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Russell Grant

February 2020





4 CONTENTS FEB 20 4 Phoebe Waller-Bridge

34 Love Horoscopes

8 Learning to say NO

38 Facing Reality.?

13 Mind Body Spirit Festival

40 Plastic Free Bathroom Products

14 FCMFIT - Flavia Cacace & Jimi Mistry

48 Alone and Single

18 Valentines Gift Guide

57 Latest Fashion

25 February Horoscopes

66 Hot Jewellery Styles

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Phoebe Waller-Bridge

The Weirdness of Human Nature

crime biopic that had us glued to our screens, and will continue to so.

Even Vogue swooned over her"silent movie star face", the chic red lipstick, her stylish suits. Everyone who is anyone is a Phoebe fan these days. “Funny” melts the hardest heart, and let's face it, Phoebe is hilarious. Perhaps she learned how to be a joker when she attended Catholic school, and cottoned on to the weirdness of human nature,

This girl will “spice up” anything given a chance. During her recent Golden Globe acceptance speech for Amazon's “Fleabag” a sad, dark, very funny series about the foibles of modern sex and platonic love, she happened to crack an Obama joke. Well, one would not expect anything less from the latest “L'Enfant Terrible” of show biz.

A London Born, Cancer Sign Golden Girl, Phoebe Waller-Bridge's “laugh a minute” irreverence “smashed through the comedy landscape like a bull in a china shop” according to Oprah. Oprah magazine also insisted “...She is only on the precipice of her career." She has leaped over that precipice now Ms O with the help of a witty Moon in Gemini, making us cry with mirth at her apt depictions of the female condition.

Blame her moon in Gemini for all that jazz. Gemini moon folks are often side splitting-ly witty; in fact “Style and irony” are the operative words when it comes to this gal's "Silver Lady" repartee.

Side Splitting The multifariously talented Phoebe, certainly enjoys a fit of the giggles. She probably split her sides laughing when creating "Killing Eve", and when offered the job of writing some of the “No Time to Die” James Bond script she probably could not pick herself off the floor. She told the BBC she“spiced up” the story line. She also spiced up "Killing Eve" the

Sensitive During her interview with US comedy legend Tina Fey, pretty and impressed Phoebe admitted how sensitive she felt when she first leapt into the deep end of that “Actor-Show-Creator-Script Writing” profession. Her need to kick against a top draw thespian training, as in playing out her preposterous dark humour, is typical of a joker. She continues to shock “ The Disgruntled of Tunbridge Wells” Brigade. The rest of the human race are rolling in the aisles. Her "Fleabag" role was revolutionary. Yet she told Oprah Magazine she felt the character was done; her fans might beg to differ. They will miss

“Blame Leo in Mercury for her comedic grandeur and risque repartee. Then again, perhaps four letter words are easier to use if your DNA includes a bit of “Blue” blood…”

identifying with the sexually confused London girl doing her best as she deals with a buddy's tragic suicide and her consistently "off the wall" existence. She gave fans hope however when she went on to tell Oprah Mag “I do have a fantasy of bringing her back when I’m, like, 45 or 50. She went on the biggest journey over the past two seasons, and she started as someone who sort of hated herself and ended up as someone believing that she could love again and forgive herself. I have to respect that arc and let her go and live for a bit”.

Digging Deep “Letting go and living” without all that is “Fleabag” will not get full on support from her astro combo either. Her droll yet conflictual view of life is a karmic “raison d'etre” for many . She has long tuned into the stark truths of human nature and will probably continue to giggle at the wackiness of your average homo sapiens. Instinctive, passionate, able to conceptualise at the “drop of a hat”, she believes honesty is the best policy when exposing our complexes and hypocrisies, in fact

she would probably curl into ball on the floor if she could not continue to express her hilarious takes on existence. Risque Repartee Blame Leo in Mercury for her comedic grandeur and risque repartee. Then again, perhaps four letter words are easier to use if your DNA includes a bit of “Blue” blood. “Larger than life” relatives include “Sir John Edward Longueville Clerke, 12th Baronet of Hitcham, on her mother’s side and  Sir Egerton Leigh, the Member of Parliament for Mid Cheshire, on her father’s”. Leo in Mercury adds to her grandeur, her thespian passion, that creative verve. Her soul must be consistently aflame with ideas, needing a stage to let rip on. Original never mundane, she holds the spotlight with confidence. Blame Mercury in Leo yet again, for that “OTT-ness”; for her eccentric flourishes her generous friendships. Never boring, she will only cease to be a true “L'Enfant Terrible” when she grows into a fully fledged “British Treasure!” And you can bet that is not far off!

Philip Garcia Celebrity Astrologer

Saying “No”

Many people find that it’s their automatic default to say ‘yes’ whenever something is asked of them.   They may have learned to respond without even thinking about it, maybe regard others’ needs as more important than their own or don’t want to cause disappointment, offence or appear ‘difficult’ by declining. Saying ‘yes’ can be a positive trait that opens new doors and experiences. It can be a significant investment in our relationships, but used too often or without due consideration can also lead to overwhelm, frustration and resentment. Let’s look at why sometimes you’ve just got to say ’no’; At times it can become apparent that we need to re-define the boundaries of our relationships and remind/reinstate the parameters of what’s appropriate and acceptable. Over time we may have ended up doing things out of habit or by default. That’s not always the best or most respectful way to live. From now let’s decide to be clearer about our roles and check whether the things we accept or agree to are still

okay for us. Saying ‘no’ can be an important part of reclaiming our self-respect. Personal time and space is integral to good self-care. Don’t underestimate the role of some me-time. Just because you’re free and don’t have an important task or commitment at the moment means you should feel guilty or allow others to encroach on that time. If you had an appointment with an important client it’s hard to imagine that you’d let something distract you from honouring it. So, put yourself in your diary and say ‘no’ to cancelling, unless a real emergency crops up. Commit to regular time for yourself. Sometimes saying ‘no’ can be a way of letting others know how much you do, what else you’ve got on, that you’re too busy to take on any more. They perhaps don’t appreciate the extent of your responsibilities and commitments, how time-consuming they are and may well back off once you’ve explained firmly and politely. If you always say ‘yes’ they may think you don’t mind, are happy to be the ‘go to guy’.  And it may be that it’s only upon reflection, that you start to appreciate how much you actually do, automatically, without a second thought.

Don’t forget too that boredom is often underrated. We may feel obligated to fill every moment with meaningful activity, with chores, catching up with people, self-improvement. There’s often a list of things we could/should/ought to be doing, but doing nothing is fine occasionally. It lets our minds and bodies calm down and be still. It teaches us about the importance of silence and inactivity, about switching off our ‘I’m ready, bring it on’ adrenalin. Children often learn a lot when they’re bored. All too often they have technology, films and adults desperate to provide constant stimulus and amusement, but children, when left to their own devices, are often ingenious at using their imaginations and amusing themselves. That skill needs to be encouraged. Find acceptable ways of saying ‘no’, that you’re comfortable with. Anger and outrage can flare if we feel we’re under pressure to do more, always say ‘yes’, but that extreme reaction is often unnecessary. Saying, ‘it’s not a good time for me’, or ‘I’m busy, already doing x and y’ may be enough to placate the situation, inform others of things you’re already doing and encourage them to respect you and your time more. Then there are those of us who say ‘yes’ so frequently to invitations that we forget which concerts, events, parties we’ve actually been to! Saying ‘yes’ too often can turn special moments into a half-remembered blur.  A bit like testing too many perfumes, we become numb and unable to fully appreciate each experience.  Saying ‘yes’ is important. It gets us out of our comfort zone, keeps us alert and receptive to new experiences & opportunities. And often when we say ‘yes’ and commit to seemingly impossible opportunities or agree to things we don’t want to do, we can be pleasantly surprised at how well they turn out. But equally, we need to be ready to say ‘no’ if we feel overloaded, trapped, taken for granted or not properly equipped to do a good job. Used well, both yes and no can serve positive roles in our lives.

Susan Leigh - A.C.H.Qual, M.N.C.H.(Acc), M.S.M.S.(Acc), H.A.Reg from Altrincham, Cheshire, is a counsellor, hypnotherapist, relationship counsellor, writer & media contributor offers help with relationship issues, stress management, assertiveness and confidence. She works with individual clients, couples and provides corporate workshops and support.

Mind Body Spirit Festival 2020

If you're into self development, self empowerment, yoga, meditation and wellbeing then you should be planning a visit to the Mind Body Spirit London Wellbeing Festival. The festival will feature some of the most inspirational and motivational speakers, along with musicians, artists and performers from across the globe. You can also meet a whole host of exhibitors presenting wellbeing products, organic food, therapies,jewellery, holistic retreats, treatments, meditation, supplements and healing products. The show will also include favourites such as a dedicated Yoga Studio, The Ceremony Space, Mantra Lounge, Wellbeing Studio, Live Stage, Chill Space and three dedicated workshop studios. Make sure you also plan a visit to the Spa and a Vegan Raw CafĂŠ. Olympia London is delighted to host Mind Body Spirit London Wellbeing Festival between 22nd and 25th May 2020. EARLY BIRD TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW! Credit: Mind Body Spirit


Professional dancer and and personal trainer, Flavia Cacace and her husband actor and chef, Jimi Mistry have launched FCMFIT. Flavia and Jimi said “we wanted to embark on new life challenges after years of working successfully in the entertainment industry.”

Flavia returned to school to find out more about the human body and discovered ‘Optimum Performance Training (OPT)’ which works on correcting muscular imbalances, wether these imbalances are from modern day living or from performing a particular sport or art.

“I needed to start looking after my aching muscles and joints and to recharge my mental and emotional wellbeing”

Flavia studied for a CPT L3 Flavia has been a professional dancer for Diploma, Nutritional Advisor and over 25 years but wanted to find a new OPT certificate with the National challenge both mentally and physically. Jimi Academy of Sports Medicine said “I had been acting for over 20 years, (NASM) and gained a qualification travelled the world and experienced in all three. Hollywood to soap opera’s and everything in between but I knew I needed a change.” Credit: FCMFIT

FCMFIT brings together Flavia’s and Jimi’s journeys and skillsets based on the 5 pillars of Total Fitness and if working correctly and in harmony can lead to a happy and fulfilled life. The pillars are Physical Fitness, Mental Wellbeing, Good Health, Nutrition and Positive Mindset,

FCMFIT is designed to be fun and aims to make a difference to people’s lives. Whether it’s through the interactive DanceHiiT classes and other streaming workouts or bespoke training programmes. Plus there will be lots of healthy recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner snacks. Both hope that through their online content and YouTube Channel (FCMTV) they can inspire people to have a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and help to make informed choices.

Jimi said that cooking has always been his passion and only started cooking 10 years ago, initially being self taught but then in 2015 he decided to study. He went on to train at Leigh’s School of Food and Wine where he gained a Diploma in Culinary Arts, passing with distinction. Jimi add “What you see is all of us, from filming in our home to the editing, music and programming of workouts plus the nutritional advice and recipes. FCMFIT is an insight into our lives where we are hoping to build a community of like-minded people who want to enjoy life and get involved in the fun..” Credit: FCMFIT

New Eco Clothing

Yogamatters have launched a new Eco clothing range. They believe passionately in yoga for all, which is why they were so determined to create a yoga wear range to suit every body. The Yogamatters Eco Clothing Collection provides the perfect amount of coverage and support for every body type, regardless of age, size and shape. Sizes flow through from UK size 6-24 And with child’s sizes from age 6 to age 10 also available in the yoga leggings and crop top, your kids can get in on the action too!

Credit: YogaMatters

L'OrĂŠal Perso device. The machine uses a cartridge system to create customized blends of lipstick and moisturiser at your bathroom counter. The Perso Smart Skincare System takes environmental data like the UV index, pollution, temperature, humidity into account to blend a daily moisturiser that suits you; day to day, your formula could be completely different based on the weather).

The Oral-B iO toothbrush combines the gentle energy of micro-vibrating bristles and dentist inspired round head - all powered by a first of its kind smooth magnetic drive system. Other features include a smart pressure sensor, interactive display, seven personalised cleaning modes. When connected to the Oral-B app you can monitor your brushing with 3D tracking and AI recognition to help guide you to your best clean for all areas of your mouth. The Oral-B iO toothbrush will be available in August 2020.

Using L'OrĂŠal's ModiFace technology, the app can also snap a photo of your skin to take your specific diagnostics into account. Eventually, you'll be able to select different cartridges based on your personal preferences, too: chemical versus physical sunscreen, lightweight gel versus rich consistency or antioxidants versus retinol.

Sally Beauty takes the guesswork out of hair typing. The program takes a photo and determines your hair type. Then, customers can answer a series of questions about their hair concerns, lifestyle, and product needs. Finally, the algorithm creates a customized regimen based on the Sally Beauty product lineup. This tech is available in stores now and will be coming to the Sally Beauty app soon

Aries Offer the Aries adventure and this is a sure way to win their heart. Surprise them with an unusual getaway idea like a Hot Air Balloon flight or a Nationwide Gliding Voucher. Make life fun and varied to keep the Aries interested, not just on Valentine’s Day but all year round!

Taurus What better way to romance a Taurean than to present them with a Thornton’s Chocolate Gift Hamper or a Marks & Spencer Pamper pack? Taureans are honest, loyal and straight-forward. They aren’t into mind games and if they feel they’re being betrayed, they will run a mile.

Gemini Take your Gemini Valentine for dance lessons and have fun together. Arrange a surprise by taking them on a romantic getaway to somewhere you know they will enjoy. Send them a romantic e-card or text message to say how much you love them. You might also gift your partner with a sensual yet captivating cologne such as Giorgio Armani Code. Cancer If you want to romance a Cancerian, flowers and chocolates are a good start. Another way to impress Cancer would be to book a romantic meal at their favourite restaurant. The gift of time is one of the best presents you could ever give your Cancerian Valentine. Find their favourite romantic movie and watch it with them.

Leo Amorous Leos aren’t likely to go without romantic relationships for very long. When they’re attracted to someone they will pursue them ardently. All things bright and beautiful will please your Leo lover. If you can afford a gold ring or pendant go for it. The sparkle in your Leo’s eyes when they open such a gift could ignite an immediate outburst of romance.

Libra Plan a delicious evening of fun and passion for your Libran. This romantic sign will like soft music and candlelit dinners. They hate being ignored and that’s why they will be glad for any gift or gesture that makes them feel special. Treat your Libran valentine to a massage or spa treatment. Librans appreciate beautiful and sensual things.

Virgo As far as Virgo is concerned, nothing beats a dozen red roses. They love nature and natural beauty so go easy on the cologne and perfume. Choose botanical or organic perfumes from The Body Shop or The Natural Store. Be patient if you want to win a Virgo’s heart as they can be somewhat nervous about showing their true feelings.

Scorpio Lure the complex Scorpio with a mix of passion and mystery. Plan a getaway to somewhere secret and romantic. Play it straight with Scorpio. Superficial small talk turns them cold. Go for a sultry perfume like Calvin Klein’s Obsession or sexy lingerie - something scant and filmy will do wonders to enhance romance with your Scorpio Valentine.

Sagittarius Most Sagittarians love the outdoors. Hide a gift for your lover so they might find it during a walk together. Another great way to add a big dose of romance into your relationship is to present them with a voucher for a day excursion on board the Orient Express.

Capricorn Send your Capricorn a huge bouquet of red roses from Interflora to prove traditional romance is still alive. Don’t look for young Lochinvar or Valentino techniques because Capricorn doesn’t operate that way. When Capricorn’s trust is earned they will open up like a flower and reveal their passionate side.

Aquarius The key to capturing the Aquarian’s heart is through their mind. Fascinate them with your wild ideas. The best romantic gifts for your Aquarius Valentine are those you’ve put thought into. An original and symbolic gift for the Aquarius who isn’t easily surprised would be to Name A Star after them.

Pisces Pisces in love is sensual, devoted and has eyes only for the object of their desire. Think fantasy and charm the Piscean with dramatic romantic gestures. Seduce them with a bottle of chilled champagne with a personalised label or good wine and soft music before guiding them gently to the bedroom!

A new one-off BBC One documentary, Rio And Kate: Becoming A Step Family, will look at the Ferdinand family as Rio’s fiancée Kate Wright integrates into the family and becomes a step mum to Rio’s three children, Lorenz, Tate and Tia. This is the next stage in the families journey following the Bafta award-winning and critically-acclaimed documentary, Rio Ferdinand: Being Mum And Dad. The 2017 BBC One documentary was huge success, with a consolidated audience of over 7 million viewers. In the months leading up to their wedding, this deeply personal film will look at the emotionally complicated dilemmas this newly formed family unit face following Rio’s wife Rebecca’s passing in 2015. For 27 year old Kate, taking on not only the role as girlfriend and fiancée to Rio, but also of ‘mum’ to three grieving children, and with the memory of Rebecca still very much present, a unique set of emotionally complicated challenges emerge. Kate and Rio Ferdinand say: “The positive response to Being Mum And Dad in 2017 and the way it helped others going through a similar situation was overwhelming. For that reason we were both compelled to tell the next chapter in our lives together. We hope Becoming A Step Family will give a unique insight into step families and the journey through grief, whilst also providing an intimate look at our lives together.” Step families are now the fastest growing family type in the UK. It's estimated that one in three of all families are now part of one. Like them, Kate and Rio have faced challenges on their journey, and as they meet others in similar circumstances, they explore the types of support on offer to those in this complex situation.

Warning to Pet Owners

Pet owners are being warned about using the popular disinfectant ‘Zoflora’. The household disinfectant has become a favourite in households across the country, becoming especially popular after gaining a reputation as one of Instagram cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch’s must-have cleaning products. But the cult product can actually be very harmful to have around your pets. Just over a year ago vets warned against the product, claiming that it contains ingredient benzalkonium chloride, which can be poisonous to dogs.

Vets have previously warned pet owners over the product, with Nicola Robinson, a vet and head of service at the Veterinary Poisons Information Service, telling the Sun, “Zoflora contains a detergent called benzalkonium chloride which is particularly toxic in cats and can cause oral and tongue ulceration, hypersalivation and inappetence”. Pets who come into contact with Zoflora can suffer from a range of symptoms and Zoflora have advised that when using their popular cleaning product, you follow all instructions and ensure all surfaces are completely dry before allowing pets to walk on the treated areas. For more information on Pet safety from Zoflora, click this page

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February Horoscopes from Russell Grant

Will Valentines be a day of Romance & Love..?

ARIES Both your public and private lives will reap rich rewards around the 2nd; there will be lots of reasons for rejoicing on this magical day. After making an appearance at an important party, head off to a romantic hideaway with your partner. If you're single, you could meet someone special at this festive occasion. Your charm, wit and good looks will be evident to everyone on the 7th. This is an excellent time for auditions, job interviews and dates. The Full Moon on the 9th will bring news of an engagement, marriage or pregnancy. You might be celebrating this happy event with people from another culture. Valentine's Day promises to be a happy occasion, whether you are single or attached. Toast your love with your nearest and dearest. You will be rewarded for your hard work with a pay rise or a lucrative job offer on the 21st. The New Moon on the 23rd is ideal for taking a relaxing vacation.

TAURUS A friend will invite you to go on holiday with them on the 2nd; you'll make wonderful travel companions. Splash out on a gourmet restaurant on the 3rd, as you're sure to enjoy whatever is on the menu. Your unique ideas will get a popular reception on the 5th; feel free to set yourself apart from the crowd on this electrifying day. The Full Moon on the 9th marks the satisfying conclusion of an emotional family matter; this is a great time to forgive a relative's misdeeds. Valentine's Day will find you making a glamorous entrance at a restaurant, theatre or party. If you're looking for love, you could find it with an attractive colleague. The New Moon on the 23rd is perfect for launching a group project. Working with fellow artists will be especially rewarding. Beware of blurting out secrets on the 28th. You don't want to betray a mentor's trust by telling stories about their personal life.

GEMINI A rewarding job with lots of perks could come your way on the 3rd. Stop doubting yourself and accept the position; you won't regret it. On the 9th, the Full Moon will find you signing a contract or entering a creative partnership. This deal will give you lots of stimulation, as well as rewarding companionship. Valentine's Day could have an exotic flair. Going to a restaurant that specialises in foreign cuisine will be a real treat. Are you single? You could find love with someone with an exotic and attractive accent. The New Moon on the 23rd marks an exciting career opportunity. This would be a great time to join the ranks of a large employer, like a hospital, university or government agency. The 26th is perfect for making a public presentation; people will be receptive to your creative approach. Raising money for a good cause is especially favoured at the end of February.

CANCER Working with an experienced person will turn out to be exciting and energising at the start of February. Going on a business trip together will be informative and profitable. The 7th is ideal for making a professional presentation. Your audience will be both charmed and impressed with you. A payment will be larger than expected on the 9th, when the Full Moon rewards you handsomely for a job well done. Valentine's Day is best celebrated at a romantic hideaway; it will be difficult for your lover to keep their hands off you. Are you single? Let a relative set you up on a blind date. Push your best friend or romantic partner to try something new on the 21st; your encouragement will help them realise a cherished dream. The New Moon on the 23rd is ideal for publishing and broadcasting ventures. Sharing your expertise will be an enriching experience in more than one way. Avoid getting into a power struggle with someone you love on the 28th.

LEO Hard work will pay off handsomely on the 3rd. Don't be surprised if you're given a bonus, pay rise or other perk as thanks for your excellent contributions. If you're unemployed, you could be offered a splendid position on the 5th that draws on your artistic abilities. The pay won't be stellar, but the less tangible rewards will be significant. The Full Moon on the 9th finds you reaching a personal goal; this is cause for celebration. Treat yourself to a romantic adventure at this magical time. Valentine's Day could find you getting engaged or married. If you're already in a serious relationship, your partner will give you a beautiful gift. Are you single? Be willing to give up your independence to a cultured, sophisticated love interest. Your charisma reaches an all-time high on the 19th, when you draw admiring glances from every corner. The New Moon on the 23rd is ideal for making a personal or professional merger.

VIRGO Let your romantic partner pamper and pet you on the 2nd. A little tender loving care will bring out the best in you. If you're single, this would be an excellent time to make your move and launch a new relationship. The sparks will be instantaneous. More money for luxuries will become available on the 7th, thanks to an investment or partnership. The Full Moon on the 9th allows you to rest, relax and reflect on your accomplishments; this is an excellent time to withdraw from public view. Valentine's Day will be glorious if you take extra time with your appearance; prepare to receive many flattering compliments. It will be necessary to change some of your expectations about romance on the 17th; stop clinging to some fairy tale notion. The New Moon on the 23rd marks a joyous new phase of a romance. There's a good chance you could get engaged or married at the end of February.

LIBRA Your job prospects are looking good as February gets up and running; if you're unemployed, you'll get at least one potential packed employment offer. This would also be a good time to launch a business from your home. Working with a daring partner will bring a success on the 7th. You'll benefit from your other half's pioneer spirit. The Full Moon on the 9th is ideal for throwing a party. Add a dash of glamour to this gathering; your guests will be grateful for the diversion. Valentine's Day will be especially romantic. You special someone will be especially attentive, working hard to make you happy. If you're single, you'll have your choice of admirers. Pick the most original suitor; you won't be disappointed. Apply for a grant, loan or scholarship on the 21st, when your financial prospects will be especially good. The New Moon on the 23rd will prompt you to start a health regimen. The results of this programme will be plain for all to see.

SCORPIO A powerful attraction between you and an unusual person will be evident on the 5th. This is an excellent time to embark on a relationship. On the 9th, a fulfilling Full Moon will draw attention to your professional accomplishments. Don't be surprised if you're given a promotion or high-profile job. Valentine's Day might find you spending a quiet evening with your amour in the comfort of your own home. Make the occasion special with flowers, candles and a gourmet meal. Are you single? A heartfelt confession of love could reach your ears on this wonderful day. Open your heart on the 20th; your honesty will be greatly appreciated. The New Moon on the 23rd is perfect for launching a creative project or going on a first date. Alternatively, you may decide to take a relaxing seaside vacation. Beware of getting drawn into a nasty argument on social media around the 28th.

SAGITTARIUS Money for furniture, artwork and other household items could arrive on the 2nd. Take this opportunity to buy things that are not only pleasing to the eye and stimulating to the senses but also comfortable and easy to live with. You'll attract lots of admiring glances on the 7th; this is a wonderful time to attend a party. The Full Moon on the 9th brings the satisfying conclusion to a legal matter; you'll be able to make some exciting plans because of this decision. A minibreak will be a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day; head for a nearby beauty spot with your amour. If you're single, you will meet someone special when you're out and about. Are you looking for a new place to live? You'll find a beautiful piece of property at a price you can easily afford on the 20th. The New Moon on the 23rd is ideal for relocating. Alternatively, you might add a member to your household.

CAPRICORN Your powers of persuasion are very strong on the 2nd. Take this opportunity to negotiate and finalise a contract, ask for a date or make a sales pitch. Your expertise will command a good price on the 3rd; use this extra income to take a series of short pleasure trips. The 7th is perfect for buying beautiful artwork and furnishings. If you're looking for a new place to live, you'll find somewhere right up your street. The Full Moon on the 9th finds you getting closer to a business or romantic partner. It's a wonderful time to let down your defences. A breath-taking gift could be given to you on Valentine's Day. Are you single? Take this opportunity to splash out on some creature comforts. Promoting a creative project is highly favoured on the 21st, when you could get funding, publicity or both. On the 23rd, the New Moon brings excellent news about a community concern.

AQUARIUS Working for a large organisation like a hospital, university or government agency could be profitable on or around the 2nd. You will appreciate the stability of a regular income, as well as significant perks, that come from this employer. A generous relative could give you the money for a household expense on the 5th. The Full Moon on the 9th marks an exciting turn of events in a relationship; you could get engaged or form a new businessbased partnership. Valentine's Day gives you a special glow and you'll have no problems attracting more than a few admiring glances. The 21st is perfect for moving to a new place, renewing your lease or paying off a mortgage. On the 23rd, the New Moon brings a lovely money-making opportunity. This job might allow you to work from home or set your own hours. The 29th is perfect for having a heart to heart discussion with a relative.

PISCES An influential friend will promote your interests on the 2nd. If someone offers to write a reference, set up a blind date or arrange a job interview on your behalf, you should take them up on their offer immediately. An important person will be impressed by your gracious behaviour on the 3rd; be unswervingly polite to everyone you encounter. Give yourself a reward for reaching a health goal on the 9th, when the Full Moon yields admirable results. Take yourself off to a private hideaway with your lover on Valentine's Day. If you're single, you may prefer to embrace your freedom than look for love. It may be necessary to think again about some personal plans on the 17th; be flexible. Your star power will be evident to everyone on the 19th; have fun basking in the spotlight. The New Moon on the 23rd is perfect for changing your appearance.

Vegan News

Pizza chain Papa John's has launched four new meaty vegan pizzas across the UK. The chain is now offering pepperoni slices out of jackfruit and vegan sausage. In addition to the pies, Papa John's is now offering a new range of sides including Cauli Wings with a hot buffalo sauce dip and Vegan Sheese Potato Tots. The new pies include Jackfruit Pepperoni, topped with tomato sauce, vegan Sheese, and spicy jackfruit pepperoni slices Never get cream egg-envy again! Holland & Barrett have launched Mummy Meagz. A tasty, animal friendly alternative. Mummy Meagz Chuckie Vegan Cream Egg lets you enjoy your favourite childhood Easter treat, while avoiding any animal products. This indulgent vegan cream egg is the perfect solution for sweet-toothed vegans and those with dairy allergies who miss biting into a gooey, sticky-sweet chocolate cream egg.

KFC confirm it’s new Vegan Burger is now available nationwide after a successful trial in London, Bristol and the Midlands last summer. The usual chicken breast fillet is replaced with a bespoke Quorn fillet, which is coated in herbs and spices. It’s served with vegan mayonnaise and crisp iceberg lettuce, all within a soft-glazed bun. The burger is priced at £3.99 without any sides. Credit: Papa John’s, Holland & Barrett and KFC

Asda trials refills at 'sustainability store' Asda has joined forces with some of the U.K.’s best known brands to launch its first ‘test and learn’ sustainability store in Leeds, England, with a mission to find new ways to reduce plastic and encourage customers to reuse and refill. From May, the Leeds based store will become the first Asda in the U.K. where shoppers can fill up their own containers of products. The supermarket has also asked well known household brands to work with them on their quest to reduce plastic – meaning shoppers will also be able to use refill points Kellogg’s cereals such as Coco Pops and Rice Krispies and Unilever’s PG Tips tea. In addition to the refill stations, the store will include a ‘naked florist’ offering plastic-free flowers and loose produce with items such as cucumbers and mushrooms being taken out of their plastic packaging. There will also be a range of new recycling facilities, including a reverse vending machine for plastic bottles and cans, hanger recycling and a deposit box for unwanted small plastic toys.

HOT OFF THE PRESS Tesco will replace plastic-wrapped multipacks with plastic-free multibuys on tinned food eliminating 350 tonnes of plastic from the environment. Customers still get the same ‘multipack’ value, just without plastic. 183,000 tinned multipacks are bought every day at Tesco. The changes will be rolled out in stores from March 2nd 2020. Credit: Asda and Tesco

Philip Garcia’s L Aries



A new partner is suddenly too busy to answer your calls. You aren’t slow to take a hint. They’ve tested the waters and they aren’t interested anymore. Of course you would have appreciated an honest explanation but you aren’t going to lower yourself to ask any more questions. You’re going to get on with your life and put this disappointing experience behind you. A committed relationship might hit a rocky patch. As the month ends, give your other half some space.

It’s proving to be quite a challenge to maintain a close and loving relationship. A partner may be demanding a lot from you at this time. You won’t begrudge this especially if they are looking to you for emotional support. This will be a temporary sacrifice for long-term happiness. Are you single and hoping to get back together with a partner after a recent breakup? It could be you are clinging to a hope that they don’t share. Obey an impulse to treat yourself to something special as February ends.

It is time to make a commitment. The 14th would be a great day to book a wedding venue or celebrate an engagement. You aren’t going to lose your independence the moment you commit yourself to another. Where there is respect and understanding, you will always retain a degree of freedom. If you are in a long-term partnership, your other half knows you well and they know too that you are safe off the leash as you will always come back to them.

Love Horoscopes Cancer



You and a partner or close friend can’t seem to reach an agreement on future plans. You hate it when you don’t see eye to eye and you are trying to be diplomatic. This isn’t easy when you’re being accused of deliberately causing problems. Someone is eager for change but you’re happy with the status quo. Stand your ground. Are you single? It may feel as if all your friends have partners and you’re the only one on your own. Don’t despair. Someone you meet on Valentine’s Day will make a big impression on you.

There’s a competitive atmosphere in romance and in the workplace. A rival is intent on stirring up trouble. This could not only destroy your plans for the months ahead, but also a special relationship. Don’t let anyone push you into the shadows. You are stronger than you realise. A neighbour or workmate has a difficult choice to make and they might come to you for advice. You aren’t sure you can be of help but you will do your best to give an honest opinion.

Love is in the air. You and your partner will be arranging a romantic holiday and you couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Are you single? You’re looking for reasons to avoid someone because you know you are falling in love. You are trying to keep this relationship casual but by mid-February, you will both admit your feelings for each other. Taking the initiative in romance will be an exciting challenge and being more assertive gives you an attractive glow.

Philip Garcia’s L Libra



A partner is talking about making changes. This makes you nervous but you don’t want to stand in their way. They’re hoping they can discuss this further with you. All you can suggest is that they follow their heart as you can’t make their minds up for them. If you’re worried about your relationship, make it a priority to enjoy more date nights together. This could make you realise how preoccupied you have been with work and other commitments.

A new partner is exhibiting possessive behaviour. You are suddenly curious about their life before you met each other, but you aren’t sure they are ready to talk. Besides you’d rather do a little discreet delving than play twenty-questions. You’re tempted to ask a friend’s advice but you’re the best judge of what to do in your life and if you feel unsure about a relationship, you need to trust your heart. By the 25th you will feel ready to make a big relationship decision.

An urge to travel and explore should not be ignored. Let your boss know your plans or you may not get the time off work to take advantage of a travel offer. Are you single? You could meet a fellow adventurer on this trip. If you are in a committed relationship you are about to undergo a second honeymoon phase as the pair of you head for an exotic destination. Life is romantic, stimulating and exciting. When thinking about the future, you’re ready to explore.

Love Horoscopes Capricorn



Being honest with a partner is key to the success of your relationship. If you suspect them of not being true to you, it’s important to discuss your feelings. You could never be happy in a partnership where there is no trust. Something is upsetting you and disagreements will prey on your mind. You need to know where you stand by the 14th which means Valentine’s Day will mark the start of a new understanding between you or an agreement to go your separate ways.

The chance to get involved in a group effort will be a one you won’t want to turn down. Working with like-minded others will be rewarding. A partner may have objections but you need to make a quick decision. Time is running short as there are others who would jump at the same opportunity. Sometimes you have to act and talk it over with your other half later. Are you single? Your family may not approve of your decisions but they should respect your wishes.

This will be one of the most romantic months of the year for you. You have always been intuitive and you will find it easy to tune into other people’s thoughts and feelings. Your partner will feel at ease in your company and delighted that you are keen to go along with their wishes. Your amour will have a fabulous gift for you on Valentine’s day and this will melt your heart. Are you single? If you have a crush on someone, now is the time to confess it.

Never believe anyone who says “You “have to face reality� because what they mean is, you have to face my reality, and you have to comply with it. I say this as a Psychotherapist Counsellor(retired) and Psychic who knows that there is no such thing as reality. They royal family do not share a reality with a plumber from the Midlands. A newly arrived migrant to this county does not share a reality with a middle class family from the Cotswolds. What people mean by reality is simply a point of view. In the 13th century the reality was that the Sun orbited the Earth. Then came Copernicus who proved that contrary, which was that the Earth orbited the Sun. We might expect that this revolution would be greeted with great joy, a great step forward in our understanding of the heavens, but no. Poor old Copernicus was locked up by the Pope and called a heretic, he was lucky to escape with his life. Unfortunately, it is true that we, as a culture, as a species do not like our view of ourselves and our place in the world challenged. We like our reality to remain so and will castigate anyone who challenges it. This is because we are frightened, unlike other species we know that our lives are short and even within that short period of time we may suffer great pain and torment from a thousand different directions. Here we all are speeding through space at 66,000 miles an hour all on our own, and even as we reach our middle years we can feel and see that our once young, beautiful bodies are beginning to fall away from us. We live in a state of fear and panic and so we cling to our beliefs and we call these beliefs reality but in fact they are anything but. We believe ourselves to be the most important thing in the Universe. Collectively and individually, we not only believe that the Sun orbits the Earth but that the entire universe orbits around us, we are delusional.

We are such a young species that our bodies have not yet evolved sufficiently to allow us to walk upright without most of us developing chronic back pain. We are infants on the evolutionary tree, of course we do not know what reality is, how could we possibly know? But we have to convince ourselves that we do, that we have control because to realise that we know nothing and have no control it is just too scary to contemplate. However, it is the truth and life is simply about finding a way of being ok with it. I work on a different level to science in that what I do cannot be proved by scientific methods, but that doesn’t make it invalid or untruthful, it just makes it inexplicable, even to me. Those of us who work in the esoteric rather than the scientific part of the universe can offer people real help in their lives. We know that life is not as simple as science says it is, we know it is not just a matter of being born, reproducing, growing old and dying. We know that there is layer upon layer, upon layer of complex, interwoven depth to life and nothing is as we perceive it. And this is OK, we are only human and we can only live life as best we can but it not all there is, yes, biological life ends but that is not the end of the story, it is an end but not ‘The End’. I cannot be wrong because I would not be able to do what I and others do if life was as one dimensional as we imagine. That does not mean I can explain it, I cannot fully understand it, I just see glimpses, a window opens, I am allowed see for just moment before the window closes again. We don’t need to fully understand it in order to use it for the benefit of others. Before the advent of modern medicine many herbs and other plant life was used to ease pain and discomfort, we did not

helped we just knew they did and that was enough. Everything I have done with my life has led me to the certainty that we know nothing and whist it is true that since the beginning of the industrial revolution science has shot us forward in our understanding of the physical world any scientist will tell you that the more they learn the more they realise how little they know. The study of the human psyche has stalled, since the death of Carl Jung, the father of psychotherapy, it has withered on the vine. It was Jung who said:

“We know nothing of man, far too little, his psyche should be studied because we are the origin of all coming evil”. There has never been anyone quite like you and there never will be again, that is a scientific fact. You are unique, and in that uniqueness, you have huge potential to grow as a unique individual. You are made from the exact same materials as the universe itself, you are the universe and as such you have vast amounts of power at your fingertips. Open your mind and allow the universe to tell you what it wants to tell you. What you are certainly not here to do is to live a life for someone else’s convenience.

David Cartwright B.Sc. Ad. Dip. C.P MSDT

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Plastic Free Bathroom

Zed Bees is on a mission to help people switch to a more eco-friendly lifestyle. They deliver simple, no fuss subscription boxes, complete with all your bathroom essentials, straight to your door. All of their products are lovingly made by independent producers using natural, organic materials. And because they focus on essentials, with minimum (fully recyclable) packaging, they make the switch to a zero-waste lifestyle more sustainable on your wallet too. The UK uses 13 billion plastic bottles every year. 13 billion! We throw away somewhere in the region of 264 million plastic toothbrushes each year, plus countless toothpaste tubes and other products. It's well documented that this is a huge environmental issue. It's also well documented that small changes, on a large scale, can make a huge difference. Zed Bees exists to be part of that change. Their mission is to deliver plastic free, sustainable, eco-friendly bathroom products to your door. Our message, our offer and our product is as simple as it can be. One simple subscription box containing alternatives to the bathroom products you buy on a regular basis. No guesswork, just what you need, when you need it.

Purchase The Starter Box and receive.. ●Lemon & Aromatic Litsea Body Soap ●Lavender & Ylang Ylang Hand Soap ●Coconut & Argan Shampoo Bar ●Mint Toothpaste Tablets (Fluoride) ●Reusable Toothpaste Tablet Tin ●Bamboo Toothbrush ●Organic Body Loofah Subscribe and you'll then receive The Monthly Box containing organic soaps, shampoo bar and toothpaste tablets each month, so you can make the switch without having to lift a finger.

“We're working with some wonderful small businesses who hand make products to order and share the same ethos we do. We're also committed to using as little waste as possible, so don't expect fancy packaging, ribbons and bow ties. It's still ‘instagramable’ though, obviously..” Lee and Zoe Shelton launched Zed Bees, which sources products from across the UK to make swapping to an eco-friendly lifestyle as easy as possible. Lee explained: “Sustainability shouldn’t be difficult and it certainly shouldn’t be about sacrificing quality, price or ease. “Zed Bees delivers plastic-free bathroom essentials directly to your door each month – or as and when you need. It’s a quick & simple way for everyone to immediately reduce the amount of plastic in their bathroom without requiring a lot of effort”.

Fruit & Vegetables

We all know that eating fruit and vegetables are good for us, but do we know why? Recent studies have shown that boosting your intake can have a major impact on your life. You can boost you chances of living a long life and reducing the risk of many chronic conditions, from cancer to Type 2 diabetes. GP and nutrition expert Jan Sambrook explains further: "Having a low intake of fruit and vegetables is estimated to cause about 19% of cancers of the digestive system, 31% of heart disease and 11% of strokes." GP Dr Rupy Aujla agrees. In his recipe book The Doctor's Kitchen, he says: "You can lower your risk of stroke, cancer and heart disease by increasing your fruit and vegetable intake. Eat mostly plants and you'll stand a better chance of living a healthier, more vibrant and fulfilling life, free of disease." Antioxidants Fruit and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals which keep the body healthy. They also contain chemicals called antioxidants which are thought to protect the body against damaging chemicals.

You eat less of the bad stuff Eating fruit and vegetables can help to replace other foods that are high in fat, salt and sugar, which further helps to reduce our risk of these diet-related diseases.

Fibre Fruit and vegetables are packed with fibre. This can help to control cholesterol levels and keep blood sugar levels steady. Plus, fibre helps to keep you regular and avoid constipation.

What counts as a portion? Sambrook suggests the following guide for those confused about what really counts as one of your five a day. ◊ One large fruit such as an apple, pear, banana, orange, or a large slice of melon. ◊ Two smaller fruits such as plums, kiwis, satsumas, clementines. ◊ One cup of small fruits such as grapes, strawberries, raspberries, cherries. ◊ Two large tablespoons of fruit salad, stewed fruit or canned fruit. ◊ One tablespoon of dried fruit. ◊ One glass of fresh fruit juice (150 ml). ◊ A normal portion of any vegetable (about two tablespoons). ◊ One dessert bowl of salad. ◊ Three heaped tablespoons of beans, pulses or lentils.

A word on fruit juice Sambrook points out that a 150 ml glass of fruit juice counts as only one of your 'five a day', even if you have more than one glass. "This is because during processing much of the fibre has been removed and the sugar is released from the plant cells, meaning there are higher levels of 'free sugars'." However, fruit juice still has many benefits not found in fizzy drinks, squashes and 'fruit juice drinks' and nectars. These all have added sugar, while by definition pure fruit juice isn't allowed to have any sugar added. In addition, fruit juice helps with absorption of iron if it's taken as part of a meal.

TUI BLUE FOR TWO HOTELS DESIGNED FOR ADULTS These stylish properties are geared towards adults and couples, and are formerly known as TUI SENSIMAR. They put the focus on relaxing, and you’ll find them by the sea and in other scenic locations.

TUI BLUE Don Pedro CALA SAN VICENTE, MAJORCA, SPAIN A first-class location, tucked in a peaceful cove on the north coast of Majorca. The TUI BLUE Don Pedro – which used to be a part of our TUI SENSIMAR portfolio – is pulled right up against the shore on Majorca’s north coast, so the sea views are really something. Steps lead down to two petite sandy coves that frame the property. You’ll find a handful of shops, bars and restaurants within five minutes’ walk. For a change of scene, the town of Puerto Pollensa – with its kilometre-long beach and stylish marina – is a 10-minute taxi ride away.

TUI BLUE Tikida Garden MARRAKECH, MOROCCO TUI BLUE Tikida Garden is undergoing a huge facelift this year to open with box-fresh facilities in April 2020. This new hotel will come with all the trimmings. Like a huge, garden-lined pool and a restaurant that’ll dish up Moroccan cuisine. Plus, it’s going to be adults-only – ideal for couples. In addition, it’ll boast show-cooking, themed dining nights, culinary workshops, fitness classes, and a spa with a sauna. This property is having a major refurbishment so look out for a brand new TripAdvisor rating. TUI BLUE Atlantica Grand Med Resort ERMONES, CORFU, GREECE The TUI BLUE Atlantica Grand Med Resort offers up luxurious looks and a dramatic cliffside setting. This place – formerly the TUI SENSIMAR Atlantica Grand Mediterraneo Resort & Spa – is spread out across acres of cliffside forest, looking out over Ermones Beach. There's a footpath you can follow to a seafront restaurant and bar, or the hotel’s funicular lift will take you down to them. The hotel’s facilities have a luxe feel. The pool’s got its own boardwalk and rooms are dressed in designer neutrals. Then there’s the gourmet à la carte restaurant, which serves up panoramic views.

Mike asks “I'm set to retire in a couple of years but how can I prepare myself for this big life change..?” With the Sun, Mercury & Venus in Sagittarius Mike could never be bored and has nothing to get nervous about. Although retirement will be a huge change, Sagittarians thrive on change and excitement and it is unlikely he will be spending his retirement lazing on the sofa. He will be able to do all the things he wants to do but has never had the time for while working. Sagittarians enjoy life and Mike will need to plan financially for a happy and successful retirement. He might set realistic financial goals to ensure he is able to afford the lifestyle he wants for himself, his wife and his family. Saturn and Neptune in 2020 will bring challenges that seem to prevent him from achieving his dreams and it could be that he might retire later than planned. He needs to stay focused on his goals and slowly anxiety will turn to contentment.

Jenny asks “I fell out with my family a couple of years ago after a disagreement was blown out of proportion, and I haven't spoken to them since 2018. I miss my parents and sister. What do the stars suggest I should do..?” Words can have tremendous power and as a Scorpio, arguments, debates and heated discussions can have a strong effect on Jenny. Although she admits that the disagreement was blown out of proportion, she has found it hard to forgive what was said, who said it and how much it hurt. Now she is starting to realise how much her family means to her and it is a good sign that Jenny is asking what to do. Scorpio is ruled by their emotions and they do tend to hold onto a grudge. A rift can only be healed when one person is willing to make the first move and with Saturn linking with Jenny’s Sun, it may be time for her to offer an olive branch. She needs to choose to forgive. She might suggest her family spends more time together and she will need to be patient. This is the year to start re-building relationships and by the start of 2021, they will be back on a solid footing.

ASOS ‘See My Fit’

Online retailer Asos is trailing an augmented reality tool, ‘See My Fit’, developed in partnership with Israeli AR company Zeekit that offers customers a simulated view of a product in different sizes and on different body types. The aim of the AR tool is to help Asos customers “make more informed purchasing decisions” explained the online retailer, as it shows how products look on models that “more closely reflect individual customers”. The technology is easy to use, consumers just need to click the ‘See My Fit’ button on one of the 800 dresses involved in the trial on desktop and mobile, they will then be able to view that dress on a range of 16 models in sizes 4 to 18, with Asos adding that additional models, reflecting a greater range of body types to match the full width of sizing available, would be introduced in any final product launch for ‘See My Fit’.

Tim Carey, senior content manager at Asos Studios, said in a statement: “With this trial of See My Fit, we’re using the latest in AR technology to put the power in our customers’ hands, so they can choose to view a dress on the model that they most identify with, in a way that wouldn’t be possible using traditional model-shooting techniques.” Credit: ASOS

Single and Alone

Would you agree that there are few places lonelier than being in a loveless relationship? Spending time with someone who's clearly bored, disinterested, perhaps even angry at your mere presence slowly destroys your confidence, self-esteem and faith in yourself. You may even question your ability to sustain future relationships. Then there are those who've had long, successful relationships which perhaps ended naturally through health issues or unexpectedly out of the blue, so leaving them lost, desolate and grief-stricken. They're faced with doubts as to how they'll heal, recover and start anew. Being single and alone never really featured as an option for them. Some people are on a constant mission to find partners for their single friends, seeming to feel that they've something missing from their lives. They want everyone comfortably settled in happy relationships so that they're not alone at social events or holiday times. But are their own relationships so fantastic or are they always compromising and rarely doing what they'd like to do? Let's look at being single and alone and ask how that's working out for you. Being single and alone doesn't automatically equate to being lonely, but equally let's reflect on the dangers of being on your own for too long. Have previous relationship(s) left you feeling alone and somehow lacking or unsure as to what to say or do? Are you fearful that being alone means 'everyone' will look at you in a negative way? If that's the case you may find yourself feeling apprehensive at the prospect of even walking into a room by yourself, filled with self-doubt, low in confidence and constantly reinforcing a negative mindset. Maybe you're becoming increasingly insular, self-protective and defensive. Being vulnerable, exposing too much of yourself can feel counter-intuitive. Whilst

the need to take care of ourselves is understandable we should also appreciate that forming relationships means being open and receptive to others. It's an important part of life and a valuable skill when we're wanting to have any kind of successful, interactive relationship with others. Some newly single people prefer not to live alone at first. A house share can be a good stepping-stone as it's a means of having both private space as well as knowing there's some company nearby.

It can be a less expensive option and not as binding as buying or renting, giving breathing space in which to consider which next steps are best to take. Being on our own can become a habit. How often do we hear someone say they're too set in their ways to change or commit to a new relationship! But if they met someone and were really attracted I doubt they'd think twice about adapting their routine or habit patterns. They'd be prepared to have a go, try something new, enjoy the excitement and look forward to being more flexible in their outlook.

A comfort zone tends to become smaller the longer we spend in it. Over time doing what we've always done becomes easier, whilst making changes or effort can become less and less appealing. Staying there for too long can ultimately become boring and unsatisfying. But eventually, it becomes second-nature to settle into an, 'I'm too old to change', 'I've had my life' mindset, even though some adjustments and a little effort could reinvigorate the present and the future for you. Are childcare responsibilities a deterrent to you finding a new partner? Making the time to go online or go out and negotiate the dynamics of a new relationship can seem like an unnecessary hassle, but small steps can make a difference to easing yourself back into a new social scene. Could you alternate childcare with another single parent; you have their kids one afternoon, evening or maybe an occasional sleep over and they then return the favour. Doing that might free you both up for a few hours and give time to go shopping, have a leisurely lunch or an evening out.

Booking a different hairdresser to style your hair can introduce a whole new look and reinvigorate your confidence levels. Making a few modifications to your wardrobe can put a spring in your step and inspire you to get out and about, to make new friends. Even if you're happy being single, are not looking for romance and a new partner, a few simple steps can add some zest into life so you feel even more positive about being single and alone. What to talk about can be a serious issue if we've been single and alone for a while. Casual chat doesn't come easily to everyone, especially if recent interactions have tended to be more formal, work-related and purpose-driven. But we can make an effort to remedy that by keeping up-to-date with local news, popular TV, interesting shows and events, so ensuring that we're equipped to join conversations about topics of interest.

Being single and alone can be fine and is certainly better than settling for a wrong or second-best relationship. But also remember the importance of maintaining a balanced approach to life and ensuring your relationship choices are positive for you.

Susan Leigh, Counsellor & Hypnotherapist

Hit BBC One series Ambulance bluelights its way back to London for a sixth series. BBC One and Dragonfly Film And Television (part of Endemol Shine UK) have announced that a sixth series of the BAFTA award-winning observational documentary Ambulance has been commissioned and will this time follow teams in London. Acclaimed for its raw but heartfelt insight into the frontline of emergency healthcare in the U.K, Ambulance is heading south for the second time, to where the series began. This new instalment will feature the work of the ambulance staff in the capital city, including some familiar favourites and a whole new set of faces. With unprecedented access to the crews on the ground and the decision-makers in the control centre, the new series will follow the work of London Ambulance Service Britain’s busiest ambulance trust. Cameras will follow the new teams as they face the complexities of making the life or death decisions that come with providing emergency medical care to the 8.9 million inhabitants of London, as autumn turns to winter.

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Not a year goes by without somebody, somewhere totally, revolutionising the way that we wear jewellery. And the story is no different in 2020. Retailers all over the country are looking for ways to excite and thrill us with their latest offerings, and they won’t disappoint. Are you wondering what the fashion is going to be in 2020? The Return Of Hoop Earrings Hoop earrings were once the preserve of teenagers meeting at the park, but now even the most famous celebs are sporting them, turning them once again into a fashion item. The return of hoops is all part of the bigger movement towards more retro styles. Cher made hoops famous in the 1970s at the peak of her singing career, and they remain one of the most popular styles today, with singers like Jennifer Lopez making use of them regularly. Small hoops are great if you want to accentuate your cheekbones or have an exposed neckline. Statement Rings Gone are the days when rings were small little things that you wore to look dainty. Today, it’s all about the bling. But we’re not talking rapper bling here. Instead, we’re talking about the kind of rings you get from Hatton Garden jewellers: designs that cover a large chunk of your finger.

This idea of these rings is to increase the impact of the ring and make a statement. You’re dressing the hand more fully, which gives this style far more visual presence, making it ideal for wearing with busy dresses. Anklets If you thought that the days of wearing anklets in the summer were behind us, think again. This year, expect to see many more designs popping up as manufacturers try to create new inroads into this exciting market. We expect to see a range of innovations in 2020: more comfortable anklets, heavier stones, and better snag-resistance. Also, expect prices to go up too. Little Finger Rings Littler-finger or “pinky” rings have been around since time immemorial, but the 90s trend is back for the new decade with a vengeance. This year, we expect to see many jewellers stocking and promoting this unique type of ring sporting large, eyecatching rocks and unusual designs. The following decade should see ever-greater experimentation. Brooches If you thought that brooches went out of fashion after WWII, then think again. These symbols of the past are coming into vogue precisely because they are so reminiscent of our shared history. People usually wear brooches not just as a visual statement, but a social one too. With the right piece, you can tell a story with every outfit you wear. Most brooches won’t be shop-bought. Instead, they’ll be family heirlooms, rooted out of the attic or from an old dresser. The challenge will be combining the style of these old brooches with modern clothing. That’s not always easy! 2020, therefore, will see a host of new trends on the jewellery front. We’re going to see several new styles hitting the stores this year that’ll make you squeal.

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