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Why It Is a Must To Taste Bordeaux Wines Wines coming from Bordeaux are known for their distinct taste and aroma. The region, which is located in France, is not only picturesque but is also bestowed with the perfect ambience for the production of great grapes. In fact, due to change in the rainfall timing and fluctuation in temperature, almost every year the grapes develop unique characteristics. Consequently, the wines made from them taste different. For instance, 1990 Wine will be different from the wine produced in any other year. Hence, tasting wines from this region becomes an enchanting experience for everyone.

One region, plenty to taste

Bordeaux has more than 57 wine producing areas. Different qualities of grapes are grown here. For wine making, five types of grapes are used most: Cabernet Franc, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Semillon, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Areas that are well known for their red wine production include St. Emilion, MĂŠdoc, Graves, and Pomerol. Although situated in Bordeaux, these places have different types of soil and weather conditions that make the wines taste different. It is a common myth that Bordeaux wines are always costly. Prices differ based on the varieties of wines. Mostly, every wine drinker finds a reasonably priced wine to soothe his senses.

Interpreting the wine label

For a new wine drinker, Bordeaux offers a huge variety of options, which may seem intimidating. However, by learning to interpret the wine labels, you will be able to keep track of your progress in your journey of wine discovery. Wines that are labeled Bordeaux are most economical. The bottles of wines never mention the grapes used in making the wine or the area where the grapes were cultivated. These wines are very common and taste well. Since these wines do not offer any particular taste, they are ideal for wine drinkers, who are novice. When you know the general taste, it is time to move to wines that come from the 57 wine producing areas of Bordeaux. The name of the area is clearly mentioned on the label. By tasting wines from different areas, you will be able to distinguish between them. Now, every area has over 7000 chateaux, which have vineyards. Each chateau produces wine using a

distinct recipe. Chateaux wines are costliest. With time, you will be able to recognize the difference in taste and choose the one/s that tickles your taste buds and senses the most.

Go for 1990 Wine from Bordeaux

1990 Wine is different on many accounts. The year 1990 turned out to be the hottest with only 1947 beating it. Months like July and August witnessed high temperature. However, much to the relief of the producers, the rains came in September. The oncoming of the moisture after intense heat caused the grapes to ripen with an increased amount of sugar and higher alcohol content than usual. For this reason, 1990 Wine gives out a mesmerizing aroma and has a silky feel when it flows down the throat. Most wines can be drunk instantly because they have matured well. In case, you wish to store the wine, feel free to do so. However, ensure that the storage conditions are appropriate for preserving its flavor and aroma. Click Here for more details.

Why It Is a Must To Taste Bordeaux Wines