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studio partner opened Sonorous Studios in the B room of Ironwood. He gained entrepreneurial skill at the age of 17 years old when he started a grocery delivery service. He always had a nagging “suspicion that he didn’t want to have a boss”, he said. Steven started playing in a Seattle based band The Myriad while producing other bands. The Myriad received record label attention soon after he joined the band. They signed their first indie deal and started hitting the road. Their first full-length record was released in 2005. They never stopped writing music. They took a chance and self-produced their follow-up record “With Arrows, With Poise”. This project was picked up by Kock Records, which made them label mates with Snoop Dog and Sinead O’Connor. A few years later, they were named MTV’s 2008 breakout band of the year. Their music video for “A Clean Shot” played on heavy rotation on MTV and MTV2. They continued to tour heavily with artists such as Switchfoot, Eisley, Lovedrug, Athlete, and many others. After 8 years of touring, Steven decided to move his studio to the B room of Matt Goldman’s “Glow in the Dark Studios” in Atlanta. No matter how long you’re away, Tucson has a funny way of summoning you back. Steven and his wife were looking to open another recording studio. Through a long, meticulous process, Tucson seemed to be the right place at the right time. Downtown Tucson’s recent economic upswing made the move attractive. A “perfect building” became available which created a situation that was hard to refuse. Also, Steven’s mother, father and brother all live in town and provide family support. Saint Cecilia Studios may not have located to a huge music market, but it can surely take advantage of a burgeoning musical events/production environment in a community where there’s the Fox Tucson Theatre, Rialto Theatre, Wave Lab Studios, 2nd Saturdays Downtown and Southwest Soul Circuit all working well together. Towards the end of our interview, Steven shared with me that there’s “. . . a weird balance between art and commerce . . . I remember somebody told me early on, in context of my band, nobody will care about your band more than you do; not your label, not your manager, your booking agent, nobody. You will care more than anybody . . . I found that to be true in business, with the studio and with life. In building this place, nobody’s gonna care if something is slightly crooked more than I would care, so I definitely try to be hands on as much as I can.” With his teammate/wife by his side, Steven looks to be a resource to the Tucson community for years to come.

Riley B. King “B.B.King” September 16, 1925 - May 14, 2015 This article was original published in the March 2014 issue of Southwest Soul Circuit Magazine.

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