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Never mind, Gary you still went on to win the There is nothing old about Gary Oldman, even if he "ain’t no spring chicken!" He was born on the Evening Standard Award as Best Newcomer for your interpretation as the psychologically 21st March 1958, which makes him an eternally damaged Sid, in “Sid and Nancy!" youthful Aries, with a spontaneous, childlike enthusiasm that keeps his finger on the thespian Since then we have watched this astounding pulse. How and why? thespian blast his way through Oliver Stone’s Lee Well, the "why's" of his show biz charisma are Harvey Oswald in “JFK”, shine in the coveted role of Sirius Black in the “Harry Potter” series and plain to see. The "hows" might be a little more shake us to the core as the iconic Detective difficult to comprehend, so we will let the astro James Gordon in Christopher Nolan’s genial explain. Perhaps it all began when he played the “Batman Begins” in 2005 and “The Dark Knight” creepy and charismatic Prince of Darkness in in 2008!  He is a multifarious creature, a Coppola’s masterpiece “Bram Stoker’s Dracula!” chameleon, mixing and merging the colours of Gary literally burned up the screen, in fact his versatility, pulling all he needs out of “hat after  talents were recognised by the Academy of hat”, with something akin to God like bravado! Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, and he was awarded Best Actor for that particularly So why is Gary such a one-off talent? Blame that stunning celluloid creation. Sun and Moon in Aries again, that particular combo ensures the “Stunning” and The fact that Gary “blasts” communicative energy from every single pore with Sun in Aries/ Moon “Fearless!” nominative follows him wherever he goes! To boot, if you add on an ardent fire sign in Aries is a given at this stage of the commitment to life itself, few would be surprised proceedings. That particular starry duo, to learn that one of Gary’s favourite roles is encourages Gary's “blood and thunder” style on Winston Churchill in “Darkest Hour”. It won him stage and screen, knocking his fans sideways his Golden Globe & BAFTA! without fail! Who else could change a look, accent, voice and screen presence at the drop of He said in a recent interview “Playing this role a hat?  Who else could excel in the role of a particularly has been a real honour and a psychotic Sid Vicious? privilege. Above and beyond what accolades may or may not come my way, the Churchill family Gary was not that enthusiastic when he was have responded to the film and particularly to offered a starring role in the movie hit “Sid and the representation of him very well.” Nancy”, he said "I wasn't really that interested in Sid Vicious and the punk movement. I'd never Perhaps the Churchill family responded because followed it…... The script I felt was banal and they "got" that like Winston, Gary’s high voltage 'who cares' and 'why bother' and all of that. And I demeanour leads him where angels fear to tread, was a little bit sort-of with my nose in the air and risking till he can risk no more? In fact, some sort-of thinking 'well the theatre – so much more people might turn to putty in Gary’s presence superior' and all of that." just as they did in Churchill’s!

Oldman’s background is strictly working class South London; his dad was an alcoholic sailor come welder who abandoned the family when Gary was seven years old. Childhood trauma did not crush our Gary. But the question remains, how come “our man” went for a thespian career, since no show biz genes whirled around his DNA? Gary told Charlie Rose in 2002 that there was "Something about Malcolm McDowell, (the gifted sixties actor and star of Stanley Kubrick’s “Clockwork Orange”), that just arrested me, and I connected, I said, 'I want to do that'.” In fact, Gary went on to do "just that" again and again! He studied with the Young People’s Theatre in the seventies, keeping his head above water by selling shoes and working in an abattoir. However, he was rejected by the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, who told him to go pound sand elsewhere. So, who is eating humble pie now? Of course, RADA’s rejection did not hold Gary back.  Why?  Well, Moon in Aries ensures he is tenacious, that he knows how to relate to the right people, plus he is a synch with “the masses!”  Folks love his performances because they touch hearts, he moves our souls. He is the "never say die" character we all want to be! Sooner rather than later Gary from South London was getting noticed in the showbiz milieu! Mercury in Aries helped him gain a foothold!  Talk about intensity! Could his soul be on fire?  Well, his Mercury certainly sets the world alight. In fact it is the cause for his extreme “light 'em up!” resonance.  Certainly, he “does not hang about” in the nether regions, wasting his talent. Gary goes for the high note when it comes to roles, love and life, in fact he might need a cup of chamomile tea before he retires of a night, just to calm down and get some sleep! Merc in Aries guarantees "hyper" but does not include having a lot of patience, which could account for Gary’s four divorces! But like most things in his life, Gary keeps going till he gets it right, he apparently thinks he got it right in 2017, when he married a beautiful lady somewhat younger than himself, a certain Gisele Schmidt. She undoubtedly will help him live happily ever after in some magical castle on top of some hill!

In the meantime, Mercury in Aries will continue to do all it can to highlight Gary’s youthful resonance. Gary is prone to relapse into the odd "teen scream", but is way too charming to annoy forever! However the “No Gary, it isn’t going to happen” phrase is probably often repeated, as some Hollywood director or two, hits the roof! Gary is not exactly stroppy on location, but he is exacting! Inspiring, yet unusual Venus in Aquarius makes him edgy, ensures those "out of the box" tendencies challenged an irritated Hollywood who stood him in the corner from 2000 to 2003: his lowest career point. But he is far too talented to be ignored for long, eccentric or not, the moguls just could not help themselves. Gary is a genius, so Gary was back! Gary shrugs; he does not have time for stick in the muds, no visionary or idealist ever does! At this point you might ask whether his astro placements could get more “fiery” and “fringe?” We have a surprise for you?  Yes, they could! We just must not forget Gary’s fabulous Jupiter in Libra.  It ensures our man is gracious, extraordinarily talented, and willing to learn. He emerges into the spot light with flair, mixing and matching, excelling those “entertainer vibes”. Gary is an idealist when it comes to his craft, Aquarius makes sure of that, an actor who loves his fans, who loves people in general and knows how to interpret their lives on the big screen; that attitude ensures Lady Luck is on his side when it comes to a show biz career. As he matures, Gary will just have to come to terms with his nit picking Saturn in Saggy; a restrictive side to life that clashes with his constant need to expand. Yet, in the final analysis, Saggy never lets him down, that planet always ensures he laughs at himself, even when he feels blue, even when he has not hit the pulse in a role, or found peace in his personal life.. No two ways about it, Gary plays the thespian game to the hilt.  He once said “I like celluloid, I like film, I like the way that when a movie is projected it sort of breathes a little in the gate. That's the magic of it to me.”

‘Now that type of magic can only be inspired by a Sun and Aries Moon, the astro just adores Gary Oldman and so do most of us! We rest our case!’ Philip Garcia Celebrity Astrologer

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You won't want to miss 100 Years Younger in 21 Days... It’s Real Marigold meets Celebrity Fit Club, with an impressive line-up of household names. Some of the group are now paying the price for a showbiz lifestyle, while If you’ve ever wanted to see soap Sandra’s takeaway diet has taken its toll legend June Brown, actress Claire King, on her health. former Catchphrase presenter Roy The ‘100 years younger’ goal is a Walker, ex-EastEnder Sid Owen, Benidorm star Sherrie Hewson, musician collective endeavour. The brave group Shaun Ryder, ex-Goggleboxer Sandra will aim to cut a combined century from their total biological ages. They’ll spend Martin and astrologer Russell Grant 21 days on the sunny Italian island of undertake a group health challenge, Sardinia, which has to help with then this four-part series is for you. These ‘well-loved and well-worn’celebrities are motivation. Sardinia is one of five ‘blue zones’ around the world. These areas attempting to turn back the clock on have populations which commonly live ageing. healthy lives up to the age of 90 and They’re a varied bunch, with individual even 100. issues. Casting aside vanity, the group They have a crack team on hand to will each reveal which aspects of their health, fitness and appearance they’d help. No-nonsense nutritionist Thor, perky like to work on. They’ll undergo rigorous personal trainer Simone & dermatologist Dr Chopra are on a mission. tests to reveal their body’s true age. Starts at 9pm on Tuesday 27th February on ITV

ARIES Work will be stressful at the beginning of March, with too many responsibilities being heaped on your plate. The Full Moon on the 2nd will tear you away from a relaxing interlude, making you irritable. Try not to take out your frustrations on a colleague who is suffering just as much as you. It's not their fault you are in this situation. By forming an alliance, you can chip away at your list of things to do. On the 17th, the New Moon will give you an opportunity to withdraw from public life and enjoy some solitude. If you're in love, this would be a great time to connect in a meaningful way with your partner. Stay away from annoying distractions like social media, 24-hour news cycles and phone calls from needy friends. Another Full Moon on the 31st urges you to recommit to a partner or break up altogether.

TAURUS A romance will meet a turning point on the 2nd, due to a pivotal Full Moon. It's time to decide whether you're going to get serious or part ways altogether. If you are in a committed partnership, things will be tense between you and your amour. Don't let your practical approach to life undermine your love. A group activity on the 17th will be more fun than expected, thanks to a relaxed New Moon. If you've been looking for love, you will find it with one of your teammates. Have you been yearning to develop your creative talent? An accomplished artist in the group will be happy to mentor you. This will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Make sure you attend a festive party towards the middle of March. A flirtatious conversation will give you an attractive glow. On the 31st, a second Full Moon urges you to clear out clutter and tidy your work space.

GEMINI Your living situation will be difficult at the start of the month. A Full Moon on the 2nd urges you to find a home where you feel supported and nurtured. If you live too far from work, think about getting a place closer to your job. Spending all your time commuting has a suffocating effect on your personal life. Look for a place that is close to a park or garden. Beautiful plant life has a powerful effect on your outlook. The New Moon on the 17th marks an exciting career opportunity. Getting a promotion will allow you to exercise your creative muscles. Be open to learning advanced techniques from colleagues. At times, these lessons will be intense. When someone pushes you hard, strengthen your focus. The skills you acquire will serve you well and contribute to further career success. Another Full Moon on the 31st warns against rushing things with a love affair or creative project.

CANCER An upsetting exchange on social media will get under your skin. It's best to stay away from threads involving politics, religion and current events. Someone who posts an offensive remark on the 2nd is looking for a fight. Taking their bait will be serious cause for regret. A comment made in anger could come back to haunt you; wait a full day to respond to upsetting remarks. The New Moon on the 17th will excite your spirit of adventure. Launching a business, going back to college or going an overseas trip are among the possibilities. You're tired of following the rules. Stepping out of your familiar routine will be liberating. If you're single, you'll meet someone special as a result of taking a gamble. Do you have a partner? Taking a new direction will bring you closer together. On the 31st, a second Full Moon will cause disruptions on the home front. Prepare for a family quarrel.

LEO Money from a job will be less than expected on the 2nd, due to a tense Full Moon. Let this be a lesson moving forward. If someone has violated a contract, you will have to get help from a legal professional to recoup your fee. Think through whether you want to go to the trouble and effort of a court battle. It may be better to cut your losses and leave this behind you. On the 17th, the New Moon helps you draw closer to someone you love. Whether you decide to move in together or get engaged is immaterial. The important thing is making a commitment to someone who has been loyal through good times and bad. Being the recipient of unconditional love has made you a better person. A second Full Moon on the 31st urges you to be on the alert for someone who is taking credit for your ideas..

VIRGO It will be difficult to talk sense to a friend, romantic partner or business colleague at the beginning of March. The Full Moon on the 2nd has you working at cross purposes. Although it pains you to do so, it may be necessary to step aside and allow them to make a terrible mistake. The New Moon on the 17th finds you making a fresh start with someone special. If you've been fighting with your amour, take this opportunity to forgive past mistakes. Are you single? You could meet someone special at a spiritual, cultural or artistic gathering. This psychic connection will be powerful and reassuring. It's a relief to finally be with someone who understands your quirks and admires your quest for perfection. Beware of a tendency to be hypercritical with your amour. On the 31st, you may be tempted to leave a steady job. Don't quit until you find another position.

LIBRA The Full Moon on the 2nd brings a painful secret to light. You feel betrayed by someone who kept their motives hidden from you. This manipulator will try to get back into your good graces. Don't be fooled by their apparent apologies. Well intentioned friends might urge you to forgive and forget, but turn a deaf ear to their advice. You're not going to be fooled again. On the 17th, the New Moon presents an ideal opportunity to start a job. Working for a company that appreciates your creative ability will be refreshing. Have you been worried about your health? This would be a good time to start a fitness regime. Improving your diet, taking regular exercise and getting more sleep will make you feel better. When you treat yourself well, others will do likewise. A second Full Moon on the 31st causes friction in a close relationship. Your partner will disapprove of your plans.

SCORPIO A group project comes to fruition on the 2nd. If you've developed tender feelings for one of your teammates, keep them to yourself. The object of your affection has been maintaining a false front. When you get to know them outside of this alliance, you'll see some unpleasant qualities that are highly disturbing. If you're looking for love, you'll have a much better chance for finding it on the 17th. That's when the New Moon will put you in the path of someone who excites your imagination. Are you already in a relationship? Seize a chance to showcase your creative ability. Selling your work to a publisher, boutique or gallery will be a tremendous source of pride. Word will spread of your talent and you'll get some special commissions. On the 31st, the Full Moon will urge you to release a grudge. Dwelling on the past is making you bitter.

SAGITTARIUS An embarrassing situation could occur on the 2nd, due to a tense Full Moon. Someone will try to blame you for their mistakes. Instead of getting defensive, it will be better to accept this accusation with good grace. An executive who understands the score will reward your noble attitude. The New Moon on the 17th draws an excellent property deal into your orbit. Take this opportunity to buy or sell a house. Alternatively, you could welcome someone into your household. Making space for a baby, elderly relative or roommate will be cause for celebration. This addition to your home will make it a happy, cheerful place. Have you been arguing with a relative? Take this opportunity to extend an olive branch. The Full Moon on the 31st urges you to monitor the company you keep. Break ties with a shady manipulator who pretends to be your friend.

CAPRICORN A creative project will get a mixed reception on the 2nd. The Full Moon has created an air of confusion. Some people will instinctively love your work, while others will simply dismiss it. Try not to take the rejection personally. Instead of letting a disappointment get you down, use it as a launch pad to future success. On the 17th, the New Moon prompts you to launch an advertising campaign, blog or writing project. Discussing a subject that is close to your heart will pave the way to strong friendships. It's reassuring to realise others feel as passionately as you about certain books, movies and musical styles. You're tired of feeling like an outsider. Make some alliances; they'll serve you well in surprising ways. A second Full Moon on the 31st urges you to conserve your energy. Don't let a person flatter you into accepting a thankless job. Protect your interests. AQUARIUS Go over your financial statements with a fine-toothed comb on the 2nd. That's when the Full Moon will bring some troubling information to light. If you discover fraud or unauthorised activity, notify the authorities immediately. If you discover a romantic partner has been accessing your account, you must cut ties immediately. Don't listen to lame excuses. You deserve a relationship that is founded in loyalty and trust. The New Moon on the 17th attracts a lucrative job offer. Taking this position will put you on the path of financial stability. It will also be emotionally fulfilling. Getting paid to help others will renew your faith in humanity. There are many people like you who are working hard to make the world a better place. Join forces; you won't be sorry. A legal matter could come to a disappointing conclusion on the 31st, when a second Full Moon highlights a fundamental injustice.

PISCES A troubled partnership could finally come to an end. The Full Moon on the 2nd will convince you to explore greener pastures. Saying goodbye to a friend or romantic partner who doesn't meet your needs will be a relief. If you've been working with an unappreciative business associate, you'll finally be able to part ways. The New Moon on the 17th invites you to do something nice for yourself. Changing your hairstyle or revamping your wardrobe are among the possibilities. The important thing is to put your needs first. If you've been longing to go on a glamorous trip, book your tickets. This holiday will be empowering. Instead of doubting your abilities, your self-confidence will become stronger than ever. This is great news. A large payment or financial gain will be delayed on the 31st, when a second Full Moon cultivates greedy behaviour.

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Firefighters’ marathon effort for Grenfell survivors A group of 18 firefighters who attended the Grenfell Tower blaze are set to run the London Marathon in a bid to raise vital funds for groups supporting local people affected by the fire. They are also fundraising for the Fire Fighters Charity, which continues to provide physical and psychological support to the firefighters who attended the blaze. The firefighters were amongst the first to arrive on the scene of the Grenfell Tower fire on 14th June 2017. Seventy one people are now known to have died and it is the worst residential fire we have ever dealt with.

Nine of the firefighters are from the Red Watch at North Kensington Fire Station and the other nine are from the Red Watch at Paddington Fire Station.

The Paddington crew are taking part in the Marathon in full firefighting gear, including breathing apparatus, meaning they will be wearing an extra 30kgs of weight. In total there will be 53 London firefighters running the Marathon, that number includes the 18 running for Grenfell.

Firefighter Martin Gillam from Paddington fire station said

Fire Commissioner "proud" of firefighters London Fire Commissioner, Dany Cotton, said

● Donate to Paddington Fire Station Fundraising ● Donate to North Kensington’s Fundraising

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She’s Special Because: she is bright, dazzling and energetic. She loves to be active and doesn’t care if the dusting doesn’t get done. She’s a great friend and she always wants to be a part of things. She’s determined to make sure that her family gets as much as possible out of life. She knows how to have fun and she never stays mad at you for long. She will always take an active interest in your life and friendships. She will never lie to you or try to curb you with unrealistic demands or expectations. Gifts to delight her: a new mobile phone, driving lessons, a lottery ticket, diamond ear-rings, a crystal vase.

She’s Special Because: she is loving and dependable. Whenever you need her, she will be there and she always knows how to help sort your problems out. She is sensible and practical and great at creating order out of chaos.Your Taurus mum is the stable and steady influence in your life that makes you feel safe and secure. She will always mean what she says. Your Taurus Mum doesn’t play games with you and you know where you stand with her. She will never let you down. If she makes you a promise, she will keep it. Gifts to delight her: A bunch of flowers, something for the garden, a hand-crafted gift or painting.

She’s Special Because: she is lively, witty and always on the go. She knows how to keep everyone occupied and you’ve learned so much through watching and listening to her. She’s talented and imaginative and able to do a dozen things at once. Sometimes you might wonder whether she’s superhuman. She’s bubbly, dynamic and full of fun and she knows how to keep herself young. She will always make life interesting and exciting for her family. She will never inhibit you with too many household rules and regulations. Gifts to delight her: a book by her favourite author, a good fountain pen or set of calligraphy pens. A weekend city

She’s Special Because: she is sensitive and cares deeply about her family and friends. She’s intuitive and instinctively knows what to say and do to make you feel good. She will celebrate your successes and encourage you when you are down. She is strongly protective and she will work hard to create a happy, secure and loving family environment. She will always keep the home-fires burning. Her family is the most important thing in your mother’s life and you feel safe in her love and protection. She will never do anything to hurt her family. Gifts to delight her: A box of chocolates or bouquet of flowers. A romantic novel or video. A Robbie Willliams CD.

She’s Special Because: She’s loving, affectionate, cheerful and vivacious. She lights up your life and the life of everyone she meets. Your friends envy you for having such a jovial, happy and cheery mum. Nothing seems to get her down. She’s generous with her time and money and takes an avid interest in your hobbies, leisure pursuits and your academic and career goals. She will always want the best for you and she will make personal sacrifices if need be for the happiness of her family. She will never try to curb your natural talents. She will encourage you to make the best of your abilities. Gifts to delight her: A necklace or ear-rings with colourful stones. An original drawing or painting.

She’s Special Because: she’s so She’s Special Because: she has a reliable, steadfast and consistent. happy, playful and perky personShe has bags of patience and ality. She hardly ever argues she puts a lot of time, energy with you and she knows how and thought into how to keep to get you to do as you’re told, her home running smoothly. without ever having to raise She will always be there when her voice! She uses her charm you need her and she will ento wind everyone round her courage you to look after your- little finger, and you love her for self through good eating habits it. She will always encourage and regular exercise. She will and support you, whatever never show her emotions too your aims, aspirations, needs or readily. She shows the strong beliefs. She will never manage love she feels for her family, her household with rules, reguthrough the things that she lations or routine. Hers is a does for you. Gifts to delight more easy-going approach to her: she’ll tell you ‘not to both- housework and raising a family. er with a gift’ but she doesn’t Gifts to delight her: Anything really mean it. A bunch of flow- colourful, fancy and bright. Perers, box of chocolates. Keep it fume and beauty products. A simple. Nothing too expensive. romantic historical novel.

She’s Special Because: she is so in control. She is intense and passionate about whatever she does and through her influence, you will have learned the benefits of determination, resolve and purpose.You feel you can always rely on her because there’s no-one quite like her and you’re so lucky to have her as your mum. She will always run an organised and orderly household. She takes her family life very seriously but she will have lots of interests outside the home too. She will never waste her time and she will always find something for you to do with your time! Gifts to delight her: Wine. Perfume. A meal at her favourite restaurant.

She’s Special Because: she is big-hearted, with big plans, big ideas and big hopes. She’s never bored and she amazes everyone because she has so much energy and vitality. She is more concerned with making sure her family are content and happy than whether or not the housework gets done. She appreciates you for who you are and respects and encourages you to follow your own Star. She will always offer positive encouragement and enthusiastic support whenever you should need it. She will never expect her family to live a humdrum existence. Gifts to delight her: plan a family activity trip or holiday. Give her an experience she won’t ever forget.

She’s Special Because: she is so cool, calm and collected. She is a devoted and dedicated mother. She runs a neat, tidy and orderly household and she’s never in a rush. Somehow things always get done, even when pushed for time, and she never seems to panic or fret about anything. She is reliable and dependable and committed to her family. She will always be a trusty influence in your life. Her unruffled nature helps you to cope with whatever life throws at you. She will never lose control of her emotions or show her feelings too openly. Gifts to delight her: A purse or handbag. Something ‘useful’ and be sure that it’s good value for money!

She’s Special Because: she’s so unpredictable, impulsive and spontaneous in her ways. She is friendly and everyone and anyone is welcome in your home. She is versatile, multitalented and flexible. Nothing ever surprises her and no matter what her age, she will be modern in her outlook. She’s special because she’s so different from anyone else’s mum! She will always encourage you to think for yourself. She will never try to curb your independence. Gifts to delight her: Plan a surprise party and invite all her friends and relatives. Give her something she’s not expecting and she will be over the moon.

She’s Special Because: she is imaginative, intuitive and perceptive. She always seems to know what you’re thinking and you can’t keep anything from her. She won’t make too many rules and she runs a laid-back household. She’s sympathetic when you need understanding and stern when you need firm guidance. She is someone you will always be able to confide in and she’s special because she knows how to make you feel special too. She will always make you feel as if you can really talk to her and she will always understand. She will never be overly strict or authoritarian. Gifts to delight her: Flowers, chocolates, perfume. Discreet jewellery. Glassware or a hand-crafted ornament.

Sir David Attenborough to present BBC One's Dynasty

World renowned naturalist and broadcaster Sir David Attenborough will present Dynasty, a brand new five-part landmark series from the multi-award winning BBC Studios’ Natural History Unit, to air later this year on BBC One. Each episode of Dynasty follows individual animals - lions, hunting dogs, chimpanzees, tigers, and emperor penguins - at the most critical period in their lives. Each is a ruler - a leader of their family, their troop, their pride each determined to hold on to power and protect their family, their territory and their dynasty. The odds are stacked against them - our planet is changing at an extraordinary rate and the habitats these animals live in are under increasing pressure, not least from the impact of humanity itself.

From the team behind Life Story and Planet Earth II, this is an intense portrayal of the lives of these animals as they unfold, day-by-day, hour-by-hour, where the tiniest incident may end up having a huge consequence on their future. Their chances of success depend on their own strength of character, their choices and on luck. But these animals do not operate alone - their success or failure will also hinge on how they work with, or against, their own families.

This series will show for the first time what an animal must do to create and maintain a dynasty, and leave the most important legacy in nature.

A BBC spokesperson said ”The wonderful David Attenborough will inspire audiences once again when he brings the natural world to life on BBC One with Dynasty. Four years in the making, capturing extraordinary family dynamics and behaviour, I hope these intimate animal dramas will connect with audiences just as Blue Planet II and Planet Earth II did." Episode one of Blue Planet II was the most watched programme of 2017, drawing in an audience of more than 14 million viewers.

“After making Planet Earth II it’s very exciting to now have the chance to show another, and I think even more intense and gripping, perspective on the lives of our planets most impressive, yet vulnerable creatures”.

Inside Royal Caribbean’s

Symphony of the Seas The world’s new biggest cruise ship

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You value your independence and enjoy the freedom to decide what you are going to do, where you are going to go and when without having to ask for permission. A possessive partner or controlling friend is taking too much interest in your affairs. This makes you feel stifled. If you aren't getting as much out of a friendship or relationship as you had hoped, unless their attitude changes, you might rather not continue.

A relationship is growing closer with each passing day. You will openly admit how important someone is to you. Your ability to put yourself in other people's shoes makes you popular among your friends. Your family, neighbours and workmates know they can trust you and value your sensible advice. Although it might seem as if you are listening to one hard up story after another, you will always strive to give help and comfort. Your compassion knows no bounds.

You're restless and this makes you impulsive. You would rather do something than do nothing. This is why you are inclined to act on a relationship matter before your partner is ready. You're tired of waiting for them to decide on what they want to do. Don't be surprised if your impatience upsets them and adds to problems you're already going through. Socialise and this will keep your mind off any upsets or emotional upheavals that are going on behind closed doors.

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You want to know the outcome of a recent test or interview. There's not a lot you can do until you receive official notification. Push this out of your mind as there are plenty other things you could be getting on with. Events at this time will bring a lot for you to smile about when it comes to your close relationships & friendships. Have fun but don't do anything rash. This isn't the time for haste or impetuosity.

If you're single, lonely and looking for love, join friends whose company, you know from past experiences, you will enjoy. If you are new to your area, find out what groups there are that might put you in touch with like-minded people. If you are in a committed relationship you have some serious thinking to do. It's understandable you feel anxious when you’re making a big decision. Be sure not to let anyone influence you before you make up your mind.

You are focused, determined and ambitious. You have already decided where you want to go and hope your partner and family will support you. It will mean a lot to you if you and your other half can start taking steps now to reach a mutual goal. Are you single? Someone you meet will flatter you with attention but accept flattery and flirtation for what it is and don't build your hopes up too high. Remember too that looks can be deceptive.

Philip Garcia’s L




When you are in one of your loving Libran moods, people find you charming and irresistible. If you are single, don't be surprised to discover you have a number of admirers. Choose to go out with someone who has a sociable and fun-loving nature. Volunteer work and fund-raising activities will be rewarding. Emotions are heightened and it's impossible for you to hide your feelings. Everything you do for those you love, will be with the best intentions.

There are a few things you need to get straightened out with a partner. Some issues will cause tension. Joint decisions need to be made. If you are in a long-term relationship this doesn't have to be anything as drastic as a separation but you do need to move forward in the same direction. A long-standing disagreement can be ironed out. Prospects for mutual understanding are better than they have been for a while.

A friendship could turn into something more romantic, if you are single and this is something you’ve been secretly longing for. You might take advantage of this harmonious phase by trying to improve relationships with colleagues & clients who have been difficult lately. Someone close may not be feeling good later on but with you being your natural bright and breezy self, your company will cheer them up.

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A private, intimate matter needs to be discussed. You might bring this subject up a few times but your partner doesn't want to hear. If your social life is busy and it's hard to find time to be together, wait until the end of the month and then insist your other half faces up to new responsibilities. Friendships are a little tense. If you feel as if someone is deceiving you or cheating on you, it might be best to call it a day.

Friends and family are hoping you will share your feelings. Unless they know what you are thinking, they may make choices that go against your wishes. Take every opportunity offered to express your needs and desires. Although you are sociable, being frank and open doesn't always come naturally to you. When you do open up and receive such caring, affectionate responses, you will be glad you agreed to a heart to heart discussion.

You're hoping to hear from someone with some good news and it's unlikely you will be disappointed. By the end of the month you will have good reason for a celebration. You're in the mood to spend, to lend and to have fun with friends without counting the cost. If you can afford it, splash out on a pamper weekend or surprise your partner by booking a holiday somewhere very romantic and exotic. It can be fun to be spontaneous.

Essential oils to aid sleep If you’re struggling with sleep, some people have discovered how Essential oils can help to aid sleep. There are so many oils available, so the trick is finding which essential oil your body and mind likes the best. Everyone is different with a unique response to smells and aroma’s. One oil might send someone to sleep but not do anything for someone else. Finding the best oil that suits you is a bit of trial and error, but once you’ve found your magic combination, life will never be the same again as you enjoy a peaceful visit to the land of nod…Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Lavender is commonly used to calm an active mind and can be good for nervous feelings. It can help you unwind before sleep and also has great benefits for the skin.

Miaroma Ylang Ylang Pure Essential Oil has a relaxing, floral aroma and is said to help restore confidence and equilibrium in the mind, as well as uplifting the mood. Miaroma Chamomile Blended Essential Oil is found to be very beneficial for comforting and calming both the mind and body. Often used to ease low moods and to create inner peace.

The unique woody and delicately spiced sweet aroma from the heartwood of West Australian sandalwood, revered since ancient times, imbues calm and positivity to the heart, mind and body.

Light by AromaWorks Mandarin & Vetivert Reed Diffuser will transform the ambience in your home. Fresh citrus top notes of Italian Mandarin and Bergamot combine with warming Indonesian Vetivert and spicy Frankincense.

Lemongrass & Bergamot Room & Linen Mist will transform the ambience in your home. The heart note of warming West Indian Lemongrass is enhanced with fresh citrus top notes of West Indian Lime, Chinese May Chang and sweet Mandarin grown in Italy.

Dream Meanings They say we all dream of owning a precious gem one day, whether it’s a huge diamond engagement ring or a string of pearls. These type of dreams can have various meanings linked to your personality and current issues in your life. Gems are thought to be symbolic of your deepest thoughts and personality. These will be your innermost feelings that you don’t generally discuss or reveal to others. Gems are linked to pleasure, riches and the high life so their general meaning is a positive one in terms of your personal life, your love life and business affairs. Dreaming of gems may mean that you are tempted by material possessions but this should act as a warning that you need to learn that a materialist world will not guarantee you happiness and sometimes you have to go without and live within your means!

To dream of Amethyst predicts some unexpected good news which will give you peace and contentment. Aquamarine indicates happiness in your love life. But if you lose it, be careful where you place your affections as you may be being played for a fool! Coral represents friends. Wear it and you’ll bump into an old flame. Simply see it in your dream and your social circle and friends will widen further.

Jade is a sign of prosperity. Some difficult task which involves a lot of careful thought will come right for you. You may need to involve others to get the best advice and feedback from your peers. Sad news is on the way if you see Jet. This wont necessarily be a bereavement but it will upset you. Opals are a sign of good luck, whereas Pearls suggest your wealth and social status are about to go sky high! But you will see the reverse if you see a broken string of pearls. Wearing Sapphires is a warning not to be so impulsive. See them on others, and influential friends are about to give you a lift up the social ladder. Zircons are a sign you have misplaced your affections. Is your partner really the right one..?

Diamonds are not as good an omen as most people think! If you own them in reality they signify losses. If you don’t, then dreaming of them means small profits are en-route from a recent project. Find a diamond and there will be unhappiness in your family. There will be difficulties over an inheritance if you see emeralds. Selling or giving them away means a split with a lover. Simply owning them is a sign of good fortune and a lucky streak.

Finding, stealing or being given a gem when you’re not aware of what type it is indicates a period of unhappiness and depression. But lose one and you will make unexpected gains. A fake gem is a sure sign that some vicious gossip is going around about you!

To help remember your dreams, try keeping a dream diary. On waking, don’t get out of bed or even change position. Keep a note pad/pen at your bedside and record everything you can remember.

Make your bedroom more homely… Your bedroom is the most private space in your home. Your beautiful boudoir should be a place that makes you feel calm and relaxed, a place that welcomes you to unwind and feel at peace. With all the mayhem circulating our day to day lives it’s so important that our bedrooms feel lovely and laid back whilst also reflecting our personalities. Even things like choosing the right pillow or bedding for you can make such a huge difference to how you feel when relaxing in bed. Here’s a few simple tricks to make your bedroom feels extra special in every way De-Clutter In order for our bedrooms to feel calm we must first ensure they are organised and free of clutter and mess. And what better time for a spring clean, than, well, spring! Take the time to sift through your wardrobe and get rid of any clothes you no longer use. Whizz around your room looking for items that you don’t need anymore and see how this de-cluttering process can instantly transform the space Take a look at the furniture in your room and see what adds to the overall style and what pulls it down. Remove any bulky furniture that is not needed to create more space. As your bed is the main feature in your bedroom consider if it is doing the space justice. Perhaps it’s finally time to treat yourself to the bed you really deserve. Have a look around to see what style beds would look really great in your room and shop around for some great deals. Now Focus on the Detail So now that you have your bedroom looking spick and span now is the time to really hone in on the finer details such as gorgeous homewares. There are so many places you can get both affordable and more high end homewares these days so it's hard to know where to start looking. This is the really fun part (well I think so anyway) as it’s always the little details that bring any room to life. Look at adding fresh flowers and plants to breathe new life into the room. Personalise with photos and little sentimental items that remind you of good times and put your style fingerprint on it with art that reflects your individual style and personality.

Look at the textiles in your room and replace worn out rugs with new, colourful, bouncy textures that feel soft and comforting between your toes. Add warm, cosy throws and cushions to your bed to add interesting layers and a unique dynamic to your inviting sleeping space. Create Mood and Atmosphere Lighting is the top way that you can add a soothing atmosphere to your desired room. Using lamps and accent lighting will ensure that you don’t have to endure any more harsh lighting after a long day at work. Avoiding overhead lighting and focusing solely on pretty lamps will mean your boudoir looks inviting and relaxing. Candles are great for creating a relaxing and inviting space. I love watching flames flicker and dance, it's so relaxing and almost hypnotising. Using candles not only adds a calming, soothing ambience but will also fill your rooms with beautiful scents for you to enjoy. Some scents such as lavender are actually scientifically proven to help you relax; great if you suffer with anxiety or buzzy-head syndrome. With our day's beginning and ending in our bedrooms this is an essential space to invest time and creativity in order to make them feel as special and relaxing as we deserve. Becky describes herself as a thirty-plus, Cotswold dwelling blogger with a love of natural beauty, candles and anything super fluffy! Read Becky’s blogs at

Russell Grant’s Art of Astrology Based on the 12 key signs of the Zodiac, their planetary rulers and mythological archetypes, Russell Grant's Art of Astrology is a colouring book which explains the Sun signs and planetary connections and what our colour choices reveal about us. With over 90 unique images and designs, the book offers a unique guide to reading our Sun signs and their mysterious mythological symbolism. Readers can colour in the pages before reading about their choices and how they connect with their sign, alongside Russell's insightful colour analysis. Russell says: “As a child colouring books were my favourite pastimes. The different pencils in rainbow colours were my greatest gifts from family: I still have them all now over 50 years later! Colouring in is an easy way to calm the mind, occupy the hands and release your creative potential. The repetitive action focuses the brain, blocks out intrusive thoughts and creates a state of peace of mind. With my astrological expertise and love of colour, I reveal the way the colours we choose can reflect how we’re feeling and how to interpret our inner selves.”

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Kim from Bath asks “Would love to ask you about decisions I’ve got "three "parts of my life been in a rut for years ..?” Kim is a Virgo and she also has Mercury the planet that helps with decision making in Virgo and Mars planet of action in this same sign. Virgo is a practical, sensible and analytical sign. Normally once a decision is made, Virgo will stand by it. Over the past few years, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus have been reaping havoc through Kim’s chart and it’s hardly surprising that a number of areas of her life are out of joint. Kim wishes for long-term security and stability. Disruptions break her stride and make her anxious and for some time now, she will have felt as if she has had no control of her life or future. She may have been trying to help someone close through troubled times and this will have had an impact on her life too. Big changes will have occurred on the home front and all the time Kim has tried to cling on to what is familiar and comfortable. Before she can go any further, Kim might find it helpful to analyse recent choices and actions so she doesn’t repeat past mistakes and the good news is that although it will take time and there Beatrice asks when find happiness..? are still changes to come, (London) life will become a lot easiershe’ll and relationships happier.

Lorraine from Stoke On Trent asks “What is going to happen this year..?” For all Leos, with Jupiter in Scorpio, your family life and activities in the home will give you a lot of pleasure. Leo is a generous sign and you will enjoy going above and beyond the call of duty for your family. Your loved ones need you and by encouraging them in their aims and proving their achievements are important to you, you will forge a happier family life. This would be a good year to launch an extensive renovation job. There may be some objections to your ideas or plans in May and September and no matter what the situation, hold on to your temper. Home improvements will take time but you will be very pleased with the results. Lorraine will enjoy success through sport and other competitive endeavours in March and October. An overseas journey will feel liberating and Lorraine will have a good sense of timing which will help her take advantage of opportunities to improve her future prospects.

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PEBBLES ONE You walk along a lonely pebbled beach.  You feel discouraged. A job or a relationship has lost its meaning.  Stuck in a rut you sacrificed adventure for financial security, passion for boredom.  You feel as if you have let yourself down.  But, then something amazing happens, a new opportunity comes your way, out of the blue a beautiful turquoise gemstone appears on that grey beach. It foretells of sudden breakthroughs, it ensures there is still so much to live for, a long-awaited pregnancy, a love story, a new work contract.  Your destiny will change, you will be released from your burdens You walk away from mediocrity and follow a higher path.  The path of the heart! PEBBLES TWO You have been at a crossroads for some time!  You are weary.  You walk to the edge of the ocean! Bathing your tired feet in gentle waves, you stare up at the sky; no matter how challenged, you are vibrant and alive, one with life and nature.  You decide to let faith lead you on.   You decide to trust you will know what to do, and where to go.  You expect a miracle as heaven opens your heart to the truth, your truth. You realise you are a capable person who can resolve anything once you set your mind to it.  This is the end to a life phase; and the start of another, a corner is turned a new way is found. PEBBLES THREE Your heart has been broken; amidst the grief you know it is time for a revamp. Things will have to change if you want happiness. You say a prayer and trust that beautiful new structures will emerge from the ruins of doubt and fear, the stones of lack and regret are no longer relevant, luck will not pass you by.  You quit running away, you stop putting yourself down.  It is time to believe in a new you, in a new future.  You speak your truth, You reach out, dedicating yourself to others, and before you know it your dreams come true.  It is possible to love again, to hope again, to open your arms to a new lifestyle.

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March Horoscopes, Gary Oldman, Zodiac Mums, Love Horoscopes, Mother's Day Gifts and more..

Russell Grant Magazine  

March Horoscopes, Gary Oldman, Zodiac Mums, Love Horoscopes, Mother's Day Gifts and more..