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POWELL Curry Rivel Ward


ABOUT MAURICE I am committed to getting things done to: •

Provide local low-cost housing for local people Reduce crime Get more police on the beat Provide improved facilities for young people Keep planning decisions local

Maurice Powell has served on Curry Rivel Parish council for 6 years. During his fourth year he was vice chairman and in his last two years he was chairman. He has lived in Curry Rivel for seven years and is therefore familiar with this ward and with local issues. Maurice is married to a school teacher who is engaged in many local activities, he has two daughters and three grandchildren. As a qualified accountant, former army officer and oil company executive, he takes a practical view of life and gets things done with the best value for the taxpayer. For both years whilst chairman of the parish council, he limited council tax increases to 0%. During his career he has had experience of dealing with complex issues and with people from varying backgrounds.

Stop traffic speeding through our villages

He has no business interests in the area, and therefore is able to give a firm assurance that he is completely unbiased in his decision making process.

Support Parish Councils

Maurice has boundless energy and enthusiasm and is somebody who will get things done.

Support rural industries and green initiatives

Make sure that Maurice Powell represents you. Vote Conservative.

If you would like to raise an issue of concern, or help the campaign, please contact me on: 01458 259616 or email:

Serving: Curry Rivel Drayton


Maurice POWELL Promoted by Andrew Barrand, on behalf of Maurice Powell, both of 7 Priory Road, Wells, Somerset BA5 1SR. Printed by FWB Printing, Wincanton, Somerset, BA9 9EB

Curry Rivel  

Conservative election leaflet 2011

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