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Barbara Windsor: 'I’ll be here for her', promises Russell Grant

Russell Grant said: “To hear that Barbara Windsor, who brings us so much joy on and off screen, is living with Alzheimer’s disease breaks my heart." “She is the most kind, giving and honest-as-the-day-is-long person. “To think she mouthed ‘I am sorry’ across the room to her husband Scott when she received her diagnosis says it all – she knew how devastating this condition can be for everyone concerned. But she has absolutely nothing to be sorry about. Dementia doesn’t discriminate – it can affect anyone. “And Scott’s decision to go public with her diagnosis needs to be applauded – shared experiences help bring dementia out of the shadows. It’s so important. “I love Barbara and I will always be here for her and Scott. I’ve said many times since the 1990s how we must work together to defeat Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, and I’ve been working with the Alzheimer’s Society as an ambassador for a number of years now to play my part.”

Typical early symptoms of Alzheimer’s include regularly forgetting recent events, names and faces, becoming increasingly repetitive and regularly misplacing items or putting them in odd places. Recent figures show that 850,000 people are estimated to be living with dementia in the UK today, with Alzheimer’s being the most common cause of dementia, accounting for two-thirds of all cases. There has been a 56 per cent rise in the number of people diagnosed with dementia since 2011.

Why diagnosis of dementia is important Diagnosing dementia, and which type of dementia someone has, is important. It will ensure that people can get the right support and treatments and can plan for the future. Your GP is the first person to contact if you have any worries about your health. If your GP suspects dementia, you are likely to be referred to a memory clinic or specialist. These specialists may include old age psychiatrists, geriatricians, neurologists, clinical psychologists and memory nurses. When you see a doctor or nurse with concerns about your memory or thinking, they will ask you about your symptoms and medical history. They may also speak with your partner or someone close to you about your symptoms. You may be asked some questions relating to your memory and have a physical check-up. There is a range of memory tests available, and you might take one or more of these during your assessment. Because dementia gets worse over time, the tests may be repeated, perhaps after six to 12 months, to see if there have been any changes. Other tests, including blood tests and brain scans, could be arranged. Very occasionally, your doctor may arrange an EEG (brain wave test) or a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) if they suspect a rare form of dementia. In a lumbar puncture, a needle is used to take a sample of fluid from the bottom of someone’s spine. Together all of these things will help a doctor find out about any problems in memory or thinking and the likely cause.

For information and support visit the Alzheimer’s Research UK website


Ambulance has won a BAFTA award for ‘Best Factual Series’ The fly-on-the-wall documentary series follows the amazing paramedics from the West Midlands Ambulance Service. The third series is currently running on BBC on Thursday nights at 9pm. The first series followed London Ambulance Service, switching to the West Midlands from Series two, which attracted around 4 million viewers per episode.

West Midlands Ambulance service press officer, Claire Brown, Rich Phillips, who is a controller in the emergency operation centre at Brierley Hill, and paramedic Katie Cartwright, at the Television BAFTA awards.

The programme, which was made by Dragonfly TV, and goes behind the scenes of West Midlands Ambulance Service and looks at the staff and patients who they help 24-hours-a-day. Kirsty Cunningham, executive producer of Dragonfly Television, said: “We couldn’t have made it without patients and their families, who we satellited into their lives at unknown times, allowing us to tell their stories, but really, this series goes to the heroes in green. “It was our privilege to be able to capture the way they work with such compassion and care. It’s our love song to the NHS this series.” Katie said: “On behalf of West Midlands Ambulance Service, we’d like to thank Dragonfly for portraying the ambulance service for what it really is. We’ve had an amazing time and can’t believe that we’ve won; we’re so excited.” Claire said: “The programmes show just how amazing our staff are. Although the programmes can’t show everyone that works for us, whether on an ambulance, in a control room or in the many roles behind the scenes, it has given the public a real insight into what the ambulance service is really like. “Thank you also to the hundreds of staff who have helped make the programmes possible.” West Midlands Ambulance Service covers 5,000 square miles across seven counties, including Warwickshire. It currently receives around 4,000 calls a day and announced before Christmas that it is taking on 270 student paramedics to cope with rising demand.


A Special Gift When Father Christmas placed a special gift under the Christmas tree on the 25th December 1954, it came in the form of Annie Lennox, the bonny Scots lass who grew up to take the world by storm. Annie has won a total of eight Brit awards plus the title “Champion of Champions”. In fact this “Myth in Her Own Time” Sun and Moon Capricorn is a delectable being who embraced a stellar music career, but also dedicated her life to activism and philanthropy. In other words, she does not just do “Diva style.” He Worshipped Little Annie Annie’s dad, a shipyard worker, doted on his daugher. She was special, afterall the lass had a talent for music and a pocketful of dreams.  One of them was to become a classical flute player.  But Annie was surprisingly introverted, and when she went to London to study at the National College of Music she found it hard to relate to other students. Eventually her considerable skills saw her beating her shyness and playing flute with a group called “Dragons Playground.”  However, realistic Sun and Moon in Capricorn

insisted she faced facts, “Dragons” would never take her far and there was no inspired breakthrough for Annie. The good news is that Big C “Capricorns” insisted she got Big C “Committed” to someone who changed the music scene forever.  Enter Dave Stewart; and the famed creative partnership that gave birth to “The Eurythmics”. Dave told the Guardian” I know just about every tiny molecule of Annie….“I can’t think of any other couple that did what we did – to break up and then start a band. Sonny and Cher did it the other way around: They were famous, then they broke up. What we went through was insane.” Insane or not, Annie told The Independent “At the very beginning when Dave and I were trying to make this music together in the Eurythmics, at the core of it all was this urge to create something of value and meaning that people would connect to and that would affect them. “Now if I meet people in the street they say things like, ‘Wow I grew up with your music’. I don’t know them but they know me through music. It’s very interesting to me. It clearly worked.”   Obviously that Dave and Annie magic was more than insane, it was pure genius. Feather Head Dresses Annie’s melodious voice coupled with those green and orange hairdos, that ET look, those feather head dresses, and the carnival style make up artistry did more than just work, her edgy

performances touched the hearts of millions. A multi dimensional original had stepped on to the music scene, she was what we wanted to be. She helped us go beyond our limits and we hit a sort of celestial high note along with Annie.  She said “A stage persona allows you to work in a very different way from what you are like in normal circumstances. So what is Annie like in “normal circumstances?” Well, she recognises the inevitably of death for starters  She told the High Profiles Website that “when you have a close-up, in-your-face experience of it, you realise (unless you’re terribly impervious) that, you know, this is just a temporary journey and you are not in the driving seat – or, if you are, you are not in full control.” Believing in something greater than herself is part of Annie’s “normal circumstances”.  She said  “There are things you can either survive or – and if you’re going to survive, how are you going to?  Annie survived the loss of her son baby Daniel to a still birth and saw her beloved daughter's boyfriend of years, die in a Kayaking accident.  She also watched both her parents die of cancer. Some might say Annie faced tragedy and loss by becoming a money raiser for HIV AIDS. She was appointed Order of the British Empire by the Queen for her"tireless charity campaigns and championing of humanitarian causes!"

These days, faith and commitment Oldman, Elton John and her beloved, sparkle and shine even more than hit but now lost, David Bowie. She relates, songs like “Why” and “Walking on she connects, she empathizes she gives Glass” even more than her own inevi- her all to loved ones in the good and the table demise. Annie’s Aries ascendant bad. Afterall, she believes “to everything has a considerable part to play in her there is purpose!” visions of survival.  It ensured she went Annie’s Jupiter in Cancer heightens a beyond introversion as a shy teen. It caring vibe, people trust her.  That water gave her the gumption to face personsign resonance ensures she is a al tragedy.  It guides her show biz destiwonderful mother to Tali and Lola, the ny; and ensures she stands out as a daughters she had with Israeli producer “bold as brass” star.  In fact, that astro Uri Fruchtmann, her husband from 1988 combo cheers on the consistently to 2000. “Out there” Annie, especially when it  But then, Cancerian style Jupiter has comes to pure artistry. always been on Annie’s side, encouragOther Worldly Language ing “out there” fame, but also "in there But it is the “Mars in Pisces” Annie, the home sweet home”, a place where she intuitive dreamer, the visionary, who can contemplate inner worlds in her taps into those “other worldly” creacosy armchair. tive states. Mars in Pisces sometimes How Did She Do it? catches her  unawares however, and With Venus also in Scorpio Annie keeps she struggles with “inside out” feelings. her intensity safe from prying eyes, her She strives on nonetheless, never givvery personal world is under wraps. She ing up, not until she writes one of the trusts folks who understand the word beautiful songs we know and love. A “Confidential” and adhere to its rules. Mars in Pisces "twister"  probably in Okay, she might want to control things spired the lyrics of “Dark Road”-“I now and then, she might even want to can’t find the joy within my soul, it’s “go through the mill” and spiritually die to just sadness takin’ hold, I wanna come be reborn. Whatever our Annie wants, in from the cold and make myself her amazing gifts will continue to move renewed again..... I wanna kick these us to the core and accompany those blues away, I wanna live again…” important moments in our lives. A Soul with Great Karma Blame all that creative glory on a stupendous Sun in the Tenth House. That astro position shakes her soul.  It ensures success comes easy as the years pass. She appeared on stage at the 1988 Nelson Mandela Birthday concert. Her friends are Sting, Gary

Philip Garcia Celebrity Astrologer

Aston Merrygold

The JLS singer revealed in an interview with Metro, he was surprised with renewed success of his single ‘Get Stupid’ which was released over three years ago. Aston said “Samsung said they wanted to use the song on their worldwide advert, so everyone has found the track again and has opened up new territories for me” Aston also revealed how fatherhood had changed him; “My son’s just over three months old but you have to adapt quickly. There’s no training!” Aston admitted having time to waste in his teen and twenties but is now more focused and wants to spend much more time with his family and watch his son grow. Aston added “He’s a good boy so I’m getting lots of sleep” ‘Aston will be joining forces with Louis Smith and Harry Judd with a dance show ‘Rip It Up’. Aston said the show has “a 1960’s theme. It’s dancing with a live band and I will be doing some singing. Harry will be doing some drumming. It’s a really energetic show and I can’t wait for rehearsals to begin” When asked what lessons his music career had taught him, he said “Never celebrate until you’ve signed on the dotted line. A lot of people love to talk and make a lot of promises but I’m old enough now to know not to celebrate until everything’s signed and completed. I’m a lot harder-headed than I was in the past.”

Get Stupid is out now,

TV favourites

The final series of Versailles is heading back to BBC Two at 9pm, Monday 4 June

Our Girl star Michelle Keegan, uncovers some exceptional women in her family tree, as ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ returns for a new series, Weds 6 June, 9pm BBC One

Good news for fans of The Durrells: ITV has announced that the period drama is getting a fourth series, with filming set to begin in Corfu later this year.

ITV has confirmed filming for the ninth series of detective drama Vera is underway

Nothing Like a Dame

Nothing Like a Dame is a unique celebration of the lives and careers of four of our most iconic actresses: Dame Eileen Atkins, Dame Judi Dench, Dame Joan Plowright and Dame Maggie Smith. All four have gone from being fledgling actresses in the 1950’s to acting royalty. They’ve watched each other’s careers grow and bloom and have celebrated life’s ups and downs together. Nothing Like A Dame invites you to spend time with these acting legends as they talk about their lives and their professional experiences across theatre, television and film. Directed by Roger Michell (My Cousin Rachel, Notting Hill), the film also includes a range of astonishing archive material. Candid, funny, caustic, irreverent, poignant and utterly engrossing, this unmissable release is proof that there is truly nothing like a Dame… Watch on BBC2 9pm 2nd June

June Horoscopes from Russell Grant

How will the New Moon on the 13th and the Full Moon on the 28th affect your Sun Sign‌?

ARIES The New Moon on the 13th invites you to make a sales pitch, begin a social media campaign or start a writing project. At times, you'll become muddled. When this happens, step away from your work and keep busy with routine chores. After an hour or two, a breakthrough will occur. Before going public, make sure you show your work to a person whose opinion you trust. They'll alert you to potential problems. Instead of clinging stubbornly to your original version, be willing to tweak it. The more user-friendly your work is, the more successful it will be. It's possible you'll leave one job for another on the 28th, when the Full Moon marks a turning point in your career. Accepting a position with heavy responsibilities will work well for you. These considerable duties would make many people crumble, but not you. Your peers and superiors alike will admire your hard work, tenacity and strong leadership ability.

TAURUS A fresh moneymaking opportunity will arrive on the 13th, courtesy of the New Moon. You will enjoy the work involved, but your colleagues will be less than impressive. Your hard work and diligence will be seen as a threat. Instead of trying to win the approval of the group, remain true to your style. Your employer will reward your diligence with plum assignments. Soon, you'll be able to leave a lacklustre department for a more successful one. The Full Moon on the 28th will find you collecting a degree or certificate. Alternatively, you could have a piece of written work published. You've been working hard to acquire expert knowledge. Reaching your goal is cause for celebration. Once the party is over, you'll have to go straight back to work. Although you will long for more down time, it will be gratifying to secure a job so soon after you've established your mastery.

GEMINI You're ready to make a fresh start, but don't make any changes that will compromise your professional prospects. Getting a radical hairstyle or adopting a fashionable and stylish look could put you out of the running for an impressive job. It may be better to adopt a temporary change that can be easily abandoned when it's time for work. Although you hate being held hostage by conservative attitudes, it's better than being out of a job. On the 28th, your deepest feelings will come out in the open. It will no longer be possible to hide your passion, anger or resentment. If you've developed a crush on someone special, confess. Are you upset at someone who has dumped their responsibilities on your shoulders? Put your foot down. Coming clean will relieve a great deal of stress that has been building. It's also possible that a car or appliance will break down. Choose a replacement that has a reputation for being well built.

CANCER On the 13th, you'll feel the urge to rest, relax and recuperate from a busy social season. Before you get too comfortable, you will have to attend to a legal or business matter. Giving a court deposition or going on an overseas trip for work will keep you busy towards the middle of June. Once you've crossed this big responsibility off your list, you'll be able to take a break from the action. The Full Moon on the 28th brings a partnership or contract to completion. After fulfilling your responsibilities, you might be pressured to keep this arrangement going. Be ready to break away, even at the risk of looking callous. You're tired of waiting on a hypercritical person who is never satisfied with your efforts. Working for appreciative people who value your efforts will give your confidence a big boost. Take the first step to a more rewarding future.

LEO A cutting-edge collaboration will be more challenging than expected on the 13th, due to a tense New Moon. There won't be enough money in the budget to do this project justice. As a result, the team will start squabbling. If someone tries pinning the blame on you for this failure, fight back. You can't afford to have this shoddy work palmed off on you. If you meet a charming person at a party in mid-June, think twice about giving your personal information to them. You don't want to become victim to somebody who preys on strangers for money, influence and status. The Full Moon on the 28th prompts you to reconsider how you are using your time, money and energy. Being more resourceful will help you meet increased personal and professional responsibilities at the end of June. If you feel tired and anxious, scale back your schedule and get your rest. Don't push your body past the breaking point.

VIRGO A career opportunity on the 13th isn't all that it is cracked up to be. The New Moon is urging you to make a job change, but there will be hidden elements to this job that are very unpleasant. Working for someone who isn't sure what they want will be maddening. It's better to hold out for a boss who has an impressive track record. If you're put in charge of a division that lacks adequate funding, you should avoid making grandiose promises. Be truthful about what you can accomplish with such a limited budget. On the 28th, the Full Moon will mark a turning point in a romance or creative project. You might decide this relationship or venture is just too much trouble. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a situation where you're doing all the giving without receiving anything in return. Raise your standards at the end of the month.

LIBRA An opportunity to travel, publish or teach will arrive on or around the 13th, thanks to an adventurous New Moon. There will be strings attached to this opportunity, so beware. Hidden expenses, additional responsibilities or inflated promises will make you regret your decision. Instead of dwelling on your disappointment, try making the best of a bad situation. This experience will enrich your horizons, but only after it has tested your patience multiple times. The Full Moon on the 28th creates drama on the family front. A stern relative may discourage your plans to become more independent. Instead of letting this family member break your spirit, renew your resolve. Moving into your own place or becoming romantically involved with someone they dislike will be empowering. You're tired of winning other people's approval at the expense of your own happiness. Stand up for what you want, even at the risk of having a quarrel.

SCORPIO An investment opportunity arriving at mid-June is too good to be true. The New Moon will tempt you to back this exciting venture on the 13th, but all is not what it seems. You're dealing with someone who talks a good game but has nothing to show for their claims. After doing some research into their background, you'll decide it's better to keep your hard-earned cash. Advise friends and family to stay away from this manipulator, too. On the 28th, the Full Moon will prompt you to say what you see. Confront someone who is taking advantage of their position. You're the only one brave enough to challenge their abusive behaviour. If you remain silent, lots of vulnerable people will be hurt by their actions. Notifying the media can lend extra weight to your warnings. The last thing people like this want is negative publicity. Call their bluff.

SAGITTARIUS On the 13th, the New Moon will tempt you to enter into a business or romantic relationship. Don't jump into anything too quickly. Your feelings are muddled and with good reason. You're dealing with someone who blows hot and cold. Trying to anticipate their reactions will be a waste of valuable energy. Hold out for someone who says what they mean and means what they say. The Full Moon on the 28th brings a nice little boost to your bank balance, but you'll have to spend it on some expensive necessities. Take this opportunity to replace kitchen appliances or computer equipment. Alternatively, you might have to buy a car. Such a purchase may be boring, but it's essential to your day to day operations. If you don't have reliable equipment, you'll lose the lucrative work assignments you desire. Postpone luxury purchases for another time and meet practical needs instead. Even a dreamer like you needs a secure base from which to launch bold ideas.

CAPRICORN Starting work on a project will be cause for alarm in mid-June. Someone who isn't clear how this work will be performed will give conflicting instructions on the 13th, due to a deceptive New Moon. It will take a great deal of time and energy to sort out your priorities and form a plan of action. With a great deal of patience and persistence, you'll figure everything out. Don't let the head of this operation take credit for your hard work. Your colleagues will rally around you, insisting you are put in charge of future operations. The Full Moon on the 28th will invite you to do something special for yourself. Instead of putting other people's needs first, you should enjoy a spa treatment, holiday or afternoon nap. If anyone dares accuse you of being lazy, be prepared to set the record straight. You're tired working around the clock while everyone else has fun.

AQUARIUS The New Moon on the 13th opens the door to a passionate relationship. Beware of trying to buy someone's affection. If this relationship is meant to be, your amour will be satisfied with you on any terms. You deserve to be loved for who you are, not for your purchasing power. If you're already in a relationship, an argument over an ethical matter will break out. It's time to decide whether you can stay with someone whose values are radically opposed to yours. On the 28th, you will be challenged to let go of an old grudge. This doesn't mean you have to forgive someone who performed a terrible injustice. It does mean you must train yourself to release your anger and resentment over this issue. Stop dwelling on this betrayal and set your sights on the future. The sooner you make a fresh start, the happier you will be.

PISCES Finding a place to live will be more challenging than expected. The New Moon on the 13th invites you to lower your expectations about living spaces. You can have two of three options: Cheap, well-located and luxurious. Getting all three is impossible. The sooner you accept this inconvenient truth, the easier it will be to find a spot to rest your head. The Full Moon on the 28th could cause you to break away from a group that no longer meets your needs. An influential member will be personally insulted by this defection, but it can't be helped. Remaining part of this organisation will compromise your reputation. Take a stand and assert what you truly believe. You'll be lonely at first, but this will be better than feeling like a hypocrite. Soon, many other members of the group will follow your lead. There is something rotten in Denmark. Exit stage left.

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Summer Solstice

Stonehenge is an ancient prehistoric world heritage site which has been a place of worship and celebration at the time of Summer Solstice for thousands of years. Please note that last normal day admissions to Stonehenge is on Wednesday 20 June at 13:00 and the site will close at 15:00 in preparation for Summer Solstice Managed Open Access. Stonehenge is closed on Thursday 21 June and will re-open at 09:00 on Friday 22nd June.

Stonehenge is a significant World Heritage Site and to many it is sacred please respect the stones and all those who are attending. Admission to the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge is free of charge. We hope the weather will be kind and wish you a peaceful and celebratory solstice.

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Bohemia Suites and Spa The adults-only Bohemia Suites and Spa has snapped up a spot on Gran Canaria’s southern tip, just five minutes’ walk from Playa del Ingles’ sweeping beach. This hotel takes high class to the next level. Its 360-degree rooftop restaurant lines up bird’s-eye views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Maspalomas Dunes. If that wasn’t classy enough, this place deals in fine dining. Cuisine-wise, fusion dishes of local products combined with international cooking techniques. After you’ve had your fill, claim a seat at the open-air Atelier cocktail bar. The hotel’s spa is Asian-inspired, offering Thai and Bali-style massages, as well as quirky treatments including the Thai Herbal Compress Massage. Plus, a luxury hammam is also available. Marbella Nido Suite Hotel & Villas Marbella Nido Suite Hotel & Villas is also reserved exclusively for adults, and sits on Corfu’s east coast. Scenery-wise, it’s bracketed by olive groves and the blue-tinted coastline, making for a typically Greek, picture-perfect escape. Suites come as standard at this place. They’re all decked out in neutral tones, and kitted out with balconies and terraces. You can even opt for a suite with a private Jacuzzi or pool. But that’s not all – every suite comes complete with eyewidening views of the Ionian sea and its islands. If you can tear yourself away from your room, the hotel’s beach sits at the front of the hotel. This beach has earned itself a Blue Flag. Loungers and parasols are scattered around, so you can pick your place and kick back for the day. The infinity pool’s an ideal spot for chilling-out, as well – its sunbeds come complete with cushions and thick, relaxation-ready mattresses.

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Philip Garcia’s L




A friend's sullen mood could have something to do with the success you are enjoying in either money, romance or both. You have something to celebrate but there is someone who doesn't seem keen to share your happiness. Your partner or another loved one will want to discuss a holiday they're planning for later in the month. Because what's being suggested is something neither of you have done before, be willing to sit down and plan thoroughly.

Someone who is close to you needs a hug. Why keep your own feelings bottled up inside? Get your hopes out into the open. Let that person who is always on your mind know how you feel about them. Everything will seem to go your way during the first half of the month. You have everyone eating out of the palms of your hands but don't take this for granted or misunderstandings around the 14th could disturb the harmony and friendship you have been enjoying.

Togetherness is a strong theme all through June with a special person in your life, at the top of the ladder. Romance is platonic in that your lover is also your best friend. Talks around the 10th will be meaningful. You will be getting together with your family to discuss the future. New avenues of joint interest will open up for you later in the month and partnerships entered into will be successful. Important plans will be made as June ends.

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You need time to consider the practical and financial implications of all invitations received. You also want to think over some situations you are involved in. You have an extremely hectic schedule and it might be impossible to fit in all plans you have for the month ahead. Some ideas people are suggesting could make you nervous, in which case, don't join in. Confide in a trusted friend. Getting someone else's opinion will help you make confident decisions.

Loving relationships are a top priority this month. Your aim will be to spend as much time as you can, with the people in your life who really matter. Your charisma and charm will attract others to you, either for work, social or romantic reasons. Don't be surprised to find your social circle expanding. Are you single? The atmosphere at a party or social get together will give you the courage to approach someone you have fancied for some time.

A partner is constantly trying to force their ideas and opinions onto you. If you can arrange to have some space from one another at some time, this June, this will give you a chance to turn this matter over in your mind. Later, if you both want this relationship to work, you might get together to sort things out between you. The ideal partner for you is someone who shares your aims and interests and respects you for who you are.

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Your social life is hectic but are you making the wrong people a priority? A close friendship needs some extra kindness and flexibility. Loved ones need more support and understanding than usual, not less. You might find it hard to please people you love but don't give up. Later in June you will be arranging to treat some friends who are celebrating a special anniversary. It won't be easy to keep this a secret, but you want to give them a wonderful surprise.

Resolve a conflict with your best friend or partner as early in the month as possible. Although they will not want to hear it, you need to discuss an issue that is causing tension. If you feel someone is only pretending to be happy, you might decide to give them some space to work out what they really want. Your job or new commitments your partner takes on will be the source of some minor concern later in June.

First appearances can be deceptive. Someone you never expected to like could quickly worm their way into your heart. You're in for a number of little surprises this June. Your stars urge you to be more open minded in your approach towards romance and relationships. The more flexible you are, the easier it will be to grasp opportunities presented to you. Someone you meet around the 21st will become a special part of your life in the future.

Love Horoscopes




Arguments will have a way of occurring over the slightest misunderstanding. You will need to choose your words very carefully or you could rub other people up the wrong way. By the 20th, emotions will have calmed down and you are more likely to resolve this dilemma. A friend will ask for your views on a problem they are having. If this involves a romantic issue, keep your lips tightly sealed.

A first date may be disappointing but at least give this a chance. Wait before you decide how you feel about a person you hardly know. There is more to someone on the inside than you are giving them credit for. Your presence will be required at an important community event when you may be presenting an award or giving a speech. If you keep thinking about an old friend, get in touch with them later in the month. They will be delighted to hear from you.

Early on, you might react negatively to some travel ideas your partner puts to you. Once you've had a chance to think about it, you might quite like their ideas. Conversations with someone you are introduced to mid-June will hardly take a minute, but you might sense you will be seeing each other again soon. Some occasions as the month ends will call for plain talking but you will still be careful about what you say.

Keeping your eyes safe this Summer Vision Express, the leading experts in eye health, has consulted a team of their optometrists to collate top tips for keeping your eyes safe in the sun, following research that revealed that when it comes to looking after our health this summer. Here are some interesting eye statistics... ● 78% of people said sight was the sense they fear losing the most ● 250 people every day will begin to lose their sight ● 24 million of us will be affected by cataracts at some point in our lives ●80% of people are not aware that an optician can spot the early signs of cardiovascular disease ●25% of UK adults haven’t had an eye test in the past two years or at all ●Only 7% of us will put eye damage at the top of the agenda this Summer ●10% of all skin cancers are found on the eyelids

Wear sunglasses even when it’s cloudy Make sure to wear sunglasses while outdoors at all times, even if your eyes feel fine, as some of the effects of too much light can be delayed just as in sunburn. Prolonged sun exposure has been directly linked to cataract formation and pterygium and are seen more commonly on people who spend a lot of time outdoors and in hot climates.

Size matters When purchasing a new pair of sunglasses, always make sure that the frames fit well and the lenses are large enough to stop too much light entering over the top or from the sides – this will be prevent harmful UV rays getting through. Have regular eye examinations The best way to protect your eyes is by having regular check-ups. These will highlight any sight problems or damage, such as cataracts, macular degeneration or skin cancer, and can determine other health issues such as high cholesterol and even diabetes. Protect from a young age Children are exposed to more UV rays compared to adults, therefore it’s crucial to equip children with sunglasses from an early age. Young people's eyes are more sensitive to UV absorption and under-12s are particularly susceptible because the clear lenses in their eyes are not yet properly formed. Consider polarized shades These lenses offer the best protection in the sun, blocking indirect glare and reducing the need to squint, which can cause muscle fatigue, headaches and eye strain. Polarized lenses reduce glare caused by the scattering of light from surfaces which makes them particularly useful when on or near water or other light coloured surfaces.

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Just as in our waking life, time plays a very important role in our dreams too. Any dreams involving time signifies an element of stress or pressure in terms of a specific goal or task that you are looking to achieve. In addition, it can also be a sign of reflection in which you are thinking about past events and your subconscious is making the point that time stops for no one and you may need to make important decisions as the clock continues to tick against you. Dreaming of time running out also suggests fear or anxiety in your waking life. This task is playing on your mind and even in your dream state you can’t switch off the associated stress and anxiety. Until it’s completed the dream may repeat time after time.

Worrying about the march of time and your age acts a warning to see a doctor as illness could be approaching. If you worry about your partner’s age then you may be being deceived by others around you. Fretting over a relative’s age indicates a death in the family but see old people in your dream state and it’s an omen of fantastic good luck & fortune.

Dreaming of events that occur in the afternoon and it’s generally good for your personal life in terms of career and wellbeing. A beautiful afternoon means good times are just around the corner. A cloudy one spells small profits and a rainy one indicates good business deals and profits.

Dream of making or keeping an appointment and you must give up some secret scheme you been working on in private. It just won’t work and you will be wasting your time and efforts on this endeavour. Write an appointment on a calendar and you are about to meet your ideal soulmate. Tear off a calendar page and a surprising present is about to be given to you. Seeing a clock indicates you should stop wasting your time. See yourself winding a clock and you are on the brink of a new and passionate love affair. See the pendulum of a clock and changes are about to upset your routine. You will need to accept them gracefully and all will be well in the end. Kicking up a fuss and being vocal will not change the outcome but it will cause upset for you and others. Dream of January when it isn’t the first month of the year and some perplexing problem will soon be solved. The answer will surprise you as it will be so simple. Disappointment and upset will become reality if you dream of March when it isn’t. Something you were expecting just won’t happen. April signifies a trip abroad to a place that you have never been too before. It will be a thrilling adventure! Dreaming of June when it is not is a sure sign that a new and exciting romance is about to begin. You will be swept off your feet with a very romantic lover who will woo you with traditional flowers, dinners and surprise gifts. See July at any other time of the year and you must be very cautious of all new offers. Delve into the finer detail before deciding what to do. Remember anything that sounds too good to be true, probably is so don’t get conned or misled.

Dreaming of Sunday on any other day is an omen of big changes at your work and home. This will be a major upheaval but the end results will be worthwhile!

To help remember your dreams, try keeping a dream diary. On waking, don’t get out of bed or even change position. Keep a note pad/pen at your bedside and record everything you can remember.

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Diane from Wiltshire Will my new business flourish and grow in 2018..? With the tenacity of Cancer and the creativity and confidence of Leo, there is every chance Diane’s business will flourish. For as well as the Sun in Cancer, Diane has Mercury and Mars in Leo. Diane is skilful and has a knack of making people feel special and important. She knows how to get results. There will be challenges ahead at times with Neptune making a hard link with Venus and Saturn in her chart. More positively, Uranus, planet of change connects with Jupiter suggesting progress and success through adapting to new circumstances. Career changes will also help Diane grow as a person and the only thing that might sabotage her progress is self-doubt. Diane should push past her fears and hard work, diligence and dedication will have positive consequences on her business.

Name: Agnes from Glasgow Will I move to a new home in 2018? With Uranus making some hard links to Mercury and Jupiter in Agnes’ chart, she is hoping that a move will help her break free from circumstances that are restrictive in some way. When anyone is feeling mentally & emotionally exhausted, breaking away can feel like a refreshing change. Although the latter half of the year will have its challenges and life is difficult for Agnes, she will never lose her sense of optimism and it could possibly be that by May 2019 she will feel her wishes have come true. Her home and family life is due a change and whatever form this transformation takes, it will be profound.

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