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Fluid Design Kevin Crumley

Folded Plate Structures

Folded Plate Folding paper allows it to gain depth and structural integrity. The two folded plate structures on the left are folded from a single piece of paper and a very specific crease pattern. The folded column is an organic take on the traditional structural element. The folded plate structure hints at Grecian inspiration, especially with the fluting and tapering of the shaft.

Kevin Crumley | 3

Curved Crease Folding along a curved crease allows a sheet of paper to obtain structural qualities in an elegant and dynamic manner. The curved crease to the left achieves a spatially complex shape from only three crease lines. Using a thicker form of paper allowed me to dampen the folds with water creating a permanent rigid shape. The complex shape offers a drastically different view from each side.

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Ruled Surfaces

Ruled Surfaces Ruled surfaces use numerous straight lines and set boundaries to create a curve. The boundaries are the variables that dictate the severity of the curve. My drawing utilizing ruled surfaces varies in density due to the differing intervals of the lines creating the curve. After drafting, we were challenged to bring our drawings from two dimensions to three. Modeling ruled surfaces was much more challenging and required a close attention to material thickness and keen visual skills. The boundaries create a spatially rich structure.

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Where Sky Meets Earth

Creative Process After being tasked to create a structure that frames views to the east and to the sky, I decided to use a curved crease to create a structure that is dynamic and unique. After already creating a minimalistic curved crease I was inspired to create a design that fulfills all of the program requirements in one fold. The sketches to the left show the early stages of the creative process. The sketches also show how I approached cutting a floor plan and a section of an abstract shape.

Kevin Crumley | 8

Fluid Design The fluid design of the curved crease overlook contrasted with the pixelated topography of the site. The final model required the use of wood and after many experimentations I used bark wood as a veneer for the overlook. The structure is inhabitable both on top and underneath with that underside featuring an intimate view east. The model gently rest on the site without detracting from the earth.

Kevin Crumley | 9

Full Size Joint After creating a scale model of our overlook and site we were challenged to fabricate a life size model joint. I selected a slice out of the curved crease and began to experiment to envision how it would be built in real life. I created a wood press to laminate wood to obtain a curved profile and then I used a pin joint to attach the two different sheets of wood together. Creating a full size mock up shows the possibility of creating a curved crease structure entirely out of wood.

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Boolean Operations

Boolean Boolean operations are the subtraction of one shape from another. Wire frame models are one of the best ways to understand the Boolean operation and it was my starting point for the incision of the cube. After creating a wire frame I built a solid void model to the same dimensions creating an interesting intersection inside the cube. I also modeled the wire frame designs in Rhino and improved them after creating the solid void model.

Kevin Crumley | 13

The Carpenter’s Ellipse

Ellipses In most cases designing with limitations leads to creative solutions. After being asked to only design with an ellipse I began to create very spatial and structural designs. However after many iterations I began to think more abstract and I created designs that have spatial qualities and an artistic elegance about them. Using the depth and the density of the ellipses I created designs that are not only elegant elliptical drawings but drawings that consider the white space around them as well.

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Fluid Design  

Sophomore Year Portfolio

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