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Spring MMXIV OR: Crap Poems I Wrote on my Phone

By Kevin Popovich Partners in Grime, 2014

Spring MMXIV

The sun is shining. Fuck that too.

i. I still catch your scent


between my side of the bed,

Lana told me to kiss her on her open mouth.

and the side that’s for rent. I hope you enjoyed the open house.

She pushed me away because she doesn’t

I did. “know me.” Listen: you don’t have to pay me or anthing, iv. even though the real estate is prime. You want a burger You can stay here until whenever with no bun. you want. I only ask that you take You want steak frites your scent with you when you leave. with no frites. You want those things ii. on one plate. Two months ago, “Yeah, just give me a protein plate” it got dark at 5. “Give her the protein, Kevin.” Fuck that. chef is jerking off a pair of tongs. Right now, “Of course, ma’am.” it’s 7:30 in the evening.



The last thing I thought of

I didn’t mean to hurt her.

Before I vomited a gaggle

I was just tired of being weak,

Of grey geese, were cold hands.

and hearing his name in her sleep.

It was a long time ago.

Her spot is for rent now.

I’m different now.

I need a tenant that won’t

She is no less perfect

knee me in the balls in her sleep.




I’m really, really sorry Er’

about my nervous exhalation,


the stale cigarettes,


and the cheap wine.


I’m not really sure phlegm.


if I taste as good as you smell. I know you said that we shouldn’t have, but that’s not why. At least, I hope not.

Erosion salt on the air sand in the wind waves crashing crashing on rocks smashing the shore. in 100 years will these rocks still stand strong against the crashing crashing waves? will the wind cut? will the air smell the same?

Captaincy Let me scour every shore Bring me there Let me drop anchor Be here when I return Let me guide you across the sea Shelter me in a storm Let me unfurl your sails Catch the wind for me Let me be your captain I'm nothing without a ship

Stupid Things I've Said to Girls: "You're the reason I did this." "I don't love you anymore" "She's too stupid to have written that." "I will always love you." "Can I have one more kiss?" "What happened to us?" "I really wanted to kiss you on the train platform." "I love you, wait, no I don't. Sorry, force of habit." "I will quit for you." "I read your texts, what the fuck?" "I can try to get past this for you." "I still love you." "What happened to dinner?" "I think I'm starting to develop feelings for you." "I know it's not your intention to lead me on." "We can pretend this never happened." "I couldn't ever hate you for this."


pitter patter pitter patter

rain on the window

droplets racing

who can make it to the bottom first?

pitter patter pitter patter

Breakfast in Bed

I could lay in bed all day If I didn't need another job. I could paint my sheets ash gray If you wouldn't think me a slob. I would take you across the world If I had old money. I would watch you come unfurled and ask "do you like your yolks runny?" I do need a job. You probably do think I'm a slob. I don't have old money. But yes, you do like your yolks runny. Yellow sheets are preferable to ash gray.


The streetlight outside My window senses motion On and off all night Hip hop music sounding From a Buick at sunrise What a huge asshole Sirens are screaming On my street but it's okay I'm just paranoid Sharp steel in my hand I know how to use it now Julienned onions Providence low tide Defecate is in the air This is terrible Her lips remind me Of raspberries in summer They run down my chin

The streetlights are intent Upon making our shadows Intertwine like lovers. We dodge cars like Bullets, But we always Find ourselves Shaking on the other side Of the road. I’m almost certain That the concrete Would kill me If I let down my guard. This city is against me. I will never let down My guard.

SPRING MMXIV OR: Crap Poems I Wrote on my Phone