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Prue Leith

There is Nothing Like a Dame Do you remember that South Pacific number, "There is nothing you can name, that is anything like a Dame?" The fact is there are many dames in this world.  The dame, perhaps a gangster's moll, that struggles to the bar for yet another drink or the super dames like Dame Judy Dench,  Dame Twiggy, Dame Emma Thompson. Ladies who "are not for burning", ladies who tend to speed down the motorway! Born in Cape Town the Aquarius Sun, Gemini moon Dame Prue Leith is no exception. In fact, this high voltage lady is probably rubbing her hands with glee as she contemplates the new Bake-Off series. She was the dynamite daughter of a dynamite dad who worked for African Explosives.  Even if she grew up to the sound of blow ups, her well placed Aquarius ensured she was a wellbalanced, even if adventurous type.  The type of gal that was ready to board a rocket to the moon, oops sorry Paris, and eventually revolutionize the British cookery scene. in fact, when she was a lovely, young lass she convinced mum and dad that it really was a good idea to travel across the globe and study at the Sorbonne University.  Her excuse was that she wanted to learn French; she probably wanted to learn how to cook snails. Credit: Twitter @PrueLeith

Joking aside, after tasting a smorgasbord of delightful French food, she was so excited by such exotic concoctions she proceeded to England, the "land of bangers and mash", and enrolled in a Cordon Bleu Cookery Course.  You are right if you are scratching your head in puzzlement! In fact, few would have expected the outgoing young woman to beat all records and become a super British style

celebrity. Her critics would have thought it impossible for a convent educated lass from Cape Town to end up on programmes like "The Great British Menu", "My Kitchen Rules", "Junior Bake" and of course the "Great British Bake off!"  Perhaps they convinced themselves she must have travelled down a wormhole to arrive on the British cookery scene in such style!  After all, only an ET, or an Aquarius, could open a world class, Michelin starred restaurant, write numerous popular cook books and in 1974 launch her own cookery school before you could screech "Jack Robinson!" She told SAGA magazine "I think it's important to be doing something or creating something!"  Clearly, in her case "The proof is in the pudding!".  The question is whether "that pudding" has something to do with Karma. Perhaps she learned how to make a delectable apple pie in some past life.

Credit: MirrorPix

Musing aside, her extraordinary culinary gift has to come from somewhere. Perhaps it is to do with DNA, or then again, the astro might help us understand her rubric cube. Icing a Cake With that sharp moon in Gemini, our Prue is certainly no dunce. She is, intellectually evolved and was gifted with more than a touch of organisational skills.  To boot her charm and "simpatica" presentation could coax a "toad out of a hole". She is sensitive, her acute Gemini moon understands why icing a cake reduces the less talented to tears. In other words, she is no killjoy when your pancake flops.  She loves people and wants to make them happy.  Proved by her charitable actions; she is involved in food education and the "Investors in People" project. If our estimate is correct, her moon is in her Second House, so she will have a business head on her shoulders. She is definitely not "moony about money", her silver orb is placed in an unusually realistic position. In other words, she has no problem when it comes to abundance and certainly knows how to make good use of funds; she is a realist.

Her "real" is a typical English home. You know, lovely lawn and beamed ceilings. She remembers how she opted for a country house when she stood in a "big city" super market with two screaming toddlers and decided green was better than mean.

We are all in this Together She unsurprisingly informed "English Home" that the kitchen is her favourite room. Plus, her idealistic Aquarian perception of "we are all in this together" encapsulates her vision of happiness, with the smell of great cooking plus children, grandchildren and pets happily playing under her feet. She is probably content to write her books whilst travelling on trains and planes though. She must need alone time now and then; surely! Credit: Channel4

According to sensible astro calculations, it would be impossible for her Sun to land in any other place than her tenth house. The Tenth house "bestoweth" riches on its disciples after all. This placement helps the general public remember "greatness" and that "there is nothing like a dame!" In fact, nothing "looks" like a dame or "cooks" like a dame; "Not many people know that!". By the way, if you see a dame in a red Maserati racing down the motorway, ask yourself "Now could that be Prue Leith" interpreting yet another aspect of her amazing personality?  Those who know her would not be surprised, however her fans are absolutely convinced she will never give up on the fruit cake, no matter how fast she speeds down the highways of life..

Philip Garcia - Astrologer

Make your goals a habit

When we're starting out, it's tempting to treat goal-setting as an all or nothing mindset, where aiming to excel, establish a great reputation and be recognised as successful are the daily focuses of our lives. Over time we may come to realise that big goals are in many ways like onions, with multi-layers contributing to the finished product, each needing to be nurtured and developed. It's important to make time for them to grow and be recognised as separate components, with the layers eventually coming together to make the ultimate result. We maybe set aside time to promote ourselves on social media, update our accounts, complete our journal, do some yoga practice, go online for a special class, but it's only when our goals are absorbed into our way of life and become second-nature, a habit, that they become an automatic part of our functioning, pulling together to make a well-rounded quality of life. By making your goals a habit you're living each day to the full, enjoying what you're doing and are less distracted by how much it advances your route to success. You simply keep going, working with your master plan towards the big picture, whilst incorporating positive practices into your daily life. You may have identified stepping-stones, actions and decisions that need to be taken every day to achieve your goal. For example, progressing your business growth may require a specific number of contacts to be made on a regular basis, losing weight may include daily choices about exercise and what to eat, running a marathon may mean covering a certain distance each week. Doing something big or small that becomes a part of your regular mindset and commitment.

Even on relatively inactive days or those times when other things take precedence it's important to make some acknowledgement of your ultimate focus. That way, your actions gradually become a habit. Remind yourself of your goals by having them in plain sight on a vision board, on your screen saver or by writing them in the front of your journal or diary, so that you connect with them regularly, either consciously or unconsciously. Ensure that they're always with you. You may have high-lighted specific big goals as the focus for your efforts, but habits come about through being a reasonably comfortable, regular commitment, rather than being so big that you risk becoming overwhelmed or required to park other areas of your life. Doing something that's straightforward and relatively easy to include has a greater chance of becoming a habit and subsequently resulting in success.

easier, more familiar habit patterns, or reject them as you deal with pressing matters that require all your attention.

Some people find that making lists is a positive way to introduce a new habit, breaking down a larger goal into achievable actions each day. Setting a timer can help you manage how long to spend on each task, so ensuring there's real focus on the task in hand, whilst also avoiding becoming too absorbed for too long on a single piece of work. It's good to cultivate the habit of achieving something, however small, each day. That mindset is proactive, motivational and encourages you to intermittently review your plans, raise the bar and move them forwards. Even a quick phone call or email can be enough to make progress.

That's why it's best to break big goals down into smaller segments, bite-sized chunks that don't need too much thought or can be arranged in advance. Otherwise, on busy, stressful days all your good intentions risk being cast to one side, as you default to

When that outlook has become a habit, there's an enthusiastic approach to what can be achieved each day; something small on busy days, taking larger steps when there's the time and energy available.

Accountability is often important, having someone to regularly check-in with, who wants to know what you've done, where you're up to, what the likely outcome could be. Scheduling an appointment when you have to explain yourself is incredibly motivational; something that's only too evident on the days before a slimmer's class has a weigh-in! But a coach or mentor can also help iron out any issues, steer or guide you as to available options, help you re-focus after a set-back. Someone who's on your side, who's with you during your struggles, who understands what you're going through can make a massive difference to your motivation levels. Making your goals a habit is an important contributor to your success, but don't allow yourself to be too tied down by them. Allow yourself to enjoy the journey and maybe even appreciate occasional detours along the way. After all, once you reach your destination you may be at a loss as to what to do next or simply be inspired to start again and set some new goals. Sometimes it's exciting not to be too rigid about chasing your initial goals. It can be satisfying to enjoy exploring new opportunities and follow where they lead. Unexpected adventures can be a reward in themselves. Take time to value each experience that presents itself as you progress. Then, your goal-motivated mindset will become a habit, as well as a stimulating and enjoyable contributor to your way of thinking.

Susan Leigh A.C.H.Qual, M.N.C.H.(Acc), M.S.M.S.(Acc), H.A.Reg from Altrincham,Cheshire, is a counsellor, hypnotherapist, relationship counsellor,writer & media contributor who offers help with relationship issues,stress management,assertiveness and confidence. She works with individual clients,couples and provide corporate workshops and support.

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Important October Astrology Dates

Sun Trine Lilith/Mercury Square Pluto Distractions and temptations abound but these forces can be countered if you are willing to confront the problems early on and with steady resolve. Despite the desire to be out of the house, you still have a strong desire to be close to family. Make use of this strange energy to help you charm your way back into someone’s heart. A gracious and noncompetitive approach will help you win the day. Be careful not to fall for the manipulations of a possible romantic partner. You have a very sharp mind, but that does not mean you cannot be blinded by love, or even the possibility of love from someone who holds the strings to your heart. Sadly, this energy also invades the workspace, and you may find yourself questioning the motives of your boss.

New Moon in Libra A welcome return of sanity is coming. This change will help you to feel more balanced and grateful for the change; especially when it comes to your financial sector. A new creative wind will help to lift your spirits as well, giving you a multitude of ideas and plans. Choose carefully and do not let projects sit uncompleted for too long. Many great ideas which could have changed the world died on a dusty shelf because of the creator became over committed to other ideas, do not let this happen to you. Pick your plans carefully and then schedule out a time every day to work on it. This is also a great time to weigh your options when it comes to direction of your personal relationships. If what you have is not working for you, acknowledge that fact, and take steps in a new direction.

Venus enters Sagittarius Karmic lessons abound, the results push you in new directions. You may feel a tad lovesick as a wash of emotions rock your love boat and draw you into an uncertain future. Your finances are not immune to these disruptions either, so you are better off paying every bill as quickly as you can to avoid bigger problems down the road. If you can keep yourself on track through the rest of the year, things will get progressively better. Your work life is not going to get any easier for the time being. You will want to ensure you are not only in the mood to work on the project at hand, but that you avoid doing double work. Even though you may have backed up all your files, it never hurts to check to ensure everything is up-to-date before you head out.

Sun Conjunct Mercury / Mercury Conjunct Mars Although you may feel like you have no direction to turn, just keep in mind that all those who wonder the world are not lost, some just have not found the right home yet. All the dips, wrong turns, and backtracks have a purpose, even if you cannot see it just now. Your ambitions, desires, and ego are connected to your mental state of mind; this means it is important for you to consciously consider all your choices and make sure you keep your mood swings to a minimal if you want to get anything accomplished. You can be a little self-centred and although you may be the star of your universe, others must live with you as well, so you might want to make sure you do not over shine their important news by making this time all about you.

Sun trine Jupiter You are in a generous and enthusiastic mood. Your larger-than-life mentality continues to make you believe you are the centre of the universe, but it could wreak havoc with your love life. Not everyone is going to be happy to see you so make sure you read the room before making any big announcements or party plans. Your spiritual side is looking for adventure and understanding but you would be better off finding a guide before you go bounding off in search of the answers. Not every path leads to the land of enlightenment, some of them just lead you back to the beginning which is why you will need a guide. You can get away with taking some risks but if you want others to forgive you for your mistake, you must be forgiving as well.

Mercury Sextile Venus / Sun Square Pluto This is a social time, and you would do well to mend broken bonds and seek harmony with those around you. Your love life becomes a little easier but that does not give you the right to go out and do whatever/whoever you want. You are big enough to make your own choices, but you will have to live with yourself in the morning. You are delightful to be around and if others cannot see it, that is their problem. You may be missing out on a chance to do something exciting, but you also finally have the ability and time to talk your way out of trouble. Enlist the support of others in your efforts to charm that one person who you have not been able to make a good impression with. You cannot undo the past, but you can show that you have learned from your mistakes. Full Moon in Libra/Mercury Trine Lilith You will find that others are more willing to hear you out when trouble comes calling, but you are still better off using your charisma and style to avoid the fight to begin with. Sometimes your curiosity can make others feel like you are more interested in them than you really are, but if you draw your bounders early you can avoid misunderstanding later. Your mind is still active and sharp but the puzzles that once interested you become a little more mundane and you may find yourself wishing for something new. Your love life continues to improve, and if you have been waiting to ask someone for a commitment, then wait no longer. Make a check list if needed, but you will want to make sure you have everything right before you ask someone to join you on your journey.

Sun enters Scorpio You should reign in your actions and look for a more covert way to accomplish your goals. Most of this month you have been a shining star, but even the brightest day must give way to a darker night. Pullback and make sure you watch your tongue to avoid the wrong choice of words. There are many ways to express yourself without being the centre of attention; be warned if you want to reinvent yourself, you are going to have to be willing to let your old life go. Yes, it is great to be a Phoenix rising from the ashes, but before that happens you are going to have to burn. You may be able to seek out the help of others along your journey; the last few steps you are going to have to take all by yourself. Expect some raw emotions and even a few tears.

Mars Enters Scorpio/Sun Square Saturn A heart may be broken, and you may have some Venus Sextile Jupiter difficulty explaining just how Relationships become it happened. However, you have a centre stage as your need passion for figuring out what went for companionship and wrong and the ability, through a romance become your every thought sustained effort, to put the pieces back and desire. No-one likes to travel the together and the love needed to glue world alone, and a little flirting can set them in place. Being a critic of others the stage for wonderful winter. Before you become all wrapped up in giggles and their hurtful words is easy, it is much harder to see how your words and and laughter, you should make sure you actions played a role in the difficulties both know the rules of this connection. of the past. Instead of being angry Others may have a different idea of about something you cannot change, what this relationship is all about and make use of that passion to help guide that is okay, if you are okay with their someone close to you, home. There is a understanding as well. You may find reason they say, ‘home is where the being open to new ideas about love to heart is’, and you need to understand be an exciting change of pace for the that one person’s safe and happy time being. Life is about trying on new place, does not fit everyone’s idea of things to see if they fit with your eternal happiness. personality or not.

Home pamper session

If you’re looking to vamp up your pamper day at home, look no further. We all know how important self care is, and now and again we should take some time to cleanse and pamper ourselves. To make ourselves feel refreshed, relaxed and renewed. However, what do you do when you can’t afford to go out for a pamper session? Here are some fun self care ideas and steps you can take to enjoy your pamper session this week to make it feel even more special and unique. Whether you’re a new parent who doesn’t have time to leave the house. Or you just fancy saving a bit of money. These self care ideas budget friendly, and all things you can do yourself, at home.

Make A Watercolour Manicure

oil into the bath is such a good idea as it will not only relax your body but can also reduce stress and anxiety.

You might be used to going out for your manicure, but now and again it is also fun to try it at home and create some fun Try A Lemon Honey Mask designs yourself. This simple Lemon and honey are the perfect watercolour manicure is a great idea partnership and they are used in many and it doesn’t use water like many different ways to help your body heal marble design tutorials. from illness as well as to You’ll need 3 Nail Varnish Colours, Cling improve the skin. Film , Nail Varnish Remover & Cotton Honey contains Buds antibacterial properties and this 1. Prep your nails with a base coat means it will kill any and file them to your desired length bacteria on the and shape. skin that could cause 2. Paint the lightest of your colours you to get blemishes. Lemon is full of onto the nail and let dry. vitamin c which is integral to your skin and your youthful complexion. 3. Drop random dollops of each Cut a lemon in half and squeeze it a colour onto the surface of your nail. little to get some of the juice out. Drizzle This can be dots, lines, or wiggles. some honey onto the lemon and then Make sure it’s fairly thick. rub this in circular motions over the 4. Get a small piece of cling film and face for 1 minute. Leave the mixture on press this into your nail – this will be a the skin for 10 minutes and then wash little messy and Will squash all of the off. This will tighten pores, leave you colours together. Remove and see with beautiful skin, and you’ll smell what the pattern looks like and amazing too. adjust as you fancy. 5. Remove any varnish around your nail with a cotton bud. 6. Apply a top coat. Use CBD Oil In Your Bath Using cbd oil for a warming soak in the bath is an effective way to help release Try adding a couple of these steps into your pamper session this week and any pent up stress in your muscles, and it vamp up your self care game to give will also help to relax your whole body you amazing results and leave you and mind after a stressful week. If you are feeling renewed. in serious need of relaxation, adding CBD The Lifestyle Blogger UK

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October Horoscopes from Russell Grant

oon New M

New M oon Full M oon

ARIES Striking a good balance between your personal and professional lives will be challenging at the start of October. Treat your amour to a night of romance at this intense time, even if it means leaving the office early. The New Moon on the 6th is perfect for making a serious commitment. Moving in or starting a business together are good possibilities. You may be asked to take the helm of a wellestablished organisation or club before the month is out. This challenge is an excellent opportunity to exercise your leadership skills. The second half of the month emphasises the importance of cooperation; consult a business or romantic partner before making any big decisions. On the 20th, the Full Moon might prompt you to leave an oppressive work situation.

TAURUS Work will keep you busy through the first half of October. Your duties and responsibilities will be pleasant enough and you'll feel appreciated for your contributions. If you're unemployed, the New Moon could deliver your dream job on the 6th. It will be very pleasing to be chosen from a large group of talented rivals. You'll move up the ladder to success at lightning speed because all the skills you acquire in this position. Don't be put off by a demanding expert at the middle of the month; by working hard to earn their approval, you'll become one of the most talented people in the field. The Full Moon on the 20th will bring an embarrassing secret to light. Someone you admired will fall from their pedestal.


GEMINI Devote yourself to pleasure throughout the first half of October. Your creative juices will be flowing like a mighty river. In addition, your charisma will be at an all-time high. This may be one of your favourite times of the entire year. The New Moon on the 6th could mark a fateful introduction to someone who makes your pulse pound. Online chats and video conferences could pave the way to a passionate romance. The chance to get paid for your expertise could come your way; you'll enjoy teaching or working on an advanced course via computer. A misdirected romantic message will finally reach you in the second half of October. On the 20th, the Full Moon could prompt you leaving an organisation that no longer reflects your values.

You'll be even more of a homebody than usual at the start of October. This is a great time to clear out clutter, redecorate and do home improvement projects. If you're looking for another place to live, the New Moon on the 6th will connect you with the perfect abode. It's possible you'll be moving in with your romantic partner. Money from a personal or professional partnership will arrive mid-month, allowing you to purchase some lovely creature comforts. Much to your relief, a confusing family matter will be clarified in the second half of the month. It may be tempting to quit your job in a huff on the 20th, due to a provocative Full Moon. A break from work could be therapeutic.

LEO Intellectual stimulation gives you great pleasure at the start of October. Take this opportunity to attend an online course or watch some instructional videos. The New Moon on the 6th is a great time to brainstorm with a creative partner. You could develop a product or service that is highly successful. A serious relationship could burst into flower this month. Getting engaged, exchanging vows, or forming a business alliance are among the possibilities. On the 20th, the Full Moon could deliver a disappointing legal decision. Rather than dwelling on your disappointment, give thanks this matter has concluded. You'll have more time for creative and romantic pursuits in the closing days of October. A power struggle with your amour can be resolved in the bedroom.

VIRGO Money will be coming in at a brisk rate in the opening days of the month. This is a great time to buy a car, computer, smartphone, or any other device will save time and speed productivity. You could be offered a lucrative job on the 6th, courtesy of an enriching New Moon. You'll enjoy working in a cutting-edge field. You might be asked to take heavy responsibilities off a supervisor's plate during the middle of the month. Dispatching these duties well will put you in line for a big promotion. The Full Moon on the 20th could trigger an argument over joint finances. It may be necessary to hire a lawyer to get your fair share of a group fund. Make your claim.

LIBRA Domestic decisions and homebased concerns look likely to occupy your thoughts as Autumn makes her presence felt. You have some financial planning to do as well as preparing for what the coming months have in store for you personally and professionally. Once you have a clear direction set in your mind you will want to forge forward with an ambitious business or career plan during the middle of the month that is sure to have repercussions for your home and family and need to be discussed with those who will be affected. As October draws to a close you will want to free yourself from any restrictive or coercive influences you feel are taking you in a different direction from the one you had prepared yourself for. A period of positive progress and success begins.

SCORPIO On the 6th, the New Moon will inspire you to devote more time to spiritual pursuits. You'll be inclined to immerse yourself in spiritually uplifting books, movies and music. This will be a welcome diversion from panic driven news stories. In mid-October, domestic pursuits will give you a welcome sense of grounding. This will be a great time to invent recipes, redecorate rooms, or plan a garden. The Full Moon on the 20th could prompt you to quit a stressful job. It should be easy to attract a lucrative position that is much more rewarding in the final days of the month. This is the most empowering time of year for you, so making radical moves usually pays off handsomely.

SAGITTARIUS Operating as part of a team will be highly satisfying in the opening days of the month. The New Moon on the 6th could find you taking charge of an important project. Your supervisor has faith that you will do a good job, knowing you work well with people from all walks of life. In the middle of October, you will get a chance to take a stimulating online course. The skills you acquire through these classes will put you on a whole new career path. The Full Moon on the 20th warns against falling in love at first sight. Instead of rushing into a romance, take your time and get to know the object of your desire.

CAPRICORN Your career prospects could soar at the start of October. Don't be quick to accept the first job offer that comes along. Wait for more opportunities to arrive and then deliberate over all the delicious choices before you. An especially great position could arrive on the 6th, thanks to an empowering New Moon. You might be put in charge of a large pool of resources during the middle of October. Careful custodianship of this fund will result in a big promotion. Family could be a source of stress on the 20th, due to a tense Full Moon. Trying to pressure a relative to go against their instincts will be an exercise in futility. Let your loved one accept the consequences for their mistakes.

AQUARIUS Expanding your horizons will give you a new lease on life in the opening days of the month. On the 6th, the New Moon could present an opportunity to study with a teacher you've always admired. Don't hesitate to fill out a long application; you'll be awarded a spot in a highly competitive online academic program. In mid-October, you'll assume some heavy responsibilities. Instead of being overwhelmed by these duties, you'll be energized by them. You'll love bringing order to chaos. The Full Moon on the 20th could bring shocking news to your ears. Someone who has been keeping a deep, dark secret will be exposed. This will make you more cautious about putting too much faith in others.

PISCES Your allure will draw admirers wherever you go at the start of October. It feels good to be wanted and desired. The chance to work for a commission could fall into your lap on the 6th, thanks to an abundant New Moon. You'll easily outperform the competition. Adopting a spiritual practice in mid-October can help you strike a healthy balance between work and play. Someone will try to wriggle out of a payment on the 20th, due to a stressful Full Moon. Don't let this con artist take advantage of you. If you must take them to court, so be it. The threat of a legal battle could be enough to get the money you deserve; call this bully's bluff.

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To be healthy, you have to take care of yourself all-year-round – even in the UK! Unfortunately, lots of Brits fail as they don’t understand the impact of the winter sun. Over 25% of Brits don’t know that it’s possible to experience winter sun skin damage. If you fall into this category, you could be putting your wellbeing in danger since UV rays are incredibly powerful. They don’t even have to leave a burn to have an adverse effect. Everybody should take more care in the winter, but it’s essential to know why to avoid making the same mistakes. No SPF The most common way the winter sun causes skin damage is through a lack of awareness. When you are comfortable, you take fewer precautions that you would normally. For instance, not putting on sun cream before leaving the house. Even failing to use a moisturiser with SPF is critical as it’s one less layer of protection. As a result, everything from a redness and swelling ointment to a hyperpigmentation treatment might be necessary, depending on the level of damage. By taking the number and power of UV rays in the colder months seriously – they are around on cloudy days, for example – it should encourage you to be less casual.

Lower Humidity

How does this affect your skin? It’s by making it easier for the sensitive areas around your eyes to be impacted. The Skin Cancer Foundation reports that eyelid skin cancer makes up 5 to 10% of all skin cancers, so it’s no joke. Plus, sunnies take care of your eyesight while enhancing your style!

You might assume that humidity levels are lower in the winter and higher in the summer, yet this isn’t always true. In June and July, the stifling heat leads to more moisture in the air, which is good for your skin. In the winter, the atmosphere is drier, and this means there is not as much water for your skin. Localised Concentration Moisturising helps, as always, but it’s Thankfully, the weather means you wrap easy to forget about key areas, such as up warm most of the time. With layers your lips. Applying balm with SPF not on, the clothes can absorb or reflect the only stops them from drying out, but it rays, leaving your skin unexposed. The protects them from the sun’s rays too. issue is with features that remain out in The Eyes the open when the conditions are bad, such as your face and head. They take Sunlight is still intense, especially for your eyes. This is because you block less on the brunt of the pressure, leading to localised areas of concentration. The of it, believing it’s not sunny enough to key is to cover them up as much as warrant glasses, and certain wintery possible by wearing a hat or pulling your features make UV rays twice as scarf around your neck and lower face. powerful. Snow is a prime example.

The Lifestyle Blogger UK

Lorraine (London) asks “My mother is elderly and since Dad died three years ago, she has been struggling to maintain the family home. I have been trying to persuade her to downsize to something more manageable. Have you any suggestions?” Therapist Susan’s reply: Timing is an important part of these delicate situations. Your mother may understandably not want to accept the fact that she is less capable than she once was. And missing your father, her husband of many years, will no doubt provide an added emotional wrench for her. Moving from the home they shared will entail leaving behind familiar surroundings, the reassurance and comfort of where they lived together, with the additional stress of having to start again somewhere new and on her own. Here are some thoughts on the subject: - Ask your friends and contacts and discover if they have elderly relatives who have moved into retirement or rest homes. Find out what their experiences have been. They may be willing to meet and chat with your mother to share their thoughts and advice.

- Talk with her to find out what her concerns are. She may have fears that you can allay. Many people are concerned at the prospect of leaving their neighbours and familiar surroundings and then ending up lonely and alone. Reassure her that many retirement apartments have entertainment programmes, some have social committees that organize talks, trips, coffee mornings and regular events for the residents. - If she is down-sizing to a retirement apartment go through her finances and reassure her that she will have enough capital to furnish her new home and make it comfortable. Discuss her expenses and let her know what she will be able to afford if she moves somewhere smaller; she may fancy the idea of holidays or a new car. - Visit several potential places and obtain information in advance with which to answer her questions and be clear as to what a move may entail: service charges, car parking spaces, access to the garden for example. Some places provide a communal laundry area which is allocated on a rota basis, or there may be a guest suite which residents can book when they have visitors to stay.

- Check out notice boards for social events. It may be possible for her to attend a function as a guest in order to meet the other residents. Discuss the benefits of moving whilst she is fit and active enough to mix and meet with other occupants. This enables her to participate fully, to form relationships and friendships straight away. - Some residential homes offer short respite breaks. If she is considering moving into a home why not suggest she try one for a short holiday, to see how she finds the experience. - Liaise with her family doctor and discuss your concerns. They may be able to help, offer suggestions, keep an eye on her if you feel that it may be appropriate. Your mother may feel that she is losing her independence if she chooses to move somewhere smaller. It's a major step to take, especially when she has lived there with your father for such a long time. Being sensitive and respecting her wishes whilst offering gentle encouragement is the best approach to take. Ultimately you have to respect her decision.

Susan Leigh A.C.H.Qual, M.N.C.H.(Acc), M.S.M.S.(Acc), H.A.Reg from Altrincham,Cheshire, is a counsellor, hypnotherapist, relationship counsellor,writer & media contributor who offers help with relationship issues,stress management,assertiveness and confidence. She works with individual clients,couples and provide corporate workshops and support.

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Donna asks “I was wondering what you see for my future. I seem to be very foggy and unclear?” Leo Donna, born on a Friday, is likely to be usually very sure of herself and where she is going. As well as having three planets in Leo, she has Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Aries. Once she sets long-term goals she won’t stop until she reaches them. We’ve been living through strange times and whichever way the past 18 months have played out for Donna, she has discovered new things about herself. She is starting to recognise what and who she misses most and what should be made priority. With Pluto and Neptune active in her chart over the next year or so, Donna will continue to have this battle going on inside her head until she is more able to find expression for her creativity, compassion and truth.

Emily asks “I bought a pet puppy over lockdown and she’s the love of my life. But my Virgo sister isn’t fond of animals. Can I help her feel my joy?“ Emily is an Aries with planets in the earth sign Taurus. Emily has discovered how animals can bring her joy and contentment. Her sister, born under an earth sign, will also appreciate the healing power of nature and might find a similar kind of joy through hiking, walking and gardening. Inviting her sister to join Emily walking her puppy in the woods and countryside, by the sea and in places where they can both savour the scenery while enjoying the company of Emily’s canine buddy are ways to help her sister feel a similar kind of contentment. The more time Emily’s sister spends with puppy, the more they will interact and increase the strength of their relationship.

Vegan News

Vegvisits rivalling Airbnb with a travel platform for Vegans Vegvisits has just released its new website at a time where many people start to travel more following the pandemic. Plant Based News report the global travel platform, Vegvisits is rivaling vacation giant Airbnb with a view to connecting vegan and vegetarian travellers. The company, founded by two long-term vegans, has just relaunched a brand new site and is eyeing further expansion. The platform invites hosts around the globe to list rooms to entire homes, in a bid to make travelling easier for vegans and the ‘veg-curious’ alike. It came after founders Linsey and Nicholas Minnella had difficulties finding food and ‘felt uncomfortable’ staying in hotels abroad. ‘We were desperate for that feeling of peace of mind’, Linsey told PBN. Moreover, it wasn’t until the pair stayed at an Airbnb with a vegan host that they had the idea to create Vegvisits. Since launching in 2016, the platform is available in over 80 countries. But following travel restrictions, Linsey says it ‘took a huge hit’. However, now they’re ready to take the site to more countries and inform the ‘entire’ vegan and vegetarian community. The accommodation platform has so far accumulated over 1,000 listings. And of those listings, hosts have to keep their homes meat and seafood free ‘at all times’ during a guest’s stay. This is not only to avoid guests witnessing ‘the sights and smells of animal flesh’, but also to ‘bring a sense of peace amongst the unknown’, Linsey explains. It also provides an opportunity for ‘valuable’ local advice from fellow vegans. While the platform was originally free since upgrading guests are charged between six and 12 percent of the reservation cost. Hosts are charged three to four percent. Visit VegVisits for more information

Waitrose launch new Vegan products UK supermarket Waitrose has announced its largest-ever vegan and vegetarian product launches with two new ranges. Featuring the new Plantlife and GoVeggie ranges, the new products provide healthy and simple meals, snacks, and treats.


The McPlant has finally arrived in the UK.

After recently launching its Holistic Living brand, Waitrose plans to continue to expand its meat-free offerings, with the brand quoting recent research from Veganuary as an inspiration. The study found that six months from Veganuary 2021, 82% of participants have maintained a dramatic reduction in their animal product consumption.

McDonald’s has taken over three years’ worth of research to create the burger in collaboration with Beyond Meat. It features a patty made with pea protein and cooked separately from other McDonald’s items to avoid any risk of cross-contamination. Moreover, the ‘bespoke’ cheese also tastes just like McDonald’s cheese slices. The burger is set to be released in 10 select restaurants in Coventry from 29 Credit:Waitrose September and in more than 250 sites from 13 October. A wider nationwide The new Waitrose ranges feature ‘first to rollout is expected next year. Michelle market’ products in the supermarket Graham-Clare is the chief marketing prepared meal sector, including Crispy officer for McDonald’s UK & Ireland said: No Beef with Sweet Chilli Sauce, Thai “We are always looking for different Style No Fish Cakes, No Chorizo Tortelloni ways to innovate and meet our and Mushroom Scallop Linguine. More customers’ needs, and with McPlant we products are expected for October have a delicious plant-based burger 2021 and prices range from £2 to £5. that will appeal to everyone.


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It’s that time of year again! Time for some homemade pumpkin soup. Soups are such a warming and comforting meal to have on a cold wintery evening. It’s like a hug in a bowl. There’re so many recipes to try out and generally, soup is so easy and simple to make. I like to make large batches of soup each time and store it in the freezer. A quick lunchtime fix or even as my main meal with a hunk of crusty bread that’s been warming in the oven. Gently cook the finely chopped onions for about 5 mins or until soft but not coloured.

Ingredients ve oil ● 3 tbsp oli pped o h c ly e in f ● 2 onions , peeled, in k p m u P g ● 1.5k opped into h c , d e d e de s e chunks ble stock a t e g e v l ● 800m conut milk o c l m 0 0 1 ● e e de d s l a e m le o h ● 4 slices w bread d pumpkin e ri d f o l u f ● A hand s e e ds

The Lifestyle Blogger UK

Add the peeled, deseeded and chopped pumpkin to the pan with the onions in and keep cooking for around 8-10 mins, stirring occasionally until it starts to soften and turn golden in colour. Pour the vegetable stock into the pan and season with salt and pepper. Bring to the boil and simmer for 10 mins. Pour the coconut milk into the pan and bring back to the boil. Once boiled, purée with a hand blender. Scatter with the dried pumpkin seeds and drizzle any left over cream in a swirl pattern across the top, serve and enjoy! You don’t have to but I love to cut chunks of a thick, wholemeal bread and dip it in to the piping hot soup. It’s a great way to start eating it while it’s still hot and steamy.

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