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The greatest threat to the climate, forests and wildlife?

Communications solutions for Renewable Energy developers

“It was the professional and insightful way in which Cratus discharged their duties that proved so important in securing planning permission at committee in September.” Adrian Cross, National Grid

Our Background When it comes to dealing with the media, communicating with audiences who influence public policy, solving problems and amplifying a message, there’s no substitute for real-life experience. This is why we only employ people who have entrepreneurial flair and can think on their feet. Solving problems is about innovation and our staff work creatively with our clients to get the best results possible.




We understand the double bottom line as some of our staff have worked in the third sector – they have started social enterprises, grown charities and understand how the public, private and voluntary can work together.

Our people have run international businesses, large, small and start ups. We understand the pressures of creating and growing a business and the drivers that make them successful.

We employ people who have served at all levels of politics - national, local, Conservative, Labour or Liberal Democrats.

Burton Wold Wind Farm South - Approved In March 2012, Cratus helped renewable energy developer Infinergy secure planning permission for Burton Wold Wind Farm South. Burton Wold is a well known renewable energy project in Northamptonshire, just east of Burton Latimer and north of Finedon. Infinergy’s Wind Farm makes a southern extension of 5 wind turbines and will complete the Burton Wold site, as technical constraints will make further extensions highly unlikely. When completed, Burton Wold Wind Farm will have a total of 22 turbines. 

Mary Graham, Cratus Director, said “It was like returning home with this particular project. I worked on the successful New Albion Wind Farm before joining Cratus and that was a few miles north from Burton Wold. Whilst the local population have grown accustomed to Wind Farms, we took no risks and with our client we made sure the Political and Community consultation was as extensive as if this was the first ever such application to Kettering and the people of Burton Wold. We were right to do so and the support we secured was our reward.”

Eco-Island appoints Cratus to help their Political Engagement and Communications Eco-island is a vision which David Green and his team believe is not just a dream. They want to create the Isle of Wight as a self-sustaining island and have brought together communities, businesses and the public sector to make this happen. They focus on energy, food, water and transportation and have already enlisted an impressive list of partners to help them increase the green economy at the same time as reducing the island’s footprint. Their goal is to secure new employment and investment from green businesses. Kevin Davis suggests “The challenges faced by Eco-island are the same as communities all over the United Kingdom. Our work will be to help Eco-island engage with all layers of government and secure the support that is out there for their work. The benefit they have in being an island is that the results of their work can be clearly articulated and shared with other groups elsewhere in the UK and beyond. It’s very exciting and we are delighted to be supporting them.”

Charles Sandham Joins Cratus Charles Sandham, who recently retired as Chief Executive of Infinergy, is to join Cratus Communications. Now free of the day-to-day management of this award winning renewable energy company, Charles will be our Specialist in Energy. Charles has been at the forefront of UK energy sector since the privatisation of the National Electricity Board in the 1980s. His work has taken him around the world and now he wants to use his experience to provide the key advocacy that the industry needs. Nick Kilby said “Charles is a very special addition to our team. We have always been interested in supporting the energy sector and with Charles’ experience, knowledge and relentless enthusiasm for the sector we now believe we have something unique to offer our clients. With every new innovation the communication role grows in its importance.”

Lesson Learnt From New Green Energy A new Green Energy company had a planning application in Bristol to build a 50 MW renewable electricity generating plant at Avonmouth and another in Portland, Dorset for a 25 MW plant. In both of these applications the problem was not technically a planning matter. The problem was the source of the feedstock that both plants would use to generate this green energy – Palm Oil. A pressure group had mobilised and was using its genuine concerns for the environmental impact caused by production of unsustainable palm oil to stonewall these legitimate plants. Our communication plan sought to end the information vacuum by moving in several directions at once. We worked on helping elected members understand that the fuel stock was not a planning issue. We also worked to answer their questions and the genuine

concerns over the sustainability of the feedstock. In Portland, we secured committee approval. In Bristol, we were able to demonstrate that the wider community welcomed the plants as they were less harmful than those previously used and supplied welcome jobs. The Anti lobby used a sympathetic political community, the three-way political split and impending general election to frighten councillors. We ensured that officers confirmed that members had no planning grounds on which to refuse approval. We never aim to accept defeat but we did pave the way for our client to secure approval at appeal. Only with months of engagement with the politicians could we have achieved a better outcome. But the lesson was learnt - engage with politicians as early as you can.

Public Affairs and Bidding Support The Cratus team has a proven record of creating winning programmes to influence public opinion, energise supporters and inspire them to action. We have a crossparty approach and bring political diversity to our work. Cratus is very well placed to support you in your bidding activities. From understanding the bidders requirements, engaging with communities and politicians, helping refine your message and supporting you in presentation skills and interview techniques, we have a successful track record in contract bidding and PFI.

Public Relations Cratus has extensive experience working with national, international and regional media and the trade press. Our team includes former journalists and highly skilled media relations practitioners who regularly work with print, broadcast and online media. Cratus offers comprehensive and flexible media training, giving spokespeople strategic message solutions that promote and sustain strong reputations. Our team of seasoned communications professionals has vast experience in preparing executives for media interviews, implementing an interactive programme that provides clients with applicable, real-world scenarios to test the effectiveness of their messages.

Event Management Cratus manages communications programmes for highprofile events, including major press announcements, the openings of new sites and the launch of programmes and policies. We collaborate with clients to develop outreach programmes featuring media relations and interactive strategies that build awareness and reach key audiences.

Corporate Reputation and Responsibility In a world where nearly every politician is able to pass judgment on you instantly, building and protecting your reputation is more important than ever. Cratus will work with you and your brand to strengthen your reputation and overcome your business challenges. We work with clients to create an engaging dialogue, as well as effectively monitor and manage reputations in the social media space.

Research Services In our experience, insight makes the difference between communications that break through and communications that fall flat. Knowledge is power and its importance cannot be underestimated.

Online Campaigning We understand how to reach audiences online through Web sites, digital video content, blogs, microblogs and applications. In this crowded media landscape, only the best content cuts through the clutter.

Creative Studio Seeing is believing. The right look is key to having your message heard. Effective communication requires wellchosen words delivered to the appropriate audience. But just as important - and sometimes more important - than the language being used, is the visual tone being presented. At Cratus, we’re proud to offer our clients an in-house Design Department who understand our clients’ needs.


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