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A key objec*ve in educa*on is to produce successful contributors to society.

In Los Angeles –  1 in 7 People work in Crea*ve Industry –  612,000 new jobs in Crea*ve Industry –  11,235 Arts Venues –  Arts and Entertainment produce $140 Billion annually in Los Angeles

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2nd Largest District in the Na*on 84% of Schools are Title 1 Eligible 710 Square Miles 1,270 Schools/Centers 643,493 K-12 Students 25,566 K-12 Teachers 1/3 English Language Learners 8,396 Foster Youth in LAUSD

The Arts Equity (AEI) assigns levels for all LAUSD schools (K-12) based on the scope of their provided arts. This data directs resources to go to the most underserved schools. The goal is to provide arts access to all students within 5 years.

Crea*ve Crea-ve$ Network Network$ Pilot

For 52 Elementary Schools schools with li^le or no arts: •  Provided a rota*onal wheel for all students in grades 3-5/6 of 9 weeks of instruc*on in each arts discipline. •  Provided arts integra*on specialists for K-2 students. For$selected$Elementary$schools$with$linle$ •  Provided more resources for arts or$no$arts:$ instruc*on.   Provide$integra-on$specialists$for$Kd2$  In 2016-17 the Crea*ve Network will be All$students$in$grades$3d5/6$receive$at$ least$9$weeks$of$instruc-on$in$each$arts$ provided to all students in 156 schools with at least 18 weeks of instruc*on in discipline$  each discipline. Provide$more$resources$for$arts$ instruc-on$ LAUSD hired 45 new cer*ficated arts teachers in 2015-2016. LAUSD expects to hire 70+ cer*ficated arts teacher in 2016-2017

•  Uses the vast network of community arts partners in a cohesive arts educa*on strategy that directs expanded ACN efforts where they are needed most. •  LAUSD is contrac*ng 29 community arts partners who will provide during and/or ader school art services.

For the first *me, LAUSD has formally created a partnership with the crea*ve industries and entertainment studios to support arts educa*on: •  Equipment/Resources •  Mentorships/internships •  Dona*ons •  Career pathway presenta*ons

Crea*ve Industries are mo*vated by: •  Workplace pipeline development •  Posi*ve PR •  Tax Benefits •  Be^er use of warehoused equipment •  Community engagement for underserved schools

From STEM to

LAUSD and its arts partners are providing professional development to both arts teachers and generalists to integrate the arts into all subject content. Arts in Title 1 plans can be used for teaching ar*sts, field trips, residencies, and other art offerings “The arts are basic educa*on. They are math, science, higher-order thinking skills. They are all the academics wrapped into one.” – Ramon Cor*nes, Superintendent LAUSD

For ques*ons/job Inquiries contact: Dr. Steven McCarthy – steven.mccarthy@lausd.net (213) 241-5226 Leonardo Bravo – leonardo.bravo@lausd.net (213) 241-3368

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