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Get out & about!

I bet I'm not the only one who’s thinking twice about getting out and about after the last eighteen months or so! Whilst the thought of life returning to some semblance of normality is exciting, the reality of actually doing it is a little tougher to process. I’m guessing that there have been times when you too have heaved a sigh of relief that an evening's plans have been cancelled! Many of us will have spent significant time, money and effort making our homes more comfortable. And once the curtains are drawn, dinner’s cooking and you're perhaps snuggled up with your pets or family the thought of showering and getting ready to venture out again, no matter what the weather’s like, is not especially inspiring.

much expenditure and can be a great way to set in place relationships which will be there throughout the long months ahead. Why not make the effort to get out and about! Visit friends. Even if you're simply calling round for a coffee, it's good to make the effort to keep in touch with friends and family once again. There are lots of ways to enjoy each other's company, perhaps by going for a walk, enjoying the garden or, more sedately, sharing photos, anecdotes and exploring their music collection. A little imagination can go a long way.

We may have financial considerations that deter us from making the effort to get out and about. Our job situation may be precarious, we may be planning our next holiday, looking forward to compensating ourselves for what we’ve missed out on and so are being careful about what we spend.

Invite friends to yours. Encourage friends to get out and about, and besides, it’s always good to have a reason to tidy the house! Suggest supper. Cheese and biscuits, a simple pasta dish or casserole is often a welcome meal. Guests will often offer to bring something. Let them contribute and you can reciprocate when you go to theirs.

But going out often only requires that we make the effort to turn up. Being sociable doesn't have to necessitate

What about a walking, running or cycling club? Many areas have groups already in place, but if you don’t want

to join an established group why not encourage your circle to join you in exploring the local area, each person suggesting somewhere they’d like to visit. Going for a walk or run either with friends or alone can be a positive investment in your fitness and, after so long indoors, is a great way to boost your daylight exposure. Exercising with friends or family can be a lovely way of reconnecting through conversation, competition and shared activity. Enjoy a regular walk in nature, game of football or beach run and have some precious 'me time' or 'us time'. Break free from your home, TV and the distractions of chores, homework and technology. Be proactive. Start a book club, where each person takes their turn to suggest a book for the group to discuss. Have a games evening. Cards, board games and quiz evenings are often such good fun that they're continued well into the year. Or a pamper evening where 'the girls' make the effort and turn up with their beauty products, perhaps bringing a bottle, enjoying a party vibe. Consider a training course. It's good to stretch ourselves and get out of our comfort zone. Use the opportunity to improve yourself, and commit to doing something you've been thinking about for a while. Exams don't have to be a factor, just make the effort and turn up regularly and learn a new skill. It could well be a stimulating use of your time. And, most times, when we do make the effort to get out and about the result is fun; we're glad we pushed ourselves to go. In fact, those reluctant, unplanned outings are often the best of times. We’ve no gleeful anticipation, no real expectations and we’ve perhaps made only a minimal effort to get ready and dressed-up. Those are often the most satisfying and rewarding times of all. But, even when we have made an effort to get out and about and it’s not such a brilliant time, all is not lost. At the moment, many places are struggling with the new rules, are perhaps understaffed or their remaining staff are fed up and feeling stressed. It may take a while for things to settle down. We can still enjoy each other's company, the fact that we’re out and about, whilst investing time in our friendships. Rather than feeling disappointed or that we've wasted our time let’s simply relax and go with the flow. Consider the next few weeks and months as an opportunity to adopt a more laid-back approach, chatting and laughing with family and friends, getting out and about, doing lots of different things. Be a little more tolerant, patient and allow things to move at their own pace. That in itself can bring its own satisfaction and reward. Susan Leigh - Counsellor & Therapist

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Important July Astrology Dates

Mercury in Gemini Square Neptune in Pisces You may have thought your idea was sound but be ready for others to point out flaws in your logic. While it cannot be as easily fixed as it is to find, it can send you down a new road of intellectual thinking which may in turn fix other problems. Just because you misstated something, that does not give others the right to cause you problems. There is a fine line between joking and bullying, do not let others cross it when talking about you or those around you. By the same token, be a little more understanding of others when they make mistakes, as the universe seems out to make everyone look like a fool right now.

New Moon in Cancer

Sun in Cancer Opposition After the last Pluto in troubles, the changes in Capricorn the stars caused, at Do not expect least this one is for the others to listen to you better. It is a time to rest and refresh. This is a time without question, nor should you blindly follow the of new and happier beginnings for all those instructions of others. This is a time to question the around you. This is also a dynamics of power, both good time to look those who have it and around your home. Take those who its thumb are a moment to really underneath. While it may examine your property, be impossible to change your roots, and your the world, that should not ancestry to help you to keep you from trying, fully understand what is important. Make note of especially if there is a call to action you are vested in. A the efforts others are few words and actions making to try to not only improve themselves but taken at the right moment also to establish a closer have greater importance than normal; if you have connection to you. It is been waiting to join a social important to feel reform movement, it is time comfortable in our to sign onto the campaign. homes and in our If you are not willing to bodies. You should speak up for those who make any decisions cannot speak for about changing up your themselves, then who do life as soon as you have you think will advocate in all the facts. your absence?

Vesta Enters Libra Life changes focus on you again but instead of looking outside for a worthy cause, concentrate on yourself, particularly on your love life. If you fall in love, you are doomed for heartache of some kind along way. There is no way to avoid it; there is no way for it to get better unless you go through the pain to the other side. The trip is long and never easy; but healing fires of passion can go a long way towards making it more bearable. Love and heartache also help to motivate you to reach for something just beyond your grasp. Love is all about the journey, it never has a destination or a roadmap to follow. Do not be afraid when love does not work out, instead just remember that each failure brings you one step closer to finding the right person. Venus enters Virgo You will be more critical about yourself and your choices. Although you are the ultimate judge of your activities, you should also be willing to consider extenuating circumstances before passing too hard of a sentence upon yourself. Life did not come with an owner’s manual; even if it did, it is not like you have access to replacement parts when needed. Complications in relationships with male authority figures is to be expected. You may find yourself doubting your own faith and belief systems, but that is part of growth and change. This doubt may even leak over into your romantic encounters; instead of getting upset at the actions of others, ask yourself what are you really doing to make this relationship work? Or are you only in this love affair for the physical activities?

Sun enters Leo Your focus finally moves to a more outgoing and playful mood. This is great as summer is in full swing and you should be outside, enjoying the fresh air and excitement of the season. You may not feel content in just being part of the team, instead you want to shine and let the world know you are here. Add a touch of colour and a little dash of drama to your life to help spice up your romantic encounters. You may find yourself leaning towards big, bold expressions of your love and desires for someone whom you had let go of. Stop being so vain and self-centred, pick up the phone and make a long overdue call. Atone for past mistakes and be sincere in your apology even if your motives are questioned; this is about you being willing to put the past behind you.

Full Moon in Aquarius Stop trying to go with the heard, instead focus in on yourself and what you want. This is a time to look inward at what your inner voice is telling you is your truth. Learn how to capitalise on what you want and what makes you unique from everyone else. While many people are fine getting up and working a boring office job for the rest of their life, is that really you? Is that what your soul cries out to do? Are you really a Boring Beige Betty, always trying to keep up with everyone else but not really happy? Or do you have an Interesting Ingrid inner personality that is dying to set off a colour bomb just to see how a black bathroom would look? If you have been repressing your inner child, let them off the leash.

Mercury enters Leo As if life has not been exciting enough, get ready to let loose and see where the road less travelled will take you. Today is a game changer for the rest of the summer. No more sitting back and thinking about changes, no more planning to do something new, and no more putting up with boring people. The world is waiting for you and there is no reason to stay home. Let your bold new sense of confidence show as you swagger into new and energizing places. Open your mouth and talk to people, even strangers on the plane, or sitting in a coffee shop. You cannot go wrong with just saying hello. What is the worst that can happen to you, you make a new friend? Or even perhaps get invited, dare we say it, on a date? Hey, it is not like they can take away your birthday, right?

Jupiter Retrogrades back into Aquarius While your energy level may not be propelling you forward, lack of energy is not going to hold you back either. While you may not be running at full speed just yet, that does not mean you are standing still in pursuit of your larger passions and goals. So, you have made some changes, and while you were fired up about them at first, this is crunch time. This is when your resolve gets tested to keep moving and not allowing yourself to fall back into some, dare we say it, boring habits. This year has been full of starts, stops, and pivots in other directions, but it is all still okay. You are on course to do something great, just adjust the pace a little. Even the fastest vehicle needs to take time to refuel itself. Mars enters Virgo It suddenly becomes all about the details. Expect others to be coming to you for clarification and asking for greater understanding of your plans. Do not let this throw you. Everyone has questions and concerns about everything. It is time to face it, this time last year was a mess, and so everyone is afraid to try new things. However, fear is the little death, it kills your hopes and dreams, and eventually drives you mad with boredom. So, the world fell apart last year, and it is not on too stable a footing right now, but life is about not fearing the future, but instead it is about learning to live in interesting times. As it turns out, the Earth is still turning, the wind is still blowing, and you are still here. Go out and get some fresh air, then tackle the problems as they come.

Natural Hay Fever Remedies

Finally, Summer has arrived here in the UK. The smell of BBQ’s are wafting through the air. As are the sounds of children laughing and splashing about in their paddling pools. The birds tweeting in the trees and the bees buzzing in the flowers. It’s a wonderful time of the year after the long, wet and cold Winter we’ve had. The once brown and uninspiring landscapes have made way for colour and beauty. However, for those of you who suffer with hay fever, this time of year means it’s time to get the tissues out and to feel totally bunged up for the next few months. To give you a helping hand, here are some natural remedies for fighting hay fever.

What Is Hay Fever? Hay fever is an allergic reaction to the pollen released by the grasses, trees and flowers around us. You might find only one triggers your allergic reaction. However for some, they can experience each and every one! You can have an allergy to tree, flower, weed or grass pollen, all of which have different times of release throughout the year. However, grass pollen is the most common.

There are particles in the pollen that contain a protein which causes inflammation, irritation and swelling of the nasal passages, eyes and throat. The pollen releases of a substance called histamine. It’s the histamine that gives us the symptoms of hay fever. Sneezing, itchy watery eyes, swelling & inflammation of the nasal passages.

Nature’s Finest Remedies Mushrooms – Renowned for their effect on the immune system and inflammation. Medicinal mushrooms are known for their immune-balancing properties, which help to retrain the immune system.

General Hay Fever Symptoms can include Sinus congestion, Watery eye, Excess mucus, Itchy nose & eyes, Red eyes, Inflamed nose, Headaches and Head feeling full, or foggy Those who are more prone to mucus accumulations will tend to suffer more from having a runny nose and eyes. Whereas, those who are more prone to inflammation will suffer more from itchy eyes, ears and throat.

Turmeric & Ginger – These herbs will stimulate the immune system and warm your digestion. The combination of these herbs is a specific remedy for allergic rhinitis, hay fever and colds. Histamine is naturally inflammatory, so add plenty of anti-inflammatory foods and spices in to your diet. Nettle – Nettles are thought to have the ability to block histamine activity. Not always the best tasting, but try having a mug of hot nettle tea on particularly pollen high days. Peppermint & Liquorice – The perfect combination for releasing congestion and mucus around the nose. Aloe Vera – A naturally cooling anti-inflammatory plant. You can use aloe vera on your skin if it’s feeling hot and irritated, as well as internally to help reduce internal inflammation.

Chamomile – A chamomile steam bath for your face could help those suffering with hay fever in a high pollen season. It works by clearing excess mucus from the lungs as well as reducing internal inflammation. Vitamin C – Known for supporting the immune system. Vitamin C may help to reduce histamine levels as well. Consider taking a vitamin C supplement with added bioflavonoids to help reduce the severity of your hay fever symptoms. Honey – Some people swear by eating honey local to their area to reduce their symptoms of hay fever. It’s meant to provide your body with some of the pollen from your area early on so you can build up a level of protection on high pollen days.

Every Day Tips To Ease Hay Fever Symptoms ● Drink plenty of hot water, mixed with fresh ginger and honey ● Choose easy to digest foods such as soups, grains and leafy vegetables ● Minimise the time you spend outside ● Keep windows closed at night ● Avoid anything containing dairy products, wheat and sugar, as these are mucus producing foods ● Wash your face and hands after being outside ● Dry your clothes inside your home ● Use a saline nasal spray to rinse out your sinuses

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Healthy Cooking

Healthy Cooking Made Easy with BBC Good Food Do you want to cook healthy and delicious meals from scratch that make you feel good too? This FREE TO JOIN course will take you on a food-first journey towards understanding what nutrition is, why it matters and how to apply its basic principles to your cooking. Guided by our health and cooking experts at BBC Good Food, you’ll learn how to plan, devise, and master nutritious, everyday meals. Explore the components of a balanced diet and discover how to apply these principles to your cooking What you eat affects your mind, your body and your energy – but you shouldn’t need a degree in nutrition in order to eat well! This course begins by introducing you to basic concepts such as nutrients, ingredient benefits and key equipment you might find useful in supporting your healthy cooking journey. You’ll be empowered to make informed decisions about the type of meals & recipes you choose to support your long-term wellbeing.

and troubleshoot potential failure points Discover new flavours and cooking i.e. food storage, equipment and methods to support your healthy eating leftovers. Each class ends with a new plans. Each week, you’ll master a new recipe to make and a supplemental healthy dish to add to your recipe recipe to experiment with further, plus repertoire, learn how to identify food links to a collection of recipes that might groups, plan your meals, and create prove useful in the future. healthy balanced meals in minutes. You’ll also discover how to anticipate, eliminate and troubleshoot potential failure points like recipe mishaps, planning and food storage. Each week, you’ll learn how to master a new healthy meal to add to your kitchen repertoire. The classes start with the very fundamentals of healthy eating, including understanding and identifying the key foods that support your health and why. As you work your way through the course, you’ll build on this knowledge, learning how to easily identify food groups, plan ahead and create delicious, balanced meals in minutes. Each class involves an investigation into your ingredient benefits and their purpose in your meal; an exploration of what learners already know, kitchen equipment and ingredient know-how, as well as how to anticipate, eliminate

This course also includes: ► How to properly identify macronutrients i.e. protein, fats, carbs ►

Understanding micronutrients and their sources

Creative ways to achieve your 5-aday

► ► ► ►

The benefits of colour and savvy seasonings in your meals How to achieve balance in meals The kitchen equipment basics Our favourite cooking techniques for preparing healthy meals

How do you heal..?

Healing tends to happen in its own time. Whatever is entailed, whether it be verbal, like an apology, an appeaseatory gesture of a bunch of flowers, or a medicinal treatment, perhaps a cream or an ointment or a more serious intervention, healing can take a little time. And sometimes even the slightest trigger, like a comment, gesture or physical movement can set the entire healing process back weeks, if not months. When we reflect that there are over 360 physical manifestations of stress, that fact helps us to appreciate how important the mind/body connection is and how healing is about supporting all aspects of ourselves. Becoming more insightful can help us to recognise that if, for example, our headaches inexplicably restart, our sleeping patterns become erratic, our mood or concentration is affected, these symptoms may be indicators that our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing need some attention. - Healing can happen when we learn to say 'stop' or 'no' when we're feeling tired or overwhelmed. By being clear about what's okay for us, protecting ourselves from over-committing, we get to understand ourselves better and become alert to any warning signs of stress and burnout.

- Doing things that we do well can be a great way to heal, especially if we've been through a tough or stressful time and experienced a significant blow to our confidence. Doing things where we feel competent and capable, where maybe others recognise and appreciate our skills, can provide an important boost and heal any negativity and self-doubt. - We may need to heal if an important relationship is going through a tough, fractious time. Being keen to remedy an ongoing rift may mean that one of the parties tries to extend a hand of friendship. But, if such a gesture is not seen as real and sincere it may exacerbate the situation and set any attempt at reconciliation back weeks, if not months.

- Making or receiving an apology can sometimes facilitate the healing

process, but it has to feel genuine and heartfelt. To make a good apology there has to be clarity about what the person is sorry for. For example, they may feel strongly that some things needed to be said or done, but are sorry for the way things turned out. Being specific makes for a more honest interaction. - But beware of falling into an apology cycle, where bad behaviour, rapidly followed by acts of penance or contrition becomes a regular pattern. There's no healing, learning or progression made from being in a situation like that. - Talking things through can can be a good way to understand each other's position and start the healing process. But both need to be in the same place in order to even begin gaining mutual respect. If one person is angry, upset and needs a few hours to calm down in order to think clearly, but the other wants to immediately talk everything through it can mean that there's already a stumbling-block that needs attention before things can begin to improve. - There may be occasions when other people suggest firmly that we need to take steps to heal! If we're regularly tired, irritable, unavailable physically or emotionally, they may be supportive and tolerate this for a while until there comes a point where they say, 'enough, this cannot carry on!' That reaction may be a significant enough reason for us to reflect on ways to make positive changes to our lives.

- Time in nature is often a positive way to support any healing. It's a good way to relax either alone or with friends and family. Taking some quiet, personal time can help to detach from stressful situations and maybe gain new insights and perspective. But, equally, spending time in nature with friends and family can be a good investment in the relationships, allowing time to talk, play, maybe exercise together and strengthen the bonds. - Nature also offers a good perspective on life. The changing seasons, occasional severity of the weather, witnessing how harsh or cruel life in the wild can be. Then seeing how well nature heals; a tree ravaged by a storm, birds losing their young to predators. But every day a new sunshine dawns, a new season gradually emerges and the cycle is repeated again. - When you're not feeling yourself, are unwell all that may be needed is a day or two's rest for you to recover and feel good again. Knowing that you're giving yourself permission to stay in bed, relax on the couch, maybe do nothing or have a little pampering me-time can be a great way to temporarily relish some time out and switch off. Nurturing yourself, just like you would a much-loved friend or family member, can be a great way to instil a positive routine of self-care, personal support and healing. But, if the feelings become more serious or persist, be sure to check in with your family doctor or have a chat with a counsellor or hypnotherapist to see if they can help treat the underlying causes. Susan Leigh - Counsellor & Therapist

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July Horoscopes from Russell Grant

oon New M

New M oon Full M oon

ARIES Finding time to kick back and relax will be difficult in the opening days of July, due to social and financial commitments. Breaking promises for the sake of fun could come back to haunt on you. The New Moon on the 10th favours family time. If you can't meet with your nearest and dearest, schedule a video conference. Mid-July brings a welcome opportunity to enjoy romance; it's a great time to connect with your significant other. On the 24th, the Full Moon will mark the completion of a group project that boosts your professional status. The final days of the month could find you working as a member of an upbeat team. Keep these relationships platonic for the near future.

TAURUS Family responsibilities could get on your nerves in the opening days of the month. No matter what you do, it may not be enough for a demanding relative. The New Moon on the 10th brings a welcome opportunity to realise a cherished goal; expressing your artistic side will be very rewarding. Mid-July is ideal for taking up a course of study. Attend an online class that has nothing to do with your job; it's important to have interests outside of work. Reaching a career milestone is a distinct possibility on the 24th, due to the ambitious Full Moon. After completing one job, you might be awarded one that is beyond your wildest dreams in the closing days of July.


GEMINI Finding a job that is worthy of your experience will be challenging at the start of July. Set aside time each day to send out applications and then turn your attention to more rewarding thoughts and activities. On the 10th, the New Moon could deliver a lucrative work opportunity that has lots of career potential. You could be attending lots of brainstorming sessions in the middle of the month, either online or with a small group. A legal matter will come to a satisfying conclusion near the 24th, thanks to a justice oriented Full Moon. As July winds down, you might have a chance to teach or attend an advanced workshop. Pre-recording this seminar will allow you to share it far and wide.

Money could be scarce at the start of July, so budget accordingly. Don't worry, your luck will shoot through the stratosphere when the New Moon rises on the 10th. This is an ideal time to treat yourself to a makeover, experiment with a new image, or change your name. An exciting chance to share your expertise with an appreciative audience could arrive in mid-July. During the second half of the month, you could land a great job in the art and entertainment field. Getting paid to make the world a more joyous and beautiful place will be very pleasing. The Full Moon on the 24th could find you paying off a big bill, giving your credit score a gigantic boost. Your buying power will become much stronger.

LEO Pushing too hard towards a goal could backfire in the opening days of the month. Instead of working around the clock, take a relaxing break and assume that what you want will arrive. You'll be delighted by the results of this approach. The New Moon on the 10th finds you devoting more time to spiritual pursuits. Detaching from the material world can be as simple as taking nature walks, listening to mystical music, or gazing at a body of water. The middle of July urges you to emphasise love over work. On the 24th, the Full Moon will bring exciting developments in an intimate relationship. An engagement or marriage is possible. If you're single, you'll encounter several suitors at the end of July.

VIRGO Beating yourself up can drive opportunity from your door in early July. Replace all self-criticism with lavish praise, even if it feels awkward at first. The New Moon on the 10th could find you joining a group or organisation devoted to your favourite cause. Even if you can't meet in person, you'll enjoy some lively conversations online. A fellow member who intuits your thoughts before you even articulate them could become a lifelong friend. Mid-month could find you spending quality time with your amour; abandon yourself to romance. A demanding job could come to an end near the 24th, due to a definitive Full Moon. It will be so nice to have more leisure time at the end of July.

LIBRA Friends may not be sympathetic to your desire for private time in early July. While you long to pour your energy into a creative project, they demand your company. Try striking a healthy balance between your public and personal lives. On the 10th, the New Moon could drop a marvellous career opportunity into your lap. Not only will your duties be engrossing, but the perks will be considerable. During the middle of the month a power struggle with a relative could erupt. Spend less time at home; it's time to realise your professional aspirations. The Full Moon on the 24th will help you put the finishing touches on an impressive creative project. Your work will draw a loyal following; one of your fans could even become a lover.

SCORPIO An overbearing person will drive you to distraction at the opening of the month. Resist the temptation to quit a good job over a temporary power struggle. The New Moon on the 10th invites you to expand your horizons in some exciting ways. It's a great time to plan a trip, enrol in an online course, or start a writing project. Resist the temptation to heap scorn on a so-called expert during the middle of the month. If you disagree with a seasoned teacher, keep your mouth shut. The Full Moon on the 24th might inspire you to move to a neighbourhood rich in historic detail. Finding a big place within your budget is a strong possibility at the end of July.

SAGITTARIUS Learning a new skill will be more difficult than expected at the start of July; be patient. The New Moon on the 10th sends bolts of electricity through your love life; this is a wonderful time to get lost in your partner's arms. If you're single, you could meet someone special via an online dating site. Having fun sending flirtatious messages back and forth until you're finally able to meet in person. The middle of the month could find you enjoying more domestic pursuits like cooking, decorating and gardening. On the 24th, the Full Moon brings an end to an exceptionally busy time for you. Instead of loading up your schedule with more chores, take a break. Devote more time to books, movies and music.

CAPRICORN Financial obligations may weigh heavily on your shoulders at the beginning of the month. Instead of focusing on the struggle, cultivate feelings of abundance. By focusing on what you have, you'll attract even more blessings. This will become obvious on the 10th, thanks to a highly romantic New Moon. If you're single, you could meet someone special through a mutual friend; let this relationship start slowly with some flirtatious texts and online chats. Are you already in a relationship? Your partner will be extra attentive. In mid-July, you'll receive positive feedback from someone you respect. The Full Moon on the 24th brings in a big pay cheque that allows you to indulge in some creature comforts. An even more lucrative job will arrive by month's end.

AQUARIUS Beware of bearing down too hard on your nearest and dearest at the start of July. If loved ones are being irresponsible, let them accept the consequences of their actions while you mind your own business. The New Moon on the 10th could attract a wonderful job that draws on your imagination. Not only will this position be creative fulfilling, but it will be financially rewarding as well. Intense romantic encounters could characterise the middle of the month; have fun flirting with the object of your desire. On the 24th, the Full Moon fulfils a personal wish. This handsome reward will inspire you to set some even loftier goals. The end of July will find you in high demand.

PISCES It might feel like someone is trying to sabotage you at work at the start of July. Stay out of danger by remaining calm and refusing to get defensive about your contributions. Once the New Moon rises on the 10th, you will be so wrapped up in romantic pursuits that job matters will seem like minor annoyances. Mid-July is ideal for meeting someone special, getting engaged, or enjoying a passionate interlude with your amour. On the 24th, the Full Moon will mark a spiritual epiphany; prepare to receive some divine guidance. The last week of July will be a time of profound rest and relaxation. Use this time for solitary pursuits that bring you joy. Commune with nature, read for pleasure, or sit in prayer.

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Inspiring decorating ideas

When it comes to smaller living room spaces, it’s helpful to think outside the box! As these spaces are often the heart of the home, it’s important to create an open and welcoming environment for everyone to enjoy any activity. While this can seem like an impossible task to accomplish on a budget, there are many different decorating techniques that can offer surprisingly affordable solutions.

Go for a cooling soft grey colour palette Choosing a soft shade of grey with a blue undertone is an excellent choice for not only adding some chic statement style to your space, but also creating a fresh and cosy living room that looks inviting no matter the time of day. We recommend pairing cool greys, like Polished Pebble, with light pastels to really let your walls showcase the full depth of their colour.

Use smart lighting to brighten the space Smart bulbs are lights that connect wirelessly to your phone, tablet or home hub such as Amazon Alexa or Google assistant, allowing you to remotely control the brightness and colour of your smart lighting! This can be a great option for those wanting to add some extra personalisation with their lights, with options to not only adjust the brightness of your room, but also the colour.

Strategically display statement artwork Bold artwork is perfect for giving your living room some major style impact. When placed strategically, it can also help to open up smaller spaces! To give your living room a sense of openness, we recommend displaying statement art on the largest wall spaces in your room, while avoiding the edges. This draws attention to the most open areas of your living room, while minimising the appearance of tight corners.

Use a strict colour palette Using a simple colour palette can help to make your space feel refined and open. While there are countless complementary colour pairings that can work for your living room, we also love opting for a limited palette, for example Brave Ground and Acorn Cap, for smaller rooms to avoid cluttering with colour. This is one of our very favourite ways to transform your living room. Add warmth with a large cosy rug Did you know that adding a touch of texture is an amazing way of bringing warmth into your space? Similar to how we use different colours ranging from cool to warm on the colour wheel, the softer and more tactile the material, the more warmth it conveys. A large textured rug is a wonderful addition to make your living room feel friendly and welcoming. If you choose a patterned rug, stick to a neutral colour on the walls, like White Mist.

Incorporate shelving for extra storage When it comes to small spaces, optimising floor space is a smart way of making your living room feel open and uncluttered. To achieve this, we recommend incorporating shelves to give you plenty of extra storage options for your possessions and decorations. Consider painting your shelves in the same colour as your walls, like we’ve done with Teal Touch in the room above. Choose a muted white colour palette White is the ultimate colour for reflecting light, and well-lit rooms always appear more spacious. For this monochromatic look, we recommend using plenty of different soft and reflective textures across your decorating to avoid a flat appearance. Worried about marks and stains on your white paint? Dulux Easycare is washable and can resist all sorts of stains and spills.

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Beth asks “I miss my Libra ex. He could have been my soulmate but career changes meant separation. Have I lost my chance at true love?” Gemini Beth and her ex have made their choices and this has been a no turning back decision. She will miss the companionship, the fun they had together and the interests they shared. Both Gemini and Libra are Air signs and this will have felt like an ideal match and yet she senses it is a relationship that wasn’t meant to last. She will never forget her Libra ex or the experiences they shared together but it is time for her to explore new opportunities. One of Beth’s strongest assets is her ability to get on with people from all walks of life and although it might feel as if she has lost any opportunity to meet her soulmate, new friendships made over the year ahead, will be stimulating and meaningful.

Fliss asks “I've been trying to get over a toxic ex for several years now and I'm finding it hard to open myself up to new people. Do the stars suggest when I'll be able to move on?“ As a Sagittarius, Fliss could never remain in a relationship that severely limits her potential. It won’t have been easy to end it with her ex for with planets in Aquarius, she will have tried to respect her partner’s side of things and she will have wanted to make it work. What she may not realise is that she has moved on. She has broken free from a toxic relationship and now she has to allow her heart and mind to let go and to heal. Her thoughts will become more positive and hopeful and she will feel clearer about her long-term goals. Her heart has been broken but Fliss will learn how to trust again and in time she will be inviting new people into her life.

Vegan News

New Pizza Express Vegan Menu Döner Summer Continues Growth Döner Summer, a vegan kebab and street food chain based in the north of England, has revealed it will soon be opening a new location. Hints posted on social media have led fans to speculate that it will be in Sheffield. The popular street food outlet said it had just signed a lease on the new store, which will be its fifth to date, as featured within Vegconomist

The iconic pizza restaurant chain has added a load of tasty-looking food and drink options to its menu, including a super-exciting new vegan option and a new version of Pizza Express’ iconic Dough Balls.

The Sloppy Vegan features Quorn pieces and dairy-free cheese as well as green peppers, red onion, tomato, smoky chilli, garlic oil and parsley. Hot Jalepeno dough balls have been added and are coated in spices, hot jalapeño salsa and parsley, with even more spicy salsa for dipping. Credit: Doner Summer

Döner Summer’s existing stores are in Leeds, York, Manchester, and Hull. The Hull location opened last November, with over 200 customers queueing to get in on the opening night.

If you’re not in the mood for pizza, try the new Pea and Asparagus Risotto or Vegan Nourish Bowl with mixed grains, lemon, herbs, chilli & maple sweet potato, roasted peppers, mixed leaves, cucumber, artichokes & houmous with a balsamic dressing!

Vegan Shoe A new vegan shoe has been designed using recycled bubble wrap as featured in Veg News. The nat-2 Sleek Low sneaker (US $350) is the result of a collaboration between German sustainable footwear brand nat-2 and Isreali textile innovator Remeant. Nat-2 is known for using innovative materials for its shoes, and vegan company Remeant transforms discarded plastic from landfills and oceans to create highquality, sustainable materials for a variety of product applications, such as handbags, furniture, and clothing. Nat-2’s Reduceusecycle Line features three vegan shoes made from recycled materials including recycled velcro and cord. Its bubble wrap version uses Remeant’s innovative material made from single-use plastic using a patented process that ensures it is highly durable, waterproof, and lightweight. The bubble wrap leather is 100-percent vegan and represents the first time Remeant’s bubble wrap material has been used in a shoe design. Vegan mozzarella alternative The Grocer reported Saputo dairy UK has launched its first mozzarella-flavoured plant-based alternative to cheese for foodservice operators and food manufacturers. Launched under its Vitalite brand, the cheese alternative is also the first product to be made for the dairy giant by Bute Island Foods, which was recently acquired by Saputo and makes the Sheese vegan cheese brand. Saputo said it had developed the new line – which carries both vegan and vegetarian accreditation – in response to the “ever-growing demand for plant-based and dairy free alternatives”, which had seen 15% of Brits reduce their dairy or egg intake since the start of the pandemic [survey by the Vegan Society of 3,682 GB adults, 10-22 April]. Credit: Marks and Spencer


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URBAN OUTFITTERS Brown Melody Midi Dress £52

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MISSGUIDED red cheesecloth bardot wide leg beach cover up set £25.60

Vegan Ginger Biscuits I could honestly eat biscuits all day every day. There’s something so satisfying about eating a crunchy biscuit. Even over chocolate or cake! However, since going fully vegan last year, I’ve struggled to find a tasty ginger biscuit that isn’t filled with sugar and dairy. So, I’ve been on the hunt to come up with ways to create a vegan, refined sugar free, dairy free ginger biscuits recipe. Although i do love a gooey cookie, especially a chocolate chip cookie. I also love a ginger biscuit that's snappy and crunchy. Perfect for dipping in to a tea or coffee. However, most of the recipes i found ended up being more cake like than a proper crunchy biscuit. That is until i made this recipe while playing around with ingredients – total game changer! If you too like a ginger snap kinda biscuit, you’ll love these.

Method ●Heat oven to 180 Fan. ●Put all the dry ingredients into a bowl and combine. ●Then add in the wet ingredients and mix until a dough forms. ●Put in the fridge in an air-tight container for at least 30 minutes. ●Roll out quite thinly and place on a baking tray. ●Bake for 10 minutes. (12 minutes if you like a really hard biscuit) ●Leave on a cooling rack to cool completely.

The Lifestyle Blogger UK

Ingredients Flour ● 240g Plain t Sugar u n o c o C g 0 ● 10 conut Oil o C d e lt e M ● 40g Almond Milk s n o o p s le b ● 4 Ta Syrup ● 80g Maple on Ginger o p s le b a T 1 ● rb-Soda a ic B n o o p s ● 1 /2 T e a n Nutmeg ● 1 Teaspoo namon in C n o o p s a ● 1 Te lt ● Pinch of sa

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