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Sunetra Sarker

She told the Mail 'Growing up was definitely an Indian household, mum always wore a sari and a bindi on her forehead. We only ever ate Indian food, even Christmas dinner was Indian. 'I preferred to be more British, as in drinking Bovril, which is made of beef and never consumed by vegetarian Indian families! So I would speak with a Liverpool accent. As many British, English, Anglicized things I could bring into my life I did,' she said, wanting to be accepted by her peers! Walking down the beach backwards crab style might have been one of the techniques she cultivated when she did not fit in to the “normal box” and wanted out.  She could have even pretended to have a stiff upper lip, and be a bit brash, but since she was born in a “vast sub continent with five thousand years of history and a relative who knew Mahatma Gandhi as well as the great Indian Poet Tagore!” brash morphed to amazed when she discovered her true origins on "Who Do you Think You Are" ; there is  nothing  British “Brown and Grey” about this lady's origins!

It might be challenging to imagine this extrovert actress could have been so water sign “over sensitive” as a child. But please note she is also “Moon in Aries!” “Intense”. Yet her reactive childhood eventually enabled her to  access the soul of her roles. With Jupiter in Aquarius on her side she is more than adept at thinking out of that childhood box. In fact, Sunetra could be described as an archetypal “gal from Calcutta” spiritual, artistic and beautiful. Add on lashings of tolerance and a Happy Ending is inevitable. Why? Well because she endears herself with originality and chutzpah. Add on Uranus in Libra, and “hey presto” the words Creative, Artistic and Loving, pop up in lights The fact is this gal is neither Calcutta or Liverpool, she is basically “Soul City” where“nomadic” and “changeable” encapsulate her aristocratic Indian background,

Sunetra and her partner, Scott, who has two children, 12 and 15, have been together five years, but she vows she's not looking for marriage. Scott and Sunetra are assisted by her stabilizing Saturn in Gemini. So rather than being all air sign scatterbrained the lovely lady has a clear sense of direction coupled with an on the pulse intellect that stimulates meaningful communications.

So who is Sunetra, other than being a gorgeous and successful actress? Well if you don’t know now you never will!

Philip Garcia Celebrity Astrologer

The Soul & Spirit awards are now open for votes and Russell Grant has been nominated as their favourite astrologer! The awards are 100% reader based, which means all of the nominations are from those who are most passionate and knowledgeable about the world of mind, body & spirit. The awards are a globally-recognised benchmark of excellence, with nominations and votes coming in from all over the world.

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August Horoscopes from Russell Grant

What positive changes will follow the Solar eclipse on the 11th ‌?

ARIES A Solar Eclipse on the 11th will put you on the path to romance. You'll feel a love connection with someone who shares your interest in art, hobbies and sports. Are you already in a relationship? This is a lovely time to plan an impromptu getaway. Do something spontaneous with your amour? If you've submitted your creative work for review, you'll get enthusiastic feedback. Bask in the glow of your success; it's important to enjoy these moments of victory. The Full Moon on the 26th brings the successful conclusion to a bureaucratic situation. After getting a license or official permission, you'll be able to move forward with a career plan. Whether you want to start a business, land a highprofile position or change industries, now is the time to do so. You're too ambitious to remain stuck in a dead-end job. By pushing yourself a little harder than usual, you'll reach impressive heights.

TAURUS Making changes to your domestic situation will pay off handsomely on the 11th, thanks to a supportive Solar Eclipse. Selling a property, buying a new place or moving to a more supportive environment are among the possibilities. If you've been unhappy, you'll stumble across an idea that gives you hope for the future. It will feel so much better once you channel your energy in a productive energy. Make time in your busy schedule for things you truly love. There is more to life than going from task to task without reward. On the 26th, the Full Moon marks an important turning point in a relationship. You could get engaged, married or divorced. If you're deeply in love, it's time to make a commitment. Has a partnership run its course? Break things off amicably. You'll both fare better going in separate directions. A lawyer with a good reputation can keep things civil.

GEMINI Launching a blog, podcast or webpage is strongly favoured for the 11th. That's when a Solar Eclipse will showcase your impressive communication skills. If you've always wanted to write a book, this is the time to begin. Words will pour from you like a mighty river. It's possible someone will ask you to take on a new role in your community. Taking this on will be personally and professionally rewarding. You'll especially enjoy helping neighbours from all walks of life. The Full Moon on the 26th shines the spotlight on you. Getting a prize or award for your contributions at work will be gratifying. Use this accolade as a springboard to future success. Moving into a more creative industry is a distinct possibility. Alternatively, you could take the helm of a charitable organisation or fund raiser. This job will feel more like play than work. Best of all, it will have some significant financial perks.

CANCER An exciting moneymaking opportunity will arrive on the 11th, when a Solar Eclipse showcases your leadership ability. Don't be surprised when you are put in charge of a creative division. If you're not satisfied with the salary that is initially offered, negotiate a better one. You have a lot more power than you realise. If you have your own business, take this opportunity to raise your fees. Appreciative customers will have no trouble paying a little more for your superior services. The Full Moon on the 26th will find you returning from a trip or finishing a writing project. There will be a sense of accomplishment from this adventure. It's not easy for you to put yourself on the line, yet you will do so successfully at the end of August. If you pass a final test or are awarded a degree, give yourself a handsome reward.

LEO The Solar Eclipse on the 11th marks the beginning of an exciting journey for you. You'll be able to make a name in your desired industry. Word of mouth will quickly spread of your superior talent. Soon, you'll have more job offers than you can handle. If you're involved in the performing arts, this would be a great time to go on an audition. Submitting written work for publication or an art portfolio to a gallery is also advised. On the 26th, the Full Moon finds you wrapping up a financial deal that affects you and your partner. Putting a deposit on a home is possible. Alternatively, you could establish a retirement or savings fund that paves the way for long term economic security. Crossing this item off your list of things to do will fill you with pride. It takes wisdom and sacrifice to plan for the future.

VIRGO Retreating from public view is a good way to observe the Solar Eclipse on the 11th. Recently, you've been busy making the round of parties. Now you have an opportunity to rest and recuperate. Take this opportunity to catch up on your reading, update your diary and commune with nature. If you have pets, spend as much time with these special friends as possible. Plants and animals have a therapeutic effect on you. The Full Moon on the 26th finds you signing a contract, making a pledge or exchanging vows. Committing to a business or romantic partner will give you a chance to further develop your creative talent. Studying with a respected artist or craftsperson will give you a new lease on life. Artwork doesn't feel frivolous when it is part of a course of study. That's why it's smart for you to always be taking a painting, writing or design class.

LIBRA On the 11th, a Solar Eclipse will be a welcome time to join a club, team or organisation. There is power in numbers. Joining forces with a group that is dedicated to making the world a better place is strongly favoured. If you've been trying to develop your creative talent, get involved with a set of artists. You'll enjoy bouncing ideas off each other. There will also be plenty of opportunities to acquire some valuable skills. Learning to make clothes, jewellery or furniture will greatly improve your income. The Full Moon on the 26th marks the end of an important job. Once you hand in this assignment, you'll be free to spend more time at home. Taking care of a child or sick relative will be rewarding. You have a knack for dispelling fear and putting others at ease. It feels good to move the focus from your professional to your personal life.

SCORPIO An exciting job offer will arrive on or around the 11th, courtesy of a favourable Solar Eclipse. Accepting changed responsibilities will cause you to discover some hidden talents. Although you're private by nature, you have tremendous star power. Getting paid to represent a product or company will be an enjoyable challenge. You exude an air of dark mystery that will attract lots of publicity. Be forthright about all financial matters, but be a little cagey when it comes to your other work methods. On the 26th, the Full Moon will inspire you to finish a creative project or formalise a romantic relationship. If you have a child who has been undergoing a serious challenge, they will pass with flying colours. Make sure to celebrate their victory together. The best way to ensure a child's future success is to praise their accomplishments.

SAGITTARIUS On the 11th, you'll get an opportunity to travel, write or study. Expanding your horizons will make you more optimistic. You're an adventurous person who feels hemmed in by daily responsibilities. By breaking away from an old routine, you'll realise you have more options than you thought. The chance to live overseas or study with a respected master will cause a black cloud to lift. The Full Moon on the 26th will prompt you to relocate or change your home environment in some way. Moving to a relaxing neighbourhood will be a welcome change of pace. You've always been highly sociable, but it's important to have a secure home base where you can recuperate from parties. If you continue to burn the candle at both ends, you'll suffer a health crisis. If you're happy where you live, create a tranquil spot where you can let your hair down and put your feet up after a long day.

CAPRICORN Money from an inheritance, refund or royalty cheque will arrive on or around the 11th. That's when a Solar Eclipse will bolster your financial prospects. Use this windfall to take a pleasant holiday. You work hard, but your enthusiasm for work will fade without a reward. Visiting a sun-drenched beach will be a welcome change from being stuck inside a stuffy office all day. If you're single, you'll meet someone special on this trip. Keep your eyes open for someone who exudes an air of glamour. Are you already in a relationship? This break will feel like a second honeymoon. On the 26th, the Full Moon will prompt you to turn your attention to creating a sensible daily routine. Instead of running around doing errands all day, you'll focus on spending quality time with your nearest and dearest. Reconnecting with your friends and pets will be a primary focus at the end of August.

AQUARIUS A close relationship will burst into flower on the 11th, thanks to a powerful Solar Eclipse. Two heads are definitely better than one during mid-August. If you are having difficulty reaching your professional goals, think about hiring a manager, agent or talent representative. This will allow you to focus on your craft while your partner finds work for you. Are you looking for love? You will find it at a sporting event, art show or contest. Your pulse will pound when you cross paths with a glamorous person who has a warm smile. On the 26th, the Full Moon will mark a career milestone. Getting an award or bonus for your exceptional performance will be gratifying. After posing for pictures and taking some bows, you'll be ready to adopt a lower key role. Working from behind the scenes will give you a chance to develop some bold ideas. It will be a relief to escape public scrutiny.

PISCES An exciting job offer will arrive on the 11th, thanks to an electrifying Solar Eclipse. Getting a regular income will give you an opportunity to indulge in creature comforts. Although you're not especially materialistic, you do love well-crafted furniture, clothes and jewellery. Treating yourself to such lovely merchandise will give your ego a much-needed boost. The Full Moon on the 26th urges you to pamper yourself even further. As a general rule, you pour most of your energy into personal relationships. Working hard to make others happy is a natural extension of your caring instincts. When you become drained, it's time to move your energy. Take a few days off and treat yourself to a gourmet meal. Above all, stay away from toxic people who always need something from you. After getting a temporary break from these emotional vampires, you may decide to permanently end these ties.

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Dame Joan Collins

The High street shoe brand ‘Kurt Geiger’ wanted to launch their new Autumn/Winter 2018 campaign with a bang! And enlisting the help of 85 year old Dynasty actress Dame Joan Collins, has wow factor as Joan looks incredible. Dressed in a body-conscious black dress, cape-sleeved tailored jacket, she accessorised her look with sexy red high heels and lots of jewellery.

‘Distinguish Yourself in Characterful Style’ The campaign’s headline is ‘Distinguish Yourself in Characterful Style’ and each well-known face in the line-up which embodies unique personal style. The Kurt Geiger ethos remarks that ‘style is what you wear but character is how you wear it’ and we couldn’t agree more! Alongside Dame Joan Collins and Reece King, model and activist Alek Wek, photographer Alice Dellal, Radio DJ Nick Grimshaw, fashion legend Dame Zandra Rhodes, musician Jay Kay of Jamiroquai, artist Christabel MacGreevy and new face Molly Smith star in the Autumn/Winter 2018 campaign which was photographed by Kurt Geiger’s long-time collaborator Erik Torstensson. CREDIT: COURTESY OF KURT GEIGER/ERIK TORSTENSSON


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Age Before Beauty

Coming soon to BBC One, the new Debbie Horsfield drama Age Before Beauty, a family saga set in a Manchester beauty salon starring Robson Green (Grantchester), Sue Johnston (Downton Abbey), Polly Walker (Mr Selfridge) and James Murray (Him). The six-part drama, written by Horsfield, is an exploration of youth, age, instant gratification and long-term relationships, all set within the beauty industry. At its heart is an unconventional family rife with sibling rivalries and unconventional parenting through the generations.

“Age Before Beauty will make you laugh and make you cry, and as ever, Debbie has created the most original set of characters that the audience will want to spend time with…”

Also starring in the series are Lisa Riley (Three Girls), Kelly Harrison (The Level), Vicky Myers (The Five) and Madeleine Mantock (Into The Badlands).

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In Solitary

Channel 5 have confirmed the celebrity lineup for In Solitary as the show returns, after it originally cut off members of the public from the outside world. The first series last year seen ordinary people confined to one single room, completely shut off from the world as they spent as long as they possible could in solitary confinement. Some contestants couldn’t bare the task and pressed their panic buttons, leaving the competition early. But now the show is back with celebrities, who’ll be away from social media, the press and their comfy lives for a single-roomed cell with just their own company. Rapper Professor Green will be attempting the challenge alongside TV presenter and personality Anthea Turner, the World’s Strongest Man 2017 Eddie Hall and comedian and writer Shazia Mirza. They’ll only be allowed three ‘luxury’ items to help them pass the time and psychological tests of isolation, but must surrender their mobile phones. George Lamb returns to present the anti social experiment, with psychiatrist Dr Sandra Scott analysing the celebrities during their time in the cells. The new series will be filmed in Belfast, before airing on Channel 5 later this summer.


We need to make time to laugh and listen to combat loneliness, said Esther Rantzen in the Daily Express There have been plenty of plagues and disasters in the past. Humanity has always had to deal with hunger, disease, poverty, warfare. But now we have to arm ourselves against a new life-threatening danger. Loneliness. The irony is that these days we have so many shiny new ways to communicate with our friends and family. Humanity has never been so well connected. Previous generations had to knock on each other’s doors for a cup of tea and a chat. Now cyberspace is crammed with all our virtual conversations. And the result? We seem lonelier than ever. The survey on loneliness published this week by the Office for National Statistics paints a picture that Childline and The Silver Line helplines know only too well. But I suspect many of those taking part had never before confessed how they really feel. Filling an anonymous questionnaire for a national survey, or contacting a stranger on a helpline, makes it possible to admit for the first time these numbing and soul-destroying pangs. When I wrote about my own feelings having lost my beloved husband, and living alone for the first time, one of my closest friends reproved me sharply: “How could you write like that, Esther? Haven’t you got too much pride?” I felt ashamed and self-pitying. Maybe I should have kept my feelings to myself.

“But the response to my confession was overwhelming”

Many of the older people wrote to praise me, “How brave of you to be so honest”. It is clear that there is a real stigma attached to admitting to loneliness. Particularly in the older generation who are used to being needed, to being relied upon, and to dealing with adversity with a stiff upper lip. Perhaps that is why in the ONS survey the very old declared that they seldom feel lonely. They have too much pride to admit it. As one widow wrote to me: “I still have times when I hurt inside but no way could (or would) I tell my family or friends how I feel. I don’t want to upset anybody, this is my pain.” I have received plenty of letters from older people who describe the effects of loneliness, the loss of self-esteem, even of identity.“I’m an optimist by nature,” Ellen wrote, “and often I have to be when I face another pointless day when I’m a waste of space.”

“In isolation, without company, with nobody to need us, we have no value” That’s why in November 2013 The Silver Line helpline was launched offering friendship to older people and has received well over a million calls – in fact this March was the busiest month ever, receiving more than 48,000 calls. Childline also hears from hundreds of thousands of children who feel no one else cares about them, no one else has the time to listen. Last year Childline made almost 300,000 counselling contacts. As well as abuse and bullying, a huge number reject feelings of deep unhappiness, describing depression, anxiety, unhappy family relationships, eating disorders, self-harm. A group of young people came to visit Childline’s office and I asked them why so many children are so profoundly unhappy and they said: “We have nobody to talk to.” They are lonely. Most children these days contact Childline online, by chat or with emails, and reading their online conversations with us it is clear that it takes enormous courage for a child to admit the effects of loneliness. But when they do, they reveal how dangerous it can be.

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Philip Garcia’s L




You've been working hard to keep a relationship going. It might feel, at times, as if you are doing all the giving. Feedback you receive from your partner will now confirm it has all been worth it. People do appreciate you more than they might show. You hadn't expected to enjoy joint activities but you are in for a surprise. It will be other people's praise, appreciation and gladness for your company that makes this week's events all the more worthwhile.

You are restless and slightly impatient although you are trying to control this. It is unusual for you to feel this way but there are aspects of your life that aren't as good as they could be. You now want to do something about it. If a close friendship or romance leaves a lot to be desired, don't be too quick to burn your bridges. You will find a way to make improvements and how you feel now may not be how you feel later in August.

You're annoyed with someone you love and you're finding it hard to hide it. They don't mean to upset you and they're upset too, that there has been a misunderstanding. For this reason, be polite and don't do anything drastic. Wait until you know for certain exactly how you feel about a partnership or friendship before making any big decisions. Spending a relaxing weekend at home will recharge your emotional battery.

Love Horoscopes

Cancer The first few days of the month may not be particularly easy for romance even when you are trying hard to ignore the atmosphere between you. Do your best to keep relationships harmonious. You won't want to miss out on a fabulous social event because of problems with a loved one. It may be up to you to make the first move to mend fences. After all, someone has to be grown up about it. Soon, you will see a change for the better.



You need to know your A relationship problem will soon be resolved but don't partner agrees with plans get too excited too soon. It you are making. You also know it might take some might take a while for effort to persuade them. things to get back to Because of this, put ideas normal. Expect tension to to them gently. Blurting linger for a few days but everything out in one go the least said, the sooner may not get a good this will fade. So avoid reaction. Your mind is overtouchy topics and tread flowing with ideas and carefully. A relative might back out of plans made for you're looking forward to exciting new adventures the end of the week. ahead but loved ones need Instead of being time to get used to the disappointed, you will be prospect of change. secretly delighted. You Someone is feeling could do with some time vulnerable: be patient. to yourself.

Philip Garcia’s L




A new romance has taken off at a whirlwind speed. You're finding it hard to catch your breath. You both lead active social lives and with all this partying, it's hard to find time for any real togetherness. You feel ready now to reduce social commitments so you and your amour can spend more time together. Are you in a long-term relationship? Although they may not say so, your partner does need you and would feel lost without you.

Opportunities for travel and having fun times with friends are flying around. They could pass you by just as quickly so grab them with both hands to keep a hold of them. Your partner will get some good news about a job. You can gain insight into their plans for the future through a heart to heart. You are thinking of making some changes and by the end of the week you will know you are doing the right thing.

You aren't happy about a decision but there are others involved and you accept you have to go with the majority. This is an issue that has gone on too long and although you would prefer it to have been different, you don't have any more time to spend on the matter. Domestic concerns will need attention and what occurs within a close relationship will have big consequences for the future. Be honest about your feelings.

Love Horoscopes




How can your close relationships not improve when you are spending so much time together? A friend has a few problems to work through and you are the one they will turn to for advice. Your calm and practical support will mean more to them than you realise. A romantic surprise on Thursday will have you walking on air. Life isn't always easy but this week, you will get to enjoy the sweeter moments.

A relationship has been suffering due to you having little time to spend together. Unless you want this romance to wither and expire altogether, you need to do something to bring it back to life. You've always been inventive. Use your imagination to find ways to thrill ad excite your partner. Are you single? Don't be surprised to find yourself attracted to someone who has a gift with words. Accept an exciting offer and make your love life a priority.

Romance may not be a bed of roses but it can bring you contentment. Any effort you make to please your partner will help keep your relationship on an even keel. It need not be one sided either. Your amour will have a special surprise for you later in the week just to let you know how important you are to them. Are you single? Your best friend is trying to encourage you to loosen up and enjoy life more. Listen to them.

Travel the World

Everyone loves to travel, but finding the perfect location can be intimidating. There are so many wonderful places in the world to visit, and it is important to make your vacation decision count. Don’t get stuck in the rut of going to same old beach every year when you’re off from work, shake it up with some variety! Here are four awesome places you must see while you are able.

Spain: From Madrid to Barcelona to Cadíz, there is something for everyone in this gorgeous Mediterranean country. You can try tapas (Spanish hor devours) with your beer, you can taste local wines, eat paella, catch a flamenco show, visit the El Greco museum and so much more! Spain is rich with ancient culture from the Arab Moors who used to live there and built amazing towers that are still standing, to gorgeous Catholic churches, to amazing beaches and festivals. With a vacation to any city in Spain, you will learn a ton, see beautiful old architecture, and eat well.

Peru: All of Peru is a vibrant, culturally rich place to visit, with amazing food, beautiful traditional clothing, and some of the most unique historical sites in the world. The scenery there is lush and gorgeous, and the people are very friendly! Educate yourself with some culture and history at the many museums. Don’t forget about the pyramids and the Nile in Egypt This location is full to the brim with amazing food like falafel and shwarma, ancient culture (I mean, the pyramids at Giza), and wonderful Middle Eastern music and sights.

The Lifestyle Blogger UK TOKYO: All the futuristic neon-lit architecture is blended with traditional temples and museums, giving this city a vibe all its own. Try some delicious ramen, take in the beautiful mountainous vistas all around the city, and enjoy cutting edge pop culture!


Dreams often occur when we are relaxed and in a deep slumber but our subconscious can be extremely creative within your dream state. Sometimes you see the most bizarre images or settings that can sometimes seem so realistic. These dreams usually have a very strong message for you and the unusual imagery is a way of grabbing your attention and making you take notice. The stranger the dream, the greater the importance of the message or meaning! Dream of an acrobat performing and it’s a warning not to take any trips for at least a week. See yourself as the acrobat and you will beat you enemies. A friend or a relative performing acrobatics means you should look out for deception from the person involved. You did feel you could trust them with anything but this dream is a warning that all is not so clear between you. Seeing an acrobat fall or have an accident is a contrary dream; you will actually have a lucky escape from a dangerous situation or accident. An old fashioned duel is a sure sign someone is making mischief. Sort it out before it causes trouble with your family & friends. A more modern day fight and there are a few people against you at the moment. If you win they won’t be able to do you any harm. See others fighting and it’s a sign your squandering your time and money on pleasures. Try and knuckle down and focus on some hard work. An electric razor is a warning to take more care. A cut throat razor means you are feeling clam and content. A broken razor shows you are hiding your pain and a blunt one is a sign that you are confused by someone you love. Buy one and its time to face up to differences between you and your partner. Shaving is a sure sign that you simply can’t put up with a situation any longer.

Dreams involving tidiness can include arranging books on a shelf and this indicates a project you thought had been abandoned will be renewed. Arranging things in a drawer means you are worried about a problem and your mind just can’t relax or switch off. Arranging a meal table means good health and strength and it also indicates you are being decisive and confident and deserve some praise from your boss and superiors. Arranging tea or coffee cups is a warning to try not to be so enthusiastic about something in your life. Dream that you are naked in a dream suggests things are about to improve in your waking life which could include money or luck. See others naked around you and you’ll discover some kind of deception amongst those closest to you. Walk naked in the street and you are in for a big disappointment. If others are naked on the street is indicates a great time for love & passion. Dream of a stripper on stage suggests you are thinking of something that is a bit indiscreet. Don’t do it as you will pay a high price if you do! You’re in for good health if you dream of big feet. Small feet predicts you are worrying over something for nothing; everything will be fine. Itchy feet predict travel and adventures. New friends are on the horizon if you dream of strange feet. Watch out if you dream of bare feet as it suggests you are going to have a new experience with the opposite sex. Dirty feet are a sign not to lend any money whereas a broken foot means you could soon lose a relative or close friend. Dream of having your feet stepped on and it’s a clear warning not to gossip or say anything that you’re not 100% sure about!

To help remember your dreams, try keeping a dream diary. On waking, don’t get out of bed or even change position. Keep a note pad/pen at your bedside and record everything you can remember.

On the south-western side of the island, the soft white sands of Le Morne Beach and its warm turquoise lagoon create a magical setting where lavishly appointed accommodation and pampering converge amid the many charms of Mauritius. The St. Regis Mauritius Resort is a five-star luxury resort with 172 guest suites boasting endless views over the Indian Ocean waters and hotel service excellence.

Tom Kerridge’s Fresh Start

Tom Kerridge will return to BBC Two next year with Tom Kerridge’s Fresh Start, inspiring New Year’s resolutions for January 2019. Following the success of his last series showing viewers how to lose weight for good eating delicious food - which launched to a total audience of 3.5 million - the Michelin-starred chef is back, this time inviting families who rely heavily on convenience food to press the restart button. In this six-part series Tom will provide inspiration and healthy options for home cooking and family mealtimes to get the nation cooking and eating

great food together - all with the aim of making us fitter, healthier and happier. Since changing his own eating habits Kerridge has lost 12 stone and become a father. “Finding the time to eat proper, homemade food together as a family is one of life’s biggest pleasures. I want to help people to discover this for themselves and reap the rewards.” Over half the food we eat in the UK is ultra-processed. Only a third of us cook from scratch each day and less than half of families eat an evening meal together every day.

M Rose from Edinburgh Will work be more rewarding? With the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Sagittarius, M Rose will be fun loving and adventurous with a positive outlook. Life may not have lived up to their expectations but things can change and if they remain hopeful and optimistic, chances are, they will be successful. M Rose should look at the problems they’ve had in the past as learning experiences and through analysing their relationship with their previous boss, they will know how to avoid similar problems in the future. Uranus in their chart suggests that their recent job change has been a good move – as events over the next six months will prove. Saturn’s link with Neptune in early 2019 confirms that their current career path will be both rewarding and emotionally fulfilling.

C.H from Isle of wight I've been with my Scorpion boyfriend for 5 years. Do you think it will last ? Five years is a long time to be together and the joy about relationships is that there is always something new to learn about friends and partners, no matter how long people have been together. C H feels their Scorpio boyfriend lacks emotions. Scorpio is a Water sign and Water signs can be deeply passionate, sensitive and emotional. Their partner has a mix of planets in Scorpio and Capricorn and this suggests he is extremely good at hiding his feelings. His Capricorn side will make him seem aloof and sometimes distant but his emotions are powerful. C.H is a Taurus with Mars in Capricorn which makes them practical & hard working too. With Mercury and Venus in Aries they can be more impulsive than their partner but signs are good that this relationship will be a lasting one.

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