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Audible Joes Interview with Micheal Stone


Breaking Bad: 5 Reasons it’s the Greatest Tv Show


Cork GAA 2013 Year Review


Digital Obsession Nightlife in Cork Ageism – Na!

Journalism for the Digital Age In CSN, was quite all the rage Students demanded with more than a hint, Their own Magazine aptly named PRINT, Lo and Behold, it did appear and also its sister PIXEL , a new pioneer. Students of CSN, this is your magazine and we hope you enjoy it. Each article tells a different tale. Some funny, some serious but all good. No central theme was decided on this year because we felt individual articles would work better and they have done. Struggling with writer’s block and insomnia has been hard for all of us. This Journalism class in an effort to bring student’s thoughts to the magazine, has slaved away endlessly, night after night until at last it was complete. Before it sounds like we did it all ourselves, we would like to thank Mr. Jon Whitty for all his time and effort. (Thanks, Jon) Also among the nominees for best helper are the contributors, one and all and of course the staff at CSN. So read and enjoy all the long day…….. Mary Lawton


Fifthy Grades in May

By Mary Lawton Mayday, the college was preparing itself for its swelling members to come. Penny Gold, the buxom mature yet immature graduate of Leisure and Recreation Management 1 eased her way through the gap in the door. Strangely without incident, usually she made a boob of it! In front of her wide open eyes was the long shaft - like podium, draped in a velvet pink organza of colour and eagerly awaiting someone’s touch. She stood there gasping in awe in anticipation of the day’s events. She always arrived early and today was no exception. The bare hall echoed with the sound of her footsteps as she drifted towards the seating area. Penny turned at the sound of an approaching footfall. There, bulging diplomas in his grip stood Julian Black, the black sheep of CSN. He was known for his unbridled passion when guest speaking for the Equestrian Studies class. He took it so seriously that there was little room for horsing around. His patrician features were sculpted so masterfully that they would even make the Art class blush. They gazed at one another and as if by Graphic Design, they edged closer together.“Penny” he shuddered. “Julian” she quavered.

His throaty utterance of her christian name unnerved her. One thought went through her mind, he could Access her Social Studies whenever he desired. “Do you have what I demanded?” he commanded. She squealed in compliance. Without warning he thrust his calloused digits forward and engulfed her Software Development diplomas that she had attained from the office as per his instruction. Inwardly, she cursed herself and wished she had the courage to Radio Broadcast her feelings for him to the entire college campus. Her failed attempt at interpretive Dance to show him how she felt had resulted in a Sports Injury and a lot of Therapy. He remained oblivious and she remained undeterred. Only last week, she had put her Carpentry or to the layman , wood skills, to good use in the Furniture Design and Making class. She had erected a carving entitled “Big Blackwood” and positioned it in front of the library. Her love was on show and for all to see. She felt exposed. She liked it. Watching him walk towards the podium, she knew that this graduation ceremony was only the beginning. Next September she would be the one on top!


PS4 REVIEW By Robert Daly The time has come; the next generation is upon us. After 7 years with the PlayStation 3 it's time to move on to next gen as the PS4 has now been released. Video game consoles have always been tasked with trying to look as good as PC's. For the first time ever with the PS4, I have heard people and thought myself that console gaming can look as good as PC gaming. The PS4 is a very powerful console, packing a AMD-based APU and 8GBs of GDDR5 memory. The console also features a 500 GB hard drive and 2 USB 3.0 ports on the front of the console. The console itself in size is actually surprising as it's very small for what it's packing. It’s the most elegant console design in PlayStation history and one of the best looking products Sony has ever produced, no doubt about it. Not only is the console great to look at, so is the controller. It's also great to use. With the PS4 Sony has of course released the next Dualshock, named the Dualshock 4 it comes packed with a few new buttons while keeping a somewhat similar design to its predecessor. The start and select buttons have been replaced with Share and Options buttons. There's also a touch pad in the centre of the controller for games that want to take advantage of it although the titles that use it at the moment are lacking. The controller buttons keep the same layout but the controller is more bulky now but feels better in the hand then the Sixaxis did. The sixaxis controller for PS3 always felt very light but the Dualshock 4 feels as if it fills your hands better. Possibly the greatest addition to the controller is the fact that there is a speaker built in and also that we can plug in headphones to the bottom of it to listen to the game through them or for talking to friends. I tested my Dre Beats headphones and they worked perfectly as a headset for chatting online or for playing the game sound effects through them. It's easily one of the best gaming controllers you're going to use and now that Sony has finally added a headphone jack it's even better. The hub of the PlayStation 4 is very different to the XMB menu we had on PS3. It's a much more colourful place with a lot more options on it and at first can be confusing to traverse around. Once you get used to it and learn where everything is

you'll grow to love it even if we can't change it from the blue background that's been on it since day one. One of the best things about the PS4 and even though it's a small thing is that now we have the ability to do multiple things at once. Before if we were in a game on PS3 and wanted to check a game on the store or go into our settings we had to quit the game, now we can simply switch between the two without changing anything. It's something small but something that was badly needed. Other great features added include Live on PlayStation, which allows us to stream any game we are playing at any time on Twitch for others to watch. It's a great way to find out what a game is like and if you'd be interested in it or now. Possibly the best feature added is cross game chat. PlayStation gamers have wanted it for years and now they've got it. This allows up to 8 players who are playing different games to setup a party and talk to each other through their headsets regardless of what they are playing. It's something that's been requested for years and it's great to see Sony finally include it. One other key thing added is that our friend lists count has jumped from a measly 100, to 2000, it's going to be hard trying to fill that. Although the console is great what gamers really care about is the games, and the question is what games are available for players from the get go. There's a lot of big titles already out for the PS4 which makes it pretty impressive, we've got an Assassins Creed, a Call Of Duty, a Battlefield, A Fifa, a few PS4 exclusives and some other downloadable and retail games. It's a brilliant launch line-up of games and although it's been slow recently there are still many great games to come such as MGS5, Infamous Second Son, and many many more. Overall the console and the controller are both some of Sony’s great inventions; both are sleek and look great. Both work wonderfully and there are very little complaints about them. One niggle being that some basic features are missing, like the ability to play music in menus and in game which Xbox has been able to do for around 9 years now. Despite its slight flaws it's a very impressive console and it's gotten off to a great launch, the games look spectacular and everything works perfectly. We can only imagine how everything will run and how the games will look in a year or two when everything is working to its full potential.


Digital Obsession Is Our Addiction to Smart Device Taking Over Our Lives?

By Kevin Hosford Admit it! In the last twenty minutes you’ve checked your phone? Hell you probably checked it twice! Don’t be embarrassed we’ve all been there haven’t we? And we’ve been on the other side of the situation too!, You know; That time you and your friend,family,colleague were in the middle of a conversation and someone decides to just “check” their phone even though it didn’t vibrate, beep or even light-up! It’s instinctive and naturally so. We put allot of effort into our Smart Devices, It’s a gateway to our online social presence, a means of communication to and from our professional Associates and a way of keeping in touch with people we consider more close to us like family members and good friends. In todays fast pace lifestyle it truly is a “Keep pace or be left behind” world and sadly that isn’t going to change any time soon, In fact it’ll probably get worst as technology moves more towards integrating with our senses such as Google Glass and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Watch II. So Why do we check our devices compulsively? Because we’ve conditioned ourselves to do so!. The desire to connect and communicate with people is biologically written into us and isn’t that desire the


main reason we have focused so much into how we communicate with each other, Just two decades ago our main method of communicating overseas was by POST! now it literally takes only seconds to send a Message or Image to someone on the other side of the world, Why wouldn’t we become obsessive with innovations such as that. Are Smart Devices taking over our lives? The answer isn’t as simple as those who rely on online statistics (Statistics that are usually filled in by internet obsessive people). It’s not the devices we are obsessive over it’s the attitude we apply when with others around us, it’s the checking your device midway through an actual conversation, the mindless swiping of Facebook posts while at lunch with friends or the purposely ignoring others trying to speak to you that seem to have a very large impact on human interaction leading us to perceive a sense of addiction. It’s less of an addiction more of a new means of personal communication that is so new we are literally at the starting line of adaption and like anything new we still have a few kinks to work out.

Night Life in Cork By Emily Burke


t’s Friday night, music from each pub is starting to be heard from the street as I’m walking down through Cork city. Women in high heels are hanging to their partners trying ease the pain their feet are already in, there’s a smell of perfume mixed with alcohol in the air and those who were very respectful in work all day are tripping and laughing their way to the pub. This is always my favourite time of the night, no one is drunk but no one is sober, a happy mix of tipsy excitement. Cork city is a small city, with pubs differing in characteristics from each other and having good distance between them it’s easy to find a pub to match tastes. On each corner of every street you’ll find a little Irish pub with traditional music floating out the door and locals singing along, modern bar’s sit next to those which offer cocktails and teeming with high stool ladies in expensive dresses spending their monthly wages, all for one magical night. This for me is the beauty of Cork city, you can find such different atmospheres in different places, Tourists are welcomed in Cork and everyone talks to everyone. Many tourists go to the Crane lane which is also attached to a vintage little wine bar called Manes, Crane Lane is a late night bar with live music starting at 11 most nights or a DJ on others .The interior has a French Moulin Rouge feel to it. It’s in the smoking area you find everyone, with fairy lights above them and the sound of French, Spanish and English chatter filling the airyou feel you could be anywhere in the world and all your worries from the day are drifting away in the cigarette haze. Comfortable jeans are common place or you

can also dress and dance to the new jazz band or the house music. This is one of the top places to visit. One of the top clubs in Cork is the Savoy which has three floors, different DJS on each and an event happening most nights. Many young people go on Thursday student nights out –its mixed ages on Saturday and Friday night. I wouldn’t be a huge fan of clubs but those I have spoken to rave about this club. Other venues in Cork are Havana Browns, Eclipse, Voodoo Rooms, and a few more. Another late night bar like the Crane is An Brog, which has been around years but has only recently been renovated making the old dingy little pub into a ‘’cool’’ spot for 21 year olds and upwards. With a large smoking area and a very alternative interior, it has improved dramatically. An Brog plays alternative music which brings in different customers to those of clubs such as Savoy. A busy spot in Cork, there’s always a queue out the door on the weekends. Cork City nightlife is growing more and more, with gay bar’s becoming the IT place to go and more alternative clubs like Pulp opening, it’s broadening everyone’s choice. Chambers is one of Corks biggest LBGT Clubs. It has brilliant Charity events and the staff really works hard to make each event fun and different. I have praised Cork through and through and yes it has a great night life with most of the people being nice and friendly but I must add in a main part of Cork city night. The End, Yes the part where no one is sober anymore and no one is tipsy. Everyone has gone


beyond drunk and now people are scattered around every fast food joint you will find. The beautiful women at the start of the night have left us long ago, staggering along with shoes in their hands and tear stricken faces. The gentlemen have been replaced with animals, all shouting and falling. Yes, this really is the End in Cork city. The A&Es are full and the doctors and nurses have a hectic night ahead of them that they really don’t deserve. We’ve all been there, at that part of the night, drunk, lost and confused, sometimes the night was worth it but sometimes not. Every week, people will do the same again, escape reality for that blissful few hours, then hit the bottom with a bang at the end of the night. Why? We’re all looking for that one magical night. So next night out, try to remember you can keep a good night going if you just pass up on that last shot or that last glass of wine and instead have a water…

Ageism – Na! By Jackie McGrath “Calm the passion” he says “take a chill pill” he says and I scream “do it now!” Am I suffering from ageism I ask myself and I also answer myself, a very definite negative “no”. What I am suffering from is a Motherly lack of patience with be a teen son!! Who really thinks he is an adult who really has such a long way to go!!. I was talking to my uncle today and he was saying that they are thinking of putting OAP stickers on cars being driven by …. OAPs …. Saying something like ‘be nice to me I am an OAP’. I thought that was horrible. I think everyone should be nice to all drivers on the road anyway. When people make mistakes we should make allowances because next time we might make the mistakes. So should we all have stickers for our cars depending on our moods – unhappy today, keep your distance! FFFO (Feeling Fat F… Off!), Happy Happy, smile at me! Oh how about, ‘It is not my age, I just have cataracts in both eyes’. What about a label with the driver’s age? 17, 18, etc. 82, 83 years? Think of the on-the-spot assumptions then. I disagree totally with all this. I have seen good drivers and I have seen bad drivers and age is not a direct and definite deciding factor as to which is which. All this labelling and judging is arrogant and ignorant. Ageism is making judgements and assumptions based on age. That poor, long suffering woman who gave birth to me is 78 years old and she texts on her smart phone. She also drives and has no cataracts! My two teenagers (one nearly not) mix and mingle with all age groups without being aware of age making any difference. On the flip side, all age groups mix and mingle with my kids. I think rural Ireland has always had a way of bridging the generational gap. The young learn from the knowledge of the older generation and the older generation are kept young by the youthfulness of the younger generation. Keep ageism out of Ireland I say!


Republic of Ireland as a multicultural society

By Abdullah Adam Case study on Islamic society in Ireland Multicultural societies are where several different cultures can coexist peacefully and equitably in a single country. You will be exposed to other cultures and learn about them. This leads to less racism as people have adapted to each other. People tend to respect each other more as they don’t perceive each other as stereotypes. People learn to look at each other for who they are instead of what or where they came from. The early Muslims existed in Ireland The Muslims arrived in Ireland in the 1950s. The first group of Muslims arriving in Ireland were students from South Africa followed by students from India, Malaysia and then Gulf states. Within the last few decades, the Muslim community has become the fastest growing religious minority within the country. The Muslim community in Ireland is employed in a wide range of professions e.g. medical doctors, business men mainly in ethnic restaurants, meat industry and Halal food. In Education there are a big number of Muslim students especially in the Royal College of Surgeons. With regard to inter-faiths dialogue, Muslims have chairs in the three-faith forum. The fastest growing sector in the Islamic community is represented by

young and adult children socializing in a home environment dominated by parents’ culture reinforced by institutions set up by the immigrant community. In the meantime they are educated in a European system of education creating a new balanced model and a significantly important bridging generation. This positive Muslim integration into the Irish society has been welcomed by accommodation at various levels. This has been manifested many times. When the resurgence of intolerance and discrimination against Muslims after September 11 occurred in various parts of the world, Muslim leaders promptly explained their view regarding that event and appealed to Muslims not to react or interact if they were exposed to any racial attitude. Nevertheless, they were advised to report it to statutory bodies. As we live today in a small village of globalized world, where we are experiencing challenges towards ignorance about other people, their cultures and their religion. This kind of Ignorance can only be overcome through dialogue, and conversations. There are some people who may argue that Muslims are enemy of the western society but the reality is that Muslims are not threat to any of none Muslim societies, but they rather respect them and their beliefs as well.


Disability and Social Inclusion By Festus Asemota

Under the Act, ‘Disability’, in relation to a person, means a substantial restriction in the capacity of the person to carry out a profession, business or occupation in the State or to participate in social or cultural life in the State by reason of an enduring physical, sensory, mental health or intellectual impairment. Disabled students in CSN receive advice, information and support from the school directly through the Disability Support Service (DSS). The disability support officer in CSN is Rachel Abraham who is very flexible, helpful and accommodating to all disabled students. The office provides services such as; • • • •

Helping in completing assignments Helping in researching projects Revising difficult topics Giving tutorials on Exam techniques

The disability officer also helps in liaising with all the teachers on how they can treat the disabled students taking their courses. This is what is known as social inclusion. CSN as a PLC school receives funding for the provision of Personal Assistants, Note takers to some disabled students in need of these services i.e. a visually impaired student. Audio books are provided through scanning for the students that needs this service. Deaf and hard of hearing students can also avail services such as Radio-aid/Loop system, Sign-language interpreter and Transcription of audio-recorded lecture. Students with Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia) also can access services such as Reader service, Assistive technology, Photocopying Facilities & Note taker. CSN is a disable-friendly institution because the architectural layout of the school helps students with disability in their mobility needs in and around the college. There are disable parking spaces within the school compound; there are elevators and ramps which also facilitate mobility. Finally, there is full integration inside and outside the classroom with the able and disable students because most of the students believes in the abilities in disability hence they are very friendly to their disable counterparts in CSN and this brings about good spirit and love between the staffs and students of college.


R O F S P I T E 1 G 1 E L L O C G N I 3: V I V SUR

Get a bus p

o ing you d th t a th ut you know ’t figure o n a c ll College!, ti s an basis and ure you c s m I’ on a daily ll e got in?, w college is tough!. how you es t sometim I’ve put together a th e re g a in olse the pa a e lp e l tips for c h a o iv T v r u s e main or secsome of th r it’s your 1st year the all things re a e s lege, whe e th retty sure ond I’m p late too. we can re

the h t i s w in. d n s ie e fr alway k a 1: Mon who is s per

Just like the night be smart, y ou set th fore, you were e alarm, when yo u wake u except p you reali you litera se, and lly don’t ha the bus.. .You can ve the 1.90 for barely ro bed but ll ah!! You have a b out of yes you us pass, might sm ell like a but at lea brothel, st you’ll b e there, w ically the ell physre at leas t.

4: Keep folders You will get that Friday fever rush, 10 minutes left in class and the bottle of Pinot Grigio is calling you from home. Do not shove all your notes in a crumpled ball that somewhat resembles your love life in the end of your bag. Keep folders with you, put pages in it, you will be grateful during your end of year exams when you realise you have no clue what’s going on, but luckily you have notes to study!

When you are lying in a the floor o f a random ball on er swearing never to d s house rink again they will b , e taking n otes; note that you w s ill need to pass your exams, an d being fr iends, nat urally me ans these notes can be shared .

2: Do your assig


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you g, but unless in or b s d un so I know this go without long you can w ho e se to t reason wan stioning your ue q d an g in ry ments, stress-c do your assign en th e, iv al for being eadline you’ll ur before the d ho 1 e is rw he ot ur career to change yo t an w u yo e ide it’s decid house and dec a ld ui b to t path, wan family. time to start a the point of have reached u yo ns ea m fact you This t accept the us m d an , rn exno retu signment, or an as no in nd ha will either e. tremely late on

You never know when your friend is in an hour of need and needs a glass of wine STAT or a day you will absolutely starving, so much so that your lecturers lunch box looks like he wouldn’t really miss it. Always keep a fiver in a jacket pocket, don’t steal food.



9: Get Netflix

fee y f o c ke 6: Mariend. f best

o you won’t g s y a d e b l il There w lf way ll, we’re ha e w , e g e ll n o to c nd if you ca a r a e y e th n in on through you’ve bee s y a d e th hat t coun u’ll know w o y n e th rs your finge I mean. p you ques to s l il w it , stuGet Netflix e a terrible ’r u o y y h w t defitioning ou are mos y t a th d n a ms. dent all your exa il fa to g in nitely go

This might sound a bit silly, especially if you don’t drink coffee, but I promise you, there will be nights and mornings that you will need to have coffee as the main love in your life, assignments will benefit. Coffee will become your staple diet.

10: Always keep a lighter

with you.

7: Set your a

larm for th e next RE you go out!

day BEFO

ple You know those really hot peo ly you see but would never actual talk to? Now you see them smoking, you a may not smoke, but giving them a lighter in their moment of need is great conversation starter

Picture this; it’s Thur sday night, you decide you deserve a night out, even though you only have 20 euro to your name, but you have an exam the Friday morning, ah sure, one won’t hurt? The lies we tell ourselv es You will not be able to set your alarm when you get home because you’re very persuasive bed wi ll convince you that you don’t need an alarm, and you will wake up. Don’t listen to the be d… it lies. You need to set your alarm ; you must get out of bed.


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This is vital for survival, you need someone who will make you go to college with them. This friend is invaluable to you


8: Learn to refe

ing napchatt S n e e b ve ow might ha nd now don’t kn Yes you a s s ystem, this cla arvard s that H through e th seem s from it didn’t footnote e m ti e at th but sure every sin t? importan ve to reference in is it ce it; ha You will d let’s fa ge stun a t, n e nm olle gle assig e bane of every c th probably ts. ol, signmen ificent to dent’s as oogle is a magn u mp tG t of a co n o fr Fear not! in ill ss down reference, you w a r u o y it s to arn how er and le . it you did be glad




Founded in 2010 the Audible Joes have become a big part of Cork’s music culture. I sit down in a one to one interview with Michael Stone, vocalist and guitarist for the band.

colours and spikes and have in your hair or how obscure your favourite band is. In my opinion, it’s more like a state of mind. And that is what we like to portray in both our image and our music. I think that’s more punk rock than anything.

Who or what inspired you to become the musicians/band you are today?

decide that t rs fi u o y When did a band? in e b to d you wante I think I was about 16 when Dinan (Bass player of Audible Joes) and I decided to form a band. I had been playing guitar for just a few months at that point in time and had just gotten my head around how to play a few simple chords. When the band got together to jam, we were god awful. Unfortunately, there’s no textbook on how to be in band and how to do it the “right” way. Then again, maybe that’s a good thing. We were just kids having fun sucking at music but slowly getting better and better.

As a band do you feel that you’re attached to a specific genre ? If so, which one and why?

I suppose Punk Rock would be pretty accurate. If you were to ask 10 different people what Punk is, you would probably get 11 different answers! For me, Punk is the simple idea of speaking and thinking for yourself. To me, it doesn’t matter how many studs you have on your leather jacket, how many

We all have our own individual hero’s that we aspire to be like. Personally, my hero is the late, great Joe Strummer of The Clash. His song writing talents were second to none. He is right up there Dylan, Harrison, Cash and Sting. The Clash truly were and still are the only band that matters. As a band, we take musical inspiration from more the likes of Rancid, Rise Against, The Descendants and Black Flag. As far as lyrics go, we tend to write about subjects that we feel people should be more aware of such as bullying, inequality, mass corruption in the media, mental health, and religion. The list is ever growing. In other words, we write about things that piss us off and we think that everyone else should be pissed off about them too!

to find gigs, Have you found it difficult your music? sponsors and to promote

I didn’t think we ever really found it hard to find gigs. We waited almost a year before we played our first gig. It was in the Unitarian Church in the City Cen-


What advice wou ld you give to aspiring musici ans?

tre. We played fast, loud and badly and for some reason, people actually enjoyed it! I think they just wanted loud fast music to beat the hell out of each other to. Maybe we were just in the right place at the right time. After that first gig, we were asked back by various promotions time and time again. This time last year, we joined PPM management and we have never looked back. We now find ourselves getting a lot more gigs and exposure.

I would advise all aspiring musicians to listen to their fellow band members and to be honest with one another. I would also try to advise them to give the audience something to remember when playing live. (just not G.G Allen style)But above all, through all the good times and bad times, just enjoy the ride.

Do you get the supp ort you need from the people arou nd you? Absolutely! My family and friends have been very supportive form the get-go. My dad in particular has always been very supportive from the very start. I think that it’s that kind love and support that encouraged us to take the band more seriously.

your music with the e nc la ba u yo do How life, school, work, ur yo of s ct pe as r othe family…?

Almost everything in my life is worked around the band. We are now in a position where we would like to take the band to the next level or at least try, and so the band requires all of our full attention. The only thing that comes before the band is family, and this band “is” a family. If I had to describe the band, I would say that this band is four best friends with what some might consider a messed up view of the world.

Are you happy with w here you are as a musician/band rig ht now? Yeah we are very happy with where we are and what direction we are heading in. We are playing some of the best gigs we have ever played to bigger audiences and in a bigger variety of venues, we are writing some of our best songs yet and are currently recording our debut album which should coming out this coming summer so there is plenty to be excited about.

e to u hop

do yo Where ? years

be in


We hope to be playing to much larger audiences across the world, at both festivals and house shows as well as playing with some of our hero’s and favourite bands. We also hope to be thinking about recording our next album.


scribe Can you de words?

Communication. Relation. Integrity.

music in 3

1 – The Acting

There many things that make this show so brilliant. The team of writers responsible for conjuring up such an incredible journey and in particular, Vince Gilligan, are nothing short of geniuses. The fine intricacies and solidity of the plot are unrivalled, in my opinion. Every great story, though, needs its great characters and Breaking Bad has just that. The show already has ten Primetime Emmy wins (TV’s equivalent of the Academy Awards) including six between its three leading actors and three consecutive wins for Bryan Cranston, only the second actor to do so since the legendary Bill Cosby. The final 8 episodes are also in the running for 2014’s ‘Oscars’, so you have to feel that that number can only increase. The supporting cast of Dean Norris, Betsy Brandt, Jonathan Banks, Bob Odenkirk among others give great performances in their respective roles with the latter even getting his own spin-off series. Giancarlo Esposito deserves a special mention as well I think because his ‘Gus Fring’ is arguably the greatest villain that has ever graced the small screen. And the way they killed him off!! To quote the Comic Book Guy, best..death..ever!

2 – Season 2 Plane Crash

On your first viewing of this series you are intrigued by the recurring pink teddy bear. He appears at the beginning of four episodes in this season, episodes 1,4,10 and 13, the series finale. He lands in Walt’s pool as part of falling debris from an overhead plane crash. Events set in motion throughout the season (Walt not preventing Jane’s death and later sharing a drink with her father and the very man responsible for the crash springs to mind) culminate in a collision of planes, adding a few hundred more to Walter White’s considerable death tally. A satisfying conclusion as to where that damn teddy bear came from.

5 Reasons why it’s the greatest TV show ever 3 – Face Off

Yes, it’s the incredible season 4 finale. The cool, calm and collected Gus Fring is seemingly untouchable, unless of course you have the genius and ingenuity of Walter White. Fring, overcome with his desire for vengeance against the man who killed his partner, finds himself in a position to deliver just that. The episode title would lead you to believe there was going to be a showdown of biblical proportions between Gus and Walt or Gus and Hank or even Walt and Hank (c’mon I didn’t know what was going to happen) but it turned out to be a standoff of such proportions. Gus was probably even on his way to ‘take care’ of Walt after Hector if the former hadn’t left him a surprise in Hector’s Wheelchair. The facial transformations of Hector from fear to satisfaction and revenge as he frantically rings his bell and then the opposite transformations of Fring’s expressions as he realises his impending death, are simply spectacular.

4 – Felina

The much anticipated and simultaneously dreaded series finale. Breaking Bad ended perfectly though, delivering a satisfying conclusion for Jesse, Walt and especially Todd. We can also be thankful for Gilligan not giving us a Soprano-esque fade to black ending. Many people may have picked up on “Felina” being an anagram for “Finale” but what they might not have noticed is that, when taken separately these letters represent elements on the periodic table. Fe – iron: representing the M16 used to eradicate the Nazis, Li – lithium: a primary element in the makeup of the lasers used by the “two best hitmen west of the Mississippi” and Na– sodium: representing the ricin used to kill Lydia. And it doesn’t stop there!

5 – Samarium

“Felina” was the 62nd and last *sheds a tear* episode of Breaking Bad. Samarium is a silver metal that oxidizes when exposed to air. It is one of the chief elements used in radioactive chemotherapy for the treatment of lung cancer. I think we all know a certain someone suffering from lung cancer. As I mentioned, the final batch of episodes meant that there are a grand total of 62 episodes. You’ll never have a guess what number Samarium is on the periodic table?......62!! Breaking Bad will be sorely missed. By Brian Moynihan

Cork GAA 2013 Year review By Joe Coughlan


s the GAA season has commenced, the burning questions poised by all Rebels is can Cork atone for last September’s disconsolate defeat to Clare, after being so agonisingly close to acclaiming a 31st All Ireland title, and lift the Liam Mc Carthy cup in 2014. However, no one can argue that the Banner were not deserving champions, Clare undoubtedly the better team in both incredible matches, yet, how different things could have been. The Rebels began their Munster campaign, ironically against Clare in the provincial semi-final. The Banner were raging favourites to advance, having accounted for Jimmy Barry Murphy's charges in the league and its subsequent relegation playoff. Despite being injury stricken and completely dismissed by all and sundry, including some sceptical followers on Leeside, Cork overwhelmed Clare in the Munster semi-final by an incredible nine points, with newcomer Seamus Harnedy producing a thunderous performance in his debut championship season Limerick were Munster Final opponents for Cork, managed by former Cork manager John Allen, in the first provincial final of them clash since 1992.

match. Ryan Dwyer's dismissal for Dublin virtually hampered their chances of victory and Patrick Horgan's goal five minutes ultimately sealed Cork's first All Ireland final appearance since 2006. Now, only Davy Fitzgerald's Clare stood between JBM and Liam Mc Carthy returning home to Leeside for the first time since the triumph of 2005.

Undoubtedly the seething dismissal of Patrick Horgan approaching half time and an indifferent and timid performance scuppered hopes of provincial glory since 2006 and plunged the Rebels into a daunted meeting with Kilkenny in the All Ireland quarter final.

However second half goals from Conor Lehane, Anthony Nash and Pa Cronin rescued Cork. Incredibly, the Rebels led for the only time with seconds remaining, thanks to the imperious Horgan who put Cork ahead in injury time. Amazingly, The Rebels.

What an incredulous contrast from Limerick as a ravenous impassioned Cork side overwhelmed their illustrious rivals, albeit with the aid of Henry Shefflin's red card, terminated Kilkenny's reign as All Ireland champions and of achieving another three in a row.

looked like winning a game that no one could have envisaged ten minutes previously, however, Clare deservedly levelled to earn a replay as it would have been a travesty of justice had they not done so. The 2013 All Ireland Final replay will unquestionably rank as one of the all time greatest hurling encounters played. Clare exploded into action with Shane McDonnell, who was only named beforehand, notching three goals in the opening nineteen minutes, leaving Cork and their enormous legion of fans in attendance bewildered and numb.

Dublin, fresh from their glorious and emotional Leinster Final triumph, their first since 1961, would face Cork in the All Ireland semi final, the first championship meeting since the 1952 All Ireland Final. The Rebels were installed as favourites to reach the All Ireland final by virtue of their triumph over The Cats and many perceived they would hold too much for Dublin. However, the Metropolitan's matched their illustrious opponents in every aspect. An enthralling clash ensued with superlative displays from both sides, yet incredibly for the third match in succession, a red card would drastically alter the course of the

However, a different Clare side from June 23rd was encountered on September 8th. Clare produced an impassioned, ferocious and heart rendering display which Cork struggled to live with and JBM's side second best. Indeed, only frees accrued by Patrick Horgan kept Cork alive. The Banner were imperious in every facet, with regal performances from Tony Kelly, who notched 0-12 points and with fifteen minutes remaining led by five points, looked set to acclaim their first All Ireland title since 1997.

However, the Rebel's responded bravely and heroically through goals from Nash again, Seamus Harnedy and Stephen Moylan and with fifteen minutes left drew level. Momentum was now with Cork and it was the Rebels who looked likely winners. Goals from Connor McGrath and Daragh Honan in the final ten minutes sealed Cork's fate and Clare were deservedly crowned All Ireland champions for the fourth time in their history, whichno Rebel fan could begrudge.



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