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About me I am an architectural designer graduated from Morgan State University, with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Environmental Design (BSAED) located in Baltimore, Maryland. During my last year in university, my studies were concentrated around mixed-use projects and education design. This allowed me to be exposed to real world issues such as zoning requirements and limitations, budgets, and social economic restrains. After graduation, I decided to continue education design work. I moved to South Carolina where I was an intern architect under the direction of seasoned architects. I moved back to Washington, DC / Baltimore area where I have been practicing residential design for the last several years. About my personal interests, I am passionate about sports, history and international architecture. I believe it is vital to humans to keep challenging themselves for growth and self improvement.


Professional Architecture Portfolio


Morgan State University | Bachelor of Science Architecture &

Environmental Design (BSAED)

Professional Skills BIM | Revit. AutoCad. SketchUp Adobe | InDesign. Illustrator. Photoshop. Acrobat Microsoft Office | Word. Excel. PowerPoint Estimating | BlueBeam

Other Bilingual | English. Spanish

speak, write and read



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Professional Architecture Portfolio

Custom Kitchen Design

Located in northwest Washington, DC, A multi-unit building. Custom designs with world renowned Poggenpohl for all millwork

Addition / Renovation

Located in Columbia Heights, Washington, DC. A 1920’s row home revived into three high end luxurious condominiums.

New Construction

Residential design in the surrounding suburbs of Washington, DC. A perfect link between craftsman and farmhouse style architecture.

Mixed Use Las Vistas

In the heart of Baltimore, a mixed use building reacts and connects to its surroundings while being environmentally friendly

Education Framed Learning

Paying extensive attention to detail, this design becomes part of the landscape and community.

Architecture is a visual art and the buildings speak for themselves. - Julia Morgan



Professional Architecture Portfolio

Custom Kitchen Design Summer 2017 AAI Construction Located in northwest Washington, DC, the Elysium Logan is a luxurious multi-unit building, in a sought out for neighborhood. Custom designs with world renowned Poggenpohl millwork. The building includes spacious one and two bedroom units ranging from half a million to three million dollar units. Every unit has a custom kitchen and vanity design. Utilizing high end appliances and fixtures such as, Subzero refrigeration, Wolf and Bosch appliances, Franke sink and faucets.

Custom Kitchen Design



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Professional Architecture Portfolio




Custom Kitchen Design



Professional Architecture Portfolio

I believe that the way people live can be directed a little by architecture - Tadao Ando

Custom Kitchen Design



Professional Architecture Portfolio

Addition / Renovation Winter 2018 AAI Construction This addition/renovation project is located in Columbia Heights, Washington, DC. A 1920’s row home revived into three, high end luxurious and contemporary condominiums. The goal of renovating the existing structure is achieved seemlessly, all the while adding more than thirty feet to the rear. Although redesigned, the updated facade connects to its surroundings by keeping the traditional influence of the facades of the neighborhood with an updated contemporary twist. The attention to the floor plan layouts was crucial to maximize the usable space in such a limited and narrow Washington, DC row home.



First Floor 14

Professional Architecture Portfolio

Second Floor

Third Floor

Modernizing While Connecting The impetus of the design was to connect the existing conditions to the proposed addition and its surrounding environment. A concept that was kept at the forefront of the design process was to maximize the usage of the interior and exterior spaces. This was done by designing floor to ceiling windows. Skylights were also incorporated in the design to further this connection.

Detail Proposed Renovation/Addition



Professional Architecture Portfolio




Professional Architecture Portfolio

I don’t have to come up with the best idea, it is my job to make sure that is always the est idea that wins. - Bjarke Ingels



Professional Architecture Portfolio

New Construction Summer 2019 AAI Construction A residential design located in the surrounding suburbs of Washington, DC. A modern interpretation of a farmhouse with an inspiration of craftsman details and architecture. Deigned with an open floor plan, a south facing facade allows for daily sun exposure. A wrap around porch was incorporated to give the feel of a traditional farmhouse. To connect to the surrounding architecture, details were meticulously designed and thought out, such as the flare-outs, and embellished eaves, among other design choices. A detached garage was designed to sit at the rear of the property to keep the traditional farmhouse feel.

New Construction


Site Plan 22

Cellar Floor

First Floor

Second Floor

Third Floor

Professional Architecture Portfolio

West Elevation

Framing Detail

East Elevation

Flare-Out Detail

New Construction


The Process Managing the schedule was crucial in the completion of this project. Along with the development of the design, which was done with meticulous attention to detail, the building of the proposed design needed to be done with attention to detail. Every step of the construction from concrete pouring, to framing, to finished details, were managed and inspected to ensure a beautiful overall residential building.


Professional Architecture Portfolio

El Fin A seventy-two hundred, six bedroom, six full bath beautiful and luxurious new build residence. A gourmet style kitchen and spa like master bath. The color palette was very carefully planned to match the surrounding architecture. Soft whites, dramatic charcoal greys with a jet black stair rail compliment one another. The color palette flows nicely to the exterior to create a harmonious design. High ceilings and an open floor plan make this an inviting and admirable design. New Construction



Professional Architecture Portfolio

Las Vistas Mixed-Use Residential Building February 2017 M & W LLC Architects As designs become more complex and ingenious in the twenty-first century, mixed-use residential designs have become more common. This designed respectability named “The Views”, integrated retail stores on the ground floor and residential units on the upper floors. ”The Views” look to be a green building as it has roof top gardens and solar panels where power can be stored. As a bid design proposal, located in the heart of Baltimore, becoming a modern landmark for this ever changing city.

Las Vistas



Professional Architecture Portfolio

Garden Plots Located on the Second floor, residents have the opportunity to rent out garden plots. Gardens are not exactly common in an urban environment. Residents have the advantage to own their own garden plot where they can grow produce.

Green Roof Make-Up Green Roof Meadow

Drainage System Waterproof Layer Insulation Layer Plywood deck for structure purposes Las Vistas



Professional Architecture Portfolio

Las Vistas


Las Vistas Site Model The site model allowed for the opportunity to test and confirm that the design was staying true to the parti.

Las Vistas Model The model was tested on the site model to ensure one was staying true to the parti. Las Vistas has a presence to the corner and presents itself as a new landmark in a historically significant area in Baltimore.


Professional Architecture Portfolio

Less is more - mies van der rohe

Las Vistas



Professional Architecture Portfolio

Framed Learning Education Design

Winter 2017 M & W LLC Architects The ideas that inspired Framed Learning, are those that allowed the building to become part of the community and respond to the site. By altering roadways, it creates a presence on both roads that connect to the community just northwest of the site. A sense of arrival was important to the proposal as the existing building does not have a strong sense of arrival. Framing that entrance, allows for a multi-use front space. The cafe spills out onto a gated front arrival space where students can eat and enjoy. Natural light was a driving force behind the Framed Learning.

Framed Learning



Professional Architecture Portfolio

Altered Road Connection

Presence on Main Roads

Recessed for Pedestrian Entrance

Framed Learning



Professional Architecture Portfolio



Professional Architecture Portfolio

As an architect you design for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown. - Norman Foster

Framed Learning



Professional Architecture Portfolio

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Professional Architecture Portfolio  

Professional Architecture Portfolio