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The Brilliant And Outstanding Bordeaux And Vintage Wines Of 2000

The 2000 Vintage wine raised was excellent and the expectations of the out buyers were greatly met. This 2000 Wine was one of the premium post war vintage wines for the Piedmont wines. These wines are still tannic which has a slight aftertaste and is youthful.

The 2000 Bordeaux wines

This 2000 Wine is of true prominence, greatness and longevity. These Bordeaux wines are very powerful and are intense with high tannins. These wines are excellent in quality because of the ideal weather conditions which starts from September end. This weather condition permitted the grapes for developing thick skins because of the lack of moisture. The rain was very less during the harvest season which permitted the grapes skins to thicken furthermore which made the wines to get more concentrated and intense. This Bordeaux wine have progressed very slowly and will advance in the upcoming decades.

2000 Vintage Port

This 2000 wine was one of the premium and the finest wines of the 21st century. It is greatly remembered for its production of small quantities and also for it strong concentration. This 2000 wine reveals marvelous promise with the strong and powerful fragranced of berry fruit and has a full-bodied structure.

Amarone della Valpolicella, 2000

This 2000 wine is a wonderful and a unique red wine of the Valpolicella area. This wine is produced by grapes which are dried up to three months before it is being processed. The technique involved in fermentation of the semi-dried grapes gives a very strong wine which has a velvety texture. This wine is full of burnt plum flavors with a little higher alcohol content. This wine tastes good with a rich meal of aged cheeses and strong meats.

Kopke Vintage Port, 2000

This wine is a strong brown color wine with tinges of bricks. This wine is a concentrated and rich bouquet with the characteristic scents of the wine. This wine is filled with dried fruits which are combined with spices which are purified from impurities or any unwanted elements. This long and delicate wine is smooth and velvety in the mouth. It reveals a huge engagement and a sweet-toned structure with a delicate finish.

Barbaresco, 2000

This 2000 wine is an excellent wine which has a deep ruby or plum color. This wine has spectacular fragrances of dried herbs, tobacco, cedar, smoke, soy sauce and red and black fruits. This wine is very rich and at the same time fleshy which is concentrated and full bodied with delicate new oak (barrels) with a juicy texture and marvelous extract. This red Italian wine can be tasted up to seven years from its production.

Barolo, 2000

This is a brilliant and outstanding 2000 Italian vintage wine. This is a remarkable wine with fruity fragrances along with the aroma of wet earth and the tinges of spices. This classic wine is a full to medium bodied wine with velvety tannins along with good core of fruit. This attractive wine is best after 2006 and has a good level and label. Click Here for more information.

The Brilliant And Outstanding Bordeaux And Vintage Wines Of 2000