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8 Things You Must Not Ignore in Internet Marketing

 Internet marketing in Vancouver, like elsewhere across the globe, is growing at an

unprecedented rate. Companies can cash in on this new media wonder in so many areas. Marketing professionals offer eight clear-cut areas where the fortune lies.

 1.

Content is ‘still' the king:

 Google rewards higher quality content that is unique and informative. This is quite

significant, seeing that a late last year's survey showed this mostly preferred search engine accounted for 65 per cent of searches. Its latest concept of author rank, which enhances content authority, can drive more traffic as well. Businesses can spread the content through ebooks, blogs, podcasts, inforgraphics and others.

 2.

Go Mobile:

 The simple fact is that businesses are driving their customers away if they do not have

mobile sites. Another survey by Adobe, the software giant, indicates that tablets offered 68 per cent higher ROI than normal PCs. Experts have also found that mobile phones account for more open rate share than any other medium; and, it is growing.

 3.

Know analytics and attribution modeling:

 Know what is driving sales and conversions, because better data implies better

marketing. Increased adoption of conversion rate optimization, for instance, earns better ROI from traffic generation through SEO, PPC and such channels.

 4. The power of gamification:

 What do you think of your customers talking about your products to their

friends, in a way that is fun and that they can relate to each other? Sites such as BigDoor, PunchTab and Badgeville are offering their best by enhancing the reward systems and competition, and thus accentuating the user engagement.

 5.

Inbound marketing:

 As the traditional one-way outbound marketing gives way to inbound, businesses can

focus on earning customers' interest rather than buying it. Unsurprisingly, companies have tripled their expenditure on blogs and social media in the last two years for internet marketing in Vancouver.

 6.

Social media:

 Studies revealed branding scores higher point than direct response on this media. Yet,

statistics shows only a dismal 20 per cent of the marketers are measuring the returns from social media, while a whopping 80 per cent of them are focusing on planning rather than on goals. Apparently, there is a huge scope for improvement.

 7.

Design to gain:

 What is common between web design, parallax design and responsive design? The

answer is simple: a substantial ROI. The better a website incorporated these features, the more return companies can expect from their web marketing strategy.

 8. Act local:  Google mentions 97 per cent of users search for local businesses online in

recent times. Companies can gain from working on ways to display localized results for the local customers.

 To conclude, businesses need to redefine their marketing strategies to be

counted as among the best. Significantly, these days, it is mostly about standing out from the crowd with some marketing tricks.

 Web Marketing Vancouver specializes in web design, e-commerce

development, local search marketing and seo vancouver. Its internet marketing in Vancouver focuses on placing the clients websites on the first place of Google.

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8 things you must not ignore in internet  

Web Marketing Vancouver is a leading company dealing with web design and internet marketing in Vancouver. Its social media services are spec...

8 things you must not ignore in internet  

Web Marketing Vancouver is a leading company dealing with web design and internet marketing in Vancouver. Its social media services are spec...