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Time to declutter your life?

The start of a new year is a great time to get your home organised as clutter can quickly build up around the home. Given that clutter is a significant source of stress for many people, it is vital to take steps to reduce the amount of clutter in your home. There are plenty of techniques and methods to help you declutter and keep on top of clutter around the house. It is essential to incorporate clutter reducing habits into your daily life to help avoid the build-up of clutter. Here are some of our top tips to help you stay on top of the clutter and keep your home a relaxing space. Go Shopping With A Plan When going grocery shopping, it can be easy to end up with items you don’t need. It can be beneficial to ensure you always shop with a list to reduce the chances of buying items you don’t need. You could also avoid shopping when hungry, as this can lead to impulse purchases. You could consider making a list of the meals you eat for the week before you go shopping. Your grocery list should consist of everything you need to cook these meals and be strict with yourself to avoid impulse buying and over shopping. Do A Daily Declutter One of the best ways to ensure the clutter in your home doesn’t build up to unmanageable levels is to do a daily declutter. You could consider doing a short 15 minute declutter each day. You could focus on different areas of the home on different days to ensure you stay on top of the clutter throughout your home.

Donate Anything You Don’t Use

Give Everything A Home

Many people have a lot of items around the house that they don’t use regularly. This is particularly common in the wardrobe, with many people having items of clothing that no longer fit well or no longer suit their style. It is a good rule of thumb to donate anything that you have not worn in the last six months.

It can be beneficial to ensure that everything in your home has its own space. This can ensure that everything will have a place to be put away and make decluttering simpler. If you can’t easily find a home for something new you want to bring in to your home, this should be a sign you do NOT need it! If it doesn’t naturally fit in, you should ask yourself how necessary it really is. If it is, what can you get rid of to make space for it?

Choose Storage Solutions That Fit Your Home It is a good idea to choose storage that will fit seamlessly into your home and make use of all the space available. It is best to choose tailored storage solutions to make the best use of the space you have. Built-in wardrobes are a fantastic choice to help you make the most of the space you have in your bedroom. These wardrobes can be particularly beneficial for anyone with an unusually shaped room. You should choose highquality storage like the excellent options from online Bedrooms. Ensure you measure the space so that you know what you exactly need. Invest In Multi-Functional Furniture Choosing furniture that can double as storage can be a great way to reduce clutter in the home. You could consider investing in a sofa with storage under the seats or a footstool with built-in storage. You could also consider a divan bed with drawers to store towels and bedding and a coffee table with space for magazines and books.

Have A One In, One Out Policy It’s a good idea to have a one in, one out policy when making purchases. This can ensure that you don’t build up of belongings resulting in clutter. You could consider throwing out or donating one item each time you make a new purchase. This could be a like for like swap. For instance, if you’ve bought a new sweatshirt, you could then donate one of your older jumpers.

Make Use Of The Vertical Space Vertical space is often under utilised. You could consider putting up new shelves in the bedroom, living room and bathroom. Shelving can be brilliant for storing books, knick-knacks, ornaments, and more. You could also invest in tall storage solutions that make the best use of the space available in your home.

Have A Cooling Down Period Before Purchasing Before making any purchase, consider giving yourself a cool-down period. This can help reduce the chances of impulse buying and provide you with time to consider whether or not you really need the item. You could consider waiting for 24 hours before you buy anything new, especially when it comes to larger items such as furniture. This can also give you the time to shop around and ensure you’re getting the best deal. Have A Designated Junk Drawer While an entirely clutter-free home may be the ideal, it is not always possible to completely eliminate clutter. Having a junk drawer can ensure that you have space to store the bits and pieces of clutter that are unavoidable at home. You should ensure that you only have one space for clutter and other items and sort through your junk drawer frequently to ensure it does not build up too much. The Lifestyle Blogger UK

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Love & Life: A heart to heart discussion in January will prompt you to make an important decision. If a romantic or business partner refuses to change their ways it may be time to go your separate ways. Trust your intuition in romance and finance in April. Hold fast to your dreams. Taking a relaxing break in July could lead to romance if you are single. Do you already have a romantic partner? Joint arrangements made in the summer will bring great benefits to you both. Find relaxation through painting, playing music and photography in the autumn. Some people will annoy you but instead of getting angry get creative. Travelling abroad is a distinct possibility as the year ends. Money & Work: Finding a new job will take time but if you put in the effort a career change will be empowering. Goals will have less to do with making money and more to do with finding emotional, creative and spiritual satisfaction. Even so an exciting moneymaking opportunity in the summer will be worth pursuing. With Jupiter in your sign mid-2022 you will be willing to take a few risks to expand your career horizons. Family will be getting together to bail out an irresponsible relative in November. You work hard for your money and you will make it clear this is a loan and not a gift. New job opportunities as the year ends will involve a degree of challenge and the chance to learn something new.

Love & Life: Even though circumstances are unclear in January, you will intuitively find your way through the confusion. It may not be to exotic places but travel and educational opportunities will provide you with a chance to move forward. With your ruler Venus close to Mars mid-February your creativity will soar. Whether it is cooking, inventing new recipes or making furniture, go where your imagination takes you. Romantic developments in the spring will inflame your passion and make you excited for the future. The autumn will be a wonderful time to schedule a holiday. Are you single? You could meet someone special at a spiritual retreat. Group activities will be both interesting and fun as the year ends. Money & Work: Whether it is an insurance policy, signing up for an extended warranty or saving for a rainy day, your priority as the year begins will be to protect your finances. If there is a broken item to replace, you might look into getting this repaired rather than buying a new model outright. Play your cards right in February and you will be offered great job in a thriving company with connections overseas. With Saturn at the top of your chart, your job prospects are good especially if you’re looking for a stable position with a reasonable salary. Travel for work or pleasure in the autumn could prompt you to make some changes in your lifestyle.

Love & Life: Following your passion makes life worthwhile. When you’re excited about the plans you are making you know you are on the right path. Commit to whatever ignites your imagination. Make love and romance a priority in the spring and sparks are sure to fly. Take this chance to explore love in all its beauty. Priorities are changing and a big decision made in April will see you making a fresh start. This is your chance to embark on a happier and healthier lifestyle. Once you’ve made up your mind on what you want to do you will not be dissuaded by anything or anyone. You may have to revise family or household routines in December in order to make room for new responsibilities. Money & Work: A tense situation will mean having to retrace your steps in January; treat this as a chance to clear the air and reclaim your personal power. New equipment and materials you need to purchase as the year begins will be costly. If you’ve been ignoring the need to make some expensive repairs, Venus retrograde at the start of the year will make it impossible to ignore this any longer. To improve your career prospects you will need to make a detailed plan. If you’ve gone as far as you can in your current employment gaining experience in other fields is a strong possibility. Regular exercise and nutritious meals will boost your energy. Make sure your passport is up to date as an overseas trip is in the pipeline.

Love & Life: Problems in a close relationship will be magnified in January with Venus retrograde in your opposite sign. A change of attitude over a joint matter will prove you are capable of compromise. Since you hate arguments you will be relieved that a nail-biting drama has been averted. Emotional ties will grow stronger in the spring. Make the most of opportunities in the summer to love, laugh and be happier as your social scene gets brighter and brighter. A charity or fundraising event will be a huge success in the autumn. When you focus on doing good deeds the Universe will return the favour. Money & Work: You should never underestimate your abilities or what you have achieved. Whenever you start doubting yourself in January, remind yourself of all you have accomplished. Take another look at your goals and intentions. Are these unfolding as expected or is it time to set new long-term aims? Launching a home-based business will make you feel more in control of your time and more in touch with your family. Create a workspace that can be kept separate from the rest of the house. Jupiter at the top of our chart during the middle of the year will bring some lucrative business opportunities. More money will become available to splash out on luxuries in December.

Love & Life: You’ve been putting massive pressure on yourself to be the person you feel other people want you to be. As the year begins you will realise it is time to stop pretending to be someone you aren’t. Decide on what it is you really want out of life and relationships and stay true to this vision. If anyone pushes you away this relationship would never have lasted as healthy relationships involve mutual respect. Travel and getting a change of scenery will feel wonderful in the summer. As the year ends you will have some great experiences to look back upon and will feel blessed you have been lucky enough to follow your dreams. Money & Work: Dream big as 2022 begins. You were never destined to play a small role in life. Step into the spotlight in the spring and use this as an opportunity to showcase your talent. When other people see you believing in yourself, you will receive the respect and recognition you deserve. A new job or better position taken up in the spring will bring in a steady income. It may be necessary to reduce responsibilities in the summer if you start feeling overwhelmed with work. Relocating to a new house or renovating your current home could be on the cards for you as the year ends. This will be a great excuse to exercise your creative talent.

Love & Life: You might want to do something special and out of the ordinary on Valentine’s Day as Venus moves close to Mars in your romantic zone. You will be more receptive to your amour’s desires and won’t be afraid to venture into unfamiliar romantic territory. Enjoy hobbies, creative fun and sensual diversions in the spring. Invite love and friendship into your life and relationships will blossom and grow. Having fun will be your first priority in the summer. You want to make up for lost time and memories missed with your family thanks to the pandemic. The end of the year is not a time to hide your light under a bushel. Take the initiative and make things happen. Money & Work: You will get a lot of support and emotional understanding from your boss and workmates. If you’re worried about your job, talk it over with those in positions to help. Any obstacles that are ahead will be nothing like what you have been through before. You might surprise yourself by how quickly you overcome these problems. Helping others cope and deal with issues you have already overcome allows you to create a bridge for others and make a difference in their lives. Wherever you demonstrate your skills, there will be impressive results. Keep spending to the minimum in the autumn. A series of unexpected expenses will eat up emergency reserves. Income will be fairly stable as the year ends.

Love & Life: You may feel overly self-critical, blaming yourself for everything that goes wrong in a partnership as the year begins. Venus retrograde will make you slow to forgive yourself and others. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Give a little ground where necessary in relationships and work on putting things right between you. A journey in the summer will change you in ways you could never have expected. Are you single? You could meet someone special while travelling. If you’re in a committed relationship, it will pay to get away together. Loving relationships will bring you happiness and fulfil you, emotionally as the year ends. Money & Work: Work and domestic responsibilities will weigh heavily on you as the year begins. Wherever possible, delegate tasks to workmates and housemates. Take the initiative in work situations that need a fast response. Quick decisions will bring instant results that will impress your boss and those in positions of power. Jupiter will remove obstacles in your career path between May and July, bringing job opportunities that involve teaching, travelling or transport. A bonus or financial gift will come your way in the autumn. Put this sum towards a relaxing holiday. Trust your intuition about financial and career matters as the year ends.

Love & Life: Tension in a close relationship as the year begins will not last. It will be a case of the least said, the sooner it will be mended. Thanks to your kindness and consideration, relationships will improve and harmony will be restored. Domestic arrangements may hit a few snags around April as action-oriented Mars gets close to cautious Saturn. Even if you feel you can push through some problems, it would be to your advantage to move slowly. Change your routines in May and go to places you have not been to before and you will meet someone special if you are single. Spending time on spiritual pursuits will push you to explore new possibilities as the year ends. Money & Work: Being resourceful early in the year will make it easier for you to cope financially later on. Downloading financial software that allows you to keep track of your income and expenditure will be helpful. If you aren’t happy in your work, be ready to find a new job in the spring. Unexpected expenses in July could knock your budget for six unless you set money aside earlier for financial emergencies. Eclipse activity in your sign at the end of October suggests a big life change as you might find yourself seriously thinking about relinquishing one career path in favour of another which promises bigger and better opportunities to come. Joint finances will benefit from a quick check in November.

Love & Life: You will want to pause for a moment as the year begins to reflect on the past, review your life so far and then move forward. Cultivating a comfortable home and family life will be a big priority in the spring. Setting up home for the first time will be the start of a grand transformation. Giving your place a makeover will feel rewarding if you are happy where you are. Social life in the summer will be frenzied at times. There will be plenty chance to relax and recover later although you won’t want to miss out on a special celebration in November. Taking a bold risk will work out in your favour in December. Money & Work: Seek advice from someone who knows you well before making a career choice in April. It might seem as if an opportunity is too good to miss but there will be others later in the year that will be even better. You could be surprised by the way new career doors start opening up before you. Whether it is learning a foreign language or studying sign language, learning to communicate in different ways will make your social and professional circle wider. Putting your creative skills to work in the autumn will be profitable. Emphasise your versatility and communication skills during interviews and business meetings in the winter.

Love & Life: With domineering planets Mars and Pluto together in your sign in March you might finally get the chance to achieve a goal you’ve been dreaming about for years. Pluto has been a long-term visitor to your sign and is now coming to the end of its journey through Capricorn. Whatever your aims and desires, the important thing is to take the initiative now and change your life. Joining a club and going to parties and barbeques in the summer will put you in touch with some influential people. With the support of your friends, family and workmates, your desire to fulfil personal goals will grow. A long journey as the year ends will have a transformative effect on your life. Money & Work: Accepting the chance to take on a prominent role in a team effort in March will put you on the path to abundance. Don’t be afraid to make big changes to your working world. Prepare to be offered a promotion or a plum assignment that leads to a pay rise. Volunteering to help raise funds for a good cause in May will feel empowering. There will be a strong sense of satisfaction in knowing you can help improve other people’s lives through your words, skills and actions. Joint arrangements made as the year ends will give your life a sense of stability, security and structure.

Love & Life: It will be tricky trying to address issues from the past that remain unresolved but that’s what you will be doing as the year begins and you will do this successfully. Some headway will be gained through taking a calm and diplomatic approach. Keeping life structured and orderly is how you will remain in control as Saturn in your sign encourages you to concentrate your energy on accomplishing long-term goals. The love, affection and attention you offer your partner and close friends will be returned tenfold in the autumn. Money & Work: People in high places will be impressed by how seriously you take your responsibilities. It will feel good to be held in such high esteem. Don’t let little setbacks get you down. Remain calm and problems won’t faze you. You know that reaching goals you set for yourself at this time will be a struggle and there will be difficulties. You will just pick yourself back up again when you fall, forgive yourself for making mistakes and move forward. It’s a year when patience and persistence will pay off in wonderful ways. The universe is putting you on a new path and you are ready for this. It will be through your close relationships and friendships where you will thrive.

Love & Life: Turn your attention to activities that make you happy in the spring. Getting involved in group activities will pave the way to some wonderful friendships. It’s even possible you will be travelling with your partner or a group of friends in the summer. Romance will get a lot of your attention in July when you and a partner will want to spend as much time together as possible. Are you single? You might meet someone at a spiritual gathering in the autumn. Don’t be surprised to notice your own beliefs changing when things you have been through in the past few years have caused you to change your priorities. Money & Work: Jupiter in your sign will encourage you to go ahead with purchases and projects you may have hesitated over in the past. For a while, no matter what you are doing, who with or where, the old adage: there’s no time like the present, will make a lot of sense to you. You have been through a lot, you have made many sacrifices and now you just want to pamper yourself a little. In the summer, submit ideas for developing a creative project to an agent, manager or anyone who might help you promote this. You will get enthusiastic feedback for your work. Showcase your talents in June and at least one job offer will result. A raise or bonus as the year ends will be well deserved.

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It’s the little things that count

Don't you find that it's often the little things that count when you're alone? Having to deal with minor problems and concerns often causes us the biggest headaches, the most discomfort and distress. We automatically dig deep and cope whenever something major happens, rarely having little choice but to react and find solutions, aiming to do whatever's required to sort the problem out. But, those relatively trivial rankles and nuisances are things that we may not have even thought about until they presented as needing attention. Discovering that we don't have a spare light bulb or that we need to change the hour on the clock, doing the crossword alone, working out how to use the washing machine or oven, all may be uncharted waters that we've never had to navigate before. Suddenly being expected to deal with those things can be an unexpectedly disconcerting shock. It may have seemed that the minor things took care of themselves, the bins got emptied, the leaves were swept away, clean towels and shirts were always available. But, now that you're alone, these are items that you'll have to deal with and that can feel like a big deal, as well as a poignant reminder that you're now on your own. We may be incredulous as to how affected we are by something so small, at how much it throws us off-balance. In the past we may have been surprised when we saw other people being affected by minor issues, things that very obviously presented a challenge to them. We may have reflected on how competent and efficient they appeared to be elsewhere, and yet how overwhelmed they were by something small. That's probably not too dissimilar to ourselves and how we react in comparable situations. At those times, pause and acknowledge how you're feeling, that you're upset and frustrated at finding yourself in this position, that you're perhaps unnerved or annoyed at yourself for feeling so vulnerable. Remember to breathe and give yourself credit for hanging in there and having a go, persevering and coping with something new.

At this point in your life, you're needing to find solutions to many situations, both big and small. Now's your time to move towards becoming more independent, to take control of your life and manage the choices you face. Doing this can be quite a daunting time. Only you know how significant your dealing with each issue is, how being newly alone has required you to step outside your comfort zone. Be sure to give yourself credit as you appreciate your courage and resolve, even if it's for something that hardly seems worth mentioning aloud. And, those various achievements can sometimes feel a little flat when you're alone, with no one significant to share them with. Unfortunately, that's one of the downsides that has to be dealt with by people on their own. But feeling good about yourself and how you're coping is part of living a successful single life. Here are some ways for dealing with the little things when you're alone; Be okay about asking for help. There's no shame in admitting that something's new, that you've never done it before. We've all been the 'new kid on the block' and had to learn something from scratch. Often people are only too glad to help and teach you what to do. Learn to laugh at yourself. It's easy to be overcome with embarrassment when you're struggling with something commonplace, something that others appear to do with relative ease. But learn not to take yourself too seriously. It's rare that things are that serious, and appreciate that, before too long you'll be doing these things comfortably and well! Perhaps share your stories with others and appreciate seeing how many people join in with their own self-deprecating anecdotes. When this happens you can support each other, whilst being reassured that you're not alone in feeling this way. Avoid the temptation to catastrophise what's happening. 'That's it', 'I'm hopeless', mixed in with negative self-talk can dissolve any positive thinking. Pay attention to how you talk to yourself and be firm about removing negativity.

Get your situation into perspective. If you've had a bad day and several things have gone wrong or have not worked out as you'd hoped, accept that it's normal to feel a bit flat. But, is it really the end of the world? Don't forget, tomorrow's a new day. Maybe pause what you're doing for a little while and give yourself a break. Have some fun or time away to detach from everyday stress and enjoy yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Could you phone a supportive friend for a chat or pamper yourself a little until you feel a bit more upbeat? Resist comparing yourself to others. They might look like they've got everything under control, but there will be areas where they struggle, and some of those may be areas that you handle without even thinking. Everyone has their story.

It's the little things that count when you're alone, especially in the early days. Coping with everyday practicalities, when you're starting out again, takes time and patience, time to grieve for the lost hopes and dreams, the life that you'd had and the future you'd anticipated. Breathe, stay calm and take life one day at a time.

Susan Leigh A.C.H.Qual, M.N.C.H.(Acc), M.S.M.S.(Acc), H.A.Reg from Altrincham,Cheshire, is a counsellor, hypnotherapist, relationship counsellor,writer & media contributor who offers help with relationship issues,stress management,assertiveness and confidence. She works with individual clients,couples and provide corporate workshops and support.

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Important January Astrology Dates

Mercury enters Aquarius, New Moon in Capricorn You are into the New Year and eager for changes in your life. Anything and everything sounds great to you, but you will want to research out anything that involves modifications in your finances or work schedule. Make use of your excess energy to make the changes you have been dying to make in the home. Although the cold is here, that does not keep you from dreaming of the Springtime and the options getting outdoors will bring. You have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and luckily for you, there is just no end to the ideas and knowledge you have access to. When it comes to solving the problems ahead, look for an unconventional solution and you may just find that little life hack which will help you bring things together and make your life a whole lot easier.

Jupiter Square True Node Your social views and values may not mesh well with those around you; it does not make them right or wrong, just different. You cannot change how others view the world, but you can change how you respond to them. If others are trying to pick a fight, you are better to have the facts on your side before you take them on. However, do not back away from a challenge just because you are the underdog in the fight. Details matter and you might find a life lesson or two while dealing with the problems at hand. You are prone to fall back into a bad habit if you are not careful. Although the New Year has brought you some new resolutions, for the time being, you may find yourself tempted to fall back into a bad routine.

First Quarter Moon The energy of the New Year continues to flow through you and helps you to overcome the challenges ahead. Did you give up on your resolutions? This is a great time to recommit to them. Change takes time and you should expect to slide backwards occasionally, but what is important is what you do afterwards. Move forward and avoid anyone who does not have your best interests at heart. This is the time to focus in on you and your needs. If you have been avoiding confrontation with someone, then step up and take them down. Some feelings of uncertainty about your health are normal but any issues with your mouth, strained muscles, and the blood should be addressed faster than others. While you may not need to rush in like you have a deadline, address medical concerns soon.

Mercury turns Retrograde You are not in the mood for small talk. Names, dates, and times are the only things that matter when it comes to dealing with others. Do not allow others off the hook when it comes to deadlines, or they may feel like you are giving them a pass for the entire year. Lack of a clear vision by others is going to drive you around the bend. Just remember, this is your issue not theirs, so you need to calm down and ask yourself, “how does their lack of motivation really affect you?” While more often the answer is not at all, for those who do affect your world; you need to spend more time with them to ensure they have the tools needed to succeed. Strange events and odd mishaps become the norm, but you have the skills needed to handle them in style.

Full moon in Cancer This is both a good and bad time for you; although others may seem to be a little crazy, it is not as if they are going to turn into werewolf and eat you. No mater how nice you try to be, others may find an emotional need to cause you some discomfort at work and at home. Guard yourself against the worst of things by taking out some insurance by having alterative plans for your social life. When it comes to love and romance, this is not the best time to have “the talk” with someone, but your ability to attract strangers and make them friends has never been better. If you want to turn a friendship into something more, hold off and wait for them to make the first move.

Uranus direct and True Node RX enters Taurus All those thoughts, plans, and feelings you have been suppressing are going to erupt and destroy your world if you do not do something about them. Put those thoughts to paper, put your plans in motion, and break out into song to let someone you desire know your inner most feelings. This is a time of a little shock and awe, but you have known for some time that changes are coming but the speed of these changes may catch you off guard. This is a good time to search out your true calling in life and follow you dreams to far off destinations and grand riches. Prioritise your personal pleasures and do not let others take advantage of you. You have great value, and it is time others see it.

Mars enters Capricorn

Sun enters Aquarius Your hunger for new and exciting things will play a big role in your choices now. While you may not have the experience “needed” for a new position, that should not keep you from at least trying to reach for it. When questioned about how to deal with the unknown, look to a close friend or the internet for the proper way to proceed. If you have been sitting on an idea, you need to get moving on it, even a little movement will help others see just how serious you are. If you keep waiting for the right moment, not only will it never come, but someone else is going to beat you to the punch and you will find yourself wishing for what might have been.

You are more driven than ever to succeed, and the fiery energy of Mars will help to give you the energy needed. Just know, while Mars will help you work, you still must do the actual work to make things happen. Nobody is going to give you what you desire, you have to be willing to take it. This is a good time to take on a big project or conqueror a personal goal as you have the fuel needed to see your project to the end. While it may feel like you are always on the move, sometimes it is good to be on the run. Stay lean, nimble, keep a close eye on your bank account, and do not allow others to take command. You have the skills, knowledge, and grace to achieve greatness.

Venus Direct

Last Quarter Moon, Mercury retrograde enters Capricorn When you cannot find the right answer, go with your intuition. At the very least, you will know you have done what is best for you. Sometimes what we what is just out of our reach, but that does not mean you cannot reach it; it is going to take a little more work and understanding of how others see you before it will happen. Have you been slacking off on your New Year’s goals? It is time to take responsibility for actions and decide to get back on course. You may find it is better to keep your plans secret for now but do not stop working on them. When it comes to romance, you will find someone is being more emotionally frigid than they should be. Is the frozen heartless person you? Be honest!

This has been a long, tough month. You had some ups and downs, but now you can finally turn your focus away from work and aim your verve on your love life, or lack thereof. You should give up on your search for the “right words” to say and instead speak from your heart. If you must constantly be someone else to attract the attention of someone, then you are only fooling yourself that this could be true love. Love is about finding someone who will see your flaws but want to be with you anyway. Make use of the skills and lessons you have learned over the past few weeks to direct Cupid’s arrow in the correct location and soon you will win the heart of someone special.

Gym free fitness

If you’re looking to improve your health in the new year why not try these cheap and fun gym-free activities to improve your wellbeing and fitness. Getting health benefits from physical activity is easier than you think, and it does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Doing at least 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity activity is enough to keep you feeling fit and healthy. If the gym is not your thing, there are many low-cost activities you can do on your own that can get you in shape. Find something you enjoy that you can easily build into your lifestyle or build on something that's already part of your routine. Here are some tips for getting active the cheap and easy way. Walking Walking is one of the best forms of exercise because it's cheap and accessible to most people. Increasing the amount you walk is easier than you think. You can make it a social affair by walking with a friend or joining a local walking group. Walking stimulates the cardiovascular system: the heart, lungs and circulation. It also boosts the endurance of the lower muscles, including the legs and hips. Read more about walking for health, including tips on walking to boost your health, making walks fun and staying motivated. You could also try the free Active 10 app to help you get into the habit of walking briskly for 10 minutes every day.

Home exercises


Burn calories, lose weight and feel great with our 10-minute home workout routines:

Cycling is an aerobic exercise that works your lower body and cardiovascular system.

If you plan to cycle regularly, make sure your bike is the right size and the saddle and handlebars are adjusted to suit ●get into shape with a 10-minute your height. As with running or walking, home toning workout you can make cycling a social activity ●burn fat from your tummy, hips, thighs by riding with friends, family or a cycling group. and bottom with a 10-minute legs, bums and tums home workout ●exercise your heart and lungs with a 10-minute home cardio workout

●lose the droopy booty with a 10minute firm butt workout ●tone your tummy muscles with a 10minute abs workout ●banish those flabby upper arms with a 10-minute upper arms workout Running and jogging Running makes more demands on your body than walking, so if you're just starting out, you should build up the speed and duration of your runs gradually. If you're thinking about taking up running for the first time or have been inactive for a while, you may find running tips for beginners useful.

Swimming Swimming is the third most popular type of exercise in the UK after walking and running. Most pools offer lessons if you're a beginner or want to improve. Swimming exercises the whole body and is a great way to tone up and get trim.

Doing a few lengths involves most of the Thousands of people have learned to muscle groups. If you increase the run using the NHS Couch to 5K podcast. pace, you'll get an aerobic workout, too. Swimming can also help you lose weight if you swim at a steady and continuous pace throughout the session. You could join a swimming club or sign up for pool workout sessions, such as aqua aerobics.

Dancing Dance is popular among all age groups. It's a skilled activity, but most studios offer classes for all abilities. Dancing is an aerobic activity that improves your balance and co-ordination. It's suitable for people of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Badminton Badminton is one of the most accessible racquet sports. The shuttlecock travels at a relatively low speed, so you do not need a high degree of skill and fitness to begin with. Badminton is an aerobic activity that works on your lower and upper body. It'll develop your balance, co-ordination, stamina, power and reflexes. Racquet games can be quite strenuous, so make sure you warm up before playing. Credit: NHS

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January Horoscopes from Russell Grant

ARIES Don’t be in a rush to make important decisions about love and other close relationships. Spend some time talking about your future as having a mutual goal to work towards will strengthen loving ties. Be honest about your feelings. Your other half will be secretly pleased to listen. They may even feel compelled to reveal a secret they’ve been keeping to themselves. Job matters will take longer than expected when you find yourself having to return to duties you had half expected someone else would have taken care of by now. Although there is less time to give to home affairs, family life will be fun when and if you manage to find the time. It will be easier to pursue creative activities you have always enjoyed, after the 14th. Instead of pouring energy into areas that aren’t progressing, you might determinedly start pursuing a childhood dream. Resist the urge to take on extra work or more responsibility in an attempt to impress your boss or an authority figure. As the month ends you are better off spending time at home with loved ones. Devoting your time to relationships and activities that bring you happiness will make you passionate about life and excited about the future.

TAURUS Thoughts on travel and all the holidays you had hoped to enjoy in the last few years but haven’t had a chance to, could lead you to making a booking. Knowing that very soon you will be heading off for a well-deserved break will feel exciting and liberating. News from overseas around the 8th could cause some havoc within the family when plans already made may need to be rearranged very quickly. Don’t jump to conclusions midJanuary when you’re introduced to a person who has a strange and unusual background. There will be more to them than meets the eye. You’re tired of being stuck in an oppressive rut. Think about agreeing to new routines being suggested by an inventive friend or colleague who isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo. The 20th will be good for tying up loose-ends at home. Get through those chores you haven’t been looking forward to and you might be surprised by you easy they turn out to be. A Capricorn friend will offer some practical help or advice. Focus on learning all you can about a new subject as the month comes to an end. Your family will give you all the support you need to make an important change.

CANCER GEMINI There will be advantages and disadvantages to your overactive imagination. As the year begins, creative ideas will make jobs you are working on more interesting. At the same time, any suspicions you may have about someone not being loyal or trustworthy should be kept to yourself. These thoughts will prove to be unfounded and if spoken out loud, this could ruin a special relationship. Your desire to succeed could trip you up around the 11th unless you are extra careful. Make sure you don’t break any rules or regulations. You may have to take a back seat to someone in authority for a short while. Be patient with delays if you are trying to buy, rent or sell a property. Environmental and other issues will be resolved and although it will take longer than anticipated, by the end of the month you will finally be able to seal the deal. If you’re content in your existing home, channel your energy into improving your home or workplace. You will have some inspired ideas for transforming your surroundings. Paint your rooms uplifting colours and this will help you begin each day with a positive attitude.

Sit tight as the year begins. When it comes to partnership concerns, this isn’t the time to rush things. Your patience will pay off later in the month when joint matters will improve dramatically. If there is anything in a friendship or love affair that needs to be cured, this is a good month to do what you can to restore your relationship to good health. Are you single? You could be re-introduced to someone you knew some time ago around the 7th and your life will suddenly be filled with excitement, glamour and charismatic people. In the workplace, play your cards close to your chest. If a rival gets to hear your plans they will push in, ahead of you. You have the skills and prestige to go to the top. In matters where other people are ready to give in, your innate powers of determination will keep you going until you get results. Just be sure you do get the credit. There is someone who will happily benefit from your hard work. Keep your long-term goals a secret and it won’t be long before you gain the recognition you deserve. Focusing on your spiritual development will be rewarding as January ends.

LEO Take good care of your health. Make it a resolution to get plenty of rest, prepare nourishing meals and exercise regularly. If you have become too reliant on an addictive medication get professional help to overcome this problem. Arguments in the workplace won’t bode well for your job and can be avoided if you keep well away from someone you don’t normally get on well with. Keep an eye on a colleague who can’t be trusted to work on their own. It will be easy to deal with any blunders they make if you notice the problem immediately as it will be a case of a stitch in time saving nine. If you are in a position of leadership insist on being kept informed of all new developments as they happen. If you sense a job is coming to an end start looking for a new position. It may be necessary to relocate to break away from a restricting situation and if so, you will have plenty of time to get used to this idea. In fact, making a fresh start in a new job or new home might sound like the ideal solution to let go of the past’s hold on you.

VIRGO If you’re unhappy with a present romance don’t be too quick to break off this relationship. It may be you have reached a stage where you need to spice things up and find exciting things to do together. Suggesting fun ideas will keep boredom at bay. Whip some romance into your relationship before you both start losing interest. Are you single? Someone you meet around the 13th will engage your interest and your curiosity. Anyone who attracts your attention will be given centre stage in your life very quickly. If they are keen on travel and interested in a wide range of subjects they are sure to win your favour. A person or predicament will cause you some dilemma around the 24th. The more you get involved, the more stifled you will start to feel until you realise this is a situation that isn’t meant for you. You can’t fix other people’s problems. This is something they will have to handle on their own. A strong need to make a difference will prompt you to put your personal stamp on everything you do during the latter half of the month, no matter how big or small.

LIBRA Embarking on a new venture is a fun idea as the year begins but you don’t have to act immediately. You would be wise to concentrate on tying up the loose-ends of any projects already begun. You’re determined to prove what you are capable of but trying to do too much at once will take a toll on your health. Think about getting outside more and getting some exercise. Physical activity will reduce stress and help you feel more relaxed. Trust your intuition when it comes to your relationships. Facial expressions and body language will say more to you than words. If you sense someone is saying one thing but thinking something else, be wary. An emotional encounter around the 18th will help you air your feelings. Someone has been taking your kindness far too much for granted and there is no reason, in any relationship or situation, why you should have to shoulder the main responsibility. Nothing means more to you than the idea of true love. Are you single? A good heart is proving hard to find. Relationships are unpredictable and you could find yourself involved with a possessive or obsessive lover. Give yourself time to get to know people before weaving dreams and hopes around them.

SCORPIO You’re on the lookout for new ideas and you won’t be disappointed with plans that come under discussion as the year begins. On the downside, retrograde planets suggest that in your eagerness to try something new you could take on more than you can handle. Avoid problems by tackling one thing at a time and this will ensure steady progress. A testing situation could cause tension in the home or workplace. If a rift develops between you and some friends, by the 19th you will be ready to offer an olive branch. Rather than leaving it to someone else to make the first move, you might encourage everyone to let bygones be bygones. By mid-January you will all be back on speaking terms and making joint plans for the future. Forward planning is essential no matter what you are planning. At times it will feel as if you have a 101 things to do and since you can’t do everything, plan your days with this in mind. Accept help when it is offered. Money problems won’t go away of their own accord. Be ready to step in with practical and sensible solutions. In work and finance, keep a sense of proportion.

SAGITTARIUS You had been intending to spend less over Christmas only it may not have quite worked out as you had hoped. If money is causing problems at home, face up to the issue and decide what you’re going to do about it as the year begins. It’s a New Year, make a new start with finances. When you feel in control of your financial situation, life may not necessarily get easier but you will worry less and have more time to devote other things. With Mars in your sign for most of the month, working with an innovative and energetic team will be a welcome change of pace. An opportunity to take the helm of an important project will fall into your lap. Through some frank talks with loved ones around the 21st, you could discover some profound truths. On evaluating recent years you will decide you no longer want to live your life according to other people’s expectations. From now on you intend to be true and honest in all you are doing and to be your authentic self. If you have given your power to someone else, now is a perfect time to reclaim it.

CAPRICORN The new moon in your sign as the year begins makes this a great time to gain a greater understanding of where you are at in life. Whether you are thinking of relocating or making a fresh start in your career, the important thing is to express your feelings, state your intentions and then make a plan on how to bring this goal about. You’re more in touch with your imagination, emotions and feelings. Family relationships will benefit through your sensitivity and kindness. You can see all sides of a situation and by encouraging others to work together harmoniously you are helping to create a spirit of cooperation in your home and workplace. Deep emotional interactions between you and a partner will also bring a growing sense of confidence, hope and security. Are you single? You could find yourself opening up to a stranger and the spark between you will be instantaneous. The job scene will bring some interesting developments as the month ends when an exciting offer will give you something important to think about. Although the thought of change will make you nervous, you will adapt to a new job or new circumstances surprisingly easily.

AQUARIUS Strengthening your spiritual and emotional foundations will be a priority as the year begins. You might feel as if you have lost sight of your long-term aims and as if you are going nowhere. Spending more time on your own will make you realise how little you need to cultivate contentment. You’ve been concentrating for too long on other people’s needs and happiness and not your own. This is your chance to change this as you start to focus your energy on activities, goals and relationships that really matter to you. Material concerns that used to mean a lot to you aren’t as important now, as you make more time for spiritual pursuits. Listening to music, communing with nature and connecting with your pets or other animals will feel both relaxing and rewarding. Resuming a hobby or activity that interested you when you were younger will bring you a lot of pleasure around the 23rd. What you will be enjoying most is this chance to pursue activities that are entirely separate from your job and everyday responsibilities. News you hear as the month ends will change the way you see an important person in your life. Some quiet contemplation will help you build a vision of the life you want for yourself in 2022 and find a way to move towards this.

PISCES Mystical and spiritual matters will be a big attraction as the year begins. You will be keen to find out more about other people’s beliefs and religions. This will lead to some enlightening conversations. Discussions will be deep and meaningful and you could discover you have become the person your family, friends and workmates want to confide in. Talking about your own feelings will also be far more satisfying than suppressing your emotions. By mid-January there will be a refreshing degree of honesty apparent in all your relationships and this will help you forge supportive friendships and stronger bonds with those who are important in your life. Accepting an invitation to re-join a group to which you once belonged will give you something to look forward to when it is always fun to meet up with like-minded friends. It doesn’t matter how long you have been away, you will receive a warm welcome. As the month ends you will be getting together with close friends and family to consider new arrangements. Some interesting ideas will be discussed and a moneymaking proposition is worth considering. Ask to sleep on it before making a firm decision especially if you will be committing your time to a big venture.

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Many people decide to make resolutions at New Year. They carefully select what they are going to give up, berate themselves for their old, bad habits and put themselves under increasing pressure to stop doing things that they have often enjoyed. Many of those resolutions last a week or two before stress, desire for comfort and simple forgetfulness propel them back into their old ways. Let's look at another approach that may have a better chance of success. Positive resolutions are supportive, encouraging and gentle. They encourage us to improve with kindness, especially kindness to ourselves. Let's look at some of the best positive resolutions, taken from my postbag: Mary asks “I really want to stop smoking, but every time I try something crops up and I find myself reaching for that comfortable reassurance of my trusty cigarettes. Have you any ideas to make this new year's resolution succeed? Many smokers say that they need to give up their habit and stop smoking. They often find that they can manage it for a week or two, but then find that their willpower disappears as they resort to smoking again. Smoking today is less tolerated by the public and is illegal in many places. The price of maintaining a smoking habit is continuously escalating and the dangers to health are readily available to be seen. Many smokers feel conflicted. They know they should stop but can't seem to. Here are some thoughts for either cutting down or stopping completely. Identify the times when you smoke and become aware of the triggers that prompt the desire for a cigarette. Is it when the phone rings, after a piece of work has been finished, after food? Recognise the triggers and recall how you handled

those times when you were a non-smoker. Determine to find more constructive ways to deal with stress, give yourself breaks and take time-out. As you reach for your packet, pause and ask yourself, 'do I really want this cigarette, do I really need this cigarette?' If the answer is 'no' congratulate yourself and put the packet away. This way you'll start to recognise and let go of the less important cigarettes smoked purely out of habit. Change your brand. If you typically smoke regular cigarettes change to a menthol or milder brand. Buy them in packets of ten and ration yourself to a specific number each day. Some people decide to stop completely but keep an 'emergency' packet wrapped tightly in several yards of cling film, a good deterrent from smoking them! If you were about to go outside for a cigarette at the same time as a really important telephone call came through, would you take the call or ignore it? You'd probably forget completely about the cigarette. Finding ways to distract yourself, things that take your mind off smoking is a valuable way to break the habit pattern. Designate certain areas as no smoking zones. Perhaps turn the bedroom, kitchen, car into places where smoking is not allowed. Spring-clean those areas and remove any smoking paraphernalia. Clean your clothes and enjoy how fresh they smell. Why not save the money you would have spent on cigarettes each day? You could collect it in a big glass jar so that you can see it visibly accumulating. Then spend the money on something special like a beautiful picture, clear evidence of something that would in the past have gone up in smoke. Remind yourself that becoming a non-smoker is part of your commitment to overall better health. Exercise, drinking more water, taking vitamin C and hypnotherapy can also reinforce your determination by focusing your mind on a healthier lifestyle and attaining a more positive approach to your future wellbeing.

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Rosa asks “Will I find love this year? My Saturn return is starting soon in my 7th house and I want to know who it will be with? ” If Rosa was asked to describe her nature, one word would be enough: complicated. Will she find love? Gemini Rosa should keep her eyes open during the first three months of the year, for someone special who is into similar interests and who enjoys an active lifestyle. Not only will there be an instantaneous attraction but Rosa needs to know they will get on well together too. It will be some months yet before Rosa’s Saturn return and events leading up to this will see her rein in her adventurous spirit as shown by Mars in Leo to take a more cautious approach to life and a more supportive approach to her closest relationships.

Elena asks “What is my destiny for this year?“ Big changes are ahead as Capricorn Elena will be undergoing a personal transformation. Through this she will be learning all the time. Experiences she encounters will be emotionally and spiritually overwhelming bringing a need for her to recognise that change is a part of life, a part of her destiny and a part of her personal path. This is a path she must walk alone as she gains greater freedom and independence. The Capricorn side of Elena will find this unnerving at times but with Mars, Jupiter and Uranus in Aquarius, there is a part of her that will welcome the prospect of making new starts.

Vegan News

Starbucks to ditch its vegan milk surcharge Vegan Food and Living have confirmed that the coffee giant has finally responded to lobbying from pro-plantbased groups, which have been asking the chain to ditch its surcharge for years Starbucks has announced it will ditch its surcharge on vegan milk in all of its 1,020 UK stores. Credit:Starbucks

The coffee giant, which offers five dairy-free milk alternatives including oat, soya, almond, coconut and its own Nut Blend, will stop charging extra from January 5th . In addition, it will add two vegan-friendly new drinks to its menu. The Strawberry & Vanilla oat latte, which it describes as an ‘unexpected flavour combination that is a match made in heaven’, and the Dark Cocoa & Orange oat latte, which it says offers ‘a punchy take on a tried and tested winter duo’. In addition to its new dairy-free drink offerings, Starbucks will be adding a plantbased tuna sandwich to its UK menu for a limited time. The Tu’NAH Sandwich, priced from £3.29, features vegan fish from the Vegetarian Butcher. According to Starbucks: “Our first plant-based fish alternative pairs succulent The Vegetarian Butcher plant-based tuna alternative style flakes with sharp red onion, refreshing cucumber, rocket and vegan mayonnaise.“All complemented by zingy notes of horseradish and a splash of lemon juice – how can you resist? There’s now no need to sacrifice or compromise on your food choices.”

French company Bel Group releases Babybel vegan snack cheese Veg News have reported that to recreate the eating experience of the original, the mini vegan cheese wheels come wrapped in wax but instead of the classic red colour, these new dairy-free cheeses are covered in a peelable green wax. The new Babybel Plant-Based cheeses are certified vegan by The Vegan Society and fortified with calcium and B12. “We’ve seen overwhelming demand for the development of a vegan-friendly Babybel over the years, and with the plant-based market continuing to grow substantially, the new launch is perfectly timed to meet this consumer appetite,”

Credit:Bel Group

Babybel brand manager Ollie Richmond told The Grocer. The new vegan Babybel cheeses (£2 per five pack) will hit Sainsbury’s stores in the United Kingdom on January 1, in time for the annual Veganuary campaign.

JOIN THE NEW YEAR'S REVOLUTION Veganuary inspired and supported more than half a million people to try vegan during our 2021 campaign – with participants from over 200 countries and territories. Veganuary is a non-profit organization that encourages people worldwide to try vegan for January and beyond. During the 2021 campaign, more than 500,000 people took our pledge to try a vegan diet, while more than 825 new vegan products and menu options were launched in our key campaign countries. Throughout the year, Veganuary encourages and supports people and businesses alike to move to a plant-based diet as a way of protecting the environment, preventing animal suffering, and improving the health of millions of people. Sign up here Credit: Veganuary

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