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A Letter from the Pastor It is with great joy that I greet all of you during this wonderful Holiday Season. As we reflect on the greatest gift God gave to mankind let us incorporate deep in our memory that Jesus Christ is God’s ultimate expression of Himself. He came into the world that we might know the love of God in a personal way. Not only to know that love intellectually but also experientially. As we think about Christmas we can experience in our hearts God’s gracious and loving kindness toward us. Such kindness should motivate us to exemplify Christ like feelings and actions toward others not only at Christmas time but every day and in every opportunity. May the joy of Christmas be yours in a very special way and may this New Year fill your life with Joy, Peace, Happiness and every form of blessings that Christ has secured for us. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Pastor Ferdinand Gaines, Jr.



Newsletter Ministry Currently the Antioch Post is in need of servants to join the Post’s staff. We are currently seeking writers, copiers, photographers or any other services a member may want to offer. If you are interested, please contact any member of the ANTIOCH POST staff. Newsletter isn’t your calling? Certainly, there must be another ministry you may be interested in serving. We’ve taken the opportunity to use this quarter’s newsletter to list all of ministries currently existing at FCABC. This list is being provided in case you may need a particular ministry’s assistance or if you would like to consider joining a particular ministry. Get on a team in 2013! WE WISH YOU ALL MERRYCHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Young Women’s Ministry

Girl’s Enrichment Ministry

2012 study book: Me, Myself, & Lies by Jennifer Rothschild (book concentrates on self-talk: to recognize, refuse and replace old destructive self-talk with powerful, life changing soul talk straight from the scripture). From now to the end of year, YWM will continue to concentrate on personal self-talk makeovers and activities. Past and yearly activities include supporting graduation recognition program, assisting with Women’s Day functions, holiday visitation with gifts to nursing home, group fellowships (luncheons, movies, paint parties, holiday gatherings). Contact Tarni Jones-Mitchell for more information.

The purpose of GEM is to equip young ladies with the tools to gracefully make it through their teen years. Ministry leaders focus on helping the girls to understanding their uniqueness, navigating through life’s ups and downs and their roles as young Christian women. The girls are taught to rely on Biblical Truths in all their decision making whether home, school, work or extracurricular activities. Our current study is called Fact or Fiction. We are studying topics such as: Worship Doesn’t Take all That, Tithing is For Adults, I’m a Teen: I Don’t Need to Study My Bible and many more. Young Ladies in grades 7th – 12th are urged to join us every other Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. See a youth leader for more information. Youth Leaders: Connie Jackson, Denise Christy, Roxie Jackson-Payne and Michelle Martin

Ages 17-32 – Meet once a month

Visitation Ministry With the growth of our church family and as it continues to extend into the surrounding parishes. Rev. Gaines saw the need to make sure all of our church family was able to be ministered too. Pastor filled that void wit in our congregation by creating a Visitation Ministry. Rev. Gaines gave this task to Rev. Wilfred Mitchell Jr. to spearhead. In an interview with Rev. W. Mitchell he stated, “Our job is to take some of the pressure off of our pastor, it is better to put ten people to work than to do the work of ten people.” We need to visit the sick whenever we can, especially in our areas. When someone joins church by baptism or walking the aisle of FCABC, we need to make ourselves known to them. Rev. Mitchell has created an organizational chart where five ministers have been chosen to be area representatives. Each representative has at least four to five ministers/deacons working along with them. This will ensure that someone is available to go out and serve communion, pray, or just to talk to someone who is going through something. A list of the representatives for each area is provided to the right .

Laplace—Hammond St. Charles Parish Jefferson Parish

Edgard—Wallace Donaldsonville—Vacherie St. James

Wilfred Mitchell 985.652.4660

Bradford Smith 225.869.9767

Janice Mitchell Anthony Mason Melvin Beasley Marvin White

Darlene Riley Emelda Saul Calvin Batiste Percy Williams Alexis Pierre

Reserve—Garyville—Mt. Airy Paulina—Ascension Parish Emma Pittman 985.535.6758 Eric Keller 225.869.8203 Ervin Craighead Nathan Christy Wardell Watkins Archille Clark Jr. Leroy D. Williams Gramercy—Lutcher Angela Steib 225.258.4300 Craig Davis Alfred Bejoile Willie M Woodridge Huey Long Alton Bryer

Robert Davis Anthony Boudreaux Jerry Ursin



Women’s Ministry The Women’s Ministry of FCABC exists to help its members grow in their relationships with God, community and one another. This is accomplished through Worship, Discipleship, Ministry, Fellowship and Evangelism. This ministry participates in and supports a number of events within the church and surrounding community. Each year the ladies host their annual Women’s Day Celebration which draws hundreds of people. There is also the annual Women’s Conference and Prayer Breakfast during the month of April. In the month of June the Women’s Ministry holds a Health and Fitness Expo and Blood Drive. Worship in Pink Sunday, Breast Cancer: Praying for a Cure Prayer Walk and the Breast Cancer Neighborhood Walk are all held during the month of October in observation of Breast Cancer Month. The Women’s Ministry meets twice a month, every other Monday. Contact Sis. Carolyn Gaines for more information.

Men’s Ministry Men’s Ministry is dedicated to meeting the spiritual needs of men, helping men become spiritual leaders in their homes; building committed leaders in the church, role models and mentors. Accountability, fellowship and prayer all contribute to the goal of this ministry. This ministry also serves as a gateway, for men, into various ministries of the church. 2012 saw the development of TOGETHER, the NEWSLETTER MINISTRY and the growth of the MAINTENANCE MINISTRY. All were developed through the leadership of the Men’s Ministry. The Men’s Ministry is composed of sons, brothers, husbands, fathers, and grandfathers who have a passion to become the man He wants us to be. Contact Bro. Melvin Beasley or Bro. Anthony C. Mason for more information.

Diabetic Support Ministry FCABC Diabetic Support Group is a ministry that provides people with diabetes educational, social and emotional support. This group gives people with diabetes a forum for sharing ideas, concerns and feelings about living with this chronic disease. They offer a place for individuals to talk about their needs whether physical, emotional or spiritual concerning the challenges diabetes offer. The group is ongoing support, sharing of day-to-day experiences and updates in diabetes management. The Diabetic Support Group continually off guest speakers, workshops and materials from the American Diabetes Association. For more information and meeting dates contact Bro. Kyle Armant or Sis. Ella Roberts.

Helping Hands Outreach Ministry


The Helping Hands Outreach Ministry was developed by the Women’s Ministry to help women in transition. Only a year old HHOM has helped to provide clothing for victims of a home fire, multiple families who survived the recent devastation and lost due to hurricane Isaac, a widowed grandmother raising 8 grandchildren and nearly 50 other individuals. Much to the surprise of the volunteers the ministry has reached beyond helping only women. The success of the ministry is largely due to the generosity of the FCABC family. For more information or assistance please contact Michelle Martin 504-912-5534.

This ministry focuses on young males who may need a mentor, partner, or a representative to help make their transition into school, their community, or their church as smoothly as possible after facing some interruption set before them by the court system, the educational disciplinary procedures or the rehabilitation system. T.O.G.E.T.H.E.R. was created to fulfill its mission of assisting young male’s crossover obstacles they may have met and is now in need of an advocate to steer him back to helping himself and others through Godly values, a strong and admirable character, and a positive outlook. Contact: Deacons Calvin Batiste and Willie “Jerry” Ursin; and Reverends Craig Davis and Eric Keller or Bro. Darnell Gilbert. This ministry meets every Tuesday at 7pm at FCABC.



Finance Ministry The Business Office Staff Ministry goals and objectives are keeping with the two biblical mandates and the five purposes of ministry. Goals are as follows: 

    

To foster the love of working harmoniously in order to meet the financial needs of the ministry. To create a spirit-filled environment that will help others grow in their roles. To cross-train staff members in th eir duties an d responsibilities. To strive for accuracy in fin alizin g fin an cial documents. To demonstrate the ability to maintain financial records. To adapt to current trends in office effectiveness.

The Business Office Staff is responsible for all financial records for FCABC. If you have any questions you may contact: Leroy D. Williams, Business office Staff Advisor Raeshonda M. Keys, Coordinator of Finances Linda W. Bailey, Supervisor/Data Input Secretary Roxanne J. Payne, Financial Contributions Secretary Lois H. Duhe, Data/Input/Envelope Distribution Secretary Patricia L. Ellis, New Members/Christening Information Secretary

Senior Choir Our Senior Choir focuses on glorifying God through songs. In 2012 and to this date, we have increased our senior choir membership. We had a successful picnic that allowed senior choir members to fellowship with new members. Also, to answer any questions pertaining to choir etiquette and guidelines. We are a ministry so everything we do reflects our relationship with God. Goals for 2013 will be to continue in prayer for each other and to encourage new members to be a part of our growing ministry. Our mission is to lead our congregation in worship and to provide meaningful and inspirational music for God's glory. Our responsibility is ministering to people who are hurting, lost, or people who have for whatever reason have been out of fellowship with God. Choir rehearsal is on Tuesdays at 7:00 PM. Anyone interested should contact Bro. Adam Cooper - President or Sis. Marva Joseph - Vice President.

Junior Choir The Junior Choir is active in our responsibility to singing God's praises. Our mission for God stands strong to uplift the name of Jesus. Our young people are our future. So our focus is solely to teach Jesus in everyway we possibly can and one way is through songs of praise. Anyone interested in becoming a member of the Junior Choir should contact Sis. Nikita Allen or Sis. Gogi Laurent. The Sunday that we sing will be announced prior to the day of the event.

The Male Chorus The Male Chorus is instrumental in lifting up the name of Jesus through songs of praise. We thank God for allowing this choir to continue to grow in membership, faith and love. To God be the Glory for all the things that He has done, will do and is doing in and through our lives at First Community Antioch Baptist Church. To Him we give all honor and praise. The group consists of males of all ages. Members of the group have made a commitment to help and to be an example for all, in general, but especially our young people. The older males realize the urgent need for role models in today’s society and have eagerly accepted the challenge. The Male chorus sang for the annual Men’s Day program in September of this year and is looking forward to future engagements. Practice is usually held on Saturdays at 11:00 AM. Contact persons are Darrin Gaines and Michael White.

Deacon Ministry Deacon Ministry strives to serve others and share the Word of God with the masses. We supports the Pastor in implementing the church’s mission and support him by assisting all church ministries through teaching Christian doctrine and practicing biblical principles. Duties include but not limited to assisting the Pastor implement the vision and programs of the Church. Assist in worship, baptismal and communion services. Provide spiritual and physical support to the known sick and shut-in members, through visitation and the serving of communion. The Deacon Ministry is focused on serving the people of our church community under the guidance of our pastor. For additional information and additional services contact Bro. Anthony Boudreaux.

Nursing Home Ministry The Nursing Home Ministry provides the gospel to the elderly also provides encouragement and comfort to people who are not able to leave the facility to attend church. They provide literature and devotional material to encourage and uplift the residents and staff. The residents are greatly encouraged by the outreach of love and look forward to this ministries next visit. Volunteers are greatly needed. The group meets at Riverlands Health Care Center, 1980 Jefferson Hwy., Lutcher, La. every Wednesday at 4:00 pm. For more information contact Sis. Emma Pittman.



Multimedia and Sound Ministry The First Community Antioch Baptist Church Multi-Media Ministry works behind the scenes to spread the word of the church. The multimedia ministry is comprised of the audio, video, graphic, computer, and web technology systems and the personnel needed to support the ministry needs. During worship services or other events, they run the sound board; set up PowerPoint’s and set up all other necessary equipment to ensure that they run smoothly. They also tape and distribute audio or video recordings of the sermon. Multi-Media Ministry comes under four main categories Sound The sound team uses digital sound boards. They monitor the sound in the sanctuary for the congregation as well as individual mixes for the musicians and vocalists; The digital recording and post-processing team records each service (Sunday morning worship, Wednesday Bible Class, and other events that take place in the sanctuary) and uses the recordings to prepare CDs. For more information contact Marvin White and Pam Linton. Newsletter is our quarterly publication that features current and upcoming events, articles of interest. Although listed here it is produced by a separate Newsletter Ministry. For more information contact Angelia Lott or Kevin Criddle. Digital Recording The multimedia presentation team operates the two projectors, and two digital video cameras in the sanctuary using PowerPoint on a personal computer, and a DVD player to record services. Provides DVD recordings of the service. For more information contact Lionel Bailey and Pam Linton. Internet A FaceBook webpage and websites are produced by this ministry, and For more information contact Debbie Craighead or Kevin Criddle

Usher Ministry

Sunday School Ministry

FCABC Ushers warmly greet the members and guest with a pleasant smile; they are the first representative of the congregation visitor’s encounter when entering the church. Duties include seating and greeting, assisting with special needs, parking, security, and assist with communion. For more information Contact Walter Coleman or Shirley Manuel.

This winter the Sunday School Ministry will continue with the Explore the Bible series of comprehensive studies. The current session is titled Revealing the Heart of God with lessons centered around 3 prophetic books of the Old Testament: Hosea, Amos and Jonah. Sunday school classes are geared to target each age group from pre-schoolers to the well studied seniors 55 years +. Come and be a part of a growing ministry.

Girl Scouts develop values and personal talents by working in cooperative efforts with others. Girl Scouts inspire young girls with the h igh es t id ea ls of c h a r a ct e r , c on du c t , patriotism and service so that they become happy and productive citizens. Troops available for girls of ages: Daisies (5-6 years old), Brownies (6-8 years old), Juniors (8-11 years old), Cadets (11-14 years old) and Seniors (15-17 years old). Contact for more information.

Cleaning Ministry The cost of custodial care for any commercial buildings is expensive. The Cleaning Ministry helps defer this cost by serving and volunteering their time to clean and maintain our buildings and grounds. Tasked performed vacuuming, cleaning restrooms, carpet cleaning, sweeping, mopping etc. If you would like to donate your time to keep our beautiful church clean, please contact Bro. Leroy Washington or Sis. Paulette Washington.

Maintenance Ministry The Maintenance Ministry is composed of individuals who provide electrical, carpentry, painting and other services to maintain the buildings of FCABC. All parts of the facility require upkeep and this ministry is made up of people who simply gather together to provide these services. Workers usually work in conversation and thus spend a time fellowshipping with each other (and usually are rewarded by some good food for the lunches). This ministry provides a starting point for many people who move on to other ministries. Everyone can be a part of the Maintenance Ministry all are encouraged to assist anywhere they have the ability. For more information about how to help in this vital ministry, contact Brothers Alvin Fields or Raydell Morris.

Deaconess Ministry

Children’s Church Ministry

The purpose of the Deaconess Ministry is to assist in meeting the needs of the Church congregation as well the community. The Ministry functions under guidance and leadership of Pastor Gaines. Deaconess assist with the ordinance of The Lord Supper and Baptism. This ministry also provides assistance to family members and caregivers who may be dealing with illness, bereavement or other crisis. Services may include running errands, doing chores or sitting time for caregivers who may need to run errands or keep other appointments, and providing preparation of meals. The Deaconess Ministry collaborates and serves with the Visitation Ministry. Working with the Visitation Ministry, allows the Deaconess Ministry to establish rapport and learn more about needs of the congregation and community. The Deaconess ministry also provides other activities that will support and enhance the mission of the church (ex. cooking classes, new members social, deaconess workshop, etc.). If additional information is needed, you may contact Dr. Bertha Williams, Director (225-623-9751) or one of the following deaconesses:

Is on the move! We thank God for the blessings of being able to minister to the children along with their parents in hopes of helping them to know the true meaning of worship and fellowshipping with one another. They are doing it kid style. Children‘s Church starts at age 3 to 13 years of age. Children’s Church meets on the second, third and fourth Sunday of the month. On the first Sunday of the month the kids carry out the Devotional period, Responsive Reading, Greetings and the Offertory Period in our regular church service. Our goal for 2013 is to have every child enrolled in the ministry and to help them grow spiritually as well as to continue to increase enrollment in this important ministry. Parents bring your kids out and let them worship kid style the way they understand.

Lorena Armont Debra Bartley Betty Clark Shirley Cola Mary Lee McGee Hattie Mitchell Pearly Shelvin Shirley Smith Jennifer Thompson Audrey White

225-869-3963 225-869-3234 985-356-6191 225-869-5707 225-869-8779 225-869-2922 225-869-3786 225-869-9767 225-869-7042 225-869-4270

Hospitality Ministry The First Community Antioch Hospitality Ministry has been on the move all year ensuring that all visitors feel welcome, comfortable and at peace by giving warm smiles, handshakes, kind words of encouragement, and hugs each Sunday. The Hospitality Ministry has welcomed the opportunity to encourage and enrich the lives of each person that enters the church. The ministry has also had the opportunity to create and maintain an atmosphere of unity, love and enthusiasm for our visitors. This upcoming year the Hospitality Ministry will be encouraging the members of FCABC to get involved in welcoming our visitors on Sundays and encouraging new faces to be a part of this great ministry.


LAGNIAPPE First Community Antioch B.C. P.O. Box 1205 10860 Highway 3125 Lutcher, LA 70071 Phone: 225-869-4586


from the Newsletter Staff: Debbie Craighead Kevin Criddle Rhonda Jackson Angelia Lott Michelle Martin Cheryl Moll