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M C H S F FA A u gu st N ew s l e tt e r Volume 3, Issue 1

Important Dates to Remember: 

Students Named Summer Camp’s BEST Leaders

Young Farmer Meeting COVINGTON, GA – Students August 11th - 7pm

from the Madison County FFA chapters were part of more than  Livestock Show Team Meeting - August 18th - 2000 students who attended the FFA/FCCLA Summer Leadership 6:30pm Camp 2011 at the Georgia FFA/  After School FFA Meet- FCCLA Center. Madison County FFA Chapters had almost 50 stuing - WATER WARS dents in attendance at the week August 25th - 4 - 6 pm long summer camp. The theme for Summer Leadership Camp 2011  GA Young Farmer’s Cat- was ―Living Unconfined‖ The fotle and Goat Show cus of the week was allowing each student the opportunity to be part August 26th - 27th of a team, developing teambuilding  Local Tractor Driving and leadership skills while having fun. Campers took part in a variContest - August 30th ety of activities including volleyball, softball, canoe races, a swim meet,  Last Day to Join FFA a fishing tournament, skeet and October 6th archery shooting, talent show, low ropes course, and much more. On Inside this issue: the last night of camp, students participated in a muddy obstacle course to test the leadership and FFA Members Travel 2 team-working skills they had been taught through the week. At the Chapter Officer Lead- 2 end of the week one girl’s team and one boy’s team will be named Students attend NRCS 3 Leadership Team of the Week

New Ag Teacher—


Student Spotlight—


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Above are the MCHS FFA members that attended the Summer Leadership Conference whom were named Leadership Team of the week.

Champions and our Madison girls & boys were named just that, for their teamwork and participation throughout the week. This honor is voted on by the camp staff, other agriculture and family and consumer science teachers. The Madison County boy’s team were also awarded Team of the Week Runners Up. The MCHS FFA members that attended the summer camp included: Taylor, Jesse Chitwood, Jesse Wade (boys team

caption), Ebony Carter, Jade Andrews, Zack Tankersley, Kevin Jones, Morgan Tolbert, Savannah Roberts (girls team caption), Brianna Roberts, Garrett Whitworth (boys team caption), Trey Cleveland, Kate Russam, & Austin Bradley. Students attending from the Freshman Academy FFA included: Austin Saye, Megan Boswell, Wes Daniel, Jaime Feagan, Kim Cooper, Bryse Towns (girls team caption), Amber Wilbanks (voted team member of the week) & Leah Smith. ―Summer Leadership Camp is about teaching students various tools of success while they have the time of their life. The teachers and staff invest so much time to make sure these youth have an experience that they will never forget,‖ says Todd Teasley, Camp Director. The Georgia FFA/FCCLA Center is located near Covington, on the banks of Lake Jackson. Madison County Freshman Academy FFA member Amber Wilbanks said, ―I loved FFA camp, everyone should come and experience it!‖

Getting Involved in the Community Has anyone noticed anything new about the Madison County Farm Bureau Office? Because the Madison County Farm Bureau is such a large continuous supporter of the Madison County FFA Organization the Madison County FFA High School FFA Officer Teams banded together to plant flowers for them in their flower bed out front by the road underneath the Farm Bureau sign. The 15 FFA Officer Team members worked very hard on the morning of July 6th from 8 a.m. to about 12 p.m., to plant a verity of plants that will hopfully last for the rest of the summer and fall for the not just the Farm Bureau Office staff and board members but for the Farm Bureau Members as well. The pattern design for the flowers was instructed by one of the High School Agriculture teachers Mrs. Trisha Lastly. She used the most beautiful flowers from the Madison County High School greenhouse. The FFA Officer Team is very pleased of their hard work and are currently looking to undergo more community beautification projects just like this one. If you know of something in the community that needs repairing, planting, cleaning or know of someone how needs their yard cleaned/maintained please contact one of the high school agriculture teachers or current FFA Officers.

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MC HS FFA Students Learn Leadership Skills through Service in D.C.

Above are Trisha Lastly, Bryse Towns, Olivia Minish, Jade Andrews, GarrettWhitworth & Austin Saye in front of our Nation's Capitol.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Garrett Whitworth, Olivia Minish, Bryse Towns, Jade Andrews and Austin Saye of the Madison County FFA Chapter recently attended the 2011 Washington Leadership Conference (WLC) for a week during the month of June our nation’s capitol. The conference is an activity of the National FFA Organization in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Education and Agriculture. Located in our nation’s capitol, the Washington Leadership Conference is a fiveday event that trains FFA members to make a positive impact in their school, local community, state and country. The conference focuses on the following areas: - Problem Solving - Relationship Building - Living with Character Developing an Attitude for serving Others. The cap-

stone event of the Washington Leadership Conference is a civic engagement activity, which takes leadership and service learning to new standards. Partnered with Mid Atlantic Gleaning Network, participants glean food for Washing ton area food banks and shelters. In the past two years, WLC participants have dedicated over 23,000 hours of service to the Washington, D.C. area. MCHS Agriculture teacher whom attended the conference with the students, Trisha Lastly, stated, ―Each student from the Madison County FFA Chapter was involved in a different community service activity which ranged from cleaning a women’s clinic to planting flowers at a civic center in down town D.C. The student learn so much from their experience in D.C., every

member should attend before leaving high school!‖The National FFA Organization coordinates WLC, which attracts participants from across the country. This summer more than 2,300 FFA members will attend one of the seven weeklong sessions. Students also increase their understanding of the nation’s heritage with visits to Mount Vernon, Arlington National Cemetery, the Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt Memorials, and other historic sights in Washington, D.C. When asked what part of the conference was the best Garrett Whitworth said, ―I really enjoyed the poverty dinner. It taught me that not everyone has basic needs like food and that we as FFA members should help others through service.‖

COLT Conference - Officers Prepare for the 11 - 12 Year “[Our Chapter] isn’t going to do the same things as we have always done. This year is the year of change!” - Garrett Whitworth, MCHS Vice President

Back Row – Gabrielle Gantley – Freshman Vice President, Olivia Minish – Senior Reporter, Zack Tankersley – Student Advisor, Garrett Whitworth – Senior Vice President, Josh Huff – Freshman Treasurer, Jordan Collins – Chaplin, Bailey Seabolt – Freshman Reporter. Front Row – Makayla Kellum – Freshman Secretary, Shelby Smith – Senior Secretary, Levi Simmons – Freshman Sentinel, Kevin Jones – Senior President, Travis Tankerlsey – Freshman President and Megan Boswell – Senior Treasurer.

The officers of the Madison County High School FFA Chapter were part of more than 200 chapter officers representing twentyone FFA chapters from across Georgia that attended the 2011 Chapter Officer Leadership Training. The COLT Conference was held July 19-21, at the Georgia FFA/ FCCLA Center near Covington, GA. This year’s COLT theme was ―X-treme Impact.‖ Each officer team attended workshops that focused on building teamwork and communication, displaying professionalism, and planning their chapter’s Program of Activities for the coming year. Students also learned about creativity and innovation, conducting successful chapter meetings, and their specific officer responsibilities. The officers were encouraged to set goals and gained a variety of ideas for recruitment, public relations, and

fundraising. The Madison County High School officers were encouraged to make an impact by living as a role model, motivating others to serve, promoting the FFA organization in a classy way and leaving a legacy. ―COLT conference is an excellent way for chapter officers to kick-off their year of service,‖ says State FFA President, Ben Bennett. ―We challenge these officers to work together and empower the other members of their chapter.‖ The officers from the Madison County High School FFA Chapter

who attended the COLT conference were: Back Row – Gabrielle Gantley – Freshman Vice President, Olivia Minish – Senior Reporter, Zack Tankersley – Student Advisor, Garrett Whitworth – Senior Vice President, Josh Huff – Freshman Treasurer, Jordan Collins – Chaplin, Bailey Seabolt – Freshman Reporter. Front Row – Makayla Kellum – Freshman Secretary, Shelby Smith – Senior Secretary, Levi Simmons – Freshman Sentinel, Kevin Jones – Senior President, Travis Tankerlsey – Freshman President and Megan Boswell – Senior Treasurer.

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NRCS Summer Workshop During the month of June four Madison County High School FFA Members attended the Natural Resources Conservation Workshop held in Tifton, GA on the ABAC College Campus. These students learned about wildlife, forestry and natural resources through hands-on labs and test their knowledge through a quiz given at the end of the week. The tuition of most students was sponsored by local businesses and organizations through the

local Soil and Water Conservation Districts. Jessica Baxter, Jesse Wade, Savannah Roberts and Trey Cleveland, MCHS FFA Members, attended this year’s Workshop and was/ were sponsored by Broad River, Madison County Farm Bureau and Young Farmers through the Broad River, Soil and Water Conservation District. Local Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisors in Madison County is George Smith.

rship 000 schola n1 $ a s e iv o xter rece ural Resources C a B a ic s s Je the Nat students y r b u d fo e f r o o s e spon as on hop. . Jessica w n io t er works a v m r e m s u s e h nded t that atte

New Kid on the Block Mr. Joshua White is the new

Natural Resources CDE team

opment Events (CDEs) that he

agriculture mechanics teacher

and won 2nd place in state on the

will be teaching; these consist of

and FFA Advisor at Madison

forestry and land judging teams.

Agricultural Mechanics, EMC

County High School. He moved

He also did a proficiency in the

Wiring, Woodworking, Wildlife,

to MCHS from Adkinson County

area of beef production and

Forestry, Land Judging, Poultry

High School down in South

showed shorthorn heifers as his

Evaluation, and Agricultural

Georgia. He moved to Madison

Supervised Agriculture Experi-

Communications. Another goal

County to be closer to his family

ence project. After high school

that Mr. White has is for Super-

and he really enjoys the location

Mr. White attended Abraham

vised Agricultural Experiences,

and he feels that the county bet-

Baldwin Agricultural College

and is that every student will

ter suits him. Mr. White also

(ABAC) and then transferred to

have one because they allow

loves the participation that Madi-

UGA of Tifton. He also served

students to apply the practical

son County has in their FFA

our country through his service

skills learned in class to the

chapter and the support from the

in the Marines. He now has two

real world. Mr. White would

community. Also when asked

children a 2 ½ year old daughter

like to say to the students that

why he wanted to come to Madi-

named Chloe Belle and an 8

will be taking his classes ―that

son County he said, ―This is a

month old son named Jason. Mr.

since it is a new year there are

school system I could see myself

Josh White has several goals this

new opportunities and new

raising my kids in.‖ Mr. White

year for FFA and the classroom.

challenges so be prepared.‖ He

grew up in Lee County but

A few of his goals for his class-

would like to tell people in the

graduated from Oconee County

room is to keep the shop clean

community that he is looking

High School. During his high

and well kept, to train students

forward to meeting them and

school career he was active in

with practical skills that can be

getting to know them. He also

FFA his junior and senior years.

applied to everyday life. A goal

wants to say thank you for the

During those 2 years he was on

for FFA is to have 1 state winner

support already shown to him in

the state winning Environmental

every year in the Career Devel-

the past month.

“...since it is a new year there are new opportunities and new challenges so be prepared.” - Mr. Joshua White

Above Mr. White working to clean and prepare for the upcoming school year!

FFA Mission Statement FFA’s mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.

Madison County High School FFA Organization

600 Madison Street Danielsville, GA 30633 Phone: 706795-2110 Josh White Trisha Lastly Kay Farmer Cindy Jones Please Contact ANY of the Agriculture Teachers with questions!

Student Spotlight - Olivia Minish

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Olivia Minish was the Freshman

through the FFA. FFA is really im-

Academy FFA Reporter, and today

portant to Olivia and became more Before being an FFA Officer Minish

state for livestock judging contest.

she is the reporter again for the

important to her as she became

was very shy, but she learned to lose

Madison County High School FFA

more involved and served as an

her shyness by just being herself and

Chapter for the 2011 – 2012

officer. While being a FFA officer,

finding her passion for agriculture

School Year. As reporter again she

one of the requirements is to com-

and leadership. She also learned to

has many ideas and goals. One of

plete at least two Career Develop-

lead others through the FFA Organi-

her ideas is to make an M.C.H.S

ment Events, the CDE’s that Olivia

zation throughout the school year as

FFA news letter and to encourage

competed in land judging and live-

she went to many retreats, confer-

all high school students to join FFA

stock judging. Her favorite CDE

ence and conventions. This past year

and find something that they are

was Land Judging because he likes

Olivia Minish took the Freshman

interested in and get involved.

to play in the dirt, she liked learning Basic Agriculture Class and while in

Among all the goals she has she

a new skill. During this school year

the class she experienced agriculture

shared her most important one is

Minish truly found her niche in the

first hand. Through her experience in

that she wants to win state with her FFA. ―I never knew I would like the the class and in the FFA Olivia Minish a signs ivinish g an act nM a n i ve ri iv l n u o d O C ge ve Abo tures pa onal FFA nth of i o signa the Nat g the m n t ity a eld duri DY! h tion ber in IN Octo

goats. Olivia Minish was one of only FFA until I got involved,‖ said Olivia has decision to further her education two ninth grade students to raise

when asked how do you like being

and become an agriculture teacher.

and show meat goats last year. In

in the FFA. In the long list of ac-

She would like to attend a college

her first year of showing Olivia

complishments Minish shared, she

and become an agriculture teacher

placed anywhere from first to last

won the award for being the best

and FFA advisor and help student

in the show arena but she wants to

reporter in the state, was named

achieve their goals.

reach her goal of first place at the

the Star Greenhand member from

State Show in October. Minsh loves the Madison County Freshman to meet new people, especially

Academy, as well as placing in the

- Written By Freshman Reporter Bailey Seabolt

August FFA Newsletter  

MCHS August FFA Newsletter