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Conservatives win control of Somerset


Kevin Davis: Keeping you informed and listening to genuine conc

Somerset Lib Dems gave us high Council Tax, Icelandic bad investments, dreadful roads and cuts to elderly care until the Conservatives in Somerset secured a landslide victory against the ruling Lib Dems in June 2009.

Not only did the Conservatives win control of the Council, sweeping away 16 years of Lib Dem rule, but in the Yeovil constituency we saw the first seat taken from the Lib Dems in decades and others, especially in Yeovil itself, which were very close. Kevin Davis, said:

“The people of Somerset have come to know that not only has the Labour Government failed but that the Lib Dems are not the solution.

jó=éäÉÇÖÉ=íç=vlr çå=jmë=ÉñéÉåëÉë Kevin Davis writes:

The scandal of MPs expenses has bought shame on all politicians. It is now clear that there are very few MPs who have not in some way used their expenses in a manner which makes us all shocked and furious.

Even Yeovil’s Lib Dem MP, who I believe to be an honourable person, has questions to answer on his expenses: å Should the taxpayer be paying £9,000 for his food shopping bill?

å Should the taxpayer have paid £10,500 for the cleaning and maintenance of a flat that the Telegraph tells us has a “24hr concierge, gym and luxury spa”?

å Should the taxpayer have paid for bath towels?

å Why did the Lib Dem MP feel it necessary to spend over £600 of taxpayers money on a professional photo-shoot with him as the model? å Is paying £13,500 for his sharing an office space with Yeovil Liberal Democrats really the lowest rental he can pay for an office in Yeovil?

å=New County Councillor for South Petherton, Cllr Anne Larpent with

Conservative Prospective Member of Parliament for Yeovil, Kevin Davis.

Kevin Davis has pledged to do his bit for the British Armed Forces family All that voting Lib Dem will do at the next General Election is keep Labour in power. The people of

Kevin met with representatives from The Royal British Legion at the recent Conservative party conference in Manchester where he was presented with a copy of the Legion’s manifesto for the next general election.

The manifesto sets out priorities for the next Government to improve conditions for the British Armed Forces past and present and their families. It encourages MPs to “do their bit” for Service Personnel and their families, the bereaved, veterans and dependants.

Kevin said, “I was delighted to meet with The Royal British Legion. They have an important role to play in highlighting the needs of the whole Armed Forces family. I have pledged to do my bit and would encourage everyone to do the same by visiting the general election manifesto website – - to find out more.”

Somerset need to remember that ‘if you Vote Lib Dem you will get Brown’.

å Why does he claim for travelling by car from the constituency to Westminster when he recently told Crewkerne residents that they must “use it or lose it” when it comes to Crewkerne Station ticket office? I want to clean-up politics and for the country to have a new start by moving away from the politics of the past.

I calculate that there are over 2,300 politicians who have some control over the lives of the people of Somerset; be that in Brussels, Westminster or our own local Government. I believe there should be a lot less MPs and more powers should be given to local councils who you can influence directly.

It is time for change and it is time for a new breed of MP who does not see Westminster as a career choice but as a privelege and an honour. Too many MPs worked for political think tanks or research departments and that should stop. But, I will also condemn any politician, from any party, who is not able to sign up to some basic pedges to the voters in Yeovil. If I were your MP this would be my contract with you. 1. I will publish in detail, online, all expenses reclaimed in the pursuit of my parliamentary duties

2. I will open up the unedited expenses claims to local newspapers at the end of every financial year 3. I will never claim for food, furniture or household goods

4. I will always put the interests of Yeovil above my own or my Party’s

5. I will have a home in the constituency, among the community I serve 6. I will serve all my constituents, regardless of their politics

7. I will never promise what I know I cannot deliver

8. I will never knowingly claim credit for something when the credit is not mine 9. I will act with honesty, integrity, openness and candour at all times

10. I will tell people my real views, even when I know they will disagree with me

Politics should be about Principles, not Personalities, and we need a new Yeovil MP in Parliament to bring about change that will improve your lives and given you faith in politicians. Best,


Only the Conservatives can defeat Gord

Yeovil-October 2009[2]  

å=New County Councillor for South Petherton, Cllr Anne Larpent with 5. I will have a home in the constituency, among the community I serve 7...

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