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The process of identifying, repatriating and facilitating the burial with honor of remains of the Fallen 66 is job Dakar Foundation and has been undertaking since 2010. The continuation of this honor is being bolstered by the dedication and support of the surviving family members, DOTA’s and STEAM-career track students from Compton Unified School district (7th-12th grade). The process has multiple tracks (1) to continue recording and documenting all event, i.e. April 12th, POW/MIA Accounting command event, Las Vegas (2) To instruct teachers, students, and school administrators on how to apply the best practices of science, arts, and history curricula while they participate in real time to honor the service and sacrifice of the men on Memorial Day 2014. The last two tracks that need the financial support now. (3) To record the history as told by aging family and Tuskegee Airmen who life-cycle is running shorter by the day. And lastly (4) The opportunity for students to participate in making history for providing the much needed learned skill and services of digitizing the process , and will ever be given credit for the permanent record of content managers of the first hand accounts of the facts and circumstances of these men’s short existence. (5) to curate and catalogue all raw content (video) for licensing to DoD. The students truly will become the Brother’s Keepers for the Fallen 66. As we approach the 70th Anniversary of the end of World War II, this project will gain the support and admiration of millions of people around the world. Students will learn elements of science from the joint POW/MIA accounting command under the tutelage of chair of the science department of Compton Highs Schooled. Lorenita McCrumby-Holloway a surviving niece of 2nd Lieutenant George McCrumby and learn the historical facts of the Tuskegee Airmen’s service and sacrifice from Instructor Bernard McCrumby, history teacher at Serrah High School in Gardena Ca., and supported by the chief historian of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Tuskegee Airmen Inc, Craig Huntly. By bringing the history and science forward the students will be looking backward to study the ways and the times of people overcoming institutional barriers to succeed. By learning about these men, their lives and their service to their country, they may be able to find the mentors, role models and leaders that they may be lacking in their lives. By studying men of color, men of science and men of distinction, they can understand that greatness is not bought. They may find that greatness is a matter of character, heart and determination -- that where you start does not have to mean that is where you finish. Through these experiences and engagement, we feel that this project will be a way of preserving forever the memories of those who fought, many of whom gave everything, and at the same time engaging the youth to prepare them for and to preserve their future. This project will be an opportunity for brothers -- across generations – to be each others keepers. In a very real sense we can avoid losing the memories of a generation and losing another generation to the streets.

What: A campaign for social good, called

Brothers Keepers will connect

(individuals and organizations) in a meaningful and a heart felt way.

We'll also inspire those students to research the observance day reserved for those who didn’t make it home through a Memorial Day campaign to recognize past, present casualties for all who have fought for this countries freedom with one voice.

Why: To connect Compton and Serrah High School students to the civic significance of service, through the context of the stories of untold millions of military service and sacrifice

To support the plight of American Veterans in an attempt to more deeply connect them with their communities, and society at large.

When: 31 Days prior to Memorial Day, April 25 Memorial Day is May 26th, 2014, and falls at the end of the school year, It's an official Federal holiday honoring armed service members killed in action


Gamification: provide acts, that engage students in a treasure hunt for

the fragmented and buried history of the Fallen 66.

Motivation: iPad, gear.

(Essay, plus upload of photo's and a unique fact about a

Fallen 66 to Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.

The Compton High and Serrah students that provides the combination of answers win a branded Tuskegee Airmen prize pack.

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Fallen 66 brother keepers deck  

Fallen 66 brother keepers deck  


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