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Vicky McClure

The Best Stories One of the best stories about the gifted yet up front Taurus lovely, Vicky McClure, was when she was flown by private jet to attend the Berlin film festival with Madonna in 2008. She told the Guardian . “It was, like, wow, a whirlwind.” Yet the next day our Vicky was back in her office sorting through mail!” Another “Vicky Story" refers to the Nottingham Express Transit deciding to name a tram after her. Obviously, she was delighted to use the free travel available, but then an overzealous conductor accused her and her mum of fare evasion and threw them both off the tram. She probably made a cup of tea and giggled about the incident in her mum's kitchen. Super Successful The star of the Super Successful "Line of Duty" series is not only a Bafta winning actress with “stop in your tracks” blue eyes and a gorgeous demeanour, she is the epitome of super cool. A “peace man” type without the hippy connotations. The astro tell us her Moon in Pisces ensures a wise and gentle soul walks this earth. For her audience she is a powerful actress who plays their emotions like a fiddle. Her role in one of the highest rated dramas on British TV has had us all on the edge of our seats. Even with 11.4 million viewers tuning into the first series of "Line of Duty" she never let success go to her head; when the series was cancelled due to Covid 19 she still managed to look on the bright side. Disturbed? My Foot! Vicky is usually cast as some disturbed character; she has played an annoying tabloid newspaper reporter in "Broadchurch", a peace campaigning housewife in "Mother's Day," and a psychologically disturbed single mother who survived an abusive childhood in "This is England". But she is nothing like the folks she depicts on screen. Maybe her “happy and amazing childhood” kept her balanced in a cut throat business. Daughter of a hairdresser and a joiner, there are no skeletons lurking in her cupboard. She is upfront about the fact that her parents could not afford to send her to the Italia Conti stage school, for which she was accepted. She joined a theatre workshop in Nottingham, her home town, instead.

“She focuses on reality when it comes to artistic expression. A reality she can relate to, a reality that touches the hearts and souls of her fans..”

Credit: BBC


She told the Guardian It was a bit of a shithole, really----that's what I loved about it. There was this little dungeon of props and costumes. There were battered old settees we’d pull into scenes. There was stuff everywhere.” However, make no mistake, her career is not all about kitchen sink drama, she can stand doing “posh!”

Credit: Channel 4

Real People The fact is curious Mercury in Gemini will always ensure real people interest her.. “---like the ones she grew up with, who know what she’s really like, who understand the value of things and who build her kitchen seating units ----” Mercury in Taurus keeps her vision down to earth.  She focuses on reality when it comes to artistic expression.  A reality she can relate to, a reality that touches the hearts and souls of her fans. So, what is the secret to her success? Her depiction of DC Kate Flemming in "Line" has gripped the nation after all. Perhaps it is all that Piscean ultra-sensitivity, or perhaps some mysterious connection with the Divine that enables her to merge with Kate and channel her into existence. Her take is simple, sorry to disappoint. We can spot no super natural chats with spirit guides to get her show on the road.  ”I just really liked Fleming..... the script was just amazing, the cast is amazing, and it was a no brainer.”

It is also a no brainer that she probably has a Leo ascendant, after all she has a regal presentation, a friendly heart and a large dose of vitality coupled with striking looks. Jupiter in Sagittarius does the rest. Good old Saggy ensures determination coupled with luck backs a winner every time. She knows how to see an opportunity and take it; she has the confidence to attract unexpected breakthroughs. A Chat Over a Cup of Tea The cool and “feet on the ground” McClure sticks to home town Nottingham. She probably still lives there with her partner, actor and director Jonny Owen. Clearly Knightsbridge does not do it for her. Nor does the prospect of a glittering show biz existence in Hollywood. She still likes a cup of tea and a chat; she knows what heart ache signifies. Her family has been through tough times. Her grandmother suffered from dementia; her mother would sing to her granny. "It was a horrible time, and we learned as it went along how you deal with it!" Credit:Instagram

A well-disposed Mercury ensures she is curious about everyone, including you, she wants to know your truth. After all she is a people watcher who seeks authenticity.  An authenticity that enhances her performance and seeps through every pore in her body. "I think people think I’m against people who are privileged, and I’m not. I’m privileged now, to be able to pay my bills and do the work I do.” Vicky will always be grateful for her gifts. Her life is her work. Her faith, her dedication to her craft has brought her, and will continue to bring her. everything she desires. Philip Garcia - Celebrity Astrologer

How can I ever thank you..?

Many of us have found increased reasons to be grateful and appreciative this last twelve months or so, perhaps due to the change of pace. These unprecedented times have led many of us to realise how much our comfortable homes, environments, close family and friends mean to us. This year has emerged as a time to be thankful for what we have, but also to really value the special people who've stepped up for us and helped us through these long days and tough times. Our reflections may find us asking, 'how can I ever thank you for all you've done for me, all the thoughtfulness carried out on my behalf?' Let's reflect on some ways to answer this question. Acknowledging what's been done for us with enthusiasm is a positive way of saying thank you. And, of course, we don't know, are unlikely to ever know, what the personal cost was for them to do something on our behalf. Making time for us, inconveniencing their family, stepping outside of their own comfort zone could all have been factors. Being openly appreciative and grateful goes some way to showing that we acknowledge and value all that they've done for us. Highlighting one specific element or aspect of their help and clearly illustrating how it's made a difference to our life, our stress levels and happiness is a positive way to thank someone for their attention and support. Focusing on how they've contributed and helped, perhaps by improving our knowledge, our ability to cope, our skills and motivation levels gives a clear appreciation and legitimacy to our thanks. Recommendations are an effective way of saying thank you. In a business setting, we're likely to only recommend someone we have confidence in, so any assurances carry weight in other people's decision-making process. A genuine, heart-felt recommendation, whether it be to our inner circle, on social media or in a networking setting demonstrates our faith in the person we're referring.

Spreading the word and giving testament as to how they've helped us is a valuable way of giving thanks for their input and quality of work.

These are all ways to show that we care and value them, rather than focussing solely on what they can do for us.

Reciprocating, whenever possible, is an important way of showing thanks in appropriate situations. There may not be many opportunities to reciprocate, but referencing someone's good work whenever we can, outlining how they've helped us, may go some way to returning the compliment and supporting them in the best possible way. Their care for us may have consisted of giving us time to take a much-needed break, of them checking in on us when they knew we were feeling low, of helping out with childcare or assisting during an unprecedented working from home challenge. Our reciprocation 'thank you' may take the form of a lovely homemade cake or dinner, or enthusing to others about how helpful they've been. There may be several potential options, with our efforts to support them often being seen as thanks enough.

Loyalty is also a good way of demonstrating thanks, sticking up for them if required, but also finding ways to praise their positive skills, traits and good points. As is refusing to be drawn into any negative gossip or conversations about them, but instead cutting any hint of that happening short.

Remembering things of significance to them, their special dates, birthdays, anniversaries, can be another way to return the compliment and demonstrate thanks. Or noticing something they might like or need, perhaps recalling a book they've mentioned or seeing a promo for a Being a good friend is a sensitive way of saying 'thank you'. Maybe noticing if concert or show they'd be interested in, they've gone a little quiet, taking the even a new series starting on TV; time to touch base, making a friendly, passing on information that they'd conversational phone call, dropping by appreciate is a good way to for a coffee or including them in some- demonstrate that the relationship is not thing that we think would be of interest one-sided and that we're thinking of to them. them too.

Being the best version of ourselves is often is the ultimate way to repay someone's belief in us. Making the most of any chances that come our way and seizing those opportunities. Availing ourselves of ways to maximise on the support we've been given enables them to feel proud of us and their role in our journey. Good supportive friends love to see how well we've done and relish their part in our success. And, if all else fails, a handwritten note, card or simple bunch of flowers is a great way to communicate our thanks.

Susan Leigh A.C.H.Qual, M.N.C.H.(Acc), M.S.M.S.(Acc), H.A.Reg from Altrincham,Cheshire, is a counsellor, hypnotherapist, relationship counsellor,writer & media contributor who offers help with relationship issues,stress management,assertiveness and confidence. She works with individual clients,couples and provide corporate workshops and support.

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Embracing A More Active Lifestyle

Many of us find that we start new training or exercise regimes with bags of energy and enthusiasm only to lose motivation a few weeks or months later. If you struggle to stay motivated, don’t give up. In this guide, we’ll explore some innovative ideas to help you embrace a more active lifestyle. Try New Activities

Make Working Out Fun

When we hear the word ‘exercise,’ we often think about lifting weights in the gym or pounding pavements. While these activities are very popular, not everyone enjoys jogging, running and going to the gym. The good news is that there are endless ways to get fit and reap the rewards of moving your body. If you find exercise boring, or you’re getting tired of the same old training sessions, try and mix things up. Have fun, take inspiration from the sports you love to watch or follow and get friends and family involved.

For many people, exercise can feel like a chore. If this sounds familiar, it’s a great idea to be proactive in making workouts fun. Invite others to join you for hikes, runs, gym sessions or games of tennis. Create playlists and listen to music and enjoy a change of scenery.

If you’re an avid fan of rugby and like to keep up to date with the latest Scottish Rugby news, why not join a local club. Or see if there’re any teams in your area that run sessions for beginners? If you watch tennis, can’t get enough of the Masters, or the football World Cup, give these sports a go yourself. From dancing and swimming to boxing, cycling and kayaking, there are myriad of activities you can try.

Get out into the great outdoors if you

spend most of your time exercising indoors. Or go to a lido or stretch your legs on the golf course.

Set Targets Based On Personal Objectives Setting targets is a fantastic way to encourage progression but it only works if the goals are relevant to the individual. When you’re establishing targets, think about why you want to be more active and what you want to achieve. Try not to get distracted by what other people are doing. There are lots of different reasons why people choose to be more active. Once you know why you want to make changes to your lifestyle, you can set milestones or goals to help you get more out of every session.

You might want to lose weight, improve your health, increase your stamina or reduce your body fat, for example. Alternatively, you may want to feel more confident, lower your stress levels or develop new skills. It can be difficult to stay motivated when embracing a more active lifestyle. If you’re getting bored of the same old workouts, you’re less enthusiastic about exercising or you’re struggling to muster up the energy to keep going, don’t panic. Make exercise fun, try new activities and vary your schedule and focus on targets and objectives that are relevant to you. The Lifestyle Blogger UK

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Let's Not Forget the New Fathers When a new baby first arrives the focus is on the new mother and child, fussing over them, caring for their needs. And that's understandable. Everyone wants to see and hold a new baby, check in on the new mum and ensure that all is going well. The flurry of activity from an ever-changing array of people in attendance, including midwives, mothers, sisters, friends can mean though that home is full of people and the new father can feel almost redundant.

The flurry of activity from an ever-changing array of people in attendance, including midwives, mothers, sisters, friends can mean though that home is full of people and the new father can feel almost redundant.

But men also undergo a radical shift in their circumstances after they've become a new father and one in ten are diagnosed with some form of post-natal depression. The birth is likely But men also undergo a radical shift in to have turned their lives upside down. their circumstances after they've There is often support, at least at first, for become a new father and one in ten a new mum, for when she feels are diagnosed with some form of uncertain, overwhelmed and out of her post-natal depression. The birth is likely depth, resulting in her perhaps to have turned their lives upside down. becoming preoccupied and immersed There is often support, at least at first, for in caring for the baby and herself. a new mum, for when she feels Consequently, checking-in on her uncertain, overwhelmed and out of her partner can sometimes be inadvertently depth, resulting in her perhaps put on hold. becoming preoccupied and immersed - Several men have said how much they in caring for the baby and herself. struggled to bond with their new baby. Consequently, checking-in on her partner can sometimes be inadvertently Whilst the mother has nine months or so to connect with the growing life inside put on hold. her the new father may only really When a new baby first arrives the focus appreciate that the child is a reality is on the new mother and child, fussing once it's been born and becomes a over them, caring for their needs. And physical presence in their home. that's understandable. Everyone wants to see and hold a new baby, check in - It's not uncommon for men to say how overwhelmed they feel when faced on the new mum and ensure that all is with a helpless, crying baby. going well.

They've concerns about hurting it, don't know how to engage and interact with it when it doesn't 'do' anything, often finding a baby a rather unnerving presence. The men I've talked with felt they had very few outlets where they could discuss their concerns. Many found themselves having only brief conversations with friends or family, feeling disinclined to disclose too much about their personal apprehensions due to reticence about how they'd be perceived. - Some men reluctantly volunteered that post-baby they saw their partner in a whole new light, especially if they were present at the birth. Singer Robbie Williams described the birth of his child as like 'watching his favourite pub burn down'! It can be a shock for a man to see his partner giving birth, not knowing how to support her, seeing the pain she may be in, whilst witnessing the actual delivery. Then afterwards feeling bad, guilty, ashamed for having been so affected by it all. - It's inevitable that a couple's relationship changes in practical terms. From being free agents, able to do whatever they want whenever they like their timetables are suddenly thrown into disarray, totally taken over as they focus completely on the new addition to the family. And home suddenly seems untidly full of baskets of lotions and potions, a pram, cot, children's laundry and paraphernalia everywhere. A tiny baby apparently needs roomfuls of 'stuff' to support it. So, home becomes a nursery. - The notion of free time, spare money, spontaneous breaks and time away usually has to be shelved, at least for the first twelve months or so, especially if the baby is being breast-fed and needs to settle into a regular sleep routine. A new mum often needs time to navigate her way into this different role, to physically and emotionally adjust, to feel more herself again. Her hormones need time to readjust, her body may have changed post-pregnancy and that can cause her concern and even distress. She may need love and reassurance from her partner to feel secure and confident about herself, that she's still interesting and attractive. - The financial balance of the relationship often shifts too, regardless of what was discussed and agreed in advance. A new mother's focus may become less career-orientated, more home-based, whilst the new father may also discover his

- Being sensitive to what's said as well as not said, accepting that some decisions made pre-baby may need to be modified or changed are two other - This often results in men finding important considerations in supporting the themselves torn between their old life transition to a positive parenting of adventure holidays, fine dining and experience when you become a new golf pulling against the desire to father. become a good provider, someone whose goal is a nice home in a smart neighbourhood, with good schooling. Suddenly life's more serious and adult with the desire to succeed and do well careerwise and be a good family man. Hopefully, it's possible to accommodate both. priorities have changed, juggling the desire to spend less time at work and more at home.

- Sexual intimacy can take a little while to resume. Men may feel Men and women face different cautious about taking the lead in challenges as they adjust to life as new initiating sex, not wanting to appear parents, challenges that some people insensitive. A difficult pregnancy and seem to comfortably sail through. For birth may have resulted in physical men, getting used to being a father, changes and even pain, which needs perhaps receiving less attention time to heal from. Plus, sleepless physically, emotionally and sexually may nights and the exhaustion of coping take a while to adapt to, but making time with a new baby can mean that for each other, enjoying each bedtime for both becomes totally other's company, finding time to discuss focused on sleep and little else. each other's needs can provide mutual Making time to talk, cuddle and be support at this next stage in life, so that affectionate are important ways to both feel equally involved in the reconnect and enjoy this next phase new family. of the relationship.

Susan Leigh A.C.H.Qual, M.N.C.H.(Acc), M.S.M.S.(Acc), H.A.Reg from Altrincham,Cheshire, is a counsellor, hypnotherapist, relationship counsellor,writer & media contributor who offers help with relationship issues,stress management,assertiveness and confidence. She works with individual clients,couples and provide corporate workshops and support.

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Simple Ways To Be Eco Friendly

There seems to be a lot more talk about going green these last few years especially. It’s as though people are suddenly starting to realise what they do day to day, has an impact on our beautiful planet. Thankfully the people with a bigger voice – governments and businesses around the world are beginning to take more action. So, let’s follow in their footsteps and start thinking of ways to be eco friendly ourselves! If even a few people’s day-to-day actions were a little more eco friendly, it could make a huge difference! Plus, you’re not just helping the environment, you can benefit through financial, physical and mental means as well. For example, getting rid of toxic chemicals in your home is a great place to start. Using more natural cleaners will cost less (financial), will cut down on the toxins you’re exposed to (physical), and you’ll start to feel better about yourself for helping the environment (mental). There are some of our top, simple ways for you to be more environmentally conscious. Here are 50 simple ways to be more eco friendly: ●Use energy efficient lightbulbs

●Use rechargeable batteries

●Turn off your plugs when not using them

●Don’t use/buy one use products

●Don’t leave your oven on for hours with nothing in it

●Make sure your clothes wash is full before using

●Recycle your glass, plastics, cardboard

●Switch to bamboo toothbrushes

●Don’t leave the water running while brushing your teeth

●Get rid of the tumble dryer and use a clothes line

●Reuse wrapping paper

●Switch to bamboo toilet roll

●Go meat free ●Recycle your old newspapers

●Have a quick shower instead of a bath

●Grow your own fruits and vegetables ●Plant a tree ●Walk or cycle instead of driving ●Car share ●Buy second hand clothes ●Buy local produce if you can’t grow your own ●Use a water butt to collect rain water ●Don’t leave lights on

●Download any software instead of buying discs ●Use bamboo earbuds ●Opt for digital bank statements ●Pay bills online ●Give old clothes to charity ●Plant bee friendly flowers in your garden

●Get yourself a travel mug

●Use a composter

●Don’t use a hosepipe in the garden

●Use a full dishwasher instead of hand washing

●Recycle your old mobile phones ●Work from home if you can

●Opt for eco-friendly cleaning products ●Reduce your plastic waste ●Draught proof your home ●Don’t have the heating on all day ●Think twice before buying anything new ●Buy large refills where possible ●Wash clothes in cold water

●Reduce your junk mail ●Opt for matches over a lighter ●Send an E-card instead ●Don’t use/buy plastic carrier bags ●Use digital instead of paper where possible

●Don’t use chemical cleaners ●Get a re-useable water bottle ●Turn old clothes into cleaning rags The Lifestyle Blogger UK


May Horoscopes from Russell Grant

n o o M w Ne

New M oon Luna r Eclip se

ARIES Money could be tight at the beginning of the month, especially if you attend lots of expensive social outings. It's best to err on the side of frugality during the first half of May. If you're looking for a job, you could land a lucrative one on the 11th, courtesy of the enriching New Moon. Working for a large organisation like a university, government agency, or hospital is especially favoured. Your spiritual life will assume greater importance during the middle of the month; this is a good time to take up a sacred practice. The Lunar Eclipse on the 26th could mark the end of a legal battle. You won't be happy with the result, but you'll be relieved this fight is over.

TAURUS An authority figure might feel threatened by your powerful charisma in early May. Although it might be difficult to get ahead in your career, you'll be a smashing success on the social front. If you're looking for work, ask a wellconnected friend to set up an interview at their company. They'll be happy to oblige. The New Moon on the 11th is perfect for getting a makeover or changing your image. Starting a new chapter will make your eyes sparkle with happiness. Who you know will be more important than what you know in midMay. Take this opportunity to make friends and influence people. An intimate relationship will hit a rough patch on the 26th, due to a disruptive Lunar Eclipse.


GEMINI It could be difficult to get respect from an expert at the beginning of May. Someone with extensive knowledge in a subject might not think you are serious about this discipline. If you're going to work together, you must be diligent. You'll be more successful in love than work; paying extra attention to your appearance will attract the attention of several ardent admirers. Going on a spiritual retreat is would be good for you on the 11th, courtesy of the calming New Moon. After taking time to rest and relax, you'll be ready to pursue an exciting career opportunity during the middle of the month. The Lunar Eclipse on the 26th may mark the end of a close relationship; prepare for a jolt. Choose your words carefully at the end of May.

Neither a lender nor a borrower be at the start of the month. The last thing you want is to mix friendship with finance. The New Moon on the 11th could find you mixing with a different group of people. Joining an artists' collective or professional organisation could improve your social stature. The chance to advance your education could arrive during the middle of the month. This is a good time to take some advanced courses, even if it's via the Internet. On the 26th, a Lunar Eclipse could bring an abrupt end to a job. Think about returning to a former employer for work; this position will be much more stimulating than your former position. Your experience could pave the way for a big promotion.

LEO Your romantic or business partner won't give you much support for career plans in early May. It's important to pursue a golden opportunity regardless of what anyone thinks; you don't want to be consumed with regret. On the 11th, the New Moon could find you accepting a wonderful position involving real estate, luxury goods, or gourmet food. This work will feel like you're getting paid to have fun. In the middle weeks of the month, your love life could really sizzle. Spending as much time with your amour will give you an attractive glow that turns heads. Renewing your commitment to each other is a strong possibility at the end of the month. A risk could result in loss on the 26th, due to a conflicted Lunar Eclipse.

VIRGO Your health could be delicate at the start of the month. Try not to weigh down your schedule with lots of extra work. When you get tired, take naps. Eat nutritious food. Take light exercise. Sensible habits can help you stay well. The New Moon on the 11th will open the door to an exceptional educational opportunity. You'll really enjoy working with an expert you have always admired, even if you're just communicated via video conference or e-mail. A close relationship will become a source of tremendous joy. Whether you have teamed up with a romantic or business partner, your interactions will open doors that were previously closed. On the 26th, a Lunar Eclipse could prompt you to suddenly relocate.

LIBRA There may not be much money for leisurely pursuits in the opening days of May. Instead of being consumed by frustration, find inexpensive ways to have fun. Armchair travelling can be diverting. Watch movies and read books set in exotic locales. By the time the 11th arrives, the New Moon will deliver a financial windfall that allows you to indulge in creature comforts. Exceptional work opportunities could arrive during the middle of the month. Landing a job in the arts is a distinct possibility. A former romantic partner might try to reconnect with you during the second half of May; be wary about getting involved again. The Lunar Eclipse on the 26th could deliver some shocking news about your community; prepare to have your assumptions challenged.

SCORPIO Your family might not approve of your best friend or romantic partner at the beginning of May. Standing in defence of your loved one is critical to the health of your relationship. The New Moon on the 11th opens the door to an alliance that restores your zest for life. It's a great time to exchange vows, form a professional alliance, or collaborate on a creative project. Embarking on a romantic adventure is a strong possibility; throw caution to the wind and take a big risk. Domestic pressure could let up during the second half of May. If the Lunar Eclipse on the 26th ends a job, you can start a home-based business. You'll find this work much more rewarding.

SAGITTARIUS Arguments at work could break out during the first half of the month. Avoid contentious subjects like the plague. The last thing you want is to make your job more stressful than it already is. On the 11th, you could embark on a fitness regimen that helps relieve anxiety. Mid-month could bring a chance to relocate to a peaceful abode. Moving to a place near the water can soothe your fiery energy. It's possible you will be leaving a role near the 26th, due to a disruptive Lunar Eclipse. Embrace this chance to start afresh.

CAPRICORN Money could be tight at the start of May. Selling your handmade wares could be a good source of additional income. You've always been gifted with your hands; use them to make furniture, clothing, jewellery, or food that's marketed to a specialised market. The New Moon on the 11th could find you falling head over heels in love with someone who satisfies your sensual needs. If you're already in a relationship, it may feel like you've embarked on a second honeymoon with your amour. Your main source of income could dry up during the second half of the month, so it's important to find new ways of making money. A Lunar Eclipse on the 26th could bring a family secret to light.

AQUARIUS You may not get much cooperation from family during the first half of May. Relatives think your ideas are too radical, but you're firmly convinced that it's time for a dramatic overhaul. The New Moon on the 11th could prompt you to move to a place surrounded by beautiful landscaping. Your moneymaking potential will grow exponentially by mid-month; don't be surprised if you're offered a high-paying job. You'll earn more for doing less. On the 26th, the Full Moon could bring an end to a group association that has been getting on your nerves.

PISCES Beware of blurting out secrets at the beginning of May. Practicing discretion is critical to maintaining friendships. Instead of socialising, you may prefer spending lots of time at home. Domestic pursuits like cooking, cleaning and gardening can be rewarding. A job involving teaching, writing, or broadcasting could be awarded to you near the 11th, thanks to the communicative New Moon. There's a good chance you will earn fame and acclaim for this work. The Lunar Eclipse on the 26th might prompt you to quit your day job to spend more time on this new assignment.

Thinking of going Vegan?

More and more people are choosing to adopt a vegan lifestyle and the benefits are numerous. It can be better for all-around health, the environment, and not to mention the animals that no longer need to be used for a wide range of human products. Indeed, veganism is becoming a trend! But if you’re thinking about adopting a plant based diet for yourself, then you’d be forgiven for thinking “but how do I begin?” Below, we take a look at the top 10 tips that’ll make the transition as easy as (vegan) pie. Your Plant Based Journey No-one who decides to go vegan miraculously has all the answers to begin with. There’s much to learn about adopting this vegan; indeed, the journey is about education as much as it is about the foods you eat. Luckily, there are many, many resources that’ll help you along the way. If you have a Kindle, then buy a few of the affordable vegan books that are available. There are also so many informative vegan blogs, plant based podcasts, and nutrition stores that’ll help you to become a super vegan in no time at all. Try searching for vegan food near me and see what you’ve got right on your door step.

Get Yourself Some Vegan Cook Books

Don’t Think About What You’re Losing

We mentioned about books, and that knowledge is power when it comes to veganism. Having a library of vegan books will help you in a number of ways. For starters, it’ll be an invaluable resource as you try to get your head around meals that don’t involve animal products! But going beyond that, there are books that go into great detail about all the benefits that a vegan lifestyle brings, which will be useful when the going gets tough. There’s a whole world of knowledge out there: get reading!

It’s just a truism that you’ll have to give up some things. If you love steak, then, well, you’re going to have problems, because there’s nothing that can replace that taste in all its glory. But if you’re adopting the vegan lifestyle, then you’ll need to say goodbye! The best idea is to simply not think about all the things that you can’t have. Treat them like they don’t exist, and you won’t get those cravings. You’re doing great things by going vegan; that thought alone should be enough to keep temptation at bay. Explore Local Eateries

Look at Alternatives

You might have your favourite local restaurants and cafes, but it’s time to branch out a little! If you live in a reasonably sized city, then the chances are you’re going to have quite a few vegan eateries located nearby. If you live in a big city, then there’ll be dozens to choose from. The good thing about vegan restaurants is that the food is nearly always delicious. They’re very rarely passive when it comes to the quality of their food. Plus, trying out all the dishes that are on offer will give you ideas about the foods you can create in your own home!

There’s no law of nature that says you have to get protein from meat, your omega-3 from fish, or anything else for that matter. All the things that you could get from animal products can also be found in animal-free versions, too! For your protein, take a look at quinoa, tofu, or soy meat alternatives. Accidentally Going Vegan There’s also vegan omega 3 that is Let’s be honest here: most food taken straight from the algae, bypassing the fish altogether. If you love companies don’t really care one way or the meat texture in your meals, head to another about offering vegan options. But their indifference doesn’t mean they the supermarket and take a look at don’t sometimes produce vegan those meat-free “meat” options. You options! There’s a long list of

“accidentally vegan” foods which, while not intending to do so, don’t have any animal products in them. The original Oreos, for example, are fit for everyone to eat! And Doritos, some Haribo offerings, skittles, and many more, too. They’ll all be worthwhile having in the cupboard for when those late night munchies kick in. Think Before You Travel You can control your diet pretty easily when you’re at home, but when you’re travelling, that’s a little bit more difficult. You can ensure eating isn’t a chore by researching vegan-friendly restaurants. Or, taking your own foods with you. Take a look at some easy vegan snacks, and you’ll never have to go hungry on your road trip! Join The Club Remember: you’re not alone when it comes to going vegan. There are many, many people out there who are on the same journey as you! And since we’ve already learned that knowledge is power, why not talk to them and try to learn something? You can swap recipes, discover new places to eat, or just discuss the common problems that go along with vegan eating – they might have a solution that you hadn’t yet thought of. Go Easy On Yourself As we said above, very few people go cold turkey (heh) when they decide to adopt a plant based diet. There will be slip ups (mostly after a few alcoholic drinks), that’s for sure. But don’t beat yourself up too much: no-one is perfect, and in any case, veganism isn’t a black and white issue.

If you’re on the right path, then that’s all that matters. If you put too much pressure on yourself, you’ll only fail – so relax!

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Catherine asks “I was 21 years in a relationship with a Virgo and after I had a six-year relationship with a turbulent Leo. I am now choosing between an Aries and a Cancer man.?” Catherine is not cut out to be submissive. Anyone with a controlling personality will cause her to eventually question the relationship. Virgo and Leo will have been very different as partners. Virgo will have been organized, highly critical and extremely loyal. Leo will have been more outgoing, demonstrative and generous. Catherine puts a lot of effort into her relationships and that’s why they are so long-lasting. Cancer, as a partner, will be sensitive, emotional and extremely sentimental. His feelings can be easily hurt but this would be a relationship built on loyalty and trust. Aries, as a partner, will be extremely competitive but in a fun way. He is also adventurous and open. If Catherine wants a relationship where she knows where she stands with her partner, Aries could be the one.

Katya asks “I feel like I’m going through my first spiritual awakening with insights and thoughts from angels and gods. But my family says I’ve become odd and withdrawn. Do the stars say anything about my journey this year.? Pisces Katya has five planets in Capricorn and these will help keep her grounded. Her past experience has given her a strong foundation from which to explore her spirituality. With Uranus planet of change currently linking with Neptune, planet of mysticism, Katya will be highly attuned to angelic realms. It is natural to be withdrawn while going through a spiritual awakening. There will be times when Katya will feel mixed up, confused and emotional and other times, inspired and creative. Dreams will be vivid and her energy will be super-charged but it will settle and Katya will become more aware of her psychic gifts and her life’s purpose.

Vegan News

Burger King has added two new vegan burgers to its menu including the Vegan Royale. Following months of speculation and buzz, the Burger King Vegan Royale and Plant-Based Whopper have officially joined the chain's family. The new twist on the iconic Chicken Royale is set to be the crowning glory of the restaurant's vegan menu, consisting of crispy coated plant-based chicken, topped with iceberg lettuce, creamy vegan mayo and finished off with a toasted sesame seed bun - and, it’s just £4.79. The exciting news doesn’t stop there for the meat-free masses. The Burger King fries are also certified by the Vegan Society, which means that the restaurant chain will be able to offer the Vegan Royale, or the Vegan Whopper, as part of a great-value meal for just £6.79. You didn’t think Burger King would create the Royale and leave the heroic Whopper out of the plant-based party would you? Newly formulated and vegan friendly, the Plant-Based Whopper is made up of a flame-grilled, soy-based patty, topped with tomatoes, freshly cut lettuce,

Credit: Burger King

vegan mayo, pickles, a swirl of ketchup, and sliced onions on a soft sesame seed bun - now that’s a whopper to fit into one sentence. Best of all, Burger King is introducing ‘Meat Free Mondays’ nationwide for all app users. This means that from today, at the start of every week, those with the Burger King UK app can get their hands on the new Vegan Royale for just £2.49 and the heroic Plant-Based Whopper for as little as £1.99. Talking about the new vegan products Soco Nunez, Marketing Director of Burger King UK said: “At Burger King UK we’re all about delivering great tasting food for our customers, so we’ve purposefully taken our time with the Vegan Royale to make sure it’s the best on the market. In fact, we would go as far as to say it’s an identical taste experience to the original Chicken Royale.”

Greggs Is Launching Vegan Versions Of 2 Lunchtime Classics. Greggs is proving that it doesn’t have to be Veganuary to discover delicious new plantbased dishes. Alongside their now-legendary sausage roll, everyone’s fave bakery chain is back to brighten up your breakfast, lunch, and maybe even dinner with two new vegan options. This time it's baps and sandwiches. The vegan sausage bap features a plantbased Quorn sausage topped with your choice of sauce, of course, all sandwiched between a tasty toasted roll. All that for an affordable £1.90.

Credit: Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat plans to enter 445 new retailers in the UK. In January this year, the Beyond Meanwhile the baking brand’s Ham and Sausage launched into Sainsbury’s ‘Cheeze’ baguette sounds like the ideal stores and this month the retailer is lunchtime sarnie. It consists of Quorn ham nearly doubling its distribution of alongside cheddar-flavoured vegan cheese the Beyond Burger nationwide. slices and is priced at £2.95. Moreover, Waitrose recently launched both products across its stores, making the meat alternative even more accessible.

Speaking in a statement sent to Vegan Food and Living, Chief Growth Officer at Beyond Meat, Chuck Muth, said:“These new and expanded retail partnerships in the UK serve as strong proof points that Europe’s appetite for plantbased meat and Beyond Meat Credit: Greggs products, in particular, is on the However, the baps and sandwiches won’t be rise.“We know our customers are looking for alternative protein rolling out nationwide just yet. A spokesperson options that taste great, and due for Greggs told Metro: “Over the coming to consumer demand we’ve weeks we’ll be trialling our delicious Vegan been able to grow rapidly to Ham and Cheeze Baguette and Vegan Sausage Breakfast Roll in a very small number make plant-based meat options that are better for the planet and of shops, with a wider launch planned for more accessible to all.” later in the year.”


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Vegan Spaghetti & Meatballs The amount of people turning to the vegan way of life has been rising rapidly in the last year. According to a recent study, approximately 600,000 Brit’s had turned to the vegan diet. This is said to have skyrocketed in 2020. Rising by a whopping 40% in the last year to around 1.5 million. What a great result for the animals 1.5 million of us are no longer eating! With so many more of us turning to the vegan diet, we thought it might be fun to share some of our favourite vegan meal ideas. Method ●Heat the olive oil a frying pan and add the onion and chopped mushrooms. Fry over a low heat for 10 mins or until softened. Add the garlic and paprika and cook for another minute. ●Put the black beans and oats into a food processor and blitz until mixed well. Tip the mixture into a bowl and stir through the breadcrumbs and cooked onion and mushrooms. ●Take out the mixture, season and roll into balls. Leave to cool in the fridge while you start on the sauce. ●For the sauce, heat 2 tbsps oil in a pan and add the onion. Fry over a low heat for 10 mins or until softened. Add in the garlic and chilli and cook for a further minute. Stir through the tomatoes and season to taste. Simmer in the pan for 20 mins. ●Pre-heat the oven to 180C/160C fan. Heat the remaining oil in a non-stick frying pan over a medium heat. Add the balls to the pan and fry for 5 mins until slightly brown on the edges. Then transfer to a baking tray and place in the oven for 12 mins. ●Once out of the oven, add the meatballs to the sauce and mix to coat. Serve with spaghetti or pasta of choice. The Lifestyle Blogger UK

Ingredients o ms ● 30g mushro oil ● 3 tbsp olive d onion e p p o h c ly e ● 1 fin cloves ic rl a g d te ra ●2 g paprika d e k o m s p ● 1 ts lack beans b n a c g 0 0 4 ●1 x oats ● 50g rolled adcrumbs re b h s e fr g 0 ●5 ● Spaghetti e For the sauc oil ● 2 tbsp olive d onion e p p o h c ly e ● 1 fin cloves ic rl a g d te ra ●2 g li flakes il h c f o h c in ●P c ho pped s n a c g 0 0 4 ●2 x tomatoes

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Made of Stronger Stuff Our bodies reflect change in the world around us. Psychologist Kimberley Wilson and Dr Xand van Tulleken ask one body part at a time - how much control do we have?

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