizontal and at the moment I’m very happy, I’m happily married. “I’ve lost a bit of weight so I’m feeling proud of myself. “I was overweight, I have lost five and a half stone”. "I was 21 stone nearly, in April I was that heavy.” He added: “I walk a lot and that helps my mood as well I find, it’s not a guaranteed help for mental stress and anxiety or anything else but it does help me and it means I can listen to audio books as I walk, and podcasts, and you eat up the miles that way, and talking of eating up, eating sensibly.” Asked if he feels good when he looks in the mirror now, he said: “I’m relieved.” Last year Fry, who married Elliot Spencer in 2015, revealed he had his prostate removed after being diagnosed with cancer and issued a plea for “men of a certain age” to get tested for the disease. He is about to embark on a UK tour with his show Mythos: A Trilogy, in which he tells stories of the Greek myths. CREDIT: Mirror

EE FR IA TR L Changing your life and harnessing your potential through Astrology! Like all personal horoscopes, this analysis is based on the planet positions in the signs and houses, their aspects to each other and other celestial influences that help mould your personality. The difference is, I won't just be telling you what this all says about you but I will suggest what you can do, too, to build on your strengths and overcome the weaknesses shown through the negative features of your chart.

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September Horoscopes from Russell Grant

How will the tense Full Moon affect you on the 14th..?

ARIES An embarrassing secret will come to light on or around the 14th, due to a troubling Full Moon. A jealous colleague will shed light on a deception, putting you in an awkward position. Instead of getting defensive, admit your mistake. Ask forgiveness. Change your behaviour. People will forgive you when they realise you have genuinely turned over a new leaf. Until then, everyone will treat you with healthy scepticism. If you feel like you're in a toxic work environment, it may be time to look for another position. A romance shows sign of strain around the end of September. The New Moon on the 28th makes it difficult to balance your professional and private lives. It may be time to create a lifestyle that leaves more time for personal relationships. Pouring all your energy into work is no longer paying off like it once did. Be willing to change your priorities.

TAURUS It will be difficult to reconcile your friends with a romantic partner on the 14th. That's when a tense Full Moon will create a stir in your social circle. Lately, the people you've known for years have been upset by your absence at various parties and gatherings. They think a love affair has been commanding all your attention, and perhaps they are right. You are facing the prospect of losing your friends or ending your romance. If your amour is pressuring you to turn into someone you are not, think carefully about staying in this relationship. You may be better off returning to the fold. On the 28th, the New Moon attracts a job offer that is not worth your time. You have too many family responsibilities to accept a position involving constant travel. Hold out for a better opportunity, even if it means taking temporary stints in the meantime.

GEMINI Your relatives will be jealous of your career success in mid-September. The Full Moon on the 14th finds you being celebrated by your work peers. Although you're thrilled to be recognised in such a public manner, your family is less excited. They're resentful of how much time you spend on your job. Unless you shift focus, you'll drive a permanent wedge between you and your kin. There's nothing wrong with being ambitious, but you should try to be more attentive to those you love. A creative project will be more trouble than it is worth on the 28th, due to a tense New Moon. Someone who promises you royalty payments will go back on their word. Don't give your work away for free. If you don't get paid a good salary upon signing this deal, walk away. You have better things to do with your time and ability.

CANCER A legal matter will be decided on or around the 14th, due to a tense Full Moon. You'll be disappointed by the results. Instead of dwelling on this setback, make an exciting plan for the future. Doing something adventurous and exciting will give you something special to look forward to. People who have been trying to create problems for you will be crushed by your upbeat outlook. Instead of falling victim to their schemes, you'll let them roll of your back. The New Moon on the 28th could cause concern on the family front. Relatives may not approve of choice of romantic partner. It's important to defend your amour, even at the risk of being shunned by a judgmental elder. Cultivating the personal life you've always desired will be empowering. You're tired of being pushed around by condescending people; use the final days of September to assert your independence.

LEO Arguments over an insurance refund, legal settlement or inheritance could erupt on the 14th, due to a contentious Full Moon. It will be necessary to hire a lawyer to represent your interests. Don't respond to taunting messages from the other side. Keep a record of all the messages you receive. By refusing to get drawn into this drama, you will prevail financially. Be prepared for certain relationships to fall apart at the seams. You're about to learn how money can cause people to behave in hurtful ways. The New Moon on the 28th invites you to acquire a valuable skill. Improving your technical knowledge and know-how with a demanding teacher will not be easy. It will be impossible to rest on your laurels with this instructor. Resist the urge to throw in the towel. By studying hard and doing the work that is demanded of you, you will emerge victorious.

VIRGO A close relationship will show signs of strain in mid-September. The Full Moon on the 14th will fill you with a sense of urgency. Try as you might, you won't be able to force people down a path they do not want to travel. Instead of putting more pressure on them, make a strategic retreat. After coming together and discussing your hopes, dreams and fears, a temporary separation may be in order. Sometimes the best way to repair a troubled romance is to get some distance from it. The New Moon on the 28th will attract a moneymaking opportunity. Before accepting a job offer, realise that all that glisters is not gold. What sounds like a lucrative opportunity will be more trouble than it is worth. Ask for the terms to be put in writing before signing on the dotted line. Watch your back and protect your interests.

LIBRA If you keep pushing yourself too hard, you'll suffer health problems in mid-September. The Full Moon on the 14th invites you to take an extended break. Going on vacation will make you nervous at first. You'll worry about job security after sleeping late and enjoying room service. Instead of giving in to your greatest fears, envision the outcome you want. When you practice the art of positive thinking, you'll attract the opportunities you desire. Resist the temptation to alter your appearance on the 28th. That's when the New Moon will cloud your thinking. What seems like a great idea at the end of the September will be serious cause for regret. This is not a good time to change your hairstyle, revamp your wardrobe or even opt for a whole new career. Temporary changes will give you a chance to experiment with various images and ideas until you hit upon the right combination.

SCORPIO Friends will conspire against you on the 14th, when the Full Moon invites you to enjoy private pleasures. It's time to set healthier boundaries between you and your loved ones. Coming to other people's rescue is becoming exhausting. You need to devote more energy to the activities you love. Shopping at antique markets, communing with nature and nightclubbing could be calling your name. Don't be defensive about how you kick back and relax. People who truly accept you will not judge your choices. The New Moon on the 28th warns against repeating secrets. You'll make a powerful enemy after revealing privileged information. If someone is probing you for answers, block their calls and ignore their emails. You're under no obligation to shed light on this situation. The truth will be revealed in the right time. Maintain your vow of silence; you'll be rewarded for your discretion.

SAGITTARIUS On the 14th, the Full Moon will shift your focus to family matters. It will be necessary to take time off work to cope with a real estate deal or domestic dispute. If your employer pressures you to put in long hours, you may decide to find another job. Don't leave your position until you secure another one. It's much easier to find work when you're already employed. Starting a home-based business is a distinct possibility. Working from home will allow you to be more present for a loved one who needs help. As September draws to a close, you'll be meeting lots of people. The New Moon on the 28th could find you rubbing elbows with prominent executives at a party. Be wary about striking deals at such gatherings. If someone wants to hire you, they should schedule a formal interview in a professional setting.

CAPRICORN Surprising news will arrive in mid-September. The Full Moon on the 14th will shed light on a deception. Your outlook will change considerably after you learn the truth. Putting some distance between you and a manipulative relative will be necessary. You're tired of being tricked into making loans, writing references and going to bat for someone who doesn't deserve it. The sooner you tune out this pest, the happier you'll be. You'll have much more time for the relationships and activities you enjoy. An interesting career opportunity will be made on or around the 28th, courtesy of the New Moon. Don't be quick to accept a job offer that involves tremendous responsibility for very little compensation. Although you've always wanted to work for a prestigious company, it shouldn't involve working for a pittance. Be ready to walk away from negotiations if you aren't treated with the respect you deserve. Something better will arrive when you want it most.

AQUARIUS The Full Moon on the 14th puts stress on your bank account. Fees may be deducted from your paycheque, leaving you with very little to show for your hard work. No matter how much you complain, you will not be able to recover the money you rightfully deserve. Treat this setback as a learning opportunity. Before signing a contract, show the document to a legal professional. They'll help protect your interests. On the 28th, the anxious New Moon will make you feel like fish out of water. It will be necessary to take a crash course in a specialised subject. At times, you'll wonder if you can do a good job with so little training. Be patient and keep asking questions. A demanding teacher may seem like a terrible person at first. As your relationship evolves, you'll realise your instructor has your best interests at heart. Work hard to satisfy this taskmaster; the results will ultimately benefit you.

PISCES You're tired of being pushed around by a romantic or business partner. The Full Moon on the 14th demands you confront this bully. You've always been accommodating in relationships. There should be a limit to your generosity. The next time you are commanded to do something unpleasant, put your foot down. If this alliance falls apart at the seams, so be it. You'll be free to pursue more rewarding relationships. There's a strong possibility that you'll enjoy your independence so much that you'll wait a long time before getting involved with someone else again. The New Moon on the 28th puts a crimp in your finances. Instead of splashing out on luxuries, use your hard-earned cash to pay off debts. It will take time to fulfil all your obligations, but when you do, your confidence will soar. It will be much easier to accept challenges after you achieve economic freedom.

When is the best time to Break up!

Many of us recognise and are appreciative of the happy combination of good fortune and circumstance that brings each special someone into our lives; that chance meeting, a swipe on a dating site, the acceptance of an invitation we were initially unsure of can all lead to us meeting someone who makes our lives super-wonderful for a while. But equally there can come a time when it becomes clear the relationship has run its course and is now over. It's time to acknowledge that what was once of great significance is now over and we need to move on.

'Perhaps I won't find someone It's not unusual for two people to have else/better/who'll put up with me.' We very different views on the state of their can sometimes put off ending our relationship. They may not be in the relationship out of concern that the same place emotionally or simply refuse grass isn't always greener elsewhere. to accept that it's over. Indeed one 'Better the devil I know' can keep us in a person may feel everything's fine and relationship which is increasingly more perhaps not even notice the cues from and more of a compromise. their partner that they're restless and wanting to move on. Breaking up can Might it be recoverable if we both try be tough when we know the other again? Relationship counselling can person cares so much and is hanging play a valuable role in helping improve on. Few of us want to be responsible for communications and become better someone else's pain, especially when able to see each other's point of view. they were once such an important part Trying again can include becoming of our lives. calmer, taking things less personally and avoiding saying and doing hurtful things. Investment, both emotionally and It encompasses learning to stop financially can influence the decision to reacting because you're feeling upset break up. Children are often a serious or wounded. But relationship consideration - how disruptive will a breakup be, how much will it impact on counselling can also help facilitate the process of breaking up, especially their stability and wellbeing? Bigger when children are involved. Remember, family implications can also factor; you loved each other once. disappointing others, damaging the status quo. Equally, finances can be enough to cause couples to stay together. Splitting the household, sorting But when it's clear that it's the right time to break up; out a settlement, agreeing custody as well as facing a large legal bill can be Take the bull by the horns and say that enough to deter some couples. you need to have a chat. Often they'll have an inkling as to what that might Secrets can be a huge part of our be. There are bound to have been relationship. Letting someone know our changes to your body language and innermost thoughts, fears and concerns, the quality of your interactions as maybe disclosing past mistakes and you've gradually moved away from the indiscretions can make us vulnerable. relationship. By saying that you need to There may be unease as to the talk you're underlining that you've aftermath of breaking up; how safe will something serious to say, and it gives those secrets be? Taking that risk as well the other person chance to mentally as the prospect of starting the whole prepare. process again with someone new can prompt serious consideration.

Be discreet, respectful. Yes, you may have discussed your misgivings about the relationship with close friends but if you're the initiator of the breakup avoid the temptation to tell too many others first. It's hurtful and embarrassing to be the last person to discover your relationship's over. Keep the conversation on track and avoid listing all their failures and shortcomings. Be firm and clear about your intention to break up but stay on point by saying that it's no longer working for you. If your paths are likely to cross in the future it's good to stay reasonably amicable, even if you can't remain friends. That's why it's often better to end it rather than let it drag on indefinitely, hoping they'll end it first, gradually becoming increasingly unhappy, sour and full of recriminations. Accept that there's a need to grieve, sometimes before the relationship officially ends or even if it's you who's initiating the breakup. It's sad to lose a close relationship with all the dreams that accompanied it. Grieve too for things that were said and done that cannot be unsaid, that you regret, that may be forgiven but not forgotten. Grief can include several stages;  denial, bargaining and negotiation, anger, depression until there comes acceptance. All can be drifted in and out of, with no particular pattern. Accept those phases, though occasionally accept too if a good friend says it's time to move on and stop the analysis and introspection!

Remember, by ending the relationship sooner rather than letting it drag on it's often easier to keep the friendship or at least retain a balance of mutual respect. Susan Leigh, counsellor, hypnotherapist and relationship counsellor

Vegan Greggs

Greggs is working on making its bestselling products vegan, including steak bakes and doughnuts! The high-street bakery wants to make all of its best-selling products as accessible as possible for those who don't eat meat and dairy. Greggs have confirmed they are working on creating vegan versions of its bestselling products. If they are successful, vegans will soon be able to enjoy the popular products such as steak bakes, doughnuts and pasties. In an interview with LBC, Greggs chief executive, Roger Whiteside, said: "We are working away to see if we can come up with a version of all our bestselling lines because people want vegan options.” He continued: "If we can produce something that tastes just as good as the meat version, then that will sell very successfully. That’s what’s been shown with the vegan sausage roll." It has not yet been confirmed which products exactly are included in the plans for a vegan range, but with bestsellers in mind, it's likely we'll see favourites like the steak and chicken bakes, doughnuts and pasties being put to the test, The news comes after the success of the bakers' vegan sausage roll - a Quornfilled product which quickly sold out in stores across the UK when it was released earlier this year. CREDIT: Greggs

Late Holiday Deals from TUI

Talayot Apartments CALA'N FORCAT MENORCA, SPAIN Depart Cardiff 6th Sept 3 Nights Self Catering


Pericles Hotel Sami, Kefalonia, Greece Depart Gatwick 22nd Sept, 4 Nights Bed & Breakfast


Hotel Merce Pineda, Costa Brava, Spain Depart Manchester 21st Sept, 3 Nights Bed & Breakfast


Tropicana Laganas, Zante, Greece Depart Cardiff 13th Sept 7 Nights Self Catering

£241pp Tzante Hotel Laganas, Zante, Greece Depart Luton 24h Sept, 7 Nights Room Only


Riu Palace Costa Rica Playa de Matapalo, Costa Rica Depart Gatwick 23rd Sept 7 Nights All Inclusive


Now Onyx Punta Cana Uvero Alto, Dominican Republic Depart Birmingham 24h Sept 7 Nights, All Inclusive


Carol asks “I've applied for a promotion at work, but I'm not sure I'll get along well with my potential new Capricorn boss..?” Sometimes, to get ahead, we all need to stop analysing and just take a deep breath and go for it. There is more to a birth chart than the Sun Sign There are so many thing going on within us all that relate to the other planets in their signs and houses and their relationships to each other. With both Carol and her future boss sharing a Capricorn Sun Sign, this shows they are both ambitious, conscientious, careful and practical. To ease her concerns, they will probably get on very well together. Incidentally, Carol has the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars in Capricorn so this sign is very strong in her chart. If she was born during the day she will have a Pisces Moon and this can add to her sensitivity and gives her greater capacity for compassion and creativity.

Ruth asks “I have a small group of close friends and I feel like I've suddenly become unpopular..?” Ruth is a Virgo. She also has Venus in Cancer and Mars in Pisces. These are all introspective signs. This means that Ruth is not naturally outgoing but she will usually feel comfortable and sociable when with small groups. This is why too, she will find it confusing to suddenly feel lonely even when with her friends. With Cancer in her chart, Ruth has a fear of being hurt by others and she can hide this under a defensive shell. The more hurt she feels, the more defensive she will get and this could make her friends start feeling uncomfortable and awkward. It might help if Ruth meets up with her friends one-to-one to build up her confidence again. It may also be, with Pluto in aspect with her natal Venus that Ruth is outgrowing this group and she should embrace any chance of making new friends outside her usual circle.

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John Frieda Frizz Ease Extra Strength 6 Effects Serum for Thick, Coarse Frizzy Hair, 50 ml This serum instantly and dramatically transforms coarse, wiry, unruly frizz for ultra-sleek, purely polished, super-shiny results. The high-potency blend of silicones infused with algae extract and silk protein leaves dry, defiant hair extremely supple, easy to manage and healthy-looking. Repels humidity to help prevent weather-related frizz.


KFC Plant Based Fried Chicken

KFC have announced they will be launching a plant based version of its famous fried chicken to gauge customer feedback. The chicken chain confirmed it would be testing the “Beyond Fried Chicken” at a single location in Atlanta, USA. KFC will use customer feedback to decide whether to roll out the plant based menu items to other locations. KFC will be the first nationwide fast food restaurant to offer “Beyond Meats” chicken option and will be available in two options of nuggets and boneless wings. According to KFC the new vegan versions are still “finger lickin good” Ethan Brown, founder and CEO, Beyond Meat said “KFC is an iconic part of American culture and a brand that I, like so many consumers, grew up with. To be able to bring Beyond Fried Chicken, in all of its KFC-inspired deliciousness to market, speaks to our collective ability to meet the consumer where they are and accompany them on their journey. My only regret is not being able to see the legendary Colonel himself enjoy this important moment.” In June, KFC tested the UK market with a Vegan chicken burger, which sold out in just four days so judging by the chain’s past success with plant-based menu items, it seems likely the Beyond Meat fried chicken will be a hit. CREDIT: KFC Beyond Meat Chicken

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Kevin Clifton

Kevin Clifton has recently announced exciting news, that he has launched his very own podcast - The Kevin Clifton Show! The Strictly Come Dancing professional won the Glitterball trophy with Stacey Dooley last year. The podcast description reads “The podcast is a discussion of what the industry is like for performers and what they go through, to perform you will be judge and even Kevin has his insecurities with this, this is normal. Learn how Kevin and the biggest performers deal with this and other issues. The podcast features deep dive interviews into other performers, their mindset successes and challenges. The podcast goes beyond dance and performing and Kevin shares his experience in life and gives tips to achieve greatness."

Kevin has already shared four episodes, including speaking to previous Strictly competitors Jake Wood, his Rock of Ages co-stars Zoe Birkett and Kevin Kennedy, and a frank discussion about dealing with rejection and insecurities with his mentor, Rob Moore. Kevin asks “Let me know any questions you have for me and any performers/guests/creatives you’d love to hear from about all things performance.”

Credit: Instagram/Kevin Clifton

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Philip Garcia’s L



You have the energy and Your pleasure at an initiative to make a good unexpected travel offer impression on people you might be short-lived when respect and admire. The your partner or best friend more adventurous side of gets to hear of it. They your nature comes to the resent the fact that they are fore and others are seeing not invited. Or it could be you at your best. Changes that due to you taking on are imminent but are they more commitments, you will the right ones? If they be seeing less of each other. involve a close relationship, If something is standing you need to be sure you’re between you and a partner, both being realistic about face up to it now. Show what to expect and neither consideration and of you are under any illusion. diplomacy as this month’s Impatience could get the conflicts could have later better of you as the month repercussions. ends. Best to avoid any Do take care. aggressive physical pastimes.

Gemini You might cross swords with someone in authority or uniform if you don’t watch your step as the month begins. Small misunderstandings could intensify. You and a partner may need to have a heart to heart discussion around the 10th. Be prepared to talk about touchy topics and be honest about your feelings. Burying your head in the sand will make a situation worse whereas facing up to reality will bring clarity and should help you rectify whatever is causing the problem.

Love Horoscopes




If there’s something special you want someone to agree to, talk to them face to face. Your presence, your charm and your enthusiasm will influence the final outcome. You would only feel as if there was something missing in communications via email, text messages and phone calls. You won’t be in the mood for any drama mid-September but you will be in the mood for love. Buy a gift or plan a romantic outing that reflects your partner’s tastes and interests.

The very start of the month has a play-today-work-tomorrow feel to it. Leave non urgent chores until later when your energy levels will be higher. Imaginative ideas will help enhance romance and enrich your business interests around the 8th. A chance meeting with someone from your past could make the middle of the month extra special. You won’t be travelling any great distance to find pleasure as September ends. There will be comfort in familiar routines.

There will be a definite basis behind rumours of coming changes. Friends will be helpful in keeping you informed of the latest developments. If you’ve been looking for work, you will find a fulfilling job through a friend of a friend. Pouring your energy into activities that make you feel good will attract romance like a flower draws bees. Cautious optimism could prompt you to take a small risk in the realms of money or romance around the 24th. Your amour will encourage you to pursue a childhood dream.

Philip Garcia’s L




A close relationship is suffering from too much publicity and too little privacy. Everyone seems to know your business and wants to offer advice. The only person you should be listening to is your partner or a close friend. Problems can be overcome if you stand back and take time to work out what’s good for you and your relationship. Positive negotiations that take place around the 21st will make you more optimistic and give your confidence a positive nudge forward.

Someone’s objections to your plans early in the month are starting to make you feel restricted. You need more space and independence. If you don’t address this issue you will become angry and resentful of the restrictions people are placing on you. A solution can be found to this problem if you work on it together. People you meet around the 17th will include someone you will be teaming up with in the future. There will be pros and cons to dating a co-worker.

Go with your amour’s ideas on how to enhance your love life. They will work well, they will be fun and this will pave the way for a closer bond. Romance is going through a harmonious phase and there’s plenty variety too, in your social life. Expect to have a great time on a journey around the 22nd and people you meet on your travels will excite your imagination. Are you single? You will feel an instant kinship with a rebellious character.

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You love spending time with your family and if you can arrange it so you can devote more time to the people and activities you love, you will be in your element. If you are attached, travelling with your partner will bring a rewarding dimension to your relationship. This would also be a great outlet for your restless energy. Are you single? You will cross paths with someone special later in September and this person will bring a new direction to your life.

Someone is depending on you to fulfil an agreement you made with them. This could be more time consuming or costly than you anticipated but you won’t let them down. Even so, you need more freedom and independence. Remembering the good times you enjoyed together will help you keep faith in a relationship that’s going through difficulties. You have a wonderful future ahead but to enjoy it, you need to find a compromise and the sooner, the better.

A possessive friend or partner resents the time you are spending with others. They are fearful of losing you to someone else. You take your relationship seriously but you might prefer to change some of the rules in order to get more time to call your own. You might find imaginative ways to break out of daily routines, group connections or friendships you no longer enjoy. Someone will surprise you with a gift certificate to a spa or weekend getaway.

Vegan Oatmeal & Raisin Cookies

Deliciously more-ish cookies...with a twist! These cookies are a household favourite in my family. They are really quick and easy to make and taste delicious! I once had a left over jar of mince meat that was going out of date way before Christmas and wanted to make some oatmeal and raisin cookies. I saw the mince meat had raisins in it and thought I would give it a go and see how the cookies turned out. I am so glad I gave this a go as they are the best tasting cookies I have ever made. The mince meat and all it's juices give the cookies so much depth and flavour and is a great way to use up any left overs after Christmas.

They aren't super sweet cookies (sweeter if you add the optional Strawberry Conserve) but have enough sweetness to them to make them delicious. I find if you use something like the strawberry conserve, it gives them a really nice, natural sweetness that doesn't feel as sharp and as over powering... plus, it's healthier and doesn't leave that fake, chemical sweet taste in your mouth afterwards. I really hope you enjoy these cookies as much as my family does! These cookies won't have the biscuit snap, they are more chewy and store bought cookie like so don't be surprised if they aren't hard...they aren't meant to be.

t (mince pie a e M e c in M n a g e V * 200g filler) erries * 100g Dried Cranb do Sugar a v o c s u M t h ig L g 0 * 10 * 100g Date Sugar al) * 50g Nuts (option rmal butter o (n r e tt u B n a g e V * 120g also works) Conserve y rr e b w a tr S n o o p * 1 tables (optional) ge Oats * 80g Rolled Porrid xtract * 1/2 tsp Vanilla E al egg if not re e n o r (o g g E x * 1 Fla vegan) ut flour) n o c o c r (o r u lo F in * 200g Pla da * 1/2 tsp Bicarb-So ice Mix * 1 tsp Pumpkin Sp * 1 tsp Cinnamon * 1 tsp Ginger

Method - Heat the oven to 180 degrees C. Makes approx 24 cookies. - Combine the softened butter, organic date sugar and muscovado sugar in a mixing bowl until the mixture has gone pale in colour. - Mix the flax egg and vanilla extract in a separate bowl. Once mixed, add to the sugar mixture. - Add the porridge oats, tablespoon of - Once cool, spoon out your dough Strawberry conserve (if you are using roughly a tablespoon sized including this, which I really think you amount of dough and roll into balls should, especially if you like your using the palms of your hands. Then cookies to be a little gooey and soft), gently flatten your balls. They will flatten dried cranberries and the mince meat slightly in the oven as well so don't to the mixture and sift in the flour, flatten them too much! bicarb of soda and all the spices and mix together well. This would also be the - Make sure you space the balls out well on your baking tray so they don't stick time to add in the nuts of your choice. together whilst cooking. This is totally optional but is great if you want a little crunch in your cookies. I - Place in the oven for 15 minutes or until would go for either raw cashew nuts a light golden brown. and/or crushed macadamia nuts but - Remove from the oven and leave on any will work. their trays for abut 5 minutes before - Leave the mixture in the fridge for at moving to the cooling rack. After 5 least 45 minutes before using. minutes, move the cookies on to the cooling racks to cool completely. - While your mixture is cooling in the fridge, line your baking trays with greaseproof paper.

The Lifestyle Blogger UK

These cookies will stay fresh for around 4 days if left in an air-tight container.

Being Optimistic

A US study has found that Optimists are more likely to live longer than those who have a more negative attitude to life. People who have a more positive attitude were more likely to live to the age of 85 or more. The theory being that optimists may find it much easier to control their emotions and suffer much less from stress in their day to day lives. The study was based on two groups; 1,500 men in the Veterans Health Study and 70,000 women the Nurses Health Study. In addition to their overall health they were also asked questions about diet, exercise, alcohol consumption and if they had ever smoked. The study concluded that, on average, the most optimistic men and women had a 11-15% longer lifespan, and were much more likely to live to 85 compared against the least optimistic group. Prof Lewina Lee, associate professor of psychiatry at Boston University School of Medicine, who worked on the study, said: "Our findings speak to the possibility that raising levels of optimism may promote longevity and healthy ageing. While a lot is known about the risk factors for disease and early death, far less is understood about what the researchers call "positive psychosocial factors" that could enable healthy ageing. Prof Bruce Hood is chair of developmental psychology in society at the University of Bristol, and runs a course called "the science of happiness". He said the study supported existing evidence of the benefits of positive thinking. He added: "I think that one causal mechanism could be that optimists cope better with stress, and this could be by avoiding rumination about negative life events. Stress impacts on the immune system and so there is a possibility that this means that optimists cope better with infections.�


If your dream features Karma this suggests that you are aware of the consequences of the choices or actions you have made in life. It can also indicate that these are playing on your mind as you’re emotional unbalanced. You know you have done something wrong and you are now fearful of the repercussions and what effect they will have on you. Emotions are always difficult to control and sometimes we just “snap� over an argument or a situation in which your blood boils over. In these circumstances you can sometimes say or do something that is completely out of character. As Karma is a law of cause and effect sometimes dreams can help or warn you when you have acted out of anger or lost your integrity. Dreaming that you are arguing with someone indicates that you are looking to resolve some internal conflict or something that has disturbed and unsettled you in your waking life. To better understand the meaning, it is important to consider the context of the argument and more importantly the person or persons you are arguing with. They could be your partner, family members or work colleagues. Think about how they impact your life and what is the argument really about. Jealously, mistrust and confusion are the most common emotional driving forces in this type of dream! To dream that you feel fear suggests that your achievements will not be as easily reached as you first anticipated. Your day to day life seems to be full of issues and problems that continue to hound your progress. To overcome the fear you need to discuss them openly and find new ways to reach your goal. You might ask for more help or re-evaluate your original position if matters have changed outside of your own control. If you dream that your worst ever fears are coming true, this predicts that you know that significant changes need to be made in your life but you are putting your head in the sand and resisting making the final decision to start the change process.

Crying can sometimes indicate happiness, joy or sadness. If you dream that you are crying indicates a sudden release of negative emotions. This would relate to something in your waking life rather than the dream itself. You are looking to regain some emotional balance and your dreams allow you to release your fear, anger and frustration in a safe environment. Dreams are a great way of releasing your inner most emotions. During our day to day life, we tend to restrain, ignore or deny our emotions so our dreams are an important way of showing our true emotions. If your cries are unheard or no one notices you crying this could suggest a deep feeling of total helplessness with others. You feel that no one is listening to you and your words are being ignored. This could be a sign that you need to try an alternative argument to ensure that you get peoples attention which can enable you to get your point across. Dreaming of jealousy is often a misunderstood dream. Most people believe that it relates to wanting bigger or better materialistic things. However, this type of dream can often indicate imminent contention and issues with others that can not be avoided. The dream meaning actually relates to the fears of losing something that the dreamer holds very dear. You will want to protect yourself from this action so this dream is giving you an opportunity to take immediate action. Dreaming that you are silent suggests an inability to express yourself. You may feel that you can’t reveal your true feelings or voice your opinions in your waking life. This will need to be addressed as it will continue to reoccur until you find the strength to reveal your feelings and let your voice be heard. Another meaning could relate to something is your waking life that has left you shocked and totally speechless. To dream that you or others around you are smiling is a clear sign that you are very pleased and proud of your recent achievements. You feel that you made the right choices even though you were nervous about taking these decisions. You will be rewarded for all of the good things you have done for others as even small gestures such as a Thank You does have a real impact on those around you. You might not realise how much these little things are received. To help remember your dreams, try keeping a dream diary. On waking, don’t get out of bed or even change position. Keep a note pad/pen at your bedside and record everything you can remember.

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