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This book has selected many distinctive brand image design works from excellent designers all over the word. According to the contents, it has been categorized into five sections, including clothing store, shopping mall, grocery, stationery shop, sports shop and design store in which each of the projects is instructive and profound. Now, with the rapid development of the “cultural industry”, it’s been proved that the brand image design will continue to face challenges, and thus more innovation and solution are needed. Here, we believe that so many reference materials will inspire the designers greatly and be worthy of being collected.

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If we think about the famous Apple Stores, we realize that the most valuable brands – even if not retailers by themselves - actually have a strong retail component in their value chain.

谈起著名的苹果公司,我们就不难发现那些最著名的品牌,即便没有零售商,也会在自己的价值 链中拥有一个强大的零售部门。这样说的原因是,零售是一个非常强大的品牌意识建设者,而作为视

Part of the explanation is that retail is clearly a very strong builder of brand awareness and as a visibility and communication tool, retail space can be used to achieve better brand performance. Additionally, and more importantly, retail is the place where the brand meets the client. Few other brands have this possibility; most of them, like the FMCG brands, wait on

觉与传达工具的零售空间则更能够帮助品牌性能进行更好地发挥。此外,也是更重要的一点,零售店 也是品牌直接与顾客见面的有效空间。除个别商品之外,大多数商品,如快速消费品品牌,均被陈列 在货架上等待消费者的购买。零售品牌需要拥有强大的磁场吸引顾客,以提升商品成功交易的几率。

a shelf to be picked by the consumer. Retail brands have the power to actively attract the customers and thus increase the chances of closing the deal. And many times, customers


first choose the store and then the product brand they need. 一个零售品牌并不仅仅是一个产品的品牌,也不仅仅是一个服务品牌,或者一个地方或环境品 A retail brand is more than a product brand, more than a service brand and more than a location/environment brand – it is about all of them together. Of course that the basic principles of marketing and branding do apply, but the segmentation is more difficult, given the multiplicity of retail brand attributes. It is strenuous to do a proper segmentation and

牌,它应该是上述这些属性的集合体。尽管最基本的营销和品牌塑造原则是相同的,然而,市场的 细分较为复杂,从而导致了零售品牌属性的多样化。对于品牌来说,进行恰当的市场细分,并在不了 解自身竞争优势的前提下确定目标市场是一项极其困难的工作。此外,“超低价” 的标语是一个陷

targeting job when the outlets want to sell everything to everybody and do not understand their competitive advantages. Moreover, the “lowest price” tagline is a trap, because everybody claims it, but only the biggest players can really keep up with this fight. Therefore, it helps when the store has a clear differentiation and positioning, which must be credible,

阱,因为每个人都这样声称,但是却仅仅是那些很大的玩家才能够在市场的价格战中取胜。因此,一 个独一无二的设计风格和别具一格的品牌定位,对拥有相对固定的客户,并保证每天商品的销售额具 有一定的帮助。这样反过来更加促进一个独特品牌的建立,从而与其他同类产品相比更具竞争力。

relevant to consumers and delivered day in, day out. This in turn helps the building of a distinctive brand, which is obviously different for a DIY retailer compared to a supermarket or a category killer.

然而,对于零售店来说,单凭特殊性是远远不够的。零售品牌的忠诚度需要客户的信任来建立。 为此,这就需要实用主义、功能性、情感与娱乐完美地结合在一起,并作为构成品牌体验的重要组成

However, distinctiveness is not enough in retail. Brand loyalty in retail is to be achieved by customer trust. In order to acquire this, a mélange of pragmatism, functionality, emotions and entertainment must be delivered— and all these account for the brand experience. In order to deliver an outstanding brand experience, the frontline employees must be

部分。为了传递一个杰出的品牌体验,一线的员工必须熟知公司的处事方式和消费者的期望。在此, 品牌的承诺具有重要的影响力。

knowledgeable of the companies’ way of doing things and the consumer expectations. Here, the brand engagement programmes will make a difference.

零售店中另外一个品牌力量的表达方式是私有品牌或自营品牌。在过去的几十年里,这种方式允 许零售商在与供应商协商的过程中,赢得一个更加有利的位置,从而获得更多的权力与利益。现如

Another expression of brand power in retail is the use of private labels and own labels. Over the past decades, these allowed retailers to achieve a better negotiating position against the product brand suppliers and consequently to skew the balance of power in their favour.

今,没有一个强大的品牌进行支撑,简直难以相信一个零售店可以生存或延续多年,而商店品牌塑造 与设计则成为打造品牌特殊性的战略工具,帮助实现品牌忠诚度,并对私有品牌进行充分利用。这就 要求品牌的整体性设计,使顾客在进入零售店的瞬间了解到品牌的内涵。

Nowadays it is impossible to believe that a retailer could survive or grow in the years to come without building a strong brand, and store branding & design is a strategic tool to achieve brand differentiation, to gain brand loyalty and to make the best use of private labels. That implies a holistic approach to design, so that a customer should instantly learn what that

商店品牌和设计方法必须包括品牌识别和零售设计,同时,品牌管理人员及员工的技能训练也不 可或缺。多摩零售店(详见042页)就是一个非常好的例子:新识别方案强化了品牌的知名度与吸引

brand stands for just by entering the retail place. 力,零售店设计的开发遵循了诙谐、亲切的特点,与该品牌的风格相得益彰;而一线的员工也接受过 The store branding and design approach must encompass the brand identity and the retail design as such, but also brand engagement training with the management and employees.

良好的有关品牌文化的培训与指导。所有这些促成了一个强大品牌的建立,为顾客营造了一个愉悦的 全程购物体验,并保证该品牌即使在经济萧条的环境下,亦能在同行业中领先。

This was the approach for the DOMO retail store (see page 042): the new identity enhanced awareness and attraction, the retail design was developed in accordance with the playful and friendly personality of the brand, while the front line employees were trained and engaged with the spirit of the brand. All these contributed to delighting its customers with

尤其是对于一个具有无限发展潜力的商家来说,品牌识别和零售设计能够帮助其与其他品牌进行 鲜明的区分,并在更短的时间内,利用较低的成本迅速占领市场。我们拿狄德曼品牌为例,这一地区

the most pleasurable shopping experience, and allowing the client to weather the recession 性品牌迅速成为国内知名品牌的经验可以为我们提供有效的参考。这一全新的品牌与零售识别方案设

better than its competitors.

计较为大胆,在DIY/零售领域内属于一种突破性尝试,然而,正是这种突破成功吸引了买家,最终使 Especially for an up-and-coming player, the brand identity and retail design can make a


huge difference, helping it to achieve leadership in a much shorter time and with a lower cost. This was the case with the DIY retailer Dedeman, a regional player who was engaged in national expansion. The new brand & retail identity (see page 040) is a daring one for the DIY/retail category, but it succeeded in winning over the hearts of buyers and boost the

过去,零售店的关键词是“地段,地段,地段”。如今,随着消费者越来越强大的购买机动性以 及越来越丰富的购物经验,这句话应该改成“品牌,品牌,品牌”。

business up to national leadership, using limited financial resources and competing against international players.

The old mantra for retail used to be “Location, Location, Location”. It looks like the greater mobility of the consumers and their increased sophistication would change this into “Branding, Branding, Branding”.

克里斯蒂安·吉特·保罗 Brandient设计工作室,创意伙伴 罗马尼亚

Cristian ‘Kit’ Paul Creative Partner, Brandient Romania

Go'dag “Go’dag”品牌视觉形象设计方案 Go'dag (hello in an old-fashion way) is a new concept for Supermarket. It is a Copenhagen based programme in which a "Go'dag vehicle" gathers fresh groceries from the Danish countryside in the morning. It is then parked outside Supermarket stores in the afternoon for city dwellers to enjoy.The visual identity is a mix of old and new. The logotype is handwritten and placed Title: Go'dag

on Manila tags which form high contrast to the sleek

Production Date: 2010

and modern biodegradable plastic packaging. The

Creative Director: Marie Brodersen

concept also includes a recipe folder with basic recipes.

Designer: Marie Brodersen

Here the illustrations are abstract and modern with the

Photographer: Marie Brodersen

handwritten titles as a contrast.

Nationality: Danmark “Go'dag”(一种古老的问候方式)是设计师玛丽•布罗德森专为超市 标题:“Go'dag” 品牌视觉形象设计方案 完成时间:2010年 创意总监:玛丽•布罗德森 设计师:玛丽•布罗德森 摄影师:玛丽•布罗德森 国家:丹麦

开发的一个全新理念。这个以哥本哈根为中心的项目方案以丹麦每天早晨 从农村运送新鲜食品的汽车为主题。这种汽车在下午完成任务之后,停靠 在超市的外面,供市民使用。这一视觉识别设计方案巧妙地将复古气息与 时尚格调融为一体。字体采用手写格式设计,印刷到马尼拉标签之上,从 而与干练、时尚的可降解塑料包装形成鲜明的视觉对比。此外,该项目的 设计理念还包括一个介绍基本烹饪手法的折叠式食谱书。在这里,抽象的 插画设计与时尚的手写主题对比十分鲜明,能够轻松捕获消费者的目光。



Greens Corporate Identity Design 绿地水果蔬菜店企业形象设计

Title: Greens Corporate Identity Design Production Date: 2011 Designer: Patricia Román Humanes Client: Greens Nationality: Spain 标题:绿地水果蔬菜店企业形象设计 完成时间:2011年 设计师:帕特里夏•罗曼•胡梅耐斯 客户:绿地有机水果蔬菜店 国家:西班牙

Greens is an organic fruit and vegetable shop. A visual identity has been created to show, through the graphic design and the materials it used. How important the nature is for Greens. The starting point for the identity was the name itself, which refers to the vegetables and also refers to the colour of nature and the environment. “绿地”是一家以出售有机水果和蔬菜为特色的零售店。对于该店的 企业形象设计方案,设计师帕特里夏•罗曼•胡梅耐斯旨在通过独特的平面 设计和材料选用,打造出独一无二的识别方案,以突出绿地水果蔬菜店关 注于天然的营销理念。“绿地”识别系统的首个出发点是对商店名称的设 计,设计师帕特里夏•罗曼•胡梅耐斯运用匠心独运的设计手法,巧妙地将 蔬菜与天然色调和周围环境融为一体。



Girassol Pastry Store 吉拉索拉糕点店视觉识别设计

These are graphic design, packaging and illustration for Girassol, The design is clear and simple with illustrations of sunflower that emphasizes the simplicity required by the client. 这一匠心独运的视觉识别设计 方案是来自坎德视觉传达设计工作 室的设计师佩德罗•科斯塔专为吉拉 索拉糕点店而量身打造,该识别方 案涉及平面设计、包装设计以及插 画设计等方面。整个吉拉索拉糕点 店视觉识别设计方案遵循了清晰、 简约的设计风格,设计师佩德罗•科 斯塔巧妙地在方案中添加了向日葵 插画元素,完美地突出了客户所要 求的简约、自然格调。


Title: Girassol Pastry Store


Design Agency: Campo Visual - Design de Comunicação


Production Date: 2007


Creative Director: Pedro Costa


Designer: Pedro Costa


Client: Girassol


Photographer: Pedro Costa


Nationality: Portugal



Techno Gorbushka

Techno Gorbushka is a large shopping mall which sells technical equipment. Goods

“Techno Gorbushka”大型购物中心视觉识别设计方案

audio-, video-, photo devices. Logo is a three-dimensional letter G, which can also be

are divided into three groups: household appliances, communication devices and interpreted as three arrows. It communicates that Gorbushka is a place where you can get all kinds of the newest high-tech products. “Techno Gorbushka”是一家大型购物中心,以销售技术设备为主要特色。该购物中心的商品被分为三大类 别,包括:家用电器、通讯设备以及音频-视频-摄影设备。在该中心的识别方案设计中,设计师安娜•库拉切 克巧妙地打造了一个三维字母“G”,并将其作为标识,这个三维形态的“G”同样也可以被理解为三个箭头的合 成体。这一匠心独运的设计婉转地表达出“Techno Gorbushka”大型购物中心是人们购买最先进的高科技产品的 理想之地。

Title: Techno Gorbushka Design Agency: Design Depot Production Date: 2010 Creative Director: Peter Bankov Designer: Anna Kulachek Client: Techno Gorbushka Photographer: Max Kurbala Nationality: Russia

标题:“Techno Gorbushka”大型 购物中心视觉识别设计方案 设计机构:“设计站”设计工作室 完成时间:2010年 创意总监:彼得•班柯夫 设计师:安娜•库拉切克 客户:“Techno Gorbushka”大型 购物中心 摄影师:马克斯•库尔巴拉 国家:俄罗斯



Happy Tofu, Vegetarian Supermarket “快乐的豆腐”素食超市视觉识别设计方案


Title: Happy Tofu, Vegetarian Supermarket


The brand “Happy Tofu” was created as part of a branding course in Shenkar


Production Date: 2011


College. This brand specializes in products for vegeterian customers. Vegeterian


Creative Director: Avner Gicelter


shops usually come off as patronizing for non-vegeterian customers, hence the


Art Director: Avner Gicelter



Designer: Avner Gicelter


designer created the crooked and a bit corky design, which is supposed to make

Instructor: Ernesto Bijovsky

技术指导: 欧内斯特•彼约维斯基

everyone feel welcomed.


Client: Happy Tofu


Photographer: Avner Gicelter & Lee Coren


Nationality: Israel


All of the products have different icons (milk, eggs, vegetables, fruits, etc.) and their design is a derivative of the cube-like shape of the “Happy Tofu”.

该品牌旗下所有的产品均拥有不同的图标(包括牛奶、鸡蛋、蔬菜和水果 等),而这些图标的设计灵感均取材自“快乐的豆腐”品牌的立方体形态。


The Fountain Brand Identity 源泉品牌视觉识别设计方案

Title: The Fountain Brand Identity Design Agency: team scope Production Date: 2010 Creative Director: Mark Burrough Designer: Claire Orrell Client: The Ambience Group Nationality: Australia 标题:源泉品牌视觉识别设计方案 设计机构:团队视野设计工作室 完成时间:2010年 创意总监:马克•伯勒 设计师:克莱尔•奥里尔 客户:埃姆贝恩斯集团 国家:澳大利亚

Our brand for ‘The Fountain’ – a warehouse redevelopment – features an eccentric ‘sea-captain’ who characterises the history of this warehouse, where patrons could purchase anything from whale oil to fish hooks. The use of paper bags and rustic posters for promotion brought some old-world charm to a modern day brand. “源泉”品牌是一个大型商店重建项目,来自团队视野设计工作室的 设计师克莱尔•奥里尔巧妙地设计了一个“海边垂钓的船长”形象,将这 一商店的悠久历史娓娓道来,顾客们能够在这个商店中购买到各种各样的 商品,包括鲸油、鱼钩等等。纸袋的运用以及淳朴的海报设计风格为这一 现代品牌增添了无限古典气息。



Babyfirst “宝宝优先”零售店视觉识别设计方案 Title: Babyfirst Design Agency: Mad Studios Production Date: 2006 Creative Director: Brian Lau / Lilian Chan Art Director: Brian Lau / Lilian Chan Designer: Lilian Chan / Brian Lau Client: Babyfirst Nationality: China 标题:“宝宝优先”零售店视觉识别设计方案 设计机构:疯狂设计工作室 完成时间:2006年 创意总监:布莱恩•刘,利里安•陈 艺术总监:布莱恩•刘,利里安•陈 设计师:利里安•陈, 布莱恩•刘 客户:“宝宝优先”零售店 国家:中国

BABYFIRST is a joint venture retail store selling high-end childcare products in Mainland China between local and foreign businessmen. The design brief states the need not only to convey the company’s ‘foreign origin’ but also to cater to local tastes and cultures. It is a Chinese tradition to swaddle a newborn baby in red to confer on it good fortune. The pacifier communicates wellbeing and ‘foreign’.

“宝宝优先” 有限公司是一家中外合资的零售商店,以在中国大陆和国际上经营高端儿童产品为特色。该项 目的设计理念意在完美地传达出“宝宝优先” 有限公司的“国外起源”本质以及其兼顾地方品味和文化的特色 所在。在传统的中国生活中,人们喜欢用红布做成婴儿的襁褓,寓意好运常伴,而在该项目中,设计师利里安• 陈、布莱恩•刘巧妙地运用了这一点。橡皮奶嘴则巧妙地蕴含着幸福和“泊来”之意。



SC Exclusive Branding SC专属品牌视觉识别设计方案

Title: SC Exclusive Branding Design Agency: S2DO graphics Production Date: 2008 Creative Director: Miguel Sarabua Designer: Miguel Sarabua Client: SC tecidos Photographer: Miguel Sarabua Nationality: Portugual 标题:SC专属品牌视觉识别设计方案 设计机构:S2DO平面设计工作室 完成时间:2008年 创意总监:米盖尔•萨拉布阿 设计师:米盖尔•萨拉布阿 客户:SC tecidos布艺店 摄影师:米盖尔•萨拉布阿 国家:葡萄牙

This is branding designed for the fabrics store SC tecidos exclusive line that provides some of the most selected fabrics in the market for the most demanding clients. The simplicity of the brand image in a classic black and white environment represents the exclusivity of the products. SC专属品牌视觉识别设计方案是设计师米盖尔•萨拉布阿专为SC tecidos布艺店专属品牌产品而设计。SC tecidos布艺店专属品牌产品以 向顾客提供市场中最精致、最前卫的布艺产品为特色。该品牌的设计风格 简约、唯美,设计师巧妙地运用黑色和白色的经典搭配,完美地象征了这 些产品的独一无二。



Garden Shopping 戈登购物中心视觉识别设计方案

Title: Garden Shopping


Design Agency: Orgânica


Production Date: 2008


Creative Director: Jorge Netto


Art Director: Árison Aguiar


Designer: Árison Aguiar


Client: Tenco Realty


Nationality: Brazil


The 20-year Tenco Realty brought along a new position on the projects developed. Set Garden, established by the new concept in Brazil Tenco Realty which integrates environmentally responsible role in people's lives and their environment, in harmony. In relation to visual identity, the Tenco CBL created a large network, for entrepreneurs, shopkeepers, and in a second stage, the consumer can perceive not only the strength of the company but also this new attitude towards the management of shopping centres. 拥有20年创办历史的腾科不动产公司在项目开发领域打造了一个崭新的高度。这个专为巴西腾科不动产公司 提出的全新理念,巧妙地将环境保护与人们的生活及其周边环境和谐融合在一起。从视觉识别设计角度来说,腾 科不动产公司希望能够为创业者和店主营造一个大型、全面的网络,而从另一个层面来看,意在通过这一识别方 案帮助消费者更好地了解这一公司的发展潜力以及购物中心管理的新模式。



Obos Forretningsbygg Brand Identity Obos Forretningsbygg购物中心视觉识别 设计方案

Title: Obos Forretningsbygg Brand Identity Design Agency: Mission Design AS Production Date: 2010 Creative Director: Karl Martin Sætren Designer: Karl Martin Sætren / Rune Vallesether Photographer: Obos Forretningsbygg Nationality: Norway 标题:Obos Forretningsbygg购物中心视觉识别设计方案 设计机构:目标设计工作室 完成时间:2010年 创意总监:卡尔•马丁•塞特莱 设计师:卡尔•马丁•塞特莱,卢恩•瓦勒赛舍尔 摄影师:Obos Forretningsbygg购物中心 国家:挪威

Obos Forretningsbygg has six shopping centres in the suburbs of Oslo. They have been managed individually and basically competed with each other. Now their visual identity and mark Karl Martin Sætreneting tools have been redesigned to stand together against a much more threatening competitor, the inner city. Obos Forretningsbygg购物中心在挪威奥斯陆的郊区拥有六家店 面。这六家购物中心独立经营,同时彼此之间相互竞争。目前,他们的 视觉识别和标识在经过目标设计工作室的设计师卡尔•马丁•塞特莱和卢 恩•瓦勒赛舍尔联手打造后,重新焕发出勃勃生机。这些独特的设计完 美地结合在一起,将为市区内强有力的竞争对手带来强大的冲击。



oi! Supermarket “你好!超市”视觉识别设计方案

Title: oi! Supermarket Design Agency: Jens & Anna Production Date: 2010 Creative Director: Jens Dan Johansen / Anna Craemer Designer: Jens Dan Johansen / Anna Craemer Nationality: Danmark / Germany 标题:“你好!超市”视觉识别设计方案 设计机构:延斯与安娜设计工作室 完成时间:2010年 创意总监:延斯•丹•约汉森,安娜•克莱默 设计师:延斯•丹•约汉森,安娜•克莱默 国家:丹麦,德国

“oi!” is an exclamation used to attract someone’s attention. Here it is used to attract people’s attention to the current paradigm of food. “Oi!” is an exhibition pretending to be a supermarket, the difference of which to a normal supermarket is that the products are arranged by parameters such as: number of wrapping, layers, sugar content, price per kilo, distance to country of origin and thereby forcing the customers to pay attention to these parameters. To make the difference to a normal supermarket visible and to give an forward-looking appearance the modernist typeface “Futura bold” is used for the identity. “oi!”在英语中是一个用来引起别人关注的感叹词。该项目以此为名,旨在丰富多彩的市场产品中吸引人们的眼球。“Oi!”是一个超市的虚拟展览,与传统的超市不同的是这里的产 品全部按照一系列参数进行排列,例如:包装的数量、层次、含糖量、单价、距原产地的距离等等,以促使消费者对这些参数的关注。此外,为打造一个醒目、独特、独树一帜的设计方 案,从而在传统的超市中脱颖而出,营造出一个前卫、时尚的外观,设计师延斯•丹•约汉森与安娜•克莱默还专门应用了充满现代主义气息的“弗图拉粗体”字体。



Market City “都市市场”视觉识别设计方案

Title: Market City Production Date: 2009 Designer: Ara Isidro Nationality: Australia 标题:“都市市场”视觉识别设计方案 完成时间:2009年 设计师:亚拉•伊西德罗 国家:澳大利亚

A new identity and brand was given to Market City – a retail factory outlet in the heart of Sydney's China Town. A general design, as well as a Spring/Summer campaign was created along with a Mix&Match brochure – featuring the seasons' key looks while giving the individual the ability to 'mix&match' different tops and bottoms. “都市市场”视觉识别设计方案是设计师亚拉•伊西德罗专为“都市市场”而设计的全新识别和品牌方 案。“都市市场”是一个工厂直销中心,坐落于澳大利亚悉尼的中国城内。设计师亚拉•伊西德罗主要负责为 该中心提供总体方案、春夏季活动以及一个“Mix&Match”手册的策划与设计,“Mix&Match”手册以季节特 色为主题,上下部分富于变化,独特、醒目的造型十分引人注目。



Title: ALT


Design Agency: Immortal


Production Date: 2010


Creative Director: Theresa Yong


Designer: Choo Chin Nian


Client: ALT


Photographer: Yuvan Boentoro / Choo Chin Nian


Nationality: Singapore


ALT ALT零售商店视觉识别设计方案

ALT is a 3-level retail concept store for the urban female executives. Level 1 consists of cosmetics, accessories and footwear. Level 2 showcases various Asian apparel labels. Level 3 is a place for wellness and lifestyle household products. This branding and design project includes naming, identity, collateral and signage design. ALT是一个三层的零售产品概念店,以都市女性为消费主体,并以经营高端零售产品为特 色。 ALT零售商店的一层空间主要出售女士化妆品、配饰以及女鞋。商店的二层主要展示的是 亚洲服饰品牌。三层空间主要为消费者呈现的是健身及日常生活用品。在ALT零售商店的品 牌设计方案和设计项目中,设计师的主要设计任务包括品牌的命名、视觉识别的设计、附属 材料以及引导标识的设计。



Prisma 普利斯玛连锁超市 视觉识别设计方案

Title: Prisma Design Agency: Brand Manual Production Date: 2010 Creative Director: J. Margus Klaar Art Director: Dan Mikkin Designer: Dan Mikkin / Markko Karu Client: Prisma Peremarket AS Nationality: Estonia 标题:普利斯玛连锁超市视觉识别设计方案 设计机构:品牌指南设计工作室 完成时间:2010年 创意总监:J.马尔古斯•科尔拉 艺术总监:丹•米吉 设计师:丹•米吉,马克•卡鲁 客户:普利斯玛连锁超市 国家:爱沙尼亚

Prisma is a well-established supermarket


chain in Estonia, which is different 到了公众一致的好评。开阔的通道和店内商品促销的规避性处理在众多超 from others by having wide aisles and 市中脱颖而出。实际上,普利斯玛连锁超市真正需要的并不是一个崭新的 shunning in-store promotions. What 标识,而是能够清晰地表达出其价值的视觉传达媒介,从而帮助消费者畅 Prisma needed was not a new logo, 通无阻地快乐购物。这个品牌指南设计方案首先以超市的员工为重点,随 but clear communication of its value 后将侧重点转移至来到普利斯玛连锁超市购物的消费者。 – hassle-free shopping. Brand Manual focused first on employees, then on Prisma’s customers.



3-Top & B2 Mall @ T3 3-Top & B2 Mall @ T3购物中心

Title: 3-Top & B2 Mall @ T3 Design Agency: BDD Pte Ltd. Production Date: 2008/2009 Creative Director: R P Abraham / David Clegg Art Director: Andy Helme Designer: R P Abraham / David Clegg Client: Singapore Changi Airport Nationality: Singapore 标题:3-Top & B2 Mall @ T3购物中心 设计机构:BDD私人有限公司 完成时间:2008/2009年 创意总监:R P亚伯拉罕,大卫•克莱戈 艺术总监:安迪•赫尔姆 设计师:R P亚伯拉罕,大卫•克莱戈 客户:新加坡樟宜机场 国家:新加坡

This is a brand identity for '3-Top & B2 Mall @ T3' - food,

这一项目是设计师R P亚伯拉罕、大卫•克莱戈专为新加坡樟宜机

beverage and shopping experience at Singapore Changi

场第三航站楼内3-Top & B2 Mall @ T3购物中心而设计的品牌识别方

International Airport, Terminal 3. Changi Airport's newest

案。3-Top & B2 Mall @ T3购物中心以为旅客营造一流的食物、饮料

passenger terminal, Terminal 3, was opened for scheduled


flight operations on 9 January 2008. The terminal welcomed


its first scheduled flight, a Singapore Airlines flight from San


Francisco. T3 has an annual handling capacity of 22 million


passengers, bringing the total handling capacity of Changi


Airport to about 70 million passengers per year.



Alessi BBQ 阿莱西野外烧烤品 牌识别设计方案

This is a corporate identity designed for the new BBQ for Alessi designed


by Piero Lissoni. The work is composed of a series of packaging products


collateral to the BBQ itself.


Title: Alessi BBQ Design Agency: Lissoni Associati Production Date: 2009 Creative Director: Sergio Menichelli Designer: Beki Bessi Karavil / Tommaso Cavallini Client: Alessi Photographer: Cesare Chimenti Nationality: Italy

标题:阿莱西野外烧烤品牌识别设计方案 设计机构:利索尼联合设计工作室 完成时间:2009年 创意总监:塞尔吉奥•麦尼彻理 设计师:贝基•培西•卡拉威尔, 托马索•卡瓦利尼 客户:阿莱西野外烧烤品牌 摄影师:凯撒•奇门蒂 国家:意大利



Dedeman 狄德曼品牌视觉形象 设计方案

The DIY company founded and owned by two diligent and industrious brothers has proved to be a showcase in entrepreneurship. After rebranding, Dedeman continued its national expansion, even in times of economic crisis, while the helmeted dog became a ubiquitous presence in the Romanian DIY landscape — and deservedly achieved the market leadership. 由两个睿智而勤勉的兄弟创办和管 理的DIY公司在业界内堪称是一个成功 的典范。在设计师克里斯蒂安•吉特• 保罗,波格丹•杜米特拉切为其提供品 牌重新塑造之后,狄德曼品牌在国内 市场上进一步扩展,即使是在经济萧 条时期,戴头盔的小狗依然活跃在罗 马尼亚DIY公司的所有角落,并理所当 然地在市场中处于领先地位。

Title: Dedeman Design Agency: Brandient Production Date: 2007 Creative Director: Cristian ‘Kit’ Paul Designer: Cristian ‘Kit’ Paul / Bogdan Dumitrache Client: Dedeman Nationality: Romania 标题:狄德曼品牌视觉形象设计方案 设计机构:Brandient设计工作室 完成时间:2007年 创意总监:克里斯蒂安•吉特•保罗 设计师:克里斯蒂安•吉特•保罗, 波格丹•杜米特拉切 客户:狄德曼品牌 国家:罗马尼亚



DOMO 多摩品牌形象设计方案

Brandient’s design of the new identity for Domo — remarkably the two striped balls in the logo — infused the brand with a playful and friendly personality. Two years later, when the leading retailer came back for more, Brandient designed Do and Mo, the playful, stripy dog and cat. Communication became easier, less expensive and more memorable. Retail graphics were developed as a metalanguage to enhance brand’s recognition and favorability.

Brandient设计工作室为多摩品牌 设计的新视觉识别方案,巧妙地以两 种带有条纹的圆球作为标识的主要元 素,醒目而独特,为多摩品牌增添了 无限生机,并给人以亲近之感。在 Brandient设计工作室为这一领先品 牌提供设计的两年之后,再次为其提 供全新产品的设计工作。在设计过程 中,Brandient设计工作室巧妙地设计 了两个憨态可掬的玩偶,一个是名为 “多多”的条纹狗,一个是名为“默

Title: DOMO


Design Agency: Brandient


Production Date: 2006 - 2008



Creative Director: Cristian ‘Kit’ Paul



Designer: Cristian ‘Kit’ Paul / Eugen Erhan / Alin Tamasan



Client: Domo Retail SA



Nationality: Romania


默”的小猫。这一巧妙的设计简单、 轻松地传达出该品牌的特色及价值所



Fiedlers Fischmarkt

For the 100th anniversary of Fiedler's Fishshop, a new


are now spending twice as much time in the shop to

adventure store was designed in 1906 style. Customers experience an old smokehouse, the world of fishing and a historical fishmarket–ust to name a few of highlights. 在德国费德勒鱼市商店迎来其百年庆典之际,一个全新的店铺完美 落成,该店的设计遵循了1906年的时代风格。与以往的商店相比,如 今,来到商店的顾客将要花费两倍的时间去尽情体验古老的熏制室、鱼 类捕捞以及一个古老的鱼市,此外,设计师安妮卡•施密特还专门为一 系列特色区域进行了命名。

Title: Fiedlers Fischmarkt Design Agency: Braue // Brand Design Experts Production Date: 2006/2007 Creative Director: Kai Braue Art Director: Marcel Robbers Designer: Annika Schmidt Client: H.-J. Fiedler Meeresdelikatessen GmbH Photographer: Harry Zier / Photograph.X Nationality: Germany 标题:费德勒鱼市视觉形象设计方案 设计机构:布劳内 // 品牌设计专家 完成时间:2006/2007年 创意总监:凯•布劳内 艺术总监:马赛尔•罗伯斯 设计师:安妮卡•施密特 客户:菲德勒股份有限公司 摄影师:哈利•兹尔,Photograph.X摄影工作室 国家:德国



Kruidvat Kruidvat保健美容化妆品连锁店品牌 形象设计

Following on from the new retail formula development for Kruidvat, SVT Branding & Design group then developed a new visual identity for Kruidvat. The logo needed to be updated and made more distinctive, but had to be sympathetic to Kruidvat’s heritage, and still be recognizable as Kruidvat. Kruidvat’s brand values of discount and profit also had to be represented within the new logo. In addition, it was requested to make the logo more applicable to different sorts of items with various options. The resulting brand mark allows for many such possibilities. Title: Kruidvat SVT品牌和设计集团在为Kruidvat保健美容化妆品连锁店提供全新的

Design Agency: SVT Branding & Design Group


Production Date: 2009


Creative Director: Frank Schoeman


Designer: Katja van het Bolscher


Client: AS Watson


Photographer: SVT


Nationality: The Netherlands 标题:Kruidvat保健美容化妆品连锁店品牌形象设计 设计机构:SVT品牌和设计集团 完成时间:2009年 创意总监:弗兰克•斯奇尔曼 设计师:卡佳•凡•海特•博尔斯彻 客户:AS Watson集团 摄影师:SVT品牌和设计集团 国家:荷兰



This is a brand development, and packaging project for the Kmart store. The objective of this project is to

Much In Store 凯马特零售商店视觉形象设计方案

enhance and improve the Kmart brand to the level of a more premium competitor brand. 该项目是一个品牌开发及产品包装方案,由来自艺术学院研究院的设 计师里卡•普特里专为凯马特零售商店量身打造。该项目的设计目标是进 一步强化并改善凯马特品牌,从而加强其在市场上的竞争力。新方案的开 发进一步强化了凯马特品牌在市场上的领先地位。

Title: Much In Store Design Agency: Academy of Art University Production Date: 2010 Creative Director: Rika Putri Designer: Rika Putri Client: Kmart Photographer: Rika Putri Nationality: USA 标题:凯马特零售商店视觉形象设计方案 设计机构:艺术学院研究院 完成时间:2010年 创意总监:里卡•普特里 设计师:里卡•普特里 客户:凯马特零售商店 摄影师:里卡•普特里 国家:美国



Savelovsky 萨维奥罗夫大型购物中心视觉形象设计方案

Title: Savelovsky Design Agency: Design Depot

标题:萨维奥罗夫大型购物中心 视觉形象设计方案

Production Date: 2010


Creative Director: Peter Bankov


Designer: Anna Kulachek


Client: Savelovsky


Photographer: Max Kurbala


Nationality: Russia

摄影师:马克斯•库尔巴拉 国家:俄罗斯

Savelovsky is a huge shopping mall with all kinds of goods. New logo, corporate identity, advertising campaign and navigation system were created. Bright and dynamic visual elements were designed to draw customers' attention. Five arrows and five icons from the logo symbolize five groups of goods and help people to find their way inside the mall as quickly as possible. 萨维奥罗夫是俄罗斯一个大型购物中心,其中的商品种类繁多,琳琅满目。在该 方案的设计过程中,设计师安娜•卡拉切克巧妙地为萨维奥罗夫大型购物中心设计了 崭新的标识、企业形象、广告宣传和引导标示。醒目、活泼的视觉设计元素能够轻 松地捕获消费者的目光。标识中五个箭头和五个图标象征着五个产品种类,并能够 帮助顾客在购物中心中自由穿梭,并轻松找到自己想要购买的产品。



Tower Supermarket Branding

When the Borg family opened a small corner store in


customers on a daily basis. Re-branding this household

the late 60s, little did they imagine that over 40 years they would have turned this little hole in the wall into a multilevel supermarket that services thousands of satisfied brand was no easy feat for BRND WGN but inspired by the brand's promise to offer clients good value, fresh quality products and most of all great service with a smile, the agency set to work on a complete overhaul of the brand. The main elements of the logo are based around a contemporary impression of a fort or tower, similar to the ones that guard the Maltese coastline whilst the lime green colour was used to represent the fresh products sold in the supermarket daily. The use of lower case typography was extended to show the more humble and friendly service offered at the supermarket. The slogan 'fresh value every day' was also coined by

Title: Tower Supermarket Branding

BRND WGN as a promise to customers. The application of

Design Agency: BRND WGN

the brand was extended throughout the store, uniforms,

Production Date: 2011 Creative Director: Peter-Jan Grech Art Director: Kris Vella Petroni Designer: Karl Attard Client: Tower Supermarket Photographer: Karl Attard / Glenn Grech Nationality: Malta

delivery vans and of course rolled out online. 当博格家族在20世纪60年代末建立首个小型街角商店时,他们从未想 到这样一个小小店面能够在四十多年后转变成一个多层大型超市。这一超 市每天能够为顾客提供上千种商品。 为该超市设计品牌重塑方案并不像 想象中的简单,BRND WGN设计工作室以塔楼超市的服务理念—即为真诚顾 客提供最优惠的价格、一流的产品质量以及优质的微笑服务为设计基础, 对这一品牌进行全面、彻底的改造。标识的主要设计元素以一个堡垒或塔



设计机构:BRND WGN设计工作室





服务理念。同时,BRND WGN设计工作室还专门杜撰一个宣传口号,即“新

艺术总监:克里斯•维拉•派特罗尼 设计师:卡尔•埃特德 客户:塔楼超市

鲜不过夜”,作为超市对顾客的承诺。这一品牌设计方案还被广泛地应用 到店面、超市员工的制服、厢式送货车以及超市的网站等等。

摄影师:卡尔•埃特德,格伦•格雷克 国家:马耳他



Micheline 米舍利娜复印社视觉形象设计方案

米舍利娜复印社长期以来一直致力于社会活动和文具用品的设计工 Title: Micheline



Design Agency: Anagrama



Production Date: 2010



Creative Director: Anagrama



Art Director: Anagrama



Designer: Anagrama


Client: Micheline


Photographer: Marco + Chuy


Nationality: México


地表达出该复印社的独特、优雅和现代性。 安内格拉马设计工作室精心设计了一个字母组合标识,犹如公司的一 个签名,复制在印刷品之上,清晰易辨。至于复印社的内部空间设计,在 与戈尔曼•德赫萨以及罗伯托•特雷维诺的共同合作下,安内格拉马设计工 作室倾心营造了洋溢着20世纪70年代复印社气氛的唯美空间:照明设备和 印刷字体有效烘托了室内气氛。安内格拉马设计工作室巧妙使用中性色调 对空间进行布置,以货架上的彩色印刷目录为设计的重点,以强调其品牌 特色。如今的米舍利娜是一个真正的精品店,凭借优良的印刷质量以及舒 适、自由的空间氛围受到各年龄层次客户的广泛欢迎。

Micheline is a printing boutique that specializes in pieces for social events and stationery. Founded in the mid 70s , Micheline's success was that it offered both design and high-end printing under the same roof. However as time went by, they realized the potential of appealing to a younger crowd, so the boutique contacted Anagrama to make both their brand and store to express uniqueness, elegance, and above all, modernity. Anagrama designed a monogram that would be easy to reproduce on all of their printed pieces and that would work as a signature for their workshop. As for the store's interiors, with the help of collaborators such as German Dehesa and Roberto Treviño, Anagrama designed a space inspired in the ambiance of print-shops in the seventies: it has a few contemporary accents such as the lighting, which gives the interiors a vanguardist atmosphere. Also they made sure to use a neutral colour palette to focus all of the attention on the shelves holding colourful printing catalogues, as well as emphasizing the brand's presence. Thanks to Anagrama's branding strategy, Micheline is now a boutique that shows the highest quality, and welcomes all generations, making them feel comfortable and in their own environment.



Comikaze Comic Book Shop Identity Comikaze漫画书店视觉形象设计方案

Title: Comikaze Comic Book Shop Identity Production Date: 2011 Creative Director: Michael Erazo Kase Designer: Alyssa Liegel Photographer: Alyssa Liegel Nationality: USA 标题:Comikaze漫画书店视觉形象设计方案 完成时间:2011年 创意总监:迈克尔•埃拉佐•卡赛 设计师:艾丽莎•里格尔 摄影师:艾丽莎•里格尔 国家:美国

Comikaze is a comic book store. The identity is inspired by comic books in general. The illustration style used is inspired by the artwork in comic books and how they utilize half tone. The subject matter of all these illustrations focus on how comic books tend to exaggerate simple objects to make them seem more exciting. Comikaze's bags are mylar comic book bags that can be used after purchasing a comic book for storage. The collectible illustration inside each bag acts to protect comic books from bending to keep them in pristine condition. Comikaze漫画书店的识别设计 方案设计源自设计师艾丽莎•里格 尔对漫画图书的参考。方案中插画 的设计风格同样受到了漫画书中插 图设计的影响,全部采用半色调进 行设计。一部优秀的漫画书往往能 够将简单、平淡的事物渲染出令人 兴奋、惊奇的效果,这同样也是 Comikaze漫画书店视觉形象设计方 案中所有插画设计的主题所在。另 外,设计师艾丽莎•里格尔还为该 书店精心设计了一款书袋,该书袋 以聚酯薄膜为原料,便于书籍的存 放。每个书袋中的可回收插图可以 有效地保护书籍避免弯折,以确保 书籍的原始状态。



Akademika Akademika连锁书店视觉形象设计方案

Title: Akademika Design Agency: Mission Design AS Production Date: 2005 Creative Director: Gary Swindell Designer: Hege Homstvedt / Karl Martin Sætren Nationality: Norway 标题:Akademika连锁书店视觉形象设计方案 设计机构:目标设计工作室 完成时间:2005年 创意总监:加里•斯文德尔 设计师:海格•霍姆斯特威德特,卡尔•马丁•塞特莱 国家:挪威

Akademika is a chain of bookstores targeted towards college and university students. In addition to academic books, they wanted to tune into new areas such as magazines and fictions. Mission upgraded the corporate identity and developed a new retail identity for the new concept store at Norwegian Business School, campus Nydalen. Akademika是挪威一个著名的连锁书店,以大学和学院的学生为消费主 体。除了学术类图书之外,Akademika连锁书店希望能够将图书领域向杂 志和小说延伸,因此,他们委托目标设计工作室为其企业形象进行升级改 造,并为坐落在挪威商学院Nydalen校区中的新概念店开发一个全新的零 售识别系统。



Pen and Paper is a shop in Cardiff, South Wales. They wanted to revamp their brand to bring it up to date and appeal to young designers. The work is simply inspired by paper as a canvases and the pen as the tool to fill it with creativity.

“笔和纸”商店坐落在英国南威尔士加的夫地区。该店委托大卫•赛冬 设计工作室为其品牌进行升级改造,以崭新的形象吸引更多的年轻设计师 的目光。在该方案的设计过程中,设计师大卫•赛冬简单地将纸张作为画 布,用画笔在这个画布上进行自由创意。整个设计方案简约、自由,而不 乏独特之美感。

Pen and Paper “笔和纸”商店视觉形象设计方案


Title: Pen and Paper


Design Agency: David Seadon Design


Production Date: 2011


Creative Director: David Seadon


Designer: David Seadon


Client: Pen and Paper


Photographer: David Seadon


Nationality: UK



Cool Hunting for Gap Identity “Cool Hunting for Gap”商店视觉 形象设计方案

Title: Cool Hunting for Gap Identity

The identity for this specialized, holiday popup shop was

“Cool Hunting for Gap”商店是一个专业假日临时实体店。由来自

Design Agency: Design That Talks

based on the concept of combining a snowflake and a

Design That Talks设计工作室的设计师马特•凡•艾克林设计的这个识别

New York City manhole cover. The developed logo was


then used for shopping bags, iPhone covers, window


Production Date: 2010 Creative Director: Matt Van Ekeren Art Director: Matt Van Ekeren Designer: Matt Van Ekeren

coverings and other applications.

Client: Cool Hunting and Gap Photographer: Josh Rubin / Molly Hein Nationality: USA 标题:“Cool Hunting for Gap”商店视觉形象设计方案 设计机构:Design That Talks设计工作室 完成时间:2010年 创意总监:马特•凡•艾克林 艺术总监:马特•凡•艾克林 设计师:马特•凡•艾克林 客户:“Cool Hunting for Gap”商店 摄影师:乔希•鲁宾,莫利•海因 国家:美国


The Hang Gang “The Hang Gang”商店视觉形象设计方案 Title: The Hang Gang Design Agency: Analogue Production Date: 2010-2011 Creative Director: Barry Darnell Designer: Tez Humphreys / Mike Johns Client: The Hang Gang Photographer: Barry Darnell / Mike Johns Nationality: UK 标题:“The Hang Gang”商店视觉形象设计方案 设计机构:模拟设计工作室 完成时间:2010年—2011年 创意总监:巴里•丹尼尔 设计师:提斯•汉弗莱,麦克•约翰斯 客户:“The Hang Gang”商店 摄影师:巴里•丹尼尔,麦克•约翰斯 国家:英国

The Hang Gang is a new UK store who stock interesting and original items from

“The Hang Gang”商店坐落在英国,这家新开办的商店主要为顾客

around the world including toys, art, apparel and lifestyle products. For the branding


we created a complete 'gang' of characters that enable the company to have a


unique and playful identity that is constantly evolving. We also photographed an eye


catching image featuring some of the toys they carry arranged in the order of the


spectrum, as well as being used for promotional purposes we made it available as a


desktop wall paper which was given away as a free download.

它们作为一个桌面壁纸,使之扮演宣传促销的角色,同时,这一壁纸还 可以被免费下载。



This is a branding project for “WannaBe” ( a Costume store ) including Designs of logo, packaging, business cards, brochure, letter paper and envelope. The concept based on the flower “Bird of Paradise” which includes the values of identity, pretentiousness and mimicry. 该项目是来自申卡尔工程与设计学院的设计师约拿单•所罗门专门为 “WannaBe”(一家服饰店)而设计,方案中涉及对标识、包装、名片、

Costume Store Branding






Title: Costume Store Branding


Design Agency: Shenkar - College of Engineering & Design


Production Date: 2009


Creative Director: Yonatan Solomon


Designer: Yonatan Solomon


Photographer: David Solomon


Nationality: Israel



The Luck Store Identity 幸运商店视觉形象设计方案

Title: The Luck Store Identity Production Date: 2010 Creative Director: Hannah Hinds Designer: Hannah Hinds Client: 826 National Photographer: Hannah Hinds Nationality: USA 标题:幸运商店视觉形象设计方案 完成时间:2010年 创意总监:汉娜•海因兹 设计师:汉娜•海因兹 客户:“826 National”商店 摄影师:汉娜•海因兹 国家:美国

A response for an assignment to envision a concept for an 826 National store in Baltimore, the identity is based on a logo-type relationship with a system of symbols paired with a consistent type treatment and a slightly sinister sensibility. The logos for the luck store are illustrations of things associated with bad luck while the products are objects that presumably prevent bad luck. 该项目是设计师汉娜•海因兹专为巴尔的摩一个名为“826 National”的商店而构想的品牌开发理念。视觉识别的设计以一个标识 范例、一个标志系统、一致的字型处理以及些微的高识别性处理为设计 基础。在幸运商店的标识设计过程中,设计师汉娜•海因兹巧妙地将一 些与坏运气相关的事物引入到设计之中,并暗示店内的商品能够有效阻 止这些坏运气的发生。



Radio-Active Records is an independent record store located in Fort Lauderdale, FL which specializes in new and used vinyl records. Richard Vergez is responsible for the brand identity and aesthetic of the Radio-Active look, incorporating minimal and modern design with a vintage aesthetic to match the nature of the business (vintage vinyl records). “疯狂的无线电”是一家独立经营 的唱片店,坐落在美国佛罗里达州 劳德代尔堡地区,以出售全新和回 收的塑料唱片光盘为特色。设计师 理查德·沃格兹受该店的委托为其 提供品牌识别以及店面的形象设计 工作,在该方案的设计过程中,理 查德·沃格兹巧妙地将简约之美和 现代设计风格与一个复古的美学理 念完美结合,恰巧与“疯狂的无线 电”唱片店的本质(经营古老的塑 料唱片)相得益彰。

Radio-active Records Brand Identity “疯狂的无线电”唱片店视觉 形象设计方案


Title: Radio-active Records Brand Identity


Production Date: 2007-2011


Creative Director: Richard Vergez


Designer: Richard Vergez


Client: Radio-Active Records


Photography: Richard Vergez


Nationality: USA



Doctorhead “Doctorhead”耳机店视觉形象设计方案

Title: Doctorhead

These are identity and


Design Agency: Suprematika

web-site for Moscow


Production Date: 2010

popular headphones store.


In addition, the logo was


created by a minimalistic


Designer: Vladimir Lifanov Client:, online shop Nationality: Russia

corporate identity and


a set of icons to indicate


specific products.

完成时间:2010年 设计师:弗拉基米尔•莱法诺夫 客户:俄罗斯“Doctorhead”耳机网店 国家:俄罗斯



Tipos Infames Visual Bookshop Identity Tipos Infames书店视觉形象设计方案


Title: Tipos Infames Visual Bookshop Identity

标题:Tipos Infames书店视觉形象设计方案

This is a visual identity for a combined wine and book shop


Production Date: 2010


based in Madrid called Tipos Infames. A place where you

酒店&书店而设计的视觉识别系统,这个名为“Tipos Infames”

Art Director: Natalia García Álvarez


can find an exquisite selection of contemporary titles while


Designer: Natalia García Álvarez



Client: Tipos Infames Bookshop

客户:Tipos Infames书店

you enjoy the best wines. There is also another space in the

Nationality: Spain


basement to host events like artists' exhibitions, books' signing


and wine tasting workshops.



Coventry Bookstore 考文垂书店视觉形象设计方案 Title: Coventry Bookstore


Design Agency: Red Design Group


Production Date: 2007


Creative Director: Darren Hose


Art Director: Crystal Lee


Designer: Crystal Lee


Client: Coventry Bookstore


Photographer: Diana Snape


Nationality: Australia


The brief was to design a book store to suit the demographic satuation and location in tree-lined Coventry Street in South Melbourne, Australia. Coventry Bookstore has a full service book retailer and a beautiful space at the back of the store to make a special children’s area. 考文垂书店坐落在澳大利亚南墨 尔本地区郁郁葱葱的考文垂大街 之上,对于该书店的品牌设计理 念,来自红色设计团队的设计师 克里斯托•李意在使之与书店的人 文条件与地理位置完美结合。考 文垂书店拥有一个完善的图书零 售服务体系,另外,书店的后方 还专门为孩子们设置了一个美妙 而独特的空间。



Adagio Graphics is a small design boutique located in Michigan. The brand and logo were created for Adagio inspired by a variety of "textured" people in the studio, the textures within the physical studio space, alongside craft influences of the owner and the design team. Humourous, personality and dogs are no strangers to Adagio and often peek through the branding and marketing collateral for the studio. “爱达吉奥”是一个小型设计工作室的名字,该设计工作室坐落在 美国密歇根州。爱达吉奥图文设计公司的品牌和标识的设计受到了该工 作室内各种“个性”人物、物理工作室空间内的特殊结构以及该工作室 所有人的艺术影响力和整个创意设计团队的启发。爱达吉奥图文设计公 司以幽默、个性以及紧跟时尚潮流为服务宗旨,从爱达吉奥工作室的品 牌发展方案和行销宣传材料的设计风格中,不难发现其独到的创意理念 和顽强的创作意识以及丰富、强大的创作源泉。

Adagio Graphics Stationary System 爱达吉奥平面设计工作室文具用品设计方案


Title: Adagio Graphics Stationary System


Design Agency: Design Womb


Production Date: 2003


Designer: Nicole LaFave


Nationality: USA



Visual Identity for “Initio” Antique Shop “原祖”古董店视觉识别设计方案

Title: Visual Identity for “Initio” Antique Shop Design Agency: DIMIS Design Production Date: 2010 Creative Director: Igor Milanovic / Ilija Dragisic Art Director: Igor Milanovic Designer: Igor Milanovic Client: Initio Photographer: Branislav Jesic Nationality: SRB 标题:“原祖”古董店视觉识别设计方案 设计机构:DIMIS设计工作室 完成时间:2010年 创意总监:伊戈尔·米拉诺维克,伊里加·德拉吉赛克 艺术总监:伊戈尔·米拉诺维克 设计师:伊戈尔·米拉诺维克 客户:“原祖”古董店 摄影师:布拉尼斯拉夫·杰西科 国家:塞尔维亚

This project was the development of a new visual identity for the antique shop including the catalogue for antique products. What both components have in common is the rustic style which helps create a clear visual understanding of the shop’s business activities. The catalogue has in fact had a positive effect on drawing customers’ awareness and in return substantially increasing shop’s sales. 该项目是设计师专为“原祖”古董店所开发的一个全新视觉识别 方案,方案包括对古董商品的编目设计。各设计部分之间的风格相 同,淳朴而简约,共同打造了一个清晰、醒目的视觉识别系统,便 于顾客随时了解该店的商业活动。这一目录在吸引顾客的注意力方 面真正发挥了积极影响,并最终从根本上增加了商店的营业额。



Pentagram has created a new identity for London based art supplies retailer Cass Art, who are dedicated to offering the broadest range of quality fine art materials from the world's leading manufacturers. Building on over 25 years of experience and knowledge, Cass Art is determined to make art accessible and exciting. Pentagram partner Angus Hyland was appointed to evolve the existing identity and has created a distinctive, contemporary visual language that reflects the Cass Art proposition. A bold logotype has been combined with a striking colour palette of black, white and red, a strong typographical language, and a range of distinctive line illustrations that are used throughout the identity. The identity has been implemented across a wide range of print applications, from stationery and promotional material to own-brand product labelling and packaging. For packaging applications, a rich palette of colours has been used to distinguish different product ranges, with line illustrations indicating contents and/or use. For example, boxes of coloured pencils are decorated with simple, elegant line drawings of coloured pencils; the Japanese calligraphy book: drawings of calligraphic brushes; and the watercolour pad: an open box of coloured watercolour paints with accompanying brush. It is a fresh, modern visual language that presents products with verve and clarity, complementing and supporting the core Cass Art identity. 该项目是五角星设计工作室为英国凯斯艺术品零售店而设计的新视觉 识别方案。凯斯艺术品零售店主要以经营各种由世界著名生产商生产的高 品质艺术产品为特色。自创办25年以来,凯斯艺术品零售店积累了丰富的 营销经验与知识,他们希望能够拥有一个更为有效的识别方案,令艺术绽 放出亲切、夺目之光。因此,他们委托五角星设计工作室的合作伙伴安格 斯•海兰德为其现有的识别系统进行升级,从而创建一个更为醒目、时尚 的视觉语言,以彰显出凯斯艺术品零售店的主题与特色。设计师安格斯• 海兰德大胆地运用黑体字,并巧妙地将其与黑色、白色和红色构成的配色 方案完美融合,成功地构建了一个强大的文字编排语言,并在整个识别方 案中贯穿一系列醒目的线条插画。该识别方案被广泛地应用到各种印刷材

Cass Art Kids 凯斯艺术品零售店儿童用品 视觉形象设计


Title: Cass Art Kids


Design Agency: Pentagram Design


Production Date: 2009



Designer: Angus Hyland



Client: Cass Art



Nationality: UK




清晰,同时对凯斯艺术品零售店识别系统的主题进行了有效的补充和支 撑。



Books & Books “Books & Books”书店/咖啡馆视觉形象设计方案

Title: Books & Books Design Agency: Miami Ad School Production Date: 2007 Designer: Clara Kohn Instructor: Judy Penny Photographer: Clara Kohn Nationality: Venezuela 标题:“Books & Books”书店/ 咖啡馆视觉形象设计方案 设计机构:迈阿密广告学院 完成时间:2007年 设计师:克拉拉•科恩 技术指导:朱迪•潘尼 摄影师:克拉拉•科恩 国家:委内瑞拉

Books & Books is a bookstore/cafe located in Miami

“Books & Books”书店/咖啡馆坐落在美国迈阿密海滩。店内汗牛充

Beach. They have great books and great food, but


the corporate identity could use some help. Here's a


proposed redesign inspired by the shape that most books


come in: squares and rectangles.


The design includes corporate identity (the business card


pops into a 3D cube), shopping bag, gift box, matchbox,


coaster (that is also a magnet and a tictactoe game) and a coffee cup.



De Bibliotheek

Title: De Bibliotheek Design Agency: SVT Branding & Design Group


Production Date: 2010 Creative Director: Frank Schoeman Designer: Peter ‘t Hoen / Bas Groen / Katja van het Bolscher Client: Biblionet Groningen, Vob Photographer: Biblionet Groningen Nationality: The Netherlands 标题:图书馆视觉形象设计方案 设计机构:SVT品牌和设计集团 完成时间:2010年 创意总监:弗兰克•斯奇尔曼 设计师:彼得•霍恩, 贝丝•格洛恩, 卡佳•凡•海特•博尔斯彻 客户:格罗宁根图书馆, 公共图书馆联盟 摄影师:格罗宁根图书馆 国家:荷兰

The retail concept SVT Branding & Design Group developed for Biblionet Groningen is characterised by the integration and synergy of different elements. It is more than an interior design concept. The collection, service, work processes and communication form one organic whole. In addition, SVT Branding & Design Group developed the general visual identity for Dutch libraries for the Association of Public Libraries (Vob); a fresh, contemporary and inviting charisma that is in line with the new positioning of the libraries. 这个由SVT品牌和设计集团专为荷兰图书馆而设计的零售理念巧妙地将 各种不同的元素进行整合和协调。这一设计理念远远超越了一个室内设计 理念。在此,产品系列、服务、办公流程以及传达设计完美形成了一个有 机体。除此之外,SVT品牌和设计集团还专门为荷兰图书馆、公共图书馆 联盟开发了一个全面的视觉识别系统;清新、时尚、非凡的设计风格与图 书馆的重新定位相得益彰。



FESTA SHOW - Visual Identity “节日秀”—宴会产品销售店视觉识别设计方案

Title: FESTA SHOW– Visual Identity Production Date: 2011 Creative Director: Pablo Cabistani Designer: Pablo Cabistani Client: FESTA SHOW– Party Supplies Store Nationality: Brazil 标题:“节日秀”—宴会产品销售店视觉识别设计方案 完成时间:2011年 创意总监:巴勃罗•凯彼斯坦尼 设计师:巴勃罗•凯彼斯坦尼 客户:“节日秀”—宴会产品销售店 国家:巴西


A geometric and fun logotype and a group of icons


representing the products were created for this party


supplies store. The product icons interact with a man and


a woman faces, creating a infinity of fun and interesting


looks that are used all over the identity applications.



Design Shop 设计商店视觉识别设计方案 Title: Design Shop Design Agency: Graphic Design Studio by Yurko Gutsulyak Production Date: 2010 Creative Director: Yurko Gutsulyak Designer: Yurko Gutsulyak Client: Design Shop Nationality: Ukraine 标题:设计商店视觉识别设计方案 设计机构:优库•哥特苏雅克平面设计工作室 完成时间:2010年 创意总监:优库•哥特苏雅克 设计师:优库•哥特苏雅克 客户设计商店 国家:乌克兰

It was essential to create a graphically simple name that is easy to read (first of all, visually) and quick to remember. It is all about the way a certain


name looks, not the way it sounds. The name itself defines the project’s Internet address which should be conveyed to the target audience as


simply as possible. It should be also equally perceived in Roman and Cyrillic fonts as well as graphic language. Therefore, we came up with oooo.

一个物体,充满魔力,是一种情感的表达,以最简单的圆形或环形形状为基本形态。它是设计中数字无穷变化中的一个恒量。“”识别系统中一个最主要的元素是一个创新型装 name, in which “O” is an object, a fascination and a display of emotion, and finally it’s a round or a circle which is one of the simplest


basic figures. It is a constant basis for an infinite number of developments in absolutely all spheres of design. One of the main components of the

的完美衔接。“Gerdan”是一种串珠项链,通常是由一个细长的彩色串珠串到细绳或发饰之上。这一巧妙设计为整个识别系统增添了多彩的几何形态之美以及花朵般装饰之感。 identification appears to be an original decorative font designed specifically for this project. We called it Gerdan as each letter looks like small beads that decorate, and even emphasize a connection between contemporary design and traditional Ukrainian arts and crafts. “Gerdan is a beaded necklace in a form of a narrow strip made of coloured beads that are strung on a beading thread or hair base. They create colourful geometrical and sometimes floral ornaments.”



Title: Op-Pop. Opstcards and Opsters Shop Identity Production Date: 2010 Creative Director: Oleg Postnikov Designer: Oleg Postnikov Client: Design Shop Photography: Alexey Postnikov Nationality: Russia 标题:“Op-Pop”— 卡片和海报商店视觉识别设计方案 完成时间:2010年 创意总监:奥莱格•珀斯尼科夫 设计师:奥莱格•珀斯尼科夫 客户设计商店 摄影师:阿列克谢•珀斯尼科夫 国家:俄罗斯

Op-Pop. Opstcards and Opsters Shop Identity “Op-Pop”—卡片和海报商店视觉识别设计方案 092

The Op-Pop project was created as a final year project at "Visual communications"


course for art-directors at British High School of Design and Arts during almost 4 months.


The task was to create identity for the small business brand. I’ve found it interesting to


create identity for the cards and posters shop for design-aware generation.



Title: Pino Design Agency: Bond Creative Agency Production Date: 2010 Designer: Aleksi Hautamäki / Jesper Bange Client: Pino Photographer: Paavo Lehtonen Nationality: Finland 标题:皮诺商店视觉形象设计方案 设计机构:邦德创意公司 完成时间:2010年 设计师:阿勒克斯•霍塔玛基,詹士伯•班其 客户:皮诺商店 摄影师:帕沃•兰多尼 国家:芬兰

The store concept for interior decoration shop Pino is based on its name, which means a ‘pile’ or a ‘stack’ in Finnish. That is taken visually into the new logo and the design of the shop fixtures. The interior design concept, with its subtle palette, works as a neutral background

Pino 皮诺商店视觉形象设计方案

for the fresh, colourful visual identity and products. 这个专为皮诺室内装饰商店而设计的店铺理念以其名称为设计基础, “Pino”在芬兰语中寓意“累积”或“堆积”。设计师阿勒克斯•霍塔玛 基詹士伯•班其巧妙地将其融入到新标识和店内装置的设计之中。室内设 计理念搭配微妙的配色方案,为清新、多彩的视觉识别和产品营造了一 个中性的背景。



P&N Store P&N商店视觉形象设计方案 Title: P&N Store Design Agency: Studio Móbi Production Date: 2009-2011 Creative Director: Gabriela Andrade Designer: Gabriela Andrade Client: P&N Imports Photographer: Gabriela Andrade Nationality: Brazil 标题:P&N商店视觉形象设计方案 设计机构:Mobi设计工作室 完成时间:2009年—2011年 创意总监:加布理埃拉•安德拉德 设计师:加布理埃拉•安德拉德 客户:P&N进口商品销售店 摄影师:加布理埃拉•安德拉德 国家:巴西

P&N imports is a new houseware and home decoration brand, which started its activity


in 2009. The brand’s concept is about bringing style and sophistication to people's


houses offering quality and very special products which are not being too expensive.


Everything such as logotype, tags, product catalogue, signs, packages, bags and ads


was designed to take part in the brand’s strategy.




Bath+ is an international retailer of tiles and sanitary


ware located in Piraeus, Greece. The use of the mirror-



like effect in the brand identity was implemented here


in order to depict Bath+ as a company that deals in the


bathroom interiors. Title: Bath+


Design Agency: Some Think Creative Group


视觉形象设计方案 设计机构:“Some Think”创意团队

Production Date: 2010


Creative Director: Aimilia Kanta


Art Director: Isabella Mavri


Designer: Isabella Mavri


Client: Karamichalis S.A.


Photographer: Michael Mavridis


Nationality: Greece



Golden Health “至珍保健”商店视觉形象设计方案

Title: Golden Health Design Agency: Some Think Creative Group Production Date: 2008 Creative Director: Aimilia Kanta Art Director: Isabella Mavri Designer: Isabella Mavri Industrial Designer: Vasilis Mylonadis Client: Golden Health Ltd. Nationality: Greece 标题:“至珍保健”商店视觉形象设计方案 设计机构:“Some Think”创意团队 完成时间:2008年 创意总监:艾米利亚•坎塔 艺术总监:伊莎贝拉•玛维理 设计师:伊莎贝拉•玛维理 工业设计师:瓦赛里斯•梅陇纳迪斯 客户:“至珍保健”有限公司 国家:希腊

"Golden Health" is a company specialized in nutritional supplements. The re-branding was based upon the preexisting symbols of the apple and the puzzle. “至珍保健”是一家以经营保健品为特色的公司。在这一品牌重塑方 案中,来自“Some Think”创意团队的设计师伊莎贝拉•玛维理巧妙地将 原有品牌中的苹果和拼图标志作为设计基础。



Rococo Beauty Shop 洛可可美容院视觉形象设计方案

Title: Rococo Beauty Shop Production Date: 2009 Creative Director: Denis Oloev Art Director: Denis Oloev / Irina Shirokova Designer: Irina Shirokova Client: Rococo Beauty Shop Photographer: Irina Shirokova Nationality: Russia 标题:洛可可美容院视觉形象设计方案 完成时间:2009年 创意总监:丹尼斯•奥洛夫 艺术总监:丹尼斯•奥洛夫, 伊琳娜•斯洛科瓦 设计师:伊琳娜•斯洛科瓦 客户:洛可可美容院 摄影师:伊琳娜•斯洛科瓦 国家:俄罗斯

Rococo is a beauty shop for people who feel elegance inside. During the work we kept in mind rococo ornate interiors of the 18th century. All these ornamental mirrors, reliefs, paintings, shells and shell - like curves, cages and birds are used to decorate our Rococo beauty shop. Inside, there is an atmosphere of the relaxation, comfort and simple luxury. 洛可可美容院专为爱美人士而设计。在整个 设计方案中,设计师伊琳娜•斯洛科瓦等人巧妙 运用了18世纪洛可可室内装饰理念。所有的装 饰镜、浮雕、画作、贝克以及圆环、鸟笼和小 鸟之类的外形设计将美妙的洛可可美容院衬托 得更加清秀、典雅。美容院的内部处处洋溢着 轻松、舒适、低调的奢华气息。



Target Commercial Interiors Materials 塔吉特商业室内材料公司视觉形象设计 方案

Title: Target Commercial Interiors Materials Design Agency: Sussner Design Company Production Date: 2010 Creative Director: Derek Sussner Designer: Tessa Sussner / Brandon Van Liere / Jamie Paul Client: Target Commercial Interiors Photographer: Robert Pearl Nationality: USA 标题:塔吉特商业室内材料公司视觉形象设计方案 设计机构:苏森纳设计公司 完成时间:2010年 创意总监:德里克•苏森纳 设计师:特萨•苏森纳,布兰登•凡•利莱,杰米•保罗 客户:塔吉特商业室内材料公司 摄影师:罗伯特•珀尔 国家:美国

Sussner Design Company created a complete identity package, as well as advertising and promotional materials, for Target Commercial Interiors, including newsletter, gift wrapping paper, event invitations, website and retail store graphics and signage. 该项目是苏森纳设计公司专为塔吉特商业室内材料公司而设计的识 别包装、广告和宣传材料设计方案,该方案中涉及对邮件、礼品包装 纸、活动邀请函、网站和零售店的平面及引导标识等的设计。



Hydroacrylic “Hydroacrylic”卫浴用品公司视觉形象设计方案

Title: Hydroacrylic Design Agency: Some Think Creative Group Production Date: 2007 Creative Director: Aimilia Kanta Designer: Isabella Mavri / Elina Kanella Arapoglou Client: Hydroacrylic-Bath & Whirpool Systems Nationality: Greece 标题:“Hydroacrylic”卫浴用品公司视觉形象设计方案 设计机构:“Some Think”创意团队 完成时间:2007年 创意总监:艾米利亚•坎塔 设计师:伊莎贝拉•玛维理,伊琳娜•坎纳拉•埃拉珀格罗 客户:“Hydroacrylic”卫浴用品公司&惠尔浦系统 国家:希腊

Hydroacrylic is a sanitary ware company located in Thessaloniki. Following a more minimalist approach, the re-branding lean on the company's initial letter H and A. The branding and the design of the “Dew” product catalogue was based on a circle, using it both as a aesthetic sign and a thematic index. “Hydroacrylic”卫浴用品公司坐落在希腊赛萨洛尼基地区。在为该 公司提供的品牌重塑方案中,设计师伊莎贝拉•玛维理,伊琳娜•坎纳拉• 埃拉珀格罗巧妙地采用简约主义设计手法,并以该公司的手写字母“H” 和“A”为设计基础。 品牌方案和“滴露”系列产品目录的设计以一个圆环为设计基础, 既可作为一个唯美的标志,又可以扮演主题索引的角色。



标题:Expo Nova品牌形象设计方案 设计机构:目标设计工作室 完成时间:2005年 创意总监:加里•斯维德尔 设计师:安纳•马里特•布莱登,海格•霍姆斯特威德特 客户:Expo Nova品牌 国家:挪威 Title: Expo Nova Brand Identity Design Agency: Mission Design AS Production Date: 2005 Creative Director: Gary Swindell Designer: Anne-Marit Brenden / Hege Homstvedt Client: Expo Nova Nationality: Norway

Expo Nova is Norway's leading retailer in contemporary furniture. The brand was being over shadowed by the quality of its product offer; Mission’s challenge was to use the retail identity to reposition the brand as a forum for contemporary furniture.

Expo Nova Brand Identity Expo Nova品牌形象设计方案

Expo Nova是挪威现代家具的领先零售商。该品牌凭借一流的产品 品质而驰名全球;在该项目的设计过程中,目标设计工作室的主要任 务是打造出一个独特、清新的零售识别方案,从而完成对品牌的重新 定位,使之成为全球当代家具的典范。



This is a stationery and bags design for Montoya Bedding, which is a store in Buenos Aires that sells products for bed, bath and kitchen accessories. 蒙托亚床上用品商店文具与包装 设计方案由设计师马丁•卢卡斯•古 铁雷斯专为蒙托亚床上用品商店而 设计,方案中涉及对文具用品和购 物袋的设计,蒙托亚床上用品商店 坐落在阿根廷布宜诺斯艾利斯,以 经营床上用品、卫浴用品和厨房用 品为特色。

Title: Stationary and Packaging for Montoya Bedding Store Design Agency: Verygut Design Production Date: 2010 Creative Director: Martín Lucas Gutiérrez / Fernando Tambussi Designer: Martín Lucas Gutiérrez Client: Montoya Bedding Nationality: Argentina 标题:蒙托亚床上用品商店文具与包装设计方案 设计机构:Verygut设计工作室 完成时间:2010年 创意总监:马丁•卢卡斯•古铁雷斯,费尔南多•塔姆布斯 设计师:马丁•卢卡斯•古铁雷斯 客户:蒙托亚床上用品商店 国家:阿根廷

Stationary and Packaging for Montoya Bedding Store 蒙托亚床上用品商店文具与包装设计方案 110


1919 Bauhaus Inspired Furniture 1919包豪斯灵感家具店视觉形象设计方案

Title: 1919 Bauhaus Inspired Furniture Production Date: 2008 Designer: Tomas Ashe Photographer: Tomas Ashe Nationality: Ireland 标题:1919包豪斯灵感家具店视觉形象设计方案 完成时间:2008年 设计师:托马斯•阿西亚 摄影师:托马斯•阿西亚 国家:爱尔兰

1919 is a designer furniture store, inspired by Bauhaus design. The brand


is based around the principles of the Bauhaus, simplicity, function


and design. The brand name originated from the year the Bauhaus


movement began. The focus of the company is to offer their customers


exclusive, high end designer furniture.



Beautiful You Brand Creation 美颜美容沙龙品牌形象设计方案

Title: Beautiful You Brand Creation Design Agency: Two Times Elliott Production Date: 2010 Creative Director: James Horwitz Designer: James Horwitz Client: Beautiful You Photographer: Two Times Elliott Nationality: UK 标题:美颜美容沙龙品牌形象设计方案 设计机构:Two Times Elliott设计工作室 完成时间:2010年 创意总监:詹姆斯•霍维茨 设计师:詹姆斯•霍维茨 客户:美颜美容沙龙 摄影师:Two Times Elliott设计工作室 国家:英国

Beautiful You by Claudia is a boutique beauty salon. They provide beauty treatments and pampering with a focus on using high quality products and methods. They tasked Two Times Elliott with creating an identity, a suite of print work to be used in their Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, salon interior and a website. Two Times Elliott created an elegant, minimal logotype for Beautiful You, which was supported by a monochrome colour palette and a bold typographic style applied to print work. This style was also carried through into the website and paired with photography of the salon to support their image as a high quality boutique. “美颜”,是由克劳迪娅开办的一家美容沙龙。该美容沙龙凭借高品 质的产品和美容方式为顾客提供全方位的美容和贴身护理。他们委托Two Times Elliott设计工作室为其创建一个视觉识别方案,并设计出一系列 印刷品,以满足这一坐落在英国赫特福德郡地区的沙龙内部以及相关网站 的需要。 为此,美颜美容沙龙为其精心构建了一个优雅、简约的标识,并在印 刷品中采用一个单色调的配色方案以及粗体字对其进行支撑。这一风格同 样被引申到网站之中,此外,网站中添加的沙龙图片更加将沙龙的高端品 质展现得淋漓尽致。



Title: Sabe Bonito - Deco Design Agency: BUNKER3022 Production Date: 2010 Creative Director: Vanya Silva Designer: Vanya Silva Client: Sabe Bonito Nationality: Argentina 标题:萨比•博尼图家饰用品店视觉形象设计方案 设计机构:BUNKER3022设计工作室 完成时间:2010年 创意总监:瓦尼亚•席尔瓦 设计师:瓦尼亚•席尔瓦 客户:萨比•博尼图家饰用品店 国家:阿根廷

Sabe Bonito - Deco 萨比·博尼图家饰用品店视觉形象设计方案

Trends in decoration are in a constant mutation and the decorator must also suit each


particular client. So we developed an eclectic style, which could survive in time. The


mix of things and different styles, coexist in the same area without making a sound.


Everything seems composed at random, but is managed with great dedication.

历久弥新。丰富的产品与不同的格调默默地融合在一个空间之中。设计师 精心布置的一切,令店内的所有组合看似随意,却匠心独运、耐人寻味。



Areté Spa – The Lifestyle Clinic

Title: Areté Spa – The Lifestyle Clinic


Designer: Abraham Vivas

Design Agency: Abraham Vivas Production Date: 2011 Creative Director: Abraham Vivas Client: Areté Spa Photographer: Mario Muñoz Lomas Nationality: Spain 标题:艾睿特水疗馆-生活护理中心 设计机构:亚伯拉罕•维瓦斯 完成时间:2011年 创意总监:亚伯拉罕•维瓦斯 设计师:亚伯拉罕•维瓦斯 客户:艾睿特水疗馆 摄影师:马里奥•穆尼奥斯•洛马斯 国家:西班牙

Located in the heart of Barcelona (Spain), it aims to soothe the distresses caused by urban lifestyle. This innovative model of Spa-Clinic offers groundbreaking protocols of a decidedly active, urban, and exclusive nature. 坐落在西班牙巴塞罗那核心地带的艾睿特水疗馆,旨在为顾客在喧嚣 的城市环境中营造一片净土。艾睿特水疗馆巧妙地将温泉水疗和护理模式 相结合,这一突破性创新模式为都市中为生活而奔波的人们营造出活跃、 时尚、独特的空间氛围。



Dealerward Re-brand Dealerward家具店品牌重塑方案

Title: Dealerward Re-brand


Dealerward designs makes and installs bespoke furniture.

Design Agency: Studio8 Design


In collaboration with Applied Work, we worked on

Production Date: 2009


Creative Director: Zoë Bather / Matt Willey

rebranding , developing a new logo, stationery,


Designer: Zoë Bather


brochures, signage and Website.

Client: Dealerward


Nationality: UK


Dealerward家具店以为顾客设计、制作并安装定制家具为特色。该项 目是Studio8设计工作室与“Applied Works”工作室合作为Dealerward家 具店提供的品牌重塑方案,方案中包括全新标识的设计、文具用品的设 计、宣传手册的设计、引导标示以及网站的设计。



Title: Las Buenas Maneras Design Agency: Wallnut Studio Production Date: 2010 Designer: Cristina Londoño

This is a corporate identity and packaging design for tableware and pottery store.

Client: Las Buenas Maneras

Using just a blue rollerball pen and some watercolours, Las Buenas Maneras comes to

Photographer: Alfonso Posada

life inspired in antique ceramics and the romantic concept of going back to the good

Nationality: USA

old manners of etiquette in the table; vintage spoons and traditional plates combined with tips and tricks to behave at the table are used across the packaging material and


stationery. Rubber stamps with the logotype have also been incorporated to give a


handmade rusty final look.


该项目是Wallnut设计工作室专为一个名为“最佳方法”的餐具与陶器经营店而设计的企业识别和包装设计方 案。 设计师克里斯蒂娜•隆多尼奥仅仅运用一个蓝色签字笔和少量的水彩,巧妙地勾勒出仿古陶瓷形象,体现出追

Las Buenas Maneras “最佳方法”餐具与陶器经营店形象设计方案

设计师:克里斯蒂娜•隆多尼奥 客户:“最佳方法” 餐具与陶器经营店 摄影师:阿方索•波萨达 国家:美国

溯古老餐桌文化的浪漫主义情怀;复古汤匙和传统的餐盘在餐桌上的巧妙搭配形象贯穿整个包装材料和文具用品 中。印有商店标识的橡皮图章与其他视觉形象元素一同营造出手工制作的粗犷形象。



Lighten Style Corporate Identity 风格照明灯饰商店视觉形象设计方案

Lighten Style is a new established brand selling different kinds of lamps and LED light, for home, office and shopping mall. In the lighting industry, their direct competitors are Philips, Opple and some other small brands. In order to obtain the market sharing from them, the logo mark should look bold and memorable enough, especially for the new brand. Beside the logo, we also developed a full set of corporate identity, to be consistent with the brand image on all different kinds of Title: Lighten Style Corporate Identity


Design Agency: Monogum Creative Production Date: 2010 - 2011


Creative Director: Alan Lee


Designer: Alan Lee


Client: Hop Shing International Lighting Ltd.


Photographer: Alan Lee


Nationality: Hong Kong, China


标题:风格照明灯饰商店视觉形象设计方案 设计机构:Monogum创意设计工作室 完成时间:2010年—2011年 创意总监:艾伦•李 设计师:艾伦•李 客户:合盛国际灯饰有限公司 摄影师:艾伦•李 国家:中国,香港



The Succulent Store 美味商店视觉形象设计方案

Title: The Succulent Store


Design Agency: Sunshinegun


Production Date: 2010


Creative Director: Bronwen Rautenbach


Designer: Güte Immelman / Keren Meyer


Client: The Succulent Company


Nationality: South Africa


Succulent Café and Succulent Décor are South African chain of decadent and delicious delis and décor shops. The 2 stores live next to one another at times, which are so strong family ties, but at the same time they have very individual quirky personalities. 该项目是来自Sunshinegun设计工作室的设计师古特•伊迈尔曼与克雷恩•迈揶专为美味商店而设计的视觉形象 设计方案。美味咖啡和美味装饰均是南非古老的美味素食店和装饰艺术品店。这两家店铺相邻,彼此关系密切, 但同时却拥有各自不同的独特经营理念。



The Yorkshire Soap Co. 约克郡肥皂公司视觉形象设计方案

Title: The Yorkshire Soap Co. Design Agency: Analogue Production Date: 2009 - 2011 Creative Director: Barry Darnell Designer: Tez Humphreys Client: The Yorkshire Soap Co. Photographer: Rob Booker Nationality: UK


Their boutique stores sell handmade cake-style soaps using the finest ingredients, with


the utmost care and attention, and it shows. Analogue complimented their unique


vision with simple and elegant branding, including foil embossed paper, engineered


handbags, tags and soap packaging.

设计师:提斯•汉弗莱斯 客户:约克郡肥皂公司 摄影师:罗勃•布克 国家:英国

约克郡肥皂公司精品店以出售各种手工制作蛋糕形状肥皂为特色,这些肥皂的原料品质一流,做工考究,新 颖独特。模拟设计工作室为该公司制作的品牌设计方案,同样遵循了简约而优雅的风格,方案中涉及压花铝箔 纸、设计手袋、标签和肥皂包装的设计。



Bikes and Boards Identity 自行车与滑板运动品商店视觉形象设计方案

Title: Bikes an Boards Identity Design Agency: Flammier Production Date: 2009 Creative Director: Alexander Muskaug Designer: Alexander Muskaug Client: Bikes and Boards Nationality: Norway 标题:自行车与滑板运动品商店视觉形象设计方案 设计机构:Flammier设计工作室 完成时间:2009年 创意总监:亚历山大•马斯考格 设计师:亚历山大•马斯考格 客户:自行车与滑板运动品商店 国家:挪威

This is an identity design for the action sports shop established in 1996 in Oslo, Norway by Sverre Haraldsen. In 2002 the designer met him for the first time, he had just started working as a designer and presented him with an complete new profile I had designed for his shop. He instantly loved it and Flammier has been designing for BaB ever since. The design featured here is a redesign from 2009. The shop had changed since then and we are in the process of a third redesign communicating the new values and visions... 该项目是专为自行车与滑板运动品商店而设计的视觉形象方案。自行车与滑板运动品商店由斯维莱•哈拉尔德 森于1996年在挪威奥斯陆创办。2002年,来自Flammier设计工作室的设计师亚历山大•马斯考格首次与斯维莱•哈 拉尔德森见面,当时,亚历山大•马斯考格刚从事设计工作不久,当他将为该商店量身打造的视觉形象方案呈现 给斯维莱•哈拉尔德森时,这一方案即刻得到了认可。该商店以往的识别方案一直都是由Flammier设计工作室提 供。自2009年开始,该工作室对这一品牌进行了重新设计,目前,该工作室正着手对这一品牌进行第三次改造, 以完美地传达出该商店的全新价值理念和美好前景。



Folk Boutique 民间精品店视觉形象设计 方案

Title: Folk Boutique Design Agency: Caroline Leduc Production Date: 2007 Creative Director: Caroline Leduc Designer: Caroline Leduc Photographer: David Roger Nationality: Canada 标题:民间精品店视觉形象设计方案 设计机构:卡洛琳•莱杜克设计工作室 完成时间:2007年 创意总监:卡洛琳•莱杜克 设计师:卡洛琳•莱杜克 摄影师:大卫•罗杰 国家:加拿大

This is a school project which has to focus on a new trendy boutique for 18-25 years old. Each poster picture was made in a one-shot photography with light painting. Declinations goes from logo to stationery to posters.

这是一个学校项目,要求以一个名为 “民间精品店”的新兴精品商店为设计主 题。该精品店的主要消费目标来自15岁至 25岁的年轻群体。方案中的每张海报皆由 一键拍摄的照片搭配光轨绘画而构成。整 套设计方案中包括标识、文具用品和海报 的设计。



Snow Lab Branding “雪花实验室”商店品牌形象设计方案

For Snow Lab Ski & Snowboard Shop, we took the


laboratory element and applied it to every piece;


the 'A' in the logo becomes a flask; the reverse of the


letterhead is an elaborate construction of pipes, levers


and dials that work together to produce flakes of snow,


Title: Snow Lab Branding


Production Date: 2009


Creative Director: Justin Renvoize


Designer: Justin Renvoize


Client: Snow Lab


Photographer: Justin Renvoize


Nationality: UK


and the business card incorporates the technical data of a snowflake and a ruler to measure a fresh snowfall.



Ideafixed Identity Concept Ideafixed商店识别设计理念 Title: Ideafixed Identity Concept


Design Agency: Orka Collective


Production Date: 2010


Creative Director: Anton Abo


Art Director: Anton Abo


Designer: Ooli Mos


Photographer: Ooli Mos


Nationality: Russia


This is a fixed gear bike & repair shop identity (selfinitiated project). Many people are obsessed with bikes today, and we are not the exception. The conception is based on a popular expression that means obsession and sounds similar in different languages. We changed it a bit to make connection with the shop's specialization clearer. The logo also refers to the obsession theme. The catchphrase of the shop is "Everything is a cycle", which refers both to the Uroboros symbol and the cycling itself. 该项目是专为一个固定齿轮脚踏车&修理店而设计的视觉识别方案 (自创类设计项目)。现如今,很多人钟爱骑脚踏车,Orka设计团队也 不例外。该项目的设计理念以当下一个流行语为基础,寓意痴迷、执 着,在不同的语言中发音相似。Orka设计团队对其进行些微的改造后, 使之与固定齿轮脚踏车&修理店专用清洁器建立起微妙的联系。另外, 痴迷、执着的主题也为标识的设计提供了创意灵感。固定齿轮脚踏车& 修理店的广告语是“一切事物都是循环的”,这一广告语源自设计师们 对罗伯洛斯标志和自行车本身的参考。



Title: Alfarium High End Classic Car Restoration Identity Design Agency: Bencium Grafikbüro Production Date: 2010 Creative Director: Bence Csernak Designer: Bence Csernak Client: Alfarium Ltd Photographer: Bence Csernak Nationality: Hungary 标题:Alfarium高端经典汽车修复品牌视觉形象设计方案 设计机构:Bencium Grafikburo设计工作室 完成时间:2010年 创意总监:本斯•赛萨尼克 设计师:本斯•赛萨尼克 客户:Alfarium有限公司 摄影师:本斯•赛萨尼克 国家:匈牙利

Alfarium – High End Classic Car Restoration approached Bencium to develop the Alfarium brand. These tough guys build classic 60s and 70s Alfa Romeos, Renaults, Minis etc. Their mission is to restore these old wonders, to reserve the old-school ingenious heritage.



Alfarium High End Classic Car Restoration Identity




这些车系成为20世纪60、70年代的代名词。Bencium Grafikburo设计工作


Nike Human Race 2009 耐克公司全球百万人路跑活动视觉识别 设计方案

Title: Nike Human Race 2009 Design Agency: SeventhDesign™ Production Date: 2009 Creative Director: Andrés Antoni / Patricio Torena Art Director: Bruno Siriani Designer: Bruno Siriani Client: amor agencia Nationality: Argentina 标题:2009年耐克公司全球百万人路跑活动 设计机构:SeventhDesign™设计工作室 完成时间:2009年 创意总监:安德烈•安东尼,帕特里西奥•托来纳 艺术总监:布鲁诺•希理雅尼 设计师:布鲁诺•希理雅尼 客户:阿莫尔代理处

Nike Human Race 2009 is a 10K long race that reaches


across the world. For the Buenos Aires's event we developed several design pieces to promote it on the local press, like personal invitations, various posters, a stand inside BA Hilton Hotel, buses and a catamaran's exterior/interior. The graphic system became huge in an effort to supply quick answers to a several numbers of needs from the audience. The result was excellent: at least 30.000 people assist to the local version of this world event. SeventhDesign™ working close with the beautiful minds from amor agencia did creativity, illustration, graphic design and industrial design.

耐克公司在2009年举办了一个全球10千米长跑活动。对于布宜诺斯 艾利斯的活动,SeventhDesign™设计工作室专门开发了几个设计部分 以在当地媒体上进行宣传。这些设计作品包括个人邀请函、多样化的 海报、布宜诺斯艾利斯希尔顿大酒店中的展台、公交车和游艇内外等 设计。这一平面系统最终成为回馈受众的最佳途径之一。该方案所获 得的成果相当惊人:至少有3万多人参加了本次全球活动的地方活动。 SeventhDesign™设计工作室与来自阿莫尔代理处的“美妙创意”设计 工作室密切合作,共同设计创意理念、插画、平面和工业设计方案。



Barceló Viajes Shop 巴塞罗旅行商店视觉形象设计方案

Title: Barceló Viajes Shop Design Agency: erretres Production Date: 2011 Client: Grupo Barceló Photographer: Various photographers Nationality: Spain 标题:巴塞罗旅行商店视觉形象设计方案 设计机构:erretres设计工作室 完成时间:2011年 客户:巴塞罗集团 摄影师:多种渠道 国家:西班牙

These are visual identity, furniture design, Production and the new corner office's accommodation into more than 30 Banco Bilbao Vizcaya branchs.

该项目是erretres设计工作室在2011年专为坐落在西班牙30多家毕尔 巴鄂比斯开银行分行内的巴塞罗旅行商店而设计的视觉识别、家具、产 品以及新空间的设计方案。



Riesenrad Identity 摩天轮自行车店视觉形象设计方案

Title: Riesenrad Identity Design Agency: Alexander Ertle Production Date: 2009/2010 Creative Director: Alexander Ertle Designer: Alexander Ertle Client: Riesenrad Fahrrad & Service Nationality: Germany 标题:摩天轮自行车店视觉形象设计方案 设计机构:亚历山大•厄图设计工作室 完成时间:2009/2010年 创意总监:亚历山大•厄图 设计师:亚历山大•厄图 客户:摩天轮自行车店&服务中心 国家:德国

Riesenrad is a Bikeshop which specializes in two things. First you get profound information and consultation, then a tailor-made bike which perfectly suits your needs. But Riesenrad is no Bike-Boutique but a proud downto-earth Workshop which just tries to grant its clients the best possible ride. My design reflects just that. 摩天轮自行车店以两个中心为特色。首先,他们能够为顾客提供一 流的咨询业务,帮助顾客对产品进行深入的了解,直至最后拥有一个专 为自己量身定制的产品。然而,摩天轮自行车店并不是一个自行车精品 店,而是一个名副其实的工作坊,致力于帮助顾客享受最佳的骑车体 验。设计师亚历山大•厄图设计的这一方案恰巧完美体现出了这两点。



Day & Night 日与夜滑板销售店视觉形象设计方案

Title: Day & Night


Production Date: 2009


Creative Director: Chris Pimlott


Designer: Chris Pimlott


Client: Day&Night VA Beach


Nationality: Ireland


The brief was to create a logo and some posters for a


new skateboard shop opened along Virginia Beach. The


client had asked me to steer clear of cliché skateboard


design, such as graffiti style logos. The designer decided


to give the identity a clear simplistic styling with a colour


palette limited to black and white, to reflect the name, Day & Night.



PEX started as a graphic experiment for a self owned skateboards brand. And with time, it became real. Integral brand design, communication and skateboards design my Marcos Piaggio Stella. PEX滑板经营店视觉形象设计方 案原本是设计师马科斯•比亚乔斯 特拉为一个自营滑板品牌提供的一 个平面试验性设计。随着时间的流 逝,这一实验性设计被付诸实践。 该项目包括整个品牌的设计、传达 和滑板的设计。

PEX Stakeboards PEX滑板经营店视觉形象设计方案

Title: PEX Stakeboards


Production Date: 2010


Creative Director: Marcos Piaggio Stella


Designer: Marcos Piaggio Stella


Client: PEX Skateboards


Photographer: Nicolas Vasen / Marina Fernandez Quiroga


Nationality: Argentina

马里纳•费尔南德斯•奎罗格 国家:阿根廷



North Face Store 北脸运动品商店视觉形象设计方案

Title: North Face Store Design Agency: PGR Design

The North Face Store project - fictitious, for university (BAU Escola Superior de Disseny)


Production Date: 2011

gives a whole new perspective to the brand, trying to emphasise the human side, the


Creative Director: Pablo Garcia Roca

dreams, and the basis of a company that does not just sell high quality clothes, but also


Designer: Pablo Garcia Roca

beats for its athletes, and helps people grab / realize their dreams. While the front store


Client: The North Face

calls customers inside with its huge vinyl, the interior emphasises the brand and creates


Nationality: Spain

a white space combined with the brand values.


标题:北脸运动品商店视觉形象设计方案 设计机构:PGR设计工作室 完成时间:2011年 创意总监:帕勃罗•加西亚•洛克 设计师:帕勃罗•加西亚•洛克 客户:北脸运动品商店 国家:西班牙



The Bike Shop 自行车商店视觉形象设计方案

Title: The Bike Shop


This is a retail shop branding for the bike shop. The

Production Date: 2011


designer used elements of bike chain to create logo and

Creative Director: Carin Goldberg


Designer: Min Song



Photographer: Min Song


Nationality: USA


该项目是设计师宋敏专为一家自行车商店而设计的零售商店品牌方 案。设计师巧妙运用自行车链条元素创建标识和图案,在与商店的经营特 色相得益彰的同时,完美展现了设计师的匠心独运、别出心裁。



Soulcycle BMX Shop Amsterdam 阿姆斯特丹Soulcycle极限小轮车商店视觉 形象设计方案

Title: Soulcycle BMX Shop Amsterdam Design Agency: Awesome Mountain Production Date: 2010 Creative Director: Marijn Degenaar Designer: Marijn Degenaar Client: Soulcycle BMX Shop Photographer: Traianos Pakioufakis Nationality: The Netherlands 标题:阿姆斯特丹Soulcycle极限小轮车商店视觉形象设计方案 设计机构:Awesome Mountain设计工作室 完成时间:2010年 创意总监:马里津•德格纳 设计师:马里津•德格纳 客户:阿姆斯特丹Soulcycle极限小轮车商店 摄影师:特莱阿诺斯•帕琪奥法其斯 国家:荷兰

Soulcycle is a BMX shop based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The shop is the largest BMX specific shop in the Netherlands and one of the biggest online BMX shops in Europe. For their 10 year anniversary, Soulcycle decided to re-do their entire store and brand.

“Soulcycle”是一家坐落在荷兰阿姆斯特丹的极限小轮车销售店。该商店是荷兰最大的极限小轮车特色 专营店,也是欧洲最大的网上极限小轮车特色专营店之一。在该商店迎来其创办10周年庆典之际,他们委托 Awesome Mountain设计工作室的设计师马里津•德格纳对其整个店面和品牌进行重新设计和塑造。




Title: MotorVillage Design Agency: Carré Noir Production Date: 2010


Creative Director: Béatrice Mariotti Client: Fiat Motorvillage Photographer: Jean-Michel Chantegros Nationality: Italy 标题:菲亚特机动车之乡品牌识别设计方案 设计机构:Carré Noir设计工作室 完成时间:2010年 创意总监:比阿特丽斯•马里奥蒂 客户:菲亚特机动车之乡品牌 摄影师:简•米歇尔•查特格罗斯 国家:意大利

The issue of Fiat group is to affirm his prestige by the


scene of the group brands in a committed ultra modern,


innovative architecture to become a symbol of life leran

Carré Noir设计工作室来说,设计的挑战在于如何创建一个视觉识别方

Italian. How to create a visual identity, graphic universe


at the height of ambition group and sublime to the


paradox Italian.



Lacoste Legends 鳄鱼传说鞋店视觉识别设计方案

Title: Lacoste Legends Design Agency: Pogo Creative Boutique Production Date: 2011 Creative Director: Ardi Carlos Grygierzcyk / Pampa Gracía Peña Art Director: Ardi Carlos Grygierzcyk / Pampa Gracía Peña Designer: Guillermo Vizzari Client: Lacoste Photographer: Pauli Filippelli Nationality: Argentina 标题:鳄鱼传说鞋店视觉识别设计方案 设计机构:Pogo创意精品店 完成时间:2011年 创意总监:安迪•卡洛斯•格雷吉赛克,潘帕•格雷西亚•佩尼亚 艺术总监:安迪•卡洛斯•格雷吉赛克,潘帕•格雷西亚•佩尼亚 设计师:格勒莫•维扎理 客户:鳄鱼品牌 摄影师:鲍理•菲利佩里 国家:阿根廷

Lacoste Legends brings together 12 legendary collaborators from the worlds of music, media, design and retail, to create an exclusive collection comprising 12 shoes. For the launch event we recreate a newsletter with 12 headlines presenting the shoes and recreate the mainly news in the window display. We also produce a newspaper dispenser and put it on the front of the shop. 鳄鱼传说鞋店巧妙地将来自世界各地从事音乐、媒体、设计和零售的 12名合作者集合在一起,创建了一个独一无二的运动鞋系列,这一系列中 共包括12双鞋。对于该系列的发布活动,来自Pogo创意精品店的设计师格 勒莫•维扎理等人运用12条大字标题创建了一个新闻通讯,将这12种鞋类 产品完美展现,并在橱窗展示中重新创建主要信息。此外,设计师格勒 莫•维扎理等人还在店铺的前端设置了一个报纸自动贩卖机。



AlterEgo AlterEgo服饰店视 觉识别设计方案

Title: AlterEgo Production Date: 2010 Creative Director: Maria Zimovich Designer: Maria Zimovich Photographer: Lily Treskunov Nationality: Israel

标题:AlterEgo服饰店视觉识别设计方案 完成时间:2010年 创意总监:玛丽亚•兹莫维奇 设计师:玛丽亚•兹莫维奇 摄影师:莉莉•特莱斯科诺夫 国家:以色列

AlterEgo is a concept brand for a dark, high-end,


cosplay inspired fashion boutique. The brand imagery,


like designer's clothes sold at the store are one-offs.


Each image shows an oddity, created from visuals of the


animal world, representing uniqueness of limited edition clothing pieces.



Grable and Page 嘉宝与佩奇服饰店视觉形象设计方案

Title: Grable and Page Design Agency: Anchored Designs Production Date: 2011 Creative Director: Erynn Hesler Designer: Erynn Hesler Photographer: Erynn Hesler Nationality: USA 标题:嘉宝与佩奇服饰店视觉形象设计方案 设计机构:固定设计工作室 完成时间:2011年 创意总监:厄伊•赫塞勒 设计师:厄伊•赫塞勒 摄影师:厄伊•赫塞勒 国家:美国

Grable and Page is an upscale retail boutique specializing in vintage clothing and vintage-inspired clothing. The branding and identity needed to be lux and retro inspired without being a typical forties and fifties pinup cliche. The name was a subtle allusion to


iconic pinups Betty Grable and Betty Page, which then


leant itself kindly to the slogan, "Look Like a Betty!" Staying


away from heavy, bordeaux reds, the palate is lighter


and more modern with teal, orange and pin stripes


allowing for the graphic bow to pop off the packaging


and transition into a button-like logo when necessary.



Maa Maternity, Integrated Branding Programm Maa Maternity育婴服饰店整合品牌方案

This is an integrated branding programm for the Fashion pregnancy client“Maa

该项目是巴西利亚•普瑞玛设计工作室专为名为“Maa Maternity”的育婴

Maternity”. Since 2006 we had been working on designing and developing


Maa Maternity's communication strategy. This work include tasks such as: Art


Direction, Hangtags, Shopping Bags, Signage, Brochure Design, Print, Visual and


Window Display, Web Design and Advertising. When it comes to design and


shoot the fashion campaigns, Spring / Summer and Autumn / Winter, we work


in collaboration with the local photographer Víctor Wolf and we count with the


assistance of Laura Fernández for the fashion styling. Around 2010 Maa Maternity

入地了解。2010年前后,Maa Maternity育婴服饰店决定对自身的形象进行更

decided to refresh its image, and then we re-designed from the hangtags up


to the shopping bags, as well as the façade of the boutiques. Maa Maternity is

以及精品店外立面的重新设计。Maa Maternity育婴服饰店是巴西利亚•普瑞

one of our oldest clients! We’ve learnt a great deal about design in general with


pregnancy fashion and we really enjoy putting our ideas into this fashion world.


Title: Maa Maternity, Integrated Branding Programm

标题:Maa Maternity育婴服饰店整合品牌方案

Design Agency: Brasilia Prima


Production Date: 2010/2011


Creative Director: Mariela Dommarco


Art Director: Keila Hötzel


Designer: Werner Hötzel


Client: Maa Maternity

客户:Maa Maternity育婴服饰店

Photographer: Víctor Wolf


Nationality: Argentina





Dressmann 北欧高档男装Dressmann品牌视觉识别设 计方案 Title: Dressmann Design Agency: Sprint, Varner Retail, Varner Group Production Date: 2010 Creative Director: Snorre Vik / Magnus Lia Designer: Snorre Vik / Magnus Lia Client: Dressmann AS Photographer: Trude Westbye / ToneTønseth / Scott de Castro /

Jimmy Backius

Nationality: Norway 标题:北欧高档男装Dressmann品牌视觉识别设计方案 设计机构:斯普林特设计工作室,瓦纳零售店,瓦纳集团 完成时间:2010年 创意总监:斯诺尔•维克,马格努斯•理亚 设计师:斯诺尔•维克,马格努斯•理亚 客户:高档男装Dressmann品牌 摄影师:特鲁德•韦斯特伯,托尼•汤塞斯,斯科特•德•卡斯特罗, 杰米•柏科休斯修斯 国家:挪威

The new Dressmann brand identity is built on the original Dressmann frame. It's designed


to be masculine and straight forward, inspired by fast cars and rock & roll. The materials


used for communication are chrome, steel and lit coloured plexi glass. The basis of the


interior is wood and steel.


The business that we now know as Dressmann and the Varner Group started with a


single store in Oslo, in 1962, where Frank Varner opened his first shop. The Dressmann


branded chain first appeared in 1967, and was one of the first retailers offering fashion


wear for men.



The campaign was called Face since we all have a face that defines us. Immediately we are fitting into some stereotype insociety. The main goal is to create a brand that will combine different stereotypes of society in the clothing design in order for people to buy the clothes they like visually and connect to that stereotype. The main audience target are young teenage boys since this is the time they usually define their association

Face - Clothes for Everyone

Title: Face - Clothes for Everyone


Production Date: 2009


Creative Director: Yonatan Gielbartowicz


Art Director: Yonatan Gielbartowicz



Designer: Yonatan Gielbartowicz



Photographer: Yonatan Gielbartowicz



Nationality: Israel / Belgium




world and their identity. 这一设计活动被命名为“脸”是因为脸将我们每个人进行定义和区分。人们自出生开始就学会要很快融入到


This is a design for A'Dress - boutique in which dresses are on sale only. Collections are made of different brands. On sale there are daily and elegant dresses. A'Dress女装精品店视觉形象设计方案是设计师埃勒纳•潘科拉托娃 专为俄罗斯一家女装专营店而精心打造。A'Dress女装精品店内集成了 诸多女装品牌。该店以出售日常和特殊场合女装为特色。

A'Dress A’Dress女装精品店视觉形象设计方案

Title: A'Dress Production Date: 2009 Art Director: Alena Pankratova Designer: Alena Pankratova Client: boutique: "A'Dress" Anna Petrova Photographer: Alena Pankratova Nationality: Russia 标题:A'Dress女装精品店视觉形象设计方案 完成时间:2009年 艺术总监:埃勒纳•潘科拉托娃 设计师:埃勒纳•潘科拉托娃 客户:安娜•佩特洛娃“A'Dress”女装精品店 摄影师:埃勒纳•潘科拉托娃 国家:俄罗斯



Title: La Peca de Lupe Production Date: 2006 Creative Director: Sonsoles Llorens Art Director: Sonsoles Llorens Designer: Sonsoles Llorens Client: La peca de Lupe Photography: Sonsoles Llorens Nationality: Spain 标题:La Peca de Lupe少女装服饰店视觉形象设计方案 完成时间:2006年 创意总监:桑索勒斯•劳伦斯 艺术总监:桑索勒斯•劳伦斯 设计师:桑索勒斯•劳伦斯 客户:La Peca de Lupe少女装服饰店 摄影师:桑索勒斯•劳伦斯 国家:西班牙

La Peca de Lupe La Peca de Lupe少女装服饰店视觉形象设计方案

This is a graphic identity for a clothes shop for young women. It uses a flower print and a handwritten typographic script as a reference to femininity, playing with their potential and adaptability to use for all types of media. 该项目是设计师桑索勒斯•劳伦斯专为一家名为“La Peca de Lupe” 的少女装服饰专营店而设计的平面识别方案。设计师桑索勒斯•劳伦斯 巧妙地运用花朵图案和手写字体以彰显出该店的柔美、婉约风格。这种 看似随意、简单而不乏精致之感的设计具有极大的潜力和适应性,可用 于任何类型的媒介之中。



Title: Children's Clothing Store "Plih & Pliuh" Production Date: 2009 Creative Director: Tina Sindalovskaya Art Director: Denis Oloev Designer: Irina Shirokova Photographer: Irina Shirokova Nationality: Russia 标题:“Plih & Pliuh”童装店视觉形象设计方案 完成时间:2009年 创意总监:蒂娜•辛达洛夫斯卡亚 艺术总监:丹尼斯•奥洛夫 设计师:伊琳娜•斯洛科瓦 摄影师:伊琳娜•斯洛科瓦 国家:俄罗斯

"Plih & Pliuh" is a clothing store for kids from 0 to 16 years old. "Plih & Pliuh" are two puppies from a fairy tale of a German caricaturist, painter, and poet Wilhelm Busch. The fairy tale has been translated into Russian by Daniil Kharms. Logotype is in the shape of a dog and in the

Children's Clothing Store "Plih & Pliuh" “Plih & Pliuh”童装店视觉形象设计方案

same time in the shape of two hands. One hand is in glove, another is in mitten. Hands are used in the interior design, on price tags and on the front doors (at the entrance). “Plih & Pliuh”是一家0—16岁儿童服饰专营店。“Plih” 和 “Pliuh"是德国著名漫画家、油画家、诗人威廉•布施编写的一个神话故 事中的两只小狗。这一神话故事已经被丹尼尔•科哈木斯翻译成俄文。在 该方案的设计过程中,设计师伊琳娜•斯洛科瓦巧妙地运用两只手构建成 小狗的形象。其中的一只手戴手套,而另一只手则带着露指手套。这双手 同时还被应用到商店的室内设计以及价签和商店门面(入口处的大门)之 中。



Umsya Umsya女装专卖店 视觉形象设计方案

Title: Umsya Production Date: 2009

标题:Umsya女装专卖店视觉形象 设计方案

Designer: Jawad Sadiq


Client: Bushra Hussain


Photographer: Mohd Jawad


Nationality: Bahrain

摄影师:穆罕默德•扎瓦德 国家:巴林

The label UMSYA, which means "eve or dusk", reflects the


message the designer wanted to send to every customer


… the darkness of the eve, mystery, the romance and


the royal fabulous black dress women wear in a special

“每一分钟都应该为之精心打扮”。 “UMSYA”品牌设计广泛地应用到阿

events. And for Umsya “every minute is an event you


should dress up for”. The brand appears in the abaya


tags, box and bag. The purple and white package


design doses not simply inform the customers about the brand, but also provoke feelings and communicate their emotions.




Thump was a progressive urban clothing brand with


involved in everything: positioning, brand vision,

Title: Thump Design Agency: Design Positive Production Date: 2006 Creative Director: Scott Lambert Designer: Scott Lambert / Ben Hardisty / Mark Ganley Client: Thump

outlets in Vietnam and Australia. The designer was identity system, marketing, retail spaces & the clothes themselves. “Thump”是一个著名的城市服装品牌,越南和澳大利亚均设有其销 售点。来自绝对设计工作室的设计师主要负责为该品牌提供品牌的定 位、品牌视觉形象设计、识别系统、营销方案以及零售空间和服饰的设 计。

Photographer: James Domingo / Mark Ganley / Scott Lambert Nationality: Australia / UK

标题:“Thump”服饰专营店视觉形象设计方案 设计机构:绝对设计工作室 完成时间:2006年 创意总监:斯科特•兰伯特 设计师:斯科特•兰伯特,本•哈迪斯蒂,马克•甘雷 客户:“Thump”服饰专营店 摄影师:詹姆斯•多明戈,马克•甘雷,斯科特•兰伯特 国家:澳大利亚,英国



Drica Duarte Boutique 德里卡·杜阿尔特服饰店视觉识别设计方案

Designed and developed by V itor Neves, Drica Duarte shop concept is focused from the young stile until young ladies stile. The expression of the Drica Duarte's brand is designed to be modern by expressing your personality, in a true Drica Duarte style. 德里卡•杜阿尔特服饰店视觉识别设计方案由设计 师维克多•内维斯倾力设计与开发。该店以经营少女 服饰为特色。德里卡•杜阿尔特品牌的设计理念旨在 该品牌的特有魅力,彰显出鲜明的个性特征,从而流 露出时尚、前卫的气息。

Title: Drica Duarte Boutique Design Agency: Neves Design Production Date: 2010 Creative Director: Vitor Neves Designer: Vitor Neves Client: Drica Duarte Boutique Nationality: Brazil 标题:德里卡•杜阿尔特服饰店视觉识别设计方案 设计机构:内维斯设计工作室 完成时间:2010年 创意总监:维克多•内维斯 设计师:维克多•内维斯 客户:德里卡•杜阿尔特精品服饰店 国家:巴西



JUJU Boutique JUJU品牌服饰专卖店

This is a designed and developed by Vitor Neves. For JUJU Boutique they have created a brand that is able to express the youthfulness of their public, luxury people, through a clear idea and a unique design. The goal was to create a brand with handcrafted features and modern that will be presented on the store environment. The opening is scheduled for November 2011. JUJU品牌服饰专卖店由设计师维克多•内维斯倾力设计与开发。对于这一设计方案,设计师力图通过一个鲜明 而独特的设计理念,最完美地将该品牌充满朝气和活力的特点展现给注重生活质量的年轻消费群体。设计的目标 是运用手工制作的特色手法创建一个品牌,并赋予品牌经营店以时尚气息。JUJU品牌服饰专卖店计划在2011年11 月正式开张营业。

Title: JUJU Boutique Design Agency: Neves Design Production Date: 2010 Creative Director: Vitor Neves Designer: Vitor Neves Client: JUJU Boutique Nationality: Brazil 标题:JUJU品牌服饰专卖店 设计机构:内维斯设计工作室 完成时间:2010年 创意总监:维克多•内维斯 设计师:维克多•内维斯 客户:JUJU品牌服饰专卖店 国家:巴西



Title: STUFF Fashion & Accesories Production Date: 2010 Designer: Kiss Zsombor Client: STUFF fashion & accesories Nationality: Hungary 标题:STUFF服饰&配饰精品店视觉识别设计方案 完成时间:2010年 设计师:吉斯•佐姆博尔 客户:STUFF服饰&配饰精品店 国家:匈牙利

STUFF is a retail store dealing with creative fashion and design accessories especially for women. The task was redesigning its whole identity, - stationery elements, communication concept, the shop front, posters, hangtags, creative design objects etc.. The budget was minimal, the effect needed maximal. Because of the store’s many different products, it needed a neutral, sophisticated and minimal style. So the designer designed a strong, black and white logo, which could fit for all the colourful stuffs. The logo is a new font actually, designed to STUFF, as part of the creative concept. Each letter is deconstructed to the limits of the characteristic basics, so it’s still readable but as a word - also have the value of a picture. The strict minimal shape of the letters determined all other elements in the identity (e.g., the logo, the “big arc” of the shop front, the wall clock etc..) “STUFF”是一个以经营女士创意服饰与配饰的精品零售店。设计师吉斯•佐姆博尔的主要任务是对该店的所 有视觉识别系统进行重新设计和定位,其中包括文具用品、视觉传达理念、店铺门面、海报、吊牌、创意设计品 等的设计。最重要的是,设计师需要在有限的资金预算内创造出最佳的设计效果。 由于商店内的商品种类繁多、琳琅满目,因此,整体的设计风格需要遵循中性、精致、简约的路线。为此, 设计师吉斯•佐姆博尔精心设计了一个醒目的黑白色标识,从而与各种色彩的商品自然融合。在这一标识中,吉 斯•佐姆博尔专门为STUFF品牌设计了一个字体,该字体作为创意理念的一个部分。每一个字母均极大限度地对其 特有的基本要素进行解构,组合在一起具有一定的可读性,同时,巧妙的设计如同一幅精心绘制的图画而耐人寻 味。极其简化的字母形态定义了识别系统中的其他所有元素。(例如:标识、店铺外立面上的“大弧形”结构、 墙壁上的挂钟等等)。


STUFF Fashion & Accesories STUFF服饰&配饰精品店视觉识别设计方案 185

Hamerli Hamerli手套品牌视觉形象设计方案

Title: Hamerli Production Date: 2010 Designer: Kiss Zsombor Client: Hamerli glove-making manufacture Nationality: Hungary 标题:Hamerli手套品牌视觉形象设计方案 完成时间:2010年 设计师:吉斯•佐姆博尔 客户:Hamerli手套加工公司 国家:匈牙利

The logo emphasises the tradition combined with progressive and extended usage of the main motif. It was important to use the logo in many different forms, with different techniques in a variety of materials. 在为Hamerli手套品牌设计标识的过程中,设计师吉斯•佐姆博尔巧妙 地将传统理念与积极的创新精神相结合,并对该品牌的主要理念进行广 泛地延伸。在吉斯•佐姆博尔看来,在多种不同的形式下运用标识十分重 要,因此,设计师在该方案中,运用了丰富多样的材料,并采用不同的创 作技巧。醒目而独特的设计十分耐人寻味。



Saia Bela – Visual Identity 赛亚·贝拉女装精品店视觉识别设计方案

Title: Saia Bela – Visual Identity Production Date: 2010 Designer: Ana Luiza Siqueira Client: Saia Bela Nationality: Brazil 标题:赛亚•贝拉女装精品店视觉识别设计方案 完成时间:2010年

This project was created for a store of women’s fashion. It is a small store with a concept of special custom clothes. The brand represents femininity by the use of pinky


colours and the flower icon. The typography is thin and


smooth to follow the style.

国家:巴西 该项目是设计师安娜•卢伊扎•西凯拉专为一个名为“赛亚•贝拉”的女 装精品店而设计的识别方案。尽管赛亚•贝拉女装精品店店面很小巧,然 而其却以特别定制的服饰而闻名。该品牌运用粉色色调和花朵图案完美展 现了女性的柔美与婉约。对于该品牌识别方案中的字体,设计师安娜•卢 伊扎•西凯拉巧妙地选择了纤细型字体,圆润、流畅的风格与该品牌的风 格特色相得益彰。



Monon - Shoes & Clothes 莫诺鞋&服饰品牌视觉形象设计方案 Title: Monon - Shoes & Clothes Design Agency: BUNKER3022 Production Date: 2011 Creative Director: Vanya Silva Designer: Vanya Silva / Juana Álvarez Client: Monon - Shoes & Clothes Nationality: Argentina 标题:莫诺鞋&服饰品牌视觉形象设计方案 设计机构:BUNKER3022设计工作室 完成时间:2011年 创意总监:瓦尼亚•席尔瓦 设计师:瓦尼亚•席尔瓦,胡安娜•阿尔瓦雷斯 客户:莫诺鞋&服饰品牌 国家:阿根廷


Monon is a new brand of shoes & clothes for kids. Our


proposal was not a classic colour palette for children but


something bolder. We chose a simple logo, together with


a circus style that could be attractive to both parents


and kids. Resources are varied and used in unusual


combinations with a cheerful and playful result.



Syndicate Clothing Identity 辛迪加服饰视觉识别设计方案

Title: Syndicate Clothing Identity


Design Agency: Orka Collective


Production Date: 2010


Creative Director: Anton Abo


Art Director: Anton Abo


Designer: Anton Abo


Client: Syndicate Clothing


Photographer: Anton Abo


Nationality: Ukraine


Syndicate is a new Ukrainian brand, inspired by Texas country, American Indian folklore and Scandinavian aesthetics. Syndicate clothes and accessories combine simplicity with comfort, usability and high quality. They create comfortable clothing for everyday life. 该项目是来自Orka设计团队的设计师安东•艾伯专为辛迪加服饰而设计的视觉识别方案。“辛迪加”是一个全 新的乌克兰服装品牌,该品牌服饰的设计灵感源自美国得克萨斯州印第安民间风俗和北欧的美学理念。“辛迪 加”服饰和配饰巧妙地将简约之美与舒适、实用性与高品质完美结合。为日常生活中的人们设计出舒适、美观的 服饰是“辛迪加”品牌的宗旨。



FeRichi 法瑞奇品牌视觉 形象设计方案

Title: FeRichi Design Agency: Bennett Peji Design Production Date: 2006/2007 Creative Director: Bennett Peji Designer: Bennett Peji / Lilia Peji / Clarissa Vendemiatti / Suzanne Ito / Arcelia Contreras / Marco Castillo / Lindsey Parker Client: FeRichi Nationality: China / Italy

标题:法瑞奇品牌视觉形象设计方案 设计机构:班纳特•培基设计工作室 完成时间:2006/2007年 创意总监:班纳特•培基 设计师:班纳特•培基,利理亚•培基,克拉丽莎•文德米亚蒂, 苏珊娜•伊图,埃塞利亚•康特雷拉斯,马科•卡斯蒂罗, 林德赛•帕克 客户:法瑞奇品牌公司 国家:中国/意大利

These are full branding, positioning strategy, design


guidelines, collateral and product design systems for


Chinese modern luxury brand, FeRichi, created by


Bennett Peji Design to reflect China’s transformation from


a manufacturing economy to a creative economy.




Tephie Shab opened a shop in Punta del Este, Uruguay. We created a brand identity for a sophisticated and glamorous buyer. The textures and intensity of the colour palettes controverted. That's why we developed a context that would not compete with the product itself but frame it. We developed their complete identity and

Tephie Shab Handbags Tephie Shab品牌手袋视觉形象设计方案

advised their photographic campaign. Tephie Shab品牌在乌拉圭埃斯特角城创办了品牌商店。BUNKER3022设 计工作室受该品牌的委托为其提供品牌识别的方案设计,设计以考究、注 重生活品质的人群为主要目标。在整个方案中,纹理和色调的强度全部采 用矛盾的设计原则。这种设计手法旨在于为产品塑造一个有利的背景环 境,而避免产生喧宾夺主之感。BUNKER3022设计工作室为该品牌开发了全 面的识别系统,并为其举办的摄影活动而提供广告设计。

Title: Tephie Shab - Handbags Design Agency: BUNKER3022 Production Date: 2009 Creative Director: Vanya Silva Designer: Vanya Silva / Mariela Martorella Client: Tephie Shab Nationality: Argentina 标题:Tephie Shab品牌手袋视觉形象设计方案 设计机构:BUNKER3022设计工作室 完成时间:2009年 创意总监:瓦尼亚•席尔瓦 设计师:瓦尼亚•席尔瓦,马里拉•马托莱拉 客户:Tephie Shab品牌 国家:阿根廷



Nouveau Noir Nouveau Noir品牌视觉形象设计方案

Title: Nouveau Noir Production Date: 2010/2011 Creative Director: Athena Manolopoulos Designer: Athena Manolopoulos Photographer: Athena Manolopoulos Nationality: USA

标题:Nouveau Noir品牌视觉形象设计方案 完成时间:2010/2011年 创意总监:雅典娜•马诺波洛斯 设计师:雅典娜•马诺波洛斯 摄影师:雅典娜•马诺波洛斯 国家:美国

Nouveau Noir is a senior thesis turned fashion side project, selling chic and wearable scarves for the Winter and Summer seasons. The project is a showcase of many applications of design including print, web, photography, fashion, and visual display. Nouveau Noir是一个高端服饰品 牌,以经营冬夏季别致而实用的围 巾为特色。Nouveau Noir品牌视觉 形象设计方案是对设计的多方面应 用的一次集中展现,这些应用领域 包括印刷品、网站、摄影、服饰和 视觉显示等。



Title: Convento dos Gatos Identity

标题:Convento dos Gatos商业空间视觉识别设计方案

Design Agency: Campo Visual - Design de Comunicação


Production Date: 2008


Creative Director: Pedro Costa


Designer: Pedro Costa


Client: Convento dos Gatos

客户:Convento dos Gatos商业空间

Photographer: Pedro Costa


Nationality: Portugud


This is a graphic concept created for Portuguese Multi-


cultural Commercial Space Convento dos Gatos (Cats

葡萄牙Convento dos Gatos多文化商业空间而设计的平面创意理念。

Convent) that combines 4 areas, Fashion (Moda),

Convento dos Gatos多文化商业空间由四部分区域构成,它们分别是服

Essences (essências), Tearoom (Salão de chá) and


Gourmet. The identity expresses the spirit of the Space,

Convento dos Gatos多文化商业空间的精髓,即通过简约形态的设计、

which focuses on a relax and comfortable environment,


through the simple forms, rounded corners and textured papers and backgrounds.

Convento dos Gatos Identity Convento dos Gatos商业空间视觉识别设 计方案



Andrea Otilas 安德里亚·奥蒂拉斯服饰品牌视觉识别 设计方案

Title: Andrea Otilas Design Agency: Nicolás Vasino Production Date: 2011 Creative Director: Nicolás Vasino Designer: Nicolás Vasino Client: Andrea Otilas Photographer: Nicolás Vasino Nationality: Argentina 标题:安德里亚•奥蒂拉斯服饰品牌视觉识别设计方案 设计机构:尼古拉斯•瓦赛诺 完成时间:2011年 创意总监:尼古拉斯•瓦赛诺 设计师:尼古拉斯•瓦赛诺 客户:安德里亚•奥蒂拉斯服饰品牌 摄影师:尼古拉斯•瓦赛诺 国家:阿根廷

For the design of this identity, the Argentinean graphic designer spent a


great deal of time with Andrea Otilas. Together they experimented until


finding the ideal translation of her ideas in a simple message. What do


clothes say about a person? How do people use their clothes to express





H&M H&M品牌视觉识别设计方案 

Title: H&M Design Agency: Syntes Studio, Stockholm, Sweden Production Date: 2008

In late 2008, the designer was invited by Syntes Studio


as a graphic designer on the team commissioned to


create the launch campaign for H&M Home. H&M’s


commitment to home textiles. For maximum exposure at


minimum cost, we used H&M’s existing display windows,


retail environment and shopping bags as vehicles for the



campaign drive. “Fashion For Your Home” became the



launch slogan. For the windows, Syntes Studio designed


iconic “dummy” furniture, placed on a catwalk dressed


in H&M textiles. The commission included art direction,


copywriting window displays, in-store posters, web,

Creative Director: Bjorn Orgen / Jonas Groth Art Director: Jonas Groth Designer: Michael Stallenberg Client: H&M Nationality: Sweden

设计师:迈克尔•斯戴尔莱博格 客户:H&M品牌 国家:瑞典


catalogue, flyers and shopping bags. The campaign resulted in the highest number of hits ever on H&M’s online store.


La Marquesa is a women’s clothing store located in Barcelona. The inspiration for this corporate identity comes from the Vintage and Romantic period which was also a reflection of the client’s personality. La Marquesa女装店坐落在西班牙巴塞罗那。对于该店视觉形象方案 的设计,其灵感源自CreativeAffairs设计工作室对古典主义和浪漫主 义时期风格的参考,而这一风格恰巧也能够将客户的个性展现得淋漓尽 致。

La Marquesa La Marquesa女装店视觉形象设计方案 Title: La Marquesa Design Agency: CreativeAffairs Production Date: 2011 Creative Director: Laia Guarro Designer: CreativeAffairs team Client: Agencia Amiga Photographer: CreativeAffairs team Nationality: Spain

标题:La Marquesa女装店视觉形象设计方案 设计机构:CreativeAffairs设计工作室 完成时间:2011年 创意总监:拉娅•格罗 设计师:CreativeAffairs设计工作室 客户:阿米加代理处 摄影师:CreativeAffairs设计工作室 国家:西班牙



Les Indiennes TexStyles Project “Les Indiennes TexStyles TexStyles”品牌视觉识别设计方案

Title: Les Indiennes TexStyles Project Design Agency: H-57 Creative Station Production Date: 2010 Creative Director: Matteo Civaschi / Gianmarco Milesi Designer: Matteo Civaschi Client: Les Indiennes TexStyles Nationality: Italy 标题:“Les Indiennes TexStyles TexStyles”品牌视觉识别设计方案 设计机构:H-57创意站 完成时间:2010年 创意总监:马特奥•塞瓦斯奇,吉安马科•米勒斯 设计师:马特奥•塞瓦斯奇 客户:“Les Indiennes TexStyles TexStyles”品牌 国家:意大利

The result is that a product by Les Indiennes TexStyles is not really a “product”, at least not in the industrial sense. This means that every textile hand printed article is unique and different from the others, just like every person is different from anyone else. These ideas are reflected in every packaging and brand image object created by H-57 for Les Indiennes TexStyles. 最终的设计方案有力地证明了“Les Indiennes TexStyles TexStyles”品牌产品并不是真正的“产品”, 最起码其产品没有浓厚的“工业之感”。这意味着每件手工印刷纺织品都是独一无二,有别于其他,正如同 每个人都有自己的特色,拥有与众不同之处。 由H-57创意站专为“Les Indiennes TexStyles TexStyles”品牌所精心打造的包装和品牌形象方案将上 述理念展现得淋漓尽致。



M&S Mode is a group of fashion stores in the Netherlands, Spain and Germany; their main clientele being plus sized women. The new visual identity needed to be feminine and personal. SVT Branding & Design group developed a signature with an energetic feel to it, making M&S Mode more international, fun and fashionable.

“M&S Mode”是一个服饰精品店集团,荷兰、西班牙和德国均设有其 精品店。该精品店以出售大号女装为特色。这一全新的视觉识别设计方案 需要突出柔美和个性的特色。为此,SVT品牌和设计集团精心开发了一个 充满朝气和活力的商标,从而使这一品牌兼具国际化、诙谐、幽默和时尚 性的特点。

M&S Mode M&S Mode服饰品牌视觉识别设计方案 210

Title: M&S Mode

标题:M&S Mode服饰品牌视觉识别设计方案

Design Agency: SVT Branding & Design Group


Production Date: 2009


Creative Director: Michel van Tongeren


Designer: Becky Elliott


Client: M&S Mode

客户:M&S Mode服饰品牌

Photographer: SVT


Nationality: The Netherlands



MAGin Brand Identity Design MAGin品牌商店视觉识别设计方案

Title: MAGin Brand Identity Design Design Agency: Senses Group International Production Date: 2010 Creative Director: Rex Ng Client: MAGin Nationality: Hong Kong, China 标题:MAGin品牌商店视觉识别设计方案 设计机构:理性国际设计集团 完成时间:2010年 创意总监:雷克斯•耐戈 客户:MAGin品牌商店 国家:中国,香港

Unlimited possibilities of fashion, the new multi brands store - MAGin. The idea of the big letter “M” is representing the infinite wardrobe of MAGin. “M” can be “Me”, “Mix & Match”, “Minimal”, “Mood” and anything you think of. The identity has been applied to packaging, instore display and marketing collaterals. 该项目是来自理性国际设计集团的设计师专为新建的MAGin品牌服饰店而 设计的视觉识别方案。MAGin品牌服饰店中囊括了诸多无限发展潜质的品 牌服装。在该方案的设计过程中,设计师巧妙运用大写字母“M”以象 征MAGin品牌庞大的衣柜。此外,字母“M”可以被理解为“我”、“混 搭”、“简约”、“心情”……这一匠心独运的标识被广泛地应用在产品 的包装、店内陈列以及营销材料之中。



Nomad Brandstore Nomad品牌服装店视觉识别设计方案

Title: Nomad Brandstore Design Agency: SVT Branding & Design Group Production Date: 2010 Creative Director: Frank Schoeman Designer: Peter ‘t Hoen, Becky Elliott Client: The Nomad Company Photographer: HovArt Fotografie Nationality: The Netherlands 标题:Normand品牌服装店视觉识别设计方案 设计机构:SVT品牌和设计集团 完成时间:2010年 创意总监:弗兰克•斯奇尔曼 设计师:彼得•霍恩,贝基•艾略特 客户:Nomad品牌公司 摄影师:HovArt摄影工作室 国家:荷兰

In order to reinforce the brand assets and to allow the consumer to experience these in all aspects, Nomad assigned SVT Branding & Design Group to develop the first brand store of this manufacturer’s brand. With its remarkably fresh and light interior, Nomad clearly heads for a different direction than is commonly used for traditional outdoor shops. Products are presented spaciously while clear product information has received respectable attention. The atmosphere breathes ‘travel’ in all aspects and when entering you instantly look forward to your holiday. 为了提高品牌的竞争力,并帮助消费者全方位地体验该品牌的优质与 无限的发展潜能,Nomad品牌委托SVT品牌和设计集团为其首个品牌店进行 视觉方案的开发。考虑到店内清新、活跃的装饰氛围,来自SVT品牌和设 计集团的设计师彼得•霍恩与贝基•艾略特决定突破传统店面所惯用的设计 手法,取而代之以非常规型设计理念。店内的产品被自由、宽松地陈列开 来,而清晰的产品信息更容易吸引顾客的目光。流动在空间内惬意、温馨 的气氛在顾客踏进店内的瞬间即刻将他们包围,悄悄地引领他们进入一个 别样的感官之旅。



Located on the south side of Chicago, Optimo is one of the last remaining traditional hat shops in the world, fashioning the world's finest materials with precise handcrafting and machining to create hats of unmatched refinement. We worked with Optimo to redefine their identity, print and online materials to give them a modern look while 'tipping our hat' to the old world of fine hat making. 坐落在美国芝加哥南端的傲特马帽子精品店,是世界上所剩不多的传 统帽子经营店。傲特马帽子精品店精选全球最佳加工原料,采用纯手工 制作和加工,其一流的品质无可匹敌。Knoed创意设计工作室与傲特马帽 子精品店共同合作,为该品牌的识别方案、印刷品、网站资料进行重新定 义,以打造一个更为时尚的品牌形象,并进一步提升古老的帽子加工业的 形象和地位。

Optimo Hats 傲特马帽子精品店视觉识别设计方案 Title: Optimo Hats Design Agency: Knoed Creative Production Date: 2009-2011 Creative Director: Kyle Eertmoed Designer: Kyle Eertmoed Client: Optimo Hats Photographer: Tadd Myers / Chris Lake Nationality: USA 标题:傲特马帽子精品店视觉识别设计方案 设计机构:Knoed创意设计工作室 完成时间:2009年—2011年 创意总监:凯尔•埃特默德 设计师:凯尔•埃特默德 客户:傲特马帽子精品店 摄影师:泰德•迈尔斯,克里斯•雷克 国家:美国



A fashion label, internationally acclaimed, run by sisters Hadas & Einav Zucker. Rhus Ovata means SugarBush in Latin, and relates to the family name Zucker (sugar in German). After a long and thoughtful design-process, the brand was re-launched, including a new logo, logo-symbol, and corporate identity (packaging items etc.). Architecture by K1p3 - Karina Tollman & Philipp Thomanek. “Rhus Ovata”是一个全球著名的时装品牌,由哈达斯&艾伊纳夫•祖 克尔姐妹创建。“Rhus Ovata”在拉丁语中寓意“枫林”,并与祖克尔 (在德语中寓意糖)姓氏具有微妙的联系。经过长时间的深思熟虑,肯尼 亚科设计工作室的设计师巧妙地为该品牌开发了一个重新定位方案,涉及 新标识、标志、企业形象(包装物品等)的设计。Rhus Ovata时装品牌精 品店的建筑由来自以色列k1p3设计工作室的卡里那•托尔曼和菲力普•托玛 尼克共同设计。

Rhus Ovata Rhus Ovata时装品牌视觉识别设计方案


Title: Rhus Ovata

标题:Rhus Ovata时装品牌视觉识别设计方案

Design Agency: Koniak Design


Production Date: 2008


Creative Director: Nurit Koniak


Designer: Nurit Koniak


Client: Rhus Ovata

客户:Rhus Ovata时装品牌

Photographer: Nurit Koniak


Nationality: Israel



Shop 857 857女士时装店视觉识别设计方案

Title: Shop 857 Design Agency: Msenna & Company Production Date: 2011 Creative Director: Matthew Senna Designer: Matthew Senna Client: Shop 857 Photographer: Matthew Senna Nationality: USA 标题:857女士时装店视觉识别设计方案 设计机构:Msenna设计公司 完成时间:2011年 创意总监:马修•塞纳 设计师:马修•塞纳 客户:857女士时装店 摄影师:马修•塞纳 国家:美国

Using the duel meaning of the word Shop we played off the idea of an industrial work shop being taken over by a retail women's shop to create a space where women can retreat to after work to shop. Using industrial elements such as copper piping and steel combined with pink neon, Oscar De La Renta fabrics, clean open space and bright lighting we created a modern yet industrial feel for Shop 857.

在该项目的设计过程中,来自Msenna设计公司的设计师马修•塞纳等人巧妙地运用英语单词“Shop”(商店) 的双重含义,力图将这一以经营女士时装的精品零售店打造成一个工作车间,为顾客在工作之余营造出一个完美 的购物空间。整个商店的设计全部运用了工业化元素,包括铜管和钢管等,这些元素巧妙地与粉色霓虹灯、奥斯 卡•德拉伦塔纤维织物、通透的空间以及明亮的照明效果完美结合,为857女士时装店增添无限时尚气息与工艺美 感。



TOMS Give Shop “TOMS Give”鞋店视觉识别设计方案

Title: TOMS Give Shop

Using elements of the Toms brand as well

Design Agency: Msenna & Company with

as textures and materials from their in


store displays we created an environment

Production Date: 2011 Creative Director: Matthew Senna Designer: Matthew Senna / Nathanael Balon Client: TOMS Shoes Photographer: Matthew Senna

that tells the story of Toms history while using playful elements to present all of the different styles and sizes of the Toms One for One products.

Nationality: USA 在该方案的设计过程中,设计师马修•塞纳、纳撒尼 标题:“TOMS Give”鞋店视觉识别设计方案

尔•巴伦巧妙地运用了“TOMS Give”鞋店内的品牌元素









客户:“TOMS Give”鞋店 摄影师:马修•塞纳 国家:美国



These Glory Days “光辉岁月”品牌服饰视觉识别设计方案

Title: These Glory Days


These Glory Days are

Design Agency: Sprint, Varner Retail, Varner Group


Production Date: 2007-2011

created by Mr. Magnus


Creative Director: Magnus Beckman / Magnus Lia


Beckman. His interest

Designer: Magnus Lia


Client: These Glory Days


Photographer: Trude Westbye / ToneTønseth


grandfather Lennart

Nationality: Norway / Sweden


was an employee at the

for fashion began in his childhood as his

famous NK department store in Stockholm, and introduced him to the classical look of a true Gentleman. The inspiration for the brand design is a gentleman who appreciate design, fit & details, like his grandfather did. These Glory Days believe that price should reflect quality, and our ambition is that everybody should be able to afford well designed clothes. The tailoring is fitted, as Mr. Beckman would describe them, and most of the clothes are based on old classic garments that every gentleman should have in

“光辉岁月”品牌由马格努斯•贝克曼先生创建。幼年时期的小马格努斯•贝克曼,在曾在 著名NK百货公司上班的祖父勒纳特的熏陶下,就对纯绅士的经典着装具有一定的了解,同时这 种熏陶也令其对服装的设计产生了浓厚的兴趣。 “光辉岁月”品牌的设计灵感源自对马格努斯•贝克曼祖父对设计、舒适性以及细节十分讲 究的绅士的参考。 在“光辉岁月”品牌看来,价格的确应当与优秀的产品品质相联系,然而,人人都能够负 担得起称心如意、做工精良的服装才是他们真真正正的宗旨。 正如马格努斯•贝克曼先生所说,“光辉岁月”品牌服饰专为每一个人量身打造,该品牌的 绝大部分服饰均以古老而经典的服装为设计基础,也因此,该品牌的服饰也成为每位绅士的必 备之选。



Hajdu Anett Identity, Web Design and Packaging Hajdu Anett品牌服饰识别、网页及包装 设计方案

Title: Hajdu Anett Identity

标题:Hajdu Anett品牌服饰识别设计方案

Design Agency: kissmiklos


Production Date: 2011


Creative Director: kissmiklos


Designer: kissmiklos


Client: Anett Hajdu

客户:Hajdu Anett品牌

Photographer: kissmiklos


Nationality: Hungary



In the chaos caused by contemporary and eclectic fashion trends, it is a pleasant


feeling to turn toward to the style of Puritanism that is inspired by the nature and people


costumes who are living with the nature. People and their everyday objects, animals


and the atmosphere around the Arctic Circle provided a starting point for this design


collection. Every single bag contains a unique individuality in hidden leather-jewels that


helps us to perform as a part of the pure nature. These bags reveal the hidden animal


from us.



Ines Anais Rain Visual Identity “Ines Anais Rain”女装&配饰精品店视觉识别设计方案

Ines Anais Rain is a ladies clothing & accessory boutique located in Kolonaki, Athen's prime shopping area. The visual identity was created hoping to reflect an exclusive femininity, available for a less than royal budget.

Title: Ines Anais Rain Visual Identity

标题:“Ines Anais Rain”女装&配饰精品店视觉识别设计方案

Design Agency: Bonafide



Production Date: 2010


“Ines Anais Rain”精品店的委托,为其提供视觉识别方案的设计。最

Creative Director: Evangelos Papazoglou



Designer: Evangelos Papazoglou


Client: Ines Anais Rain

客户:“Ines Anais Rain”女装&配饰精品店

Nationality: Greece



“Ines Anais Rain”女装&配饰精品店,坐落在希腊雅典最著名的科



Traders Pop Visual Identity

Traders Pop is Maastricht's foremost provider of

“Traders Pop”品牌视觉识别设计方案

books. The logotype and applications designed hope

contemporary & vintage clothing, shoes, accessories & to reflect the eclectic, bohemian but some how classic and human approach to consumer goods which the owners Guido and John Waterval uphold for over two decades. “Traders Pop”品牌是希腊马斯特里赫特地区最著名的现代与古典 服饰、鞋、配饰以及图书供应商。对于该品牌的标识和应用设计方案, 来自诚意设计工作室的设计师艾瓦格罗斯•帕帕佐格罗设计师在确保设计 彰显出折衷主义、波希米亚风格的同时,完美地体现了该品牌生活消费 品的传统与人性化,而这恰巧与该品牌的创建者圭多和约翰•瓦特威尔苦 心经营20多年来所强调的理念相得益彰。

Title: Traders Pop Visual Identity Design Agency: Bonafide Production Date: 2010 Creative Director: Evangelos Papazoglou Designer: Evangelos Papazoglou Client: Traders Pop Photographer: Giorgos Gerardos Nationality: Greece 标题:“Traders Pop”品牌视觉识别设计方案 设计机构:诚意设计工作室 完成时间:2010年 创意总监:艾瓦格罗斯•帕帕佐格罗 设计师:艾瓦格罗斯•帕帕佐格罗 客户:“Traders Pop”品牌 摄影师:吉奥格罗斯•格拉多斯 国家:希腊



Jack of all Trades “Jack of all Trades”滑冰&服饰店 视觉识别设计方案

The whole corporate identity for the Skate & Apparel Store "Jack of all Trades" was

该项目是设计师达利亚•扎理雷专为“Jack of all Trades”滑冰&

designed based on the certain "sense of an old neigborhood shop", where you could


find anything from watches to shoes and was inspired by its name [Jack of all Trades]

为设计风格的基础,在这个商店中,人们几乎可以找到他们寻找的任 何商品,无论是钟表还是鞋子,而琳琅满目的商品也与该商店的名称 “Jack of all Trades”相得益彰。



Title: K11 Design Store Design Agency: BLOW Production Date: 2010 Creative Director: Ken Lo Art Director: Ken Lo Designer: Ken Lo Client: K11 Design Store Nationality: Hong Kong, China 标题:K11设计商店视觉形象设计方案 设计机构:BLOW设计工作室 完成时间:2010年 创意总监:肯•卢 艺术总监:肯•卢 设计师:肯•卢 客户:K11设计商店 国家:中国,香港

K11 Design Store is a new brand retail store in K11 Art Mall, offering customers with inspiring lifestyle products such as designer furniture and gadgets that synchronize with K11's core values of Art, People and Nature. The products are selected from outstanding designers' brands all over the world. We were asked to create a comprehensive and brand new look for K11 Design Store from its identity, in-store collaterals, website, environmental graphics to advertising. K11设计商店是K11艺术中心一个全新的品牌零售商店,该商店以向

K11 Design Store K11设计商店视觉形象设计方案

顾客出售灵感设计生活用品为特色,这些生活用品可以是大师设计的家 具,也可以是与K11艺术、人类与自然的核心价值观相一致的小配件。这 些产品全部精选自全球著名设计师品牌的杰作。BLOW设计工作室受K11 设计商店的委托为其提供一个全面的视觉形象塑造方案,涉及该店的识 别、店内附属材料、网站、环境平面以及广告的设计。



Conflict is a store that brings contemporary furniture, home accessories and gifts together in a collection with a strong focus on Dutch Design. Boy Bastiaens designed the store’s bold graphic identity, featuring earlier rejected signage proposals that found their new destination as illustrations on shoppingbags. The logo of the store shows a castle in the air surrounded by dark clouds. An ominous atmosphere that visually embraces the heraldic device that stands for tradition and residence. It's the single item that sticks all different components together and makes the brand alchemy work. Bold in its graphic presentation and narrative in expressing the inexpressible. The conflict website is based around a virtual look around the sketchy interior of the Conflict store with big typographic names of product groups.




及礼品完美融为一体。 在该方案的设计过程中,设计师博伊•巴斯迪亚斯精心设计了一个醒目 的黑体平面识别方案,并大胆使用了之前被否定的引导标识方案,将其作 为该商店购物袋上的插画。 “碰撞”设计商店标识的主题是一个由乌云环绕的空中楼阁。这样一


Title: Conflict



Production Date: 2005



Creative Director: Boy Bastiaens


Designer: Boy Bastiaens


Client: Conflict Designmarket


Photographer: Kim Zwarts


Nationality: The Netherlands


起,从而令“碰撞”品牌散发出无限魅力。黑体图案与文字的有力结合胜 过千言万语。 “碰撞”设计商店的网站以一个虚拟的店内素描图以及产品种类的大 写字体为设计基础。


Bark Slope Salon 巴克·斯洛普沙龙视觉形象设计方案

Title: Bark Slope Salon


Production Date: 2010


Creative Director: Leta Sobierajski


Art Director: Leta Sobierajski


Designer: Leta Sobierajski


Client: Julia Block


Photographer: Leta Sobierajski


Nationality: USA


Bark Slope Salon is a full service Park Slope dog grooming parlor that provides quality


cuts and a refined selection of natural pet products at reasonable prices. The brand


design was commissioned in 2010 by Julia Block, a talented dog groomer and founder


of the Bark Slope Salon.

龙的创办者和动物美容师朱莉娅•布洛克的委托,设计师利塔•索彼拉斯 基专为该沙龙开发了一个系统化的视觉识别设计方案。



Lilith is a new boutique jewellery & accessories store that embodies the romantic, Gothic concept, aiming at young females. The identity is a dynamic combination of nocturnal, foxy, Gothic animals representing the personality of target customers and the amethyst-inspired pattern. 李莉斯珠宝及配饰精品店以展现浪漫主义及哥特式风格为理念,以年轻女士为主要消费目标。对于该识别 方案的设计,设计师巧妙地将象征着目标客户群体个性的娇媚、狡黠而充满哥特式风格的小动物与紫水晶色图 案完美结合,充分地彰显出活力与动感气息。

Title: Lilith Jewellery & Accessories Production Date: 2011 Creative Director: Giang Nguyen Designer: Giang Nguyen Client: Lilith Jewellery & Accessories Nationality: Vietnam 标题:李莉斯珠宝及配饰精品店视觉形象设计方案

Lilith Jewellery & Accessories 李莉斯珠宝及配饰精品店视觉形象设计方案

完成时间:2011年 创意总监:江阮 设计师:江阮 客户:李莉斯珠宝及配饰精品店 国家:越南



La Putri Rebranding La Putri品牌重新定位设计方案

Title: La Putri Rebranding Design Agency: Equus Design Consultants Production Date: 2009 Creative Director: Fanny Khoo Designer: Tom Merckx Client: La Putri Photographer: Tom Merckx Nationality: Singapore 标题:La Putri品牌重新定位设计方案 设计机构:Equus设计咨询公司 完成时间:2009年 创意总监:芬妮•科霍 设计师:汤姆•麦克斯 客户:La Putri品牌 摄影师:汤姆•麦克斯 国家:新加坡

Over the years, stunning couture jeweller La Putri has catered to a very select clientele. The jewellery brand has long married the classic and contemporary to transcend both time and passing trends. Being individualistic and highly sought-after among jewellery connoisseurs, our strategy work takes a creative leap to establish the brand with a very special DNA. 多年以来, 卓越非凡的La Putri珠宝店凭借优秀的品质和独特的风 格获得了众多高品位人士的好评和支持。La Putri珠宝品牌巧妙地将经 典与时尚相结合,真正实现了亘久流传,历久弥新。考虑到La Putri珠 宝品牌的顾客多以强调个性、考究、高品质的珠宝鉴赏家为主,因此, Equus设计咨询公司的主要目标是为该品牌构建一个能够鲜明彰显其主 题的独一无二的视觉形象设计方案。



Alegria Flowershop

The concept starts from the idea of a doodle as an


is applied in different ways on each of the pieces. It is

expression of spontaneous and personal. The doodle made in three dimensions in cords’ forms and illustrates the flowers in a fresh and free way. 阿里西亚鲜花店视觉识别方案设计的出发点是一个涂鸦作品,以象 征随意和个性。这一独特的涂鸦图案被以各种方式应用在每一个设计部 分之中。涂鸦图案由灯芯绒材料制成,具有鲜明的三维立体视觉效果, 清新、自由的创意方式将鲜花展现得美轮美奂。

Title: Alegria Flowershop Design Agency: Marina Goni Production Date: 2009 Creative Director: Marina Goni Designer: Marina Goni Client: Alegria Flowershop Photographer: Marina Goni Nationality: Spain 标题:阿里西亚鲜花店视觉识别设计方案 设计机构:马里纳•格尼设计工作室 完成时间:2009年 创意总监:马里纳•格尼 设计师:马里纳•格尼 客户:阿里西亚鲜花店 摄影师:马里纳•格尼 国家:西班牙



Title: Nuyeyo Design Agency: Abraham Vivas Production Date: 2010 Creative Director: Abraham Vivas Designer: Juan Carlos Vivas Client: Nuyeyo Nationality: Venezuela 标题:Nuyeyo品牌视觉识别设计方案 设计机构:亚伯拉罕•维瓦斯 完成时间:2010年 创意总监:亚伯拉罕•维瓦斯 设计师:胡安•卡洛斯•维瓦斯 客户:Nuyeyo品牌 国家:委内瑞拉

NuYeyo comes from the urban visual culture. It takes accessories and complements as a starting point, exploring non-traditional elements and materials like acrylic, fabric and wood that become in brooches, necklaces, pendants, scarves, which are so versatile that they can be modified in the hands of the wearer. NuYeyo is simplicity. Nuyeyo品牌的创建灵感源自城市的视觉文化。该品牌首先以配饰及 其补充产品为出发点,重点开发非传统元素和材料,诸如亚克力、织物 和木料等,随后将这些元素采用纯手工制作的方式进行多样化设计,从 而打造出绚烂多彩的胸针、项链、垂饰、围巾等饰品。简洁、婉约是 Nuyeyo品牌的设计主题。

Nuyeyo Nuyeyo品牌视觉识别设计方案 246


Title: Branding Process for a New Artist Gallery Shop "Hama'ayan 1"

Branding Process for a New Artist Gallery Shop "Hama'ayan 1" (Hama'ayan = oasis)

(Hama'ayan = oasis) Design Agency: Say – Brand strategy & expression Production Date: 2010 Creative Director: Asaf Issacaroff Designer: Asaf Issacaroff / Daniel Eber / Idit Riftin Client: Hama'ayan 1 Gallery Shop in ein Kerem Nationality: Israel

“绿洲”新艺术家画廊商店品牌塑造设计 方案

标题:“绿洲”新艺术家画廊商店品牌塑造设计方案 设计机构:言说品牌战略与传达设计工作室 完成时间:2010年 创意总监:阿萨夫•伊萨卡洛夫 设计师:阿萨夫•伊萨卡洛夫,丹尼尔•希伯,伊迪特•里夫汀 客户:“绿洲”新艺术家画廊商店 国家:以色列

This is a branding process of a new gallery shop placed in Einkerem Jerusalem. Hama'ayan1 is a unique gallery shop showcasing works by artists from Einkerem and environs. As a brand company our challenge was to combine the old and heavy 100 years old structure and the fun of doing shopping. 该项目是来自言说品牌战略与传达设计工作室的设计师专为一个名为“绿洲”的新艺术家画廊商店而设计 的品牌塑造设计方案。“绿洲”新艺术家画廊商店坐落在以色列耶路撒冷Ein-Kerem地区。 该商店以展现Einkerem地区及其郊区的设计师的设计作品为特色。作为一个品牌设计公司,言说品牌战略 与传达设计工作室的设计挑战在于如何将拥有100多年历史的古老建筑与建筑内充满无限创意的商品完美衔接 在一起,并毫无突兀之感。



Nektarium Nektarium花卉经销商品牌设计方案

Positioning definition, naming, brand graphic expression and a series of communication materials were developed for this new florist business sector: ultra-premium orchids and flowers. Our studio has contributed since the beginning of the establishment of this new business, and we have enhanced the botanical world aesthetics by using vivid colours and an exclusive hand-drawn flower composition.

该项目是来自佐祖品牌战略设计工作室的设计师专为一个 新兴花卉经销商而提供的品牌设计方案。该方案中涉及了品 牌的定位、命名、平面传达以及一系列传达材料的设计等。 Nektarium花卉经销商专门经营上等品质的兰花以及其他鲜 Title: Nektarium



Design Agency: Zorzo Design Estratégico



Production Date: 2010


Creative Director: Luciane Zorzo


Designer: Alessandra Ribas


Client: Nektarium


Nationality: Brazil



调和匠心独运的手绘花朵图案将植物界美学理念展现得淋漓尽 致。


To Be Completed “To Be Completed”花店品牌视觉识别设计方案 Title: To Be Completed

标题:“To Be Completed”花店品牌视觉识别设计方案

Production Date: 2008


Creative Director: Noa Haber


Designer: Noa Haber


Photographer: Noa Haber


Nationality: Israel


This is a branding & packaging design for a flower shop. The concept is based on the circle of life, illustrated by the use of hand made packaging from shredded used paper (Data reports & ready made old flower magazine covers). The design included packages for all the stages of the flower life: seeds, single flower, bouquet, wilted bouquet and dry plant. 该项目是设计师诺阿•哈勃专为一个名为“To Be Completed”的花店而打造的品牌 及包装设计方案。该方案的设计理念以生命的轮回为基础,采用手工包装的方式,以回 收纸张(数据报告和过期鲜花杂志封面等)的碎片为原料。包装的设计涉及鲜花的整个 成长周期,包括种子、单枝鲜花、花束、枯萎的花束以及干花。



This is a graphic identity as well as applications e.g., façade signs, bags, navigation systems, images, campaign communication, website design, printed material for customer loyalty club, infor mation brochures, profile program for office printed matter, participation at development of new shop concept. The Swedish pharmacy market was privatized in November 2009. In February 2010, Apotek Hjärtat opened as the largest independent player on the deregulated pharmacy market with 207 pharmacies. Apotek Hjärtat wanted their new graphic identity to communicate credibility, knowledge and health in a modern and inspiring manner as well as signifying a pharmacy in a clear but subtle way. The logotype should be able to be applied to many different types of media profiles. 该项目是来自BVD设计工作室的设计师专为一个新成立的药品商店 而设计的品牌塑造理念。该方案中包括平面视觉识别的设计以及其在 商店外立面、手袋、导航系统、企业形象、活动宣传、网站、专为客户 忠诚度计划与客户俱乐部而设计的印刷材料、信息宣传册、为办公印刷

Apotek Hjärtat

品而设计的方案介绍等方面的应用。2009年,瑞典正是实施医药市场 私有化的决策。2010年2月,Apotek Hjartat医药商店正式成立,成为

Apotek Hjartat医药商店品牌视觉识别设计方案

独立经营,非政府控股的207个药房中最大的独立药品经销商。Apotek Hjartat医药商店希望他们的新识别方案能够以一种时尚而极富感染力 的方式展现出自身的诚信、博学与健康,同时清晰而微妙地彰显出药店 的特色本质。此外,最终的设计标识能够适用与任何形式的媒介。

Title: Apotek Hjärtat

标题:Apotek Hjartat医药商店品牌视觉识别设计方案

Design Agency: BVD


Production Date: 2009


Creative Director: Susanna Nygren Barrett


Art Director: Rikard Ahlberg


Designer: Rikard Ahlberg / Bengt Anderung /


Andreas Helin / Tom Eriksson



Interactive Designer: Karin Sundberg


Client: Apotek Hjärtat

客户:Apotek Hjartat医药商店

Nationality: Sweden



Lokalwear Brand Identity Lokalwear品牌识别设计方案

Title: Lokalwear Brand Identity Design Agency: Bencium Grafikbüro Production Date: 2010 Creative Director: Bence Csernak Designer: Bence Csernak Client: Lokal Ltd Photographer: Daniel Horvath Nationality: Hungary 标题:Lokalwear品牌识别设计方案 设计机构:Bencium 平面设计工作室 完成时间:2010年 创意总监:本斯•赛萨尼克 设计师:本斯•赛萨尼克 客户:Lokalwear有限公司 摄影师:丹尼尔•霍瓦特 国家:匈牙利

This is a commissioned by Lokal Ltd, which is a Budapest based start-up company led by Bruna Seve Patkó, a brazilian marketeer and fashion designer living in Hungary. She developed the first Lokalwear collection – a jewellery line based on traditional Hungarian motifs. Lokalwear is an international/global brand which is focused on representing, marketing and promoting local original design and craft products that have the uniquely combine traditional inspiration, raw materials and techniques with an up–to–date cutting edge interpretation. 坐落在匈牙利布达佩斯的Lokalwear有限公司,由定居于匈牙利的巴西 商人与服装设计师布鲁纳•塞弗创办。布鲁纳•塞弗为Lokalwear品牌设计 了首个珠宝系列—这一系列商品的设计以传统的匈牙利图案为设计基础。 Lokalwear这一国际品牌以展现、销售和宣传当地的原创设计和工艺品为 特色,利用当今最时尚的设计手法将传统理念、原生材料和精湛的设计工 艺进行完美地诠释。该项目是Bencium平面设计工作室受Lokalwear品牌之 委托为其提供的品牌识别设计方案。



Me by Mezhgan “Me by Mezhgan”品牌视觉识别设计方案 Title: Me by Mezhgan

标题:“Me by Mezhgan”品牌视觉识别设计方案

Design Agency: united* dsn

设计机构:united* dsn设计工作室

Production Date: 2007


Creative Director: united*

创意总监:united* dsn设计工作室

Designer: united*

设计师:united* dsn设计工作室

Client: mezhgan hussainy


Nationality: USA


Mezhgan hussainy is one of Hollywood’s top make-up artists working with the biggest names in the business and the hottest shows, such as American idol and America’ s got talent. Mezhgan partnered with united in 2007 to realize her vision of bringing the glamour of Hollywood to every woman. 梅兹恩•胡赛伊是美国好莱坞最著名的彩妆化妆大师之一,在美国诸多 商业和热播选秀节目(如《美国偶像》、《美国达人》)中担任首席化妆 师。2007年,梅兹恩•胡赛伊委托united* dsn设计工作室,帮助其实现将 好莱坞的无限魅力带给每位女性这一愿望。



Eye Wish Groeneveld differentiates itself from other opticians by focusing on personal attention and by having a wide and varying assortment in store. In this concept, SVT Branding & Design Group focused on an inspiring environment that shows the strongest points of the brand: personalisation, inspiration, craftsmanship and contemporary. “Eye Wish Groeneveld”眼镜店与其他同行业的竞争者有所不同, 它强调对每个人的关注,多样化产品的分类细致而鲜明。在该方案的设 计过程中,来自SVT品牌和设计集团的设计师强调打造出极富感染力的 销售环境,以展现该品牌的特色所在,即个性独特、精良工艺制作、无 限的时尚气息。

Eye Wish Groeneveld “Eye Wish Groeneveld”眼镜店视觉形象设计方案 Title: Eye Wish Groeneveld Design Agency: SVT Branding & Design Group

标题:“Eye Wish Groeneveld” 眼镜店视觉形象设计方案

Production Date: 2008


Creative Director: Frank Schoeman


Designer: Ron van der Palen / Becky Elliott


Client: Eye Wish Groeneveld


Photographer: Eye Wish Groeneveld

客户:“Eye Wish Groeneveld”眼镜店

Nationality: The Netherlands

摄影师:“Eye Wish Groeneveld”眼镜店 国家:荷兰



InVision Eyewear is an independent eyewear boutique specializing in distinctive eyewear and exceptional eye care. Sussner Design Company created a full business system, invitations to their various special events, bag designs for retail sales and a series of in-store window graphics to enhance the InVision brand. “InVision Distinctive Eyewear”是一家独立经营的眼镜精品零售 店。该商店以提供独一无二的眼镜商品和非凡体贴的眼部护理为特色。 苏森纳设计公司受“InVision Distinctive Eyewear”眼镜精品店的委 托,为其提供一个全面的商业系统设计方案、各种专业活动的邀请函、 零售店手袋、店内橱窗平面的设计等,最终使“InVision Distinctive Eyewear”这一品牌更具市场竞争力。

Title: InVision Distinctive Eyewear Materials Design Agency: Sussner Design Company Production Date: 2010 Creative Director: Derek Sussner Designer: Jamie Paul / Brandon Van Liere Client: InVision Distinctive Eyewear Photographer: Robert Pearl Nationality: USA 标题:“InVision Distinctive Eyewear”眼镜 精品店品牌识别设计方案 设计机构:苏森纳设计公司 完成时间:2010年 创意总监:德里克•苏森纳 设计师:杰米•保罗,布兰登•凡•利莱 客户:“InVision Distinctive Eyewear”眼镜精品店 摄影师:罗伯特•珀尔 国家:美国

InVision Distinctive Eyewear Materials “InVision Distinctive Eyewear”眼镜精品店品牌识别设计方案 262


SUPER by Dr. Nicholas Perricone “SUPER by Dr. Nicholas Perricone”皮肤 护理品牌识别设计方案

Title: SUPER by Dr. Nicholas Perricone Design Agency: Concrete Design Communications Inc. Production Date: 2010 Creative Director: Diti Katona / John Pylypczak Designer: Ty Whittington Client: SUPER by Dr. Nicholas Perricone Photographer: Colin Faulkner Nationality: USA 标题:“SUPER by Dr. Nicholas Perricone”皮肤护理品牌识别设计方案 设计机构:有形设计传达公司 完成时间:2010年 创意总监:迪蒂•卡托纳,约翰•普雷皮克扎克 设计师:托伊•惠廷顿 客户:“SUPER by Dr. Nicholas Perricone”皮肤护理品牌 摄影师:科林•福克纳 国家:美国

Working with guru dermatologist to the stars Dr. Nicholas Perricone, Concrete


developed a skin care brand concept based on the nutritional ingredients found in


“super foods”. It was Dr. Perricone himself who coined the term in his books written


a decade earlier, a word used to describe foods that contain significant amounts of





Fiorellino Fiorellino鲜花店视觉形象设计方案 Title: Fiorellino Design Agency: zazdesign Production Date: 2009 Creative Director: Daria Zazirei Designer: Zinaida Zazirei Client: Fiorellino Flower Shop Nationality: Greece 标题:Fiorellino鲜花店视觉形象设计方案 设计机构:zazdesign设计工作室 完成时间:2009年 创意总监:达利亚•扎理雷 设计师:达利亚•扎理雷 客户:Fiorellino鲜花店 国家:希腊

Fiorellino is a small flower shop in Athens. The concept is inspired by the purpose of the flowers: to decorate. The main colour for the visual identity is black, chosen in order to enhance the contrast and add elegance. “Fiorellino”是坐落在希腊雅典的一家小型鲜花店。对于该花店视觉形象方案的设计,来自zazdesign设计 工作室的设计师达利亚•扎理雷巧妙地取材自鲜花的装饰性作用。该识别方案的主要色调为黑色,以有效地加强 视觉对比效果,并增添无限优雅之感。



Kapetanakis Kapetanakis奢华珠宝店视觉形象设计方案

Title: Kapetanakis Design Agency: Some Think Creative Group Production Date: 2006 Creative Director: Aimilia Kanta Art Director: Isabella Mavri Designer: Isabella Mavri Client: Kapetanakis Vasilis Nationality: Greece 标题:Kapetanakis奢华珠宝店视觉形象设计方案 设计机构:“Some Think”创意团队 完成时间:2006年 创意总监:艾米利亚•坎塔 艺术总监:伊莎贝拉•玛维理 设计师:伊莎贝拉•玛维理 客户:Kapetanakis Vasilis奢华珠宝店 国家:希腊

Kapetanakis is a luxury jewellery shop located in Athens, Greece. The branding is depicting the elegance and the minimalistic attitude of Kapetanakis. “Kapetanakis”是一个奢华、高贵的珠宝店,坐落在希腊的雅典。 对于Kapetanakis奢华珠宝店视觉形象方案的设计,来自“Some Think” 创意团队的设计师伊莎贝拉•玛维理旨在通过巧妙的设计手法,完美展 现出Kapetanakis品牌的优雅与简约主义风格。



“F1” Visual Identity “F1”网店视觉识别设计方案

Title: “F1” Visual Identity Production Date: 2008 Designer: Tanya Kozlova / Ira Gumenchuk Nationality: Ukraine 标题:“F1”网店视觉识别设计方案 完成时间:2008年 设计师:塔尼亚•科佐洛瓦,埃拉•古曼切克 国家:乌克兰

The logotype is created for the network of shops of computer technique with service centers. The name “F1” unites in itself a few appearances: F1 – the first, F1 – the fly, F1 - technical help on keyboard. Appearance of fly was chosen as inalienable part of network: a spider need flies as energy source. Spider - each of us, who uses a computer technique. 该标识是设计师塔尼亚•科佐洛瓦,埃拉•古曼切克专为“F1”网店量 身打造。“F1”网店以向客户提供计算机技术与服务为主要特色。“F1” 这一名称中蕴含了多层含义,即“第一”、“飞翔”、“电脑键盘上的技 术帮助键”。飞翔的外观是网络不可分割的一个部分:一只蜘蛛将飞行作 为能量的源泉。蜘蛛—正如同我们每一个使用计算机技术的人。



Hatch & Grow “孵化与成长”儿童玩具公司品牌形象设计 方案

Title: Hatch & Grow Production Date: 2010 Designer: Gia JiYoung Kang / Jessica Haas Client: Children's toy company Photographer: Gia JiYoung Kang Nationality: South Korea / USA

Hatch and Grow is a children’s toy company. The toys are traditional, made of wood or


other natural materials and focus on the fundamental developments of children ages



1-3. The concept was to reduce the artificiality and visual clutter as well as to make the



brand appealing to adults(parents) who are the ones making purchase.






摄影师:其亚•吉央•康 国家:韩国,美国


Title: Adom Jewellery Art Design Agency: Blend-It Design Production Date: 2009 Creative Director: Assaf Cohen / Ernesto Bijovsky Designer: Assaf Cohen / Ernesto Bijovsky Client: Adom Jewellery Art Photographer: Yasmin and Arie Photographers Nationality: Israel 标题:爱多姆珠宝艺术商店视觉形象设计方案 设计机构:Blend-It设计工作室 完成时间:2009年 创意总监:艾沙夫•科恩,欧内斯特•彼约维斯基 设计师:艾沙夫•科恩,欧内斯特•彼约维斯基 客户:爱多姆珠宝艺术商店 摄影师:亚斯敏与阿里摄影工作室 国家:以色列

Adom Jewelry Art 爱多姆珠宝艺术商店视觉形象设计方案

This is an alternative store and jewellery gallery that provides a stage for local designers and jewellers. A place that is built around a treasurer who assembles and presents collections according to her personal and unique taste while listening to her clients. The museum stores urban galleries and alternative art that have been the base for this concept. A logo and a graphic language that is 2D and 3D (designing characters) serve as a stage for the art that is presented in the store. “爱多姆”是一家非主流商店与珠宝画廊,专门为当地设计师与珠宝 商而设计。这一奢华、尊贵的空间以及美轮美奂的陈列品完美展现了商店 个性、独特的品位,同时不忘倾听顾客的心声。在该方案的设计过程中, 设计师艾沙夫•科恩与欧内斯特•彼约维斯基巧妙地将博物馆商店城市画廊 与非主流艺术作为设计理念的主题。二维与三维(角色设计)的标识与平 面语言为商店内艺术的展现提供了完美的舞台。



Animal Wellness Centers 动物健康中心品牌视觉形象设计方案

Companions, not pets. That’s the creed of this fledgling California-based chain of animal wellness retail stores and veterinary clinics. Animal Wellness Centers needed a brand that can convey their simple message of love and animal-centric wellbeing. We designed for them a unique brand mark and collateral materials that reinforced that in a clean, modern approach. “他们是我们的同伴,而并不是宠物。”这是新成立的动物保健零售 商店和动物诊疗中心的经营口号。该中心坐落在美国加利福尼亚州,是一 家连锁的动物健康护理商店。视觉倾向设计工作室受该中心的委托,为其 提供品牌形象的设计,力图完美地传达出该中心对动物的关爱以及其以动 物健康为核心的主题。设计师史考特•维斯等人巧妙运用简洁、时尚的设 计手法,为该中心倾力打造出一个独一无二的标识以及系列宣传材料。

Title: Animal Wellness Centers Design Agency: Visual Inclination Production Date: 2009 Project Director: Ivan Verlaan Creative Director: Scott Wise Designer: Scott Wise Client: Animal Wellness Centers Nationality: Canada 标题:动物健康中心品牌视觉形象设计方案 设计机构:视觉倾向设计工作室 完成时间:2009年 项目经理:伊万•沃兰 创意总监:史考特•维斯 设计师:史考特•维斯 客户:动物健康中心 国家:加拿大



Fluttuo - Pieces of Joy “Fluttuo - Pieces of Joy”服饰品牌视觉 识别设计方案

Title: Fluttuo - Pieces of Joy Design Agency: Sublimio - Unique Design Formula Production Date: 2011 Creative Director: Matteo Modica Art Director: Matteo Modica Designer: Matteo Modica Client: Fluttuo - Pieces of Joy Photographer: Piergiorgio Rozza Nationality: Italy 标题:“Fluttuo - Pieces of Joy”服饰品牌视觉识别设计方案 设计机构:Sublimio - Unique Design Formula设计工作室 完成时间:2011年 创意总监:马特奥•莫迪卡 艺术总监:马特奥•莫迪卡 设计师:马特奥•莫迪卡 客户:“Fluttuo - Pieces of Joy”服饰品牌 摄影师:皮尔吉奥格尼•洛扎 国家:意大利

Fluttuo (to float) is an Italian fashion brand about craftsmanship, joyfulness and creativity. The brand philosophy believes that every woman is unique and her jewels need to be one of a kind as well. Sublimio has been responsible for the whole brand experience, from concept to every single application. “Fluttuo - Pieces of Joy”(浮动—快乐片段)是一家意大利服饰 品牌,该品牌强调精湛的工艺、愉悦心情的制造以及创意的无限。该品牌 的哲学理念是“每位女性都是独一无二的,因而其佩戴的珠宝首饰也应该 是绝无仅有的”。 Sublimio - Unique Design Formula设计工作室受该 品牌的委托,为其打造全面的品牌体验,包括品牌理念的开发以及其在每 一个程序中的应用。



This is an identity & overall design concept for a new medical skincare brand Sage Pharmaceuticals. The idea is to use “highlights” to present the professional recommendation from doctors. Different colours have been used to categorize different product types. 该项目是来自理性国际设计集团的设计师专为一个新建的医学护肤品牌—医圣医药而提供的品牌识别与整 个设计理念。对于该方案的设计,设计师旨在运用“亮点”,以展现医生的专业推荐。另外,每个产品系列 采用了一种独特的色调,从而与其他系列产品鲜明地区分开来。

Sage Pharmaceuticals Brand Identity Design 医圣医药品牌识别设计方案 Title: Sage Pharmaceuticals Brand Identity Design


Design Agency: Senses Group International


Production Date: 2009


Creative Director: Rex Ng


Client: Sage Pharmaceuticals


Photographer: Colin Faulkner


Nationality: Hongkong, China

国家:中国 香港



Title: RFRM Jewellery Design Agency: Knoed Creative Production Date: 2010 Creative Director: Kim Knoll Designer: Kim Knoll Client: RFRM Jewellery Nationality: USA 标题:RFRM珠宝品牌视觉识别设计方案 设计机构:Knoed创意设计工作室 完成时间:2010年 创意总监:金姆•科诺尔 设计师:金姆•科诺尔 客户:RFRM珠宝品牌 国家:美国

RFRM Jewellery RFRM珠宝品牌视觉识别设计方案

RFRM (pronounced Reform) is handmade, vintage inspired jewellery with a modern approach. To reflect the nature of the jewellery, a new brand was created using elements of handmade materials, such as turning the logo into a stamp, handwritten tags and handsewn drawstring pouches. An e-commerce website was designed to be modern in feel while the photography preserves the qualities of old. RFRM(英语中与“Reform”同音)珠宝品牌强调纯手工制作,以一个时尚的设计手法彰显出复古气息。为了 彰显出该珠宝品牌的天然特性,设计师金姆•科诺尔在新品牌的塑造过程中,巧妙运用手工制作材料元素,精心 打造出邮票模式下的标识、手写体标签以及手工缝制拉绳小袋等等。此外,设计师还为该品牌提供了电子商务网 站的设计,强调现代感的塑造,并对照片进行怀旧风格的处理。



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