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Painting in Wall Design

Mural Design The mysterious mural of ancient Egypt, the very luxurious palace wall décor of French places, and the gorgeous imperial wall design of China… numerous fine works of wall coverings in the history have served the past emperors as an important tool to enjoy artistic and luxurious atmosphere. Wall paintings, as a field of fine art, have long been integrated into the life of the Royals and emperors. Nowadays, the art of wall painting is no longer privileged to the rich and famous. Today wall paintings create an artistic air to restaurants, hotels, and even homes of ordinary people. Whether you have noticed it or not, wall paintings have effectively turned blank spaces into a feast for our eyes. Moreover, they could even improve the perception towards the layout of a space. Art can be part of our daily life. To paint directly on walls would have been the most primordial desire and impulsion of our ancestors towards life and art. Wall painting is a direct way of art. When such a way of art comes to our daily life, it would no doubt enrich our life and even evoke some sense for beauty and creativity in us – you could add some bright colours to your home, or bring a lively painting to your somewhat boring office, or give an ordinary restaurant wall a brilliant colour to increase diners’ appetite. Wall paintings not only beautify spaces; furthermore, they should be flexibly adopted to serve with different functions. In the process of creating a wall painting, however, you should take the surrounding into consideration. A wall painting should exist in harmony with the environment. That’s what Nippon Paint has been striving for. We have been taking great effort to produce environmental-friendly paints to enrich spaces with colours. When interior design makes a breakthrough from the two-dimensional graphics to the three-dimensional living spaces, artists begin to give a new life to walls with their creations. In public spaces, such as hotels, restaurants, cafés, and stores, or in private homes, wall paintings, as a kind of décor with their rich colours, beautify and personalise our spaces. Being in such spaces, we would be more likely to have a new understanding and experience of life. Just for this reason, Nippon Paint has been trying to introduce more art to the life of common people.

Painting in Wall Design

Contents This book, Painting in Wall Design, is the second one in the book series on wall décor design. Compared with the first one, Wall Painting Design, this second book has the updated contents; more importantly, it analyses wall painting art from a new perspective. Like in the first one, here are tens of renowned illustrators, interior designers and graphic designers contributed with their wall creation works. The cultural clash offers us more opportunities for inspiration and creativity. The book starts with the part of “designers’ approaches to wall painting”. The artists talked about their inspirations and the stories behind their works, revealing the extraordinary charm of wall painting and its current situation. It is a platform for wall painting fans to communicate with great designers. The book is divided into six parts according to different contexts: wall painting in homes, hotels, offices, stores, hospitals & clinics, and elsewhere.

An Extension of Spacial Art


Space, Colour and Mural


Designers’ Approaches to Wall Painting


Le Pré d’eau




De Designpolitie


Przemek Sobocki


We Are Plus


Projects Display


The same as the first book, this second one impresses us with plenty of astonishing wall painting works. However, it surpasses the first one for the part dedicated to communication with its readers. We believe such communication would enlighten more inspirations in our life and liven our sense for beauty. It is a valuable work to evoke our imagination and creativity towards space.

Wall Painting in Homes


Wall Painting in Hotels


Wall Painting in Offices


Wall Painting in Restaurants


Art derives from life and serves life. We hope the book would be a key for its readers to the door of art in our life.

Wall Painting in Hospitals & Clinics


Wall Painting in Stores


Wall Paintings Elsewhere




Eric Chung President, Nippon Paint China

Painting in Wall Design

An Extension of Spacial Art For a few years, graphic design has been on another level of expression. It is no longer only reserved as a platform for publishing, for poster campaigns or for web design: it is now attracted to walls, interior and exterior, and to our architectural environment.

The graphic flows around the width, height and depth of a room, connecting walls, floor and ceiling.

A true exchange of ideas between architecture and graphics has been apparent for some time: graphics express themselves on the wall, transform the place, reveal, reinforce, and even give it a strong and unique identity.

Consequently designers now have various technical tools at their disposal to personalise a space, whatever the platform: colours, subjects, lights: as many forms of expression as required to make the wall different.

To graphically invest in a place makes it possible to transform it, transfigure it, but also to set a scene. For example, a graphic incursion in a rising stairway could be an invitation to climb up a floor and a bond between the bottom and a top. So if wall design offers the first impression of a place, it also changes the perception of the previous place, and how the individual moves through this one. Paint can be used for the intervention in wall design. In this respect, the "wall designers" inherit a rich artistic tradition of wall frescos. Without going back to the beginning of time, it is enough to take a walk through Florence in Italy to understand that the walls of the houses and churches or the exterior facades were essential in the history of art as true spaces of expression. Pigments and paints transformed spaces, and in doing so told religious scenes in particular. It is different today, but the era is still reflected, and any graphic work is always created by this same desire to leave a trace.In addition, something came to literally revolutionise graphic incursion on walls in the last five years: self-adhesives. As a material with the ability to coat perfectly smooth surfaces, vinyl has been used for decades for outdoor signage. Now, it has entered the house, making it possible to grab space without being constrained by the limits of a frame.

It can assume the form, if needed. The strokes have fun, They twirl.

Individuals are therefore familiarising themselves with the idea that they can give their living space an identity of its own, according to who they are and how they live. The direct incursion on the wall evokes tattooing: it is a strong, character revealing gesture. People are no longer afraid to take the choice, and this graphic gesture is a committed, revealing act. However, unlike tattooing, self-adhesives have the great advantage of leaving the option of removal. The incursion on the wall can thus be fleeting or in constant evolution, whatever takes its fancy. This factor is essential, as it opens the way to some audacious shapes. Carole Carecchio & Pascal Melloul , designers for Le PrÊ d’eau, April 2010

Painting in Wall Design

Space, Colour and Mural Colour can change our mood and evoke our imagination. For public spaces, such as shopping centres, bars and clubs, restaurants, hospitals and offices, in order to create fresh new looks, we often turn to the colour palette of interiors. Likewise in residential interiors, the creation of pleasant surroundings, colour is the primary factor we have to consider. Nowadays, the rich offering of paint colours has made repainting of interior much easier. It’s noticeably efficient to give a new look to a room through the change of wall colours and decorate with wall murals, with combination and modification of colours based on principles of colour match. Interior spaces, sometimes for various reasons, would appear confined. Then, wall paintings could act as a useful complement. With the wonderful effects brought by different colours , brightness and saturation, a space would look different from what it actually is. For example, when you choose a cool grey colour for a wall painting, the wall would feel retreating; in this way, the space is visually enlarged. When you find a space too broad, you could adopt a wall painting in a warm colour tune. Such colours would feel forwarding, and thus would visually “pull” the wall forward. Colours would also feel heavy or light, and such qualities could be used to make a space feel higher or lower. When bright and saturated colours are adopted on the ceiling, the space would be “lifted”. On the contrary, dark and warm colours would “lower” the ceiling. The colours of the wall painting should go well with the overall atmosphere of the space. There should be a dominant colour, and it should be decided with consideration of functions of different spaces with suitable hues and decoration styles, being gorgeous or elegant, soft or bright, quiet or fervent. Interior wall paintings should be harmoniously colourful, unifying yet with certain contrast.

Wall painting colours play many roles in interior design. We could look at them in terms of the psychological effects . Then suitable colours could be adopted to complement the deficiencies of a space, to change the quality of a space, and to create various atmospheres. Interior design should be perceived as an art on the whole, with spatial organisation, installation, colour, layout, etc., in good accordance with details arranged systematically and an overall atmosphere in mind. The wall painting should match the furniture and furnishings in terms of form, colour, etc., with a certain ambience in view, going well with the surroundings. We could choose to have paintings on a major wall as the representative of the home, offering an intense visual impact. With such wall paintings, a room would be impressive on the first sight. Or, we could paint on the walls in particular areas with certain purpose. For example, in a corner we could paint flowers and trees, while in a child’s room we could paint some cartoon characters. Sometimes wall paintings would bring us surprises in an obscure corner where furnishings or decorations are not suitable. Various trends of wall painting have been gradually formed in our life. They are a popular tendency in the field of aesthetics. Meanwhile, in many aspects, they lead us to a better understanding and appreciation of the essence of life. Text by Nippon Paint (China) co., Ltd.

Designers Approaches to Wall Painting

Painting in Wall Design



Docks 76 for Unibail Rodamco

Le Pré d’eau, a French wall design and space graphics workshop. Le Pré d’Eau was created in 2005. It is specialised in the custom design of large decorations. A little more than five years ago, Pascal Melloul decided to create this wall design workshop in collaboration with Carole Carecchio and Véronique Nectoux.

Le Pré d’eau About the Wall Painting Initially, the project aimed to propose large graphic incursions on the walls, the ceilings, the grounds, the windows; in short, any smooth surface, without being constrained by the limits of a frame. For this reason, self-adhesive was the obvious choice as an ideal material to adopt the shape of the surface perfectly, producing the effect of a wall tattoo, without a limit on space. During the execution of the decoration, this material is pushed to its extreme limits: the cuts in the vinyl’ s flesh are always of very great complexity and the trimming (i.e. manually removing each space in the adhesive) is truly the work of a lace maker. Thanks to self-adhesives, Pascal Melloul could play with platforms and adapt his strokes to a distinctive level. Even after the first creation, he could present a real landscape in the place, inviting movement through its spaces. Today, Pré d’eau has extended its graphic investment methods. The techniques of painting or collage came to enhance the workshop’s implementation processes, thereby broadening possibilities in the field of interior design.

355, Rue Victor Hugo 76 300 Sotteville Les Rouen France Tel: +33 (0)2 35 88 01 71 Mobile: +33 (0)6 14 12 55 09 Fax: +33 (0)2 35 62 08 19 Email: le-pre-deau@wanadoo.fr

Designer: Pascal Melloul/Le Pré d’eau Photographer: Heka agence photo Location: Rouen, France Completed date: 2009

Project description: Le Pré d’eau was in charge of the interior graphical design of that mall and leisure centre. The theme is the Seine banks and heritage of an industrial past connected to the river’s port activity. In the graphical concept, aquatic-looking plants extend into industrial elements, in line with a wave found in all the décors, both in words and drawings.

Painting in Wall Design



Painting in Wall Design



Clinique de l’Europe

Designer: Pascal Melloul/Le Pré d’eau Photographer: Le Pré d’eau Location: Rouen, France Completed date: 2007

Project description: The monumental décor constitutes a link between art and science. From the front, the mythology goddess Aurora, sculpted by Michelangelo, comes forward, and on both sides, plants and digital items lend movement to the two sides of the bust and face of the goddess. The décor is entirely made up of pixels, thus stating the “biggest” made up of the “smallest”. The space was managed by carefully complying with the golden number and the Fibonacci sequence.

Painting in Wall Design


17 DGPH focuses on illustration, design, experimentation. It’s a way of expression , that combines art, image, animation with different forms from visual communication. The visual mixture of different techniques and formats, gives as a result a new form of illustration that mixes photographs, traditional drawings, digital images and 3D. The recognition to the DGPH work and creativity also stands in different products such as T shirts, mobile technologies, posters, stickers and plush dolls. The studio exhibited its art in galleries around the world: Tokyo, Taipei, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Paris, Lima, Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires.

DGPH About the Wall Painting For us, painting represents getting some time away from the computer and the screen, and getting back to basics. It’s a way to do something we make since we were young kids. The idea of painting on the streets gets us the chance to create much bigger artworks and share it with everybody. It’s something for us and the city. It’s a way of expression different from any other, since you can share the process with the people on the urban space, and they can see you working from the sketch to the final work. In our case, we try to create imaginary and colourfull situations and characters, creating a fun spot, in the middle of the concrete jungle. Most of the people tend to smile when they pass through the walls while we’re working. By now, painting on the streets is part of the look of the cities, merged in the buildings and the crowd. And it’s a part of us,too. Buenos Aires, Argentina Tel: +54 11 4779 9633 Email: info@dgph.com.ar

Painting in Wall Design



DGPH Installation for Nike Dunk

Designer: DGPH Photographer: DGPH Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina Completed date: March 2008

Project description: Painting at Nike store, one of the many stores DGPH customised for the re-launch of Dunk in Argentina.

Painting in Wall Design



Painting in Wall Design


23 Since 1995, Richard and Pepijn ran a design company called De Designpolitie (The Designpolice),and they were honoured with different grants from The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture (known in the Netherlands as Fonds BKVB). As De Designpolitie, Richard and Pepijn won numerous design awards and merits. These include the Dutch Art Directors Club (ADCN), Dutch Best Book Design, Dutch Housestyle Awards, Dutch Design Awards, Red Dot Awards, British D&AD, New York ADC and lately the European Design Awards (including the Jury Prize). As De Designpolitie, Richard and Pepijn exhibited in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, the New York MOMA, the San Francisco MOMA, Institut NĂŠerlandais Paris and Brno Tsjechia.

De Designpolitie About the Wall Painting The new Graphic Design Museum in Breda was officially opened by Queen Beatrix on 11 June 2008. De Designpolitie turned one of the halls into an activity room aimed at introducing 7- to 11-year-olds to the world of graphic design in an interactive manner. Children are given the opportunity to set to work as designers themselves. Magnetic paint was used to coat the walls, so that metal images would cling to them. This lets young visitors create their own compositions by arranging these images on the walls or on the freestanding frames. They can also create their own digital designs on one of the computers, using a graphic design program a that was specially developed for this room. The spatial design was done in collaboration with Studio Laurens van Wieringen.

Graaf Florisstraat 1a 1091 TD Amsterdam The Netherlands Tel: +31 (0)20 46 86 720 Fax: +31 (0)20 46 86 721 Email: info@designpolitie.nl work@designpolitie.nl internship@designpolitie.nl

Painting in Wall Design



Just Publish It! (Dutch: Publiceer Het Maar!)

Designer: Designpolitie Photographer: Gerrit SernĂŠ (Designpolitie) Location: Graphic Design Museum, Breda, The Netherlands

Project description: An exhibition in The Graphic Design Museum for children. How can you introduce graphic design to children? Let them publish their own designs! They can use all kinds of coloured magnetic shapes to design type and image on posters, cars, books, trains, balloons, etc.

Painting in Wall Design


27 DESIGN: Graphic, Fashion, Interior, Pattern, Furniture, Lighting, Fashion Illustration, Set Design, Art Direction, Model Making AWARDS: Victoria&Albert (V&A) Museum Illustration Awards, London: Best Editorial 2005 for “The Touch” in 125 Magazine; Smirnoff International Fashion Awards 2000, “LIBERATION”: Top Ten Finalist; Smirnoff International Fashion Awards 1997, “DECADENCE”: 3rd place. EDUCATION: Master in Fine Arts, Interior Design, Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland, 1999; Fashion Design Course (two years), Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland, 2001; Central St Martins College of Art & Design, 2001; Pattern Cutting and Professional Sewing Techniques, Experimental Fashion Drawing.

Przemek Sobocki About the Wall Painting Every mural/wall design I’m doing, it is usually on most of the cases really connected with the interior where the art work will be placed. Even it was done on panels attached to the wall in case the client would like to change the location of it. Inspirations: Pretty much the same as for my editorial work which is cinema, people, books, art, music but also in the wall design case, a HUGE part of the inspiration comes from the location itself. So very often I start with just "being" in the place and staring at the brief concept, and then try to adjust the idea to the location, trying to visualise it on the wall. My background is design, and particularly interior design, so to my art, illustration I have approach as a designer. For wall drawing, it’s important for me that the art work will work with its surrounding – both should complete each other. I need to consider from which points, perspectives, and angles it will be viewed, especially when it’s a big-scale project. Mixed technique: Drawing with different kinds of markers, pencils, and pens directly on the wall to the big scale print outs and then hand-finished drawing and collage. Email : psobocki@mac.com

Painting in Wall Design



Za Daleko, Za Blisko /Too Far, Too Close

Designer: Przemek Sobocki Location: Nogizaka, Tokyo Completed date: 2009

Project description: It was a personal order from Akasaka San, president of Image Model Agency,the oldest one of its type in Tokyo; it included two big size prints for its entrance; according to the art work there were also designed floor and walls to match; mixed technique: digital prints and hand finished/collage, markers, pencils; size: 4x2m, 2x2m

Painting in Wall Design



We Are Plus is a strategic ideas studio poised to deliver what is needed by brands today and tomorrow. Thriving at the intersection of creativity and entrepreneurship, We Are Plus seamlessly works with decision-makers behind the world’s most prominent brands to help forge powerful, lasting connections with consumer groups ranging from niche to mainstream.

We Are Plus About the Wall Painting For the entrance hub of the World of Coke Museum in Atlanta, Georgia, We Are Plus designed a large-scale mural representing a lively and abstract projection of the world. We took inspiration from the cartographic legacies of Galileo and Copernicus to re-imagine a map, introducing op-art elements and positive words in various international alphabets. The mural symbolises the optimistic outlook of the Coca-Cola Company on the world.

322 8th Ave 19th Floor New York, 10001 USA Careers/General Enquiries Tel: 212-473-3800 Email: Ny_talk@weareplus.com

Painting in Wall Design



Painting in Wall Design



Projects Display

Painting in Wall Design



Wall Painting in Homes When someday you suddenly found that the walls in your home that you face everyday were so cold and indifferent, probably you would go depressed. Why not cheer up now, just by stepping into the world of wall painting design with us? Today, wall painting in living spaces is becoming more and more popular as an integral part of home décor. However, how to choose appropriate paintings to characterise and personalise your room? That’s a question not every designer – needless to say the owner – could manage. In this chapter, we will see many popular projects of wall painting design in homes worldwide. Hopefully one or two of them would be enlightening for your imagination.

Painting in Wall Design



Hamish Benjamin, Wall Vynil

Designer: Sawdust Photographer: Sawdust Location: London, UK Completed date: 2008

Project description: The bespoke artwork was installed as vinyl stickers across walls, ceilings and storage units.

Painting in Wall Design



Room Decoration

Designer: Flavia Zorrilla Drago Rodrigo Cordova Photographer: Juan Carlos Franco Location: Mexico Completed date: November 2009

Project description: The kid's room decoration is for a kid that loves nonexisting creatures and is not afraid of nice monsters.

Painting in Wall Design




Designer: MURALS.AT Photographer: MURALS.AT

Project description: If a nobleman of baroque times found, for instance, the staircase of his palace to be too narrow, he would simply double it by commissioning a mirror image to be painted on a free wall! Examples of these artist "mirages" can be found in innumerable villas in the area between Trient, Venice, Rome and Palermo.

Painting in Wall Design



Painting in Wall Design



Panel screen room divider

Designer: Gina Pierce Photographer: Elliot Bentley Location: London, UK Completed date: 2010

Project description: "Peeling Paint" digitally printed wallpaper in "Terracotta’"shown on a panel screen. One of a range of designs inspired by the layers of history, digitally printed to order on wallpaper and fabric. Also shown, vintage chair upholstered in "Peeling Paint" cotton canvas in "Green" .

Painting in Wall Design



Hotel Riva

Wall Painting in Hotels Hotel design has long been a focus for designers. When you feel confused about how to make a hotel distinctive and novel to impress guests, try wall painting! Wall painting could make a hotel space different, for the unique characteristics and tastes it brings. For hotel design, too much emphasis on the functions of hotels tends to make them homogeneous. Thus such hotels with similar styles are not likely to impress. The use of appropriate wall paintings could help create brilliant and imaginative hotel spaces. Guests would be surprised with an unexpected joy. Even, the pleasant experiences would make them reluctant to leave! The hotel wall paintings presented here in this chapter may not be the most exciting ones, but surely they are sufficient to illustrate the extraordinary effects wall paintings could produce.

Designer: Jestico + Whiles Photographer: Hvar Croatia

Project description: The hotel includes bespoke wallpaper decorated with large-scale drawings of nudes specially created for the project by Jestico + Whiles. The attention-grabbing wall treatment and other slightly risquĂŠ design elements, help to reposition the hotel as an alluring and desirable destination for the modern jet-set.

Painting in Wall Design



Punk Rock Suite – Hard Rock Hotel

Designer: Mark Tracy/Chemical Spaces Photographer: David Marquardt Location:Las Vegas, NV Completed date: 2009

Project description: The intent of the graffiti room was to create a London-style, punk rock party suite. Bands of recessed mirrors and hand-painted lines in every direction, hand-painted wall murals, and spot lighting on the walls and ceiling pack the room with movement and action.

Painting in Wall Design



Buff Monster Room

Designer: Buff Monster Photographer: Buff Monster Location: Hotel Des Arts, San Francisco Completed date: 2005

Project description: All the rooms in the hotel are painted by different artists, and Buff Monster did one of them. It's said that Buff Monster Room is the most requested room in the hotel.

Painting in Wall Design



Kruisheren Hotel

Designer: Henk Vos Photographer: Design Hotels Location: Maastricht,The Netherlands Completed date: 2006

Project description: The monastery, surrounded by cloister corridors once home to the “Order of Crutched Friars�, now hosts most of the guestrooms; these feature both original architectural elements and daring modern interventions.

Painting in Wall Design



Uma Paro

Designer: Cheong Yew Kwan Kathryn Kng Photographer: Kathryn Kng Location: Paro, Kingdom of Bhutan Completed date: 2006

Project description: Perched on a hill in one of the most untouched countries on earth, Uma Paro is a dramatic inland resort enveloped by snowcapped mountains, blue-pine forests and an ancient mountain culture.

Painting in Wall Design



Bonito Hotel Installation

Designer: DGPH Photographer: DGPH Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina Completed date: November 2008

Project description: Different artists from Argentina, working in a single room, creating a new world inside the room in the form of an art installation.

Hotel Ritter

Designer: JOI-Design GmbH, Hamburg Photographer: JOI- Design GmbH Location: Durbach, Germany Completed date: 2008

Project description: In the spa, visitors encounter a light-filled reception with wine-tinted images of tree leaves screened onto the back wall’s decorative panels.

Painting in Wall Design



Twynstra Gudde Haagse Kamers

Wall Painting in Offices In our mind, offices are always related to busy men and women, monotonous with tension and gravity. Actually, such offices help nothing but to depress employees. Then, why not adapt them with wall paintings? A lively office that invites happy working experience is at the same time a space to enjoy your life. The adoption of wall painting to offices is a great venture for interior design. The traditional perception towards offices is overthrown, and working is personalised. Employees would be likely to feel relaxed in such offices with spirits, thus working with higher efficiency. The office wall paintings included here are the typical styles in current offices. They are to evoke more innovative ideas for office interior design.

Designer : Marieke Griffioen/Edenspiekermann/ illustration by Studio Tween Photographer: Peter Majolee/i-Oms/Marieke Griffioen /Edenspiekermann Location: The Hague, The Netherlands Completed date: 2008

Project description: Twynstra Gudde, a leading Dutch management consultancy opened a branch in The Hague. Edenspiekermann designed a mural for the staircase and entrance of their new office. The office mainly works for governmental clients so Edenspiekermann depicts in the design the diversity of the society in a graphical way. The mural consists of translucent fabric with LED lighting and was produced by i-Oms.

Painting in Wall Design



Laga Office

Designer: d–ash design Project description: The task was to create the New Photographer: Daniel Aubry York City offices for LAGA, an international package Location: New York, USA design and branding agency on the 12th floor of a prewar office building on 5th Avenue. The space should accommodate the continual growth of the NY office in the 13,000 square foot floor plate.

Painting in Wall Design



Cogeco Headquarters

Designer: Dimitri Waltritsch,Leonardo de Marchi Photographer: Marco Covi(copyright Dimitri Waltritsch) Location: Trieste, Italy Completed Date: 2009

Project description: Cogeco is a firm dealing as intermediate between the raw goods and the coffee roasting plants.

Painting in Wall Design


Leo Burnett Office

67 Designer: Interior Architecture + Interior Design Photographer: CI&A Photography Completed date: 2009

Project description: In the Space to Impress, visitors and guests exiting the lift into the entry foyer are immediately confronted with a larger than life "graffiti" style portrait of Leo, an over-3-metre high mural painted on the floor, walls, windows and ceiling of the main entry foyer. The energetic paint stokes capture both the man behind the brand as well as the creativity behind each of Leo Burnett's work.

Painting in Wall Design



Espacio C Mixcoac

Designer: ROW Studio Project description: These spaces are surrounded by a Photographer: Juan Marcos Casta単eda/ wall that acts as a sound and visual barrier that isolates ROW Studio the training facility from the city and the rest of the Location: Mexico City, Mexico areas of the plant. The wall was thought as a continuous Completed date: 2009 surface on its outer side that folds to the floor and ceiling. The walls and ceiling have a Coca Cola Red epoxy paint coating and the floor is finished with a high resistance acrylic finish.

Painting in Wall Design



Painting in Wall Design



ISW Hoogeland

Designer: RAU Photographer: Ben Vulkers Location: The Netherlands Completed date: 2009

Project description: The building’s unique Z-shaped floor plan is divided into three main areas but also has other specialised areas. Each main area has two study centres, one with and the other without IT facilities. The centrally located seventh area, intended to encourage creativity, is equipped as an art area.

Painting in Wall Design



Painting in Wall Design



"krassky"othce Place

Designer: Andris Vitolins Photographer: ZNAK Location: Riga, Latvia Completed date: 2009

Project description: Andris Vitolins' painting on the wall of Krassky office.

Painting in Wall Design



Gloden Age

Designer : Przemek Sobocki Location: Tokyo, Japan Completed date: October 2007

Project description: It's Przemek Sobocki's second work for Mark Dytham and Astrid Klein of KDa; this time it was mural for their architectural office; 6m long and 1,80m high; his first this kind of big size at the time; drawn directly on prepared for it and fixed on the wall panels; mixed technique: markers, pencils and pens. The art work consists many angles of perspective to to lift the perspective of the whole wall; it was a quite low ceiling.

Painting in Wall Design



L’escalier de l’ange

Designer : Pascal Melloul & Carole Carecchio/Le Pré d’eau Photographer : Le Pré d’eau Location : Rouen, France Completed date : 2009

Project description: That décor is at the entrance of a graphic design agency and aims at enhancing the architectural space of the staircase. It offers a graphic staging of the concept of drawn or written signs as such. The sculpture, like a puppet, holds by a thread and the poetic words that are evocative of the graphical work seem suspended too.

Painting in Wall Design



Roissypole CE Lignes

Designer: Pascal Melloul/Le Pré d’eau Photographer: Le Pré d’eau Location: Roissy, France Completed date: 2009

Project description: Le Pré d’eau coordinated graphically this internet space to make it attractive and pleasant to the personnel of the Air France airline. The décor is full of movement and fluidity.

Painting in Wall Design



Sofitel LyonBellecour

Wall Painting in Restaurants Restaurant interior designs are various and colourful. To create specific atmospheres, designers would adopt different ways for their interior décor. Among them, wall painting is a primary one. As an important decoration, wall painting in restaurants not only produces intense visual impacts, but also easily creates certain atmospheres and tastes, offering more opportunities for pleasant dining experiences. Therefore, wall painting has become an indispensible way for most restaurant interior designers. The restaurant wall paintings collected in this chapter are diverse in styles and colours, but they all play a leading role in the interior décor.

Designer: Studio Patrick Norguet Photographer: Renaud Callebaut Location: Lyon, France Completed date: 2009

Project description: The new sleek, yet welcoming and convivial interior is the product of the perfect complementary mix of traditional craft techniques and the designer’s eclectic choice of the very finest of materials.

Painting in Wall Design



Painting in Wall Design



Pluk Restaurant

Designer: Tjep. Location: Haarlem, The Netherland Completed date: 2008

Project description: Pluk offers the 99% and the 1% next to each other, on top of each other or mixed with each other. The interior tries to reflect this juxtaposition of health and fun. For some reason being healthy means looking boring but Tjep. just said no!

Painting in Wall Design




Designer: B3 Designers Photographer: Sean Pines Location: London, UK Completed date: 2009

Project description: Nam is a Healthy Vietnamese Street Food Eatery based along Dean Street in Soho, London, opened in October 2009, offers fast, healthy and cost effective food for all customers, especially those on the go. This eatery was collaborated between entrepreneur Hai Nguyen and B3 Designers.

Painting in Wall Design



Poncho No.8

Designer: Something from Us Photographer: Something from Us Location: Spitalfields, London Completed date: 2009

Project description: Predominantly a lunchtime venue for the city of London, it is important that both the interior and exterior stands out from the crowd. Attracting new customers with the inviting and vibrant look, SFU has developed an easily maintained, durable space with clean.

Painting in Wall Design



Painting in Wall Design



Café Foam

Designer: Note Design Studio Photographer: Stefano Barozzi Location: Stockholm, Sweden Completed date: 2007

Project description: Our entrance to this project became the complexity around bull fighting as a phenomenon. We were fascinated by the bull and bullfighter’s mutual movements and the directions in the battle. This struggle along with the materials and colours at the stadium were the inspiration when designing the new Café Foam.Note Design Studio allowed the Spainish temperament to meet the Scandinavian coolness, creating a vivid place that makes meetings easier, protects the integrity of its costumers and enhances the eating experience. It is a place for everybody to be, that you either love or hate, but that nobody is indifferent to.


Designer: Tatsuya ARIYAMA Photographer: Masaaki TANAKA Location: Minatoku, Tokyo Completed date: August 2005

Project description: Peltier is a cafe which Juchheim Group known for Baumkuchen(layered cake) had in Akasaka, Tokyo. I drew illustrations on the walls, glass windows and menu chalkboard, and expressed a lively atmosphere of the cafe.

Painting in Wall Design



Theodore – Café Bistro

Designer: Oded Rozenkier, Shachar Lulav, Alejandro Feinerman/So Architecture Photographer: Asaf Oren Location: Ramat Ishay, Israel Completion date: 2008

Project description: The Theodore Café Bistro is a place of culture. It is a café restaurant that exudes a culinary atmosphere, while leaning on an Israeli cultural foundation that was created during the last sixty years. Exhibits in literature, song, art and architecture on display are shown on the shelves. It allows one to dine while staying in very special atmosphere.

Painting in Wall Design



Bar Lobo

Designer: Francesc RifĂŠ Photographer: Eugeni Pons Location: Barcelona,Spain Completed date: 2006

Project description: Bar Lobo is precisely this; a combination of old and new in an atmosphere that breathes Design in and out. In fact, the restoration of a historical building gave birth to the space; a bar and restaurant of fusion meals based on the Mediterranean smells and dishes.

Painting in Wall Design




Designer: UXUS Photographer: Dim Balsem Location: The Netherlands Completed date: 2008

Project description: McDonald’s commissioned UXUS is to create an inspiring children’s activity area for kids under seven years of age, bringing the theme of “what I eat, what I do” to life. The concept is to embody an inspiring, playful, educational and entertaining area within McDonald’s restaurants no bigger than 20 square metre in space.

Painting in Wall Design



Painting in Wall Design



"KID" Restaurant

Designer: Maija Kurseva Photographer: ZNAK Location: Riga, Latvia Completed date: 2009

Project description:Maija Kurseva's painting on the wall of "KID" restaurant.

Painting in Wall Design



Painting in Wall Design




Wall Painting in Hospitals & Clinics For their special functions, hospitals and clinics are not likely to adopt strong colours. Therefore, they tend to impress us as cold spaces with white colour tone and pungent smells of the disinfectant. Such places are even harder to bear than the illness itself! Thanks to wall paintings, the miserable situation could be improved. Appropriate colours and contents of the paintings would not harm the effectiveness of the treatment; on the contrary, patients in a pleasant mood would feel the treatment process shorter and less painful. Not many wall paintings are covered here, but they are enough to reveal the importance of wall painting to hospitals and clinics.

Designer: Evelyne Laube & Nina Wehrle/It's Raining Elephants Photographer: It's Raining Elephants Location: IZZ, Z端rich, Switzerland Completed date: 2009

project description: Microcosmos is a wallpaper designed for an immunology practice in Zurich. The motif is inspired by imagery from microbiology and astronomy. The wallpaper covers the ceiling of the waiting room.

Painting in Wall Design



Polycline d’Amiens

Designer: Pascal Melloul/Le Pré d’eau Photographer: Le Pré d’eau Location: Amiens, France Completed date: 2008

project description: The adhesive décor on glazing helps liven up translucent surfaces; it reduces the outlook while capturing light. The dense vegetation almost becomes abstract in the graphical composition.

Painting in Wall Design



KEH Hospital

Designer: Dan Pearlman Photographer: dan Pearlman Location: Berlin,Germany Completed date: 2010

Project description:The "Evangelisches Konigin Elisabeth Krankenhaus" Hospital (KEH), in Berlin, created a holistic dreamland for young patients with psychiatric issues in cooperation with Dan Pearlman's creative agency.

Painting in Wall Design



Painting in Wall Design



Painting in Wall Design



Gedankenschatten/ Mindshadows

Designer: Evelyne Laube & Nina Wehrle/It's Raining Elephants Photographer: Georg Anderhub Location: Contenti, Luzern, Switzerland Completed date: 2010

Project description: Contenti is a place where disabled people work. Distributed over the new building are our series mindshadows. We combined silhouettes of everyday objects that can be found in the building with human body parts and motifs from nature. These parts are depicted in an unfamiliar use. Each drawing tells about its context, leaving space for imagination at the same time.

Painting in Wall Design



Painting in Wall Design



Totally Sexy

Wall Painting in Stores In order to highlight the products on show, interior dÊcor in stores are always comparatively simple, but that doesn’t mean less important. Appropriate decorations could add extra value to products, thus offering another selling point. The store wall paintings in this chapter, with different styles, violent or mild, become non-ignorable sparkling points for the interior designs of the stores.

Designer: Dan Pearlman Photographer: Dan Pearlman Completed:

Project description: With disco balls, spotlights, glitter, and mirrors, the young-fashion brand TALLY WEiJL invites its self-assured protagonists to step into a world that reflects their lifestyle.

Painting in Wall Design



Painting in Wall Design



Boxfresh Store

Designer: Brinkworth Photographer: Louise Melchior Location: London, UK Completed date: 2007

Project description: Inspired by the brand name, Brinkworth successfully developed an illustrative shape based on the plan of unfolded cardboard boxes. This graphic approach allowed the designers a concept that could holistically inform the design, endorsing the abstract, graphic language used throughout.

Painting in Wall Design



Healthy Spot

Designer: AkarStudios (Design principal: Sat Garg; Designer: Matt Lutz; Graphic designer: Sean Morris) Photographer: Randall Michelson Location: Santa Monica, California, USA Completed date: 2008

Project description: Healthy Spot is set in the midst of high-end shops and restaurants on a trendy section of Santa Monica’s Wilshire Boulevard. The 270-squaremetre space is highlighted by a wide glass frontage that gives the specialty dog products store an open and inviting feeling.

Painting in Wall Design



Dylan’s Candy Bar

Designer: TSC design Photographer: Brian Rose

Project description: As the world’s largest candy store, Dylan’s Candy Bar has grown to become one of New York City’s true sweet spots, sitting on the coveted list of top tourist attractions.

Camper Walk in Progress

Designer: Martí Guixé Photographer: Inga Knölke Location: New York, USA Completed date: 2009

Project description: This Walk in Progress concept was created in plenty of locations since more than eight years ago. The first Camper Walk in Progress was opened in Milano in 2000. The final Madison Avenue Store will open soon. Until then you are welcome to leave your messages anywhere within the space.

Painting in Wall Design



Emporium Project

Designer: Sergio Calatroni, Miyuki Yajima Location: Tokyo, Japan Completed date: 2008

Project description: The Emporium Shop of Tokyo is organised as a select shop dedicated to the young fashion which becomes bigger continuously in Japan. The shop needs a new display scenary.

Deville Store Wall Design

Designer: DGPH Photographer: DGPH Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina Completed date: June 2007

Project description: DGPH painting on the back wall of Deville store.

Painting in Wall Design



DGPH Installation for Nike Dunk

Designer: DGPH Photographer: DGPH Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina Completed date: March 2008

Project description: Painting at Nike store, one of the many stores DGPH customised for the re-launch of Dunk in Argentina.

DGPH at Wenzao Insitute, Taiwan

Designer: DGPH Photographer: DGPH Location: Kaoshiung, Taiwan Completed date: July 2009

Project description: Painting at Wenzao Insitute, where DGPH held a series of design and character illustration workshops.

Painting in Wall Design



DWR Tools For Living New York Spring Window 2010

Designer: Justina Zun-Zun Chang Photographer: Justina Zun-Zun Chang Location: SoHo, New York Completed date: 2010

Project description: The long winter in New York made people depressed. The chilly wind and the slushy snow on the street make the winter not that romantic anymore. Spring's coming was probably what we needed to cheer us up at the moment. So Justina Zun-Zun Chang drew this window into a battle between the spirit of Spring and Winter.

Painting in Wall Design



Traffic People Clothing Shop

Designer: Stanley Sun Photographer: Stanley Sun Location: London, UK Completed date: 2009

Project description: The Traffic People clothing store on Brick Lane in London incorporates the use of local artists to line the walls with an eclectic selection of drawings. The sketches help delineate the store into sections based on the artist’s technique, including the drawings here on the fitting room walls.

Painting in Wall Design



Escalier des parfurmeurs

Designer: Pascal Melloul/Le Pré d’eau Location: Paris, France Photographer: Le Pré d’eau Completed date: 2006

Project description: Le Pré d’eau chose to tell a painted story on the brick walls of this mall built in the former docks of the Le Havre Port in France. The poetic and graphical story’s heroin is a whale. The theme echoes the presence of a huge whale sculpture hanging in the mall. All décors were brush painted.

Painting in Wall Design



Painting in Wall Design



Art Walls for the 7th Floor's Elevator Hall of Shinjuku Marui One

Designer: Kenji TAKAHASHI Photographer: Kenji TAKAHASHI Location: Shinjukuku, Tokyo Completed date: February 18, 2009

Project description: Shinjuku Marui One is a woman’s clothing mall as a whole of building. At each elevator hall from the first to the eighth floor has unique art works by different artists or illustrators. Kenji TAKAHASHI drew his work on the seventh floor.

Painting in Wall Design



Painting in Wall Design



Cocktail Boutique x Przemek Crossover

Designer: Przemek Sobocki Location: Cocktail Boutique, Hong-Kong/in three branches Completed date: August 2008

Project description : It was Praemek Sobocki's first collaboration with Cocktail boutique (Sidefame) - a select shop in Hong-Kong; it included design of two T-shirts and a tote Bag (under his brand's name FouR) as well as a shop panels for Cocktail Boutique's three branches: LCX, Lee Gardens, Elements.

Painting in Wall Design



Xmas in Love - Cocktail Boutique x Przemek Crossover Part 2

Designer: Przemek Sobocki Location: Cocktail Boutique, Hong-Kong Completed date: December 2008

Project description: It was a second part of collaboration with Cocktail Boutique; this time included Xmas Card as well as design and window display and shop panels for Boutique's there branches LCX, Lee Gardens, Elements

Painting in Wall Design



Stand and Shop for 101 WoonideeĂŤn Magazine

Designer: Ingrid Heijne Interior Design Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands Completed date: 2009

Project description: In the 101 house, shapes, elements and objects are abstracted, arranged (in layers, just like in a peep box, with different heights and volumes), and sometimes taken out of context (such as scale increases on objects such as lights, cups,etc.). Odd, yet recognisable. An exciting interplay of shapes, surfaces and textures, like in the composition of a painting.

Painting in Wall Design



Painting in Wall Design



The Wit Hotel – A Doubletree Hotel

Designer:Cheryl Rowley Design, Inc. Location: Chicago, USA Completed date: 2009

Project description: At the heart of the legendary Loop, where the “L” passes just above the office tower doors, the life of a great city – its grit, its glamour, its great and famous wind – inspires an exciting new hotel that lives up to its name, the Wit. Inside, the shapes and substances of industry, of tangled streets and rushing trains are echoed in steel, glass and concrete. The zigzag of a grand staircase evokes a subway entrance, while concrete columns and strong vertical planes mirror the soaring buildings all around.

Ivy Hotel

Designer: Powerstrip Studio Photographer: Ciro Coelho, Courtesy of Ivy Hotel Location: San Diego, California, USA Completed date: 2007

Project description: This project transforms an historic, but rundown property in the heart of San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter into an ultra-chic boutique hotel that has instantly become a major destination. The design team took the nearly 11,148-square-metre, six-storey structure down to the shell to create a completely new experience on the interior.

Painting in Wall Design



Alpha Hair Salon

Wall Paintings Elsewhere Apart from the wall paintings presented in the previous chapters, wall painting could exist in almost every space we live. As long as walls and hands are at our disposal, with materials and imagination, we could make our spaces colourful, romantic and diversified. In this chapter, wall paintings adopted elsewhere are introduced to illustrate the fact that wall painting exists everywhere!

Designer: interior design: Ryoko Ando; mural: Przemek Sobocki Location: Alpha Hair Salon, Kichijoji, Tokyo Completed date : 2009

Project description: It s a collaboration with interior designer, Ryoko Ando for a new branch of Alpha Hair Salon; three big walls: two walls 2x6metres high and entrance desk area around 3x2m; all handre drawn directly on the wall; mixed media: markers, pencils.

Painting in Wall Design



Painting in Wall Design



"Oh My Cut"

Designer: Cris Kühlen/Studio San Pedro Photographer: Mikel Prieto Location: Elche, Spain Completed date: 2008

Project description: Every "Oh My Cut" Salon has it’s own theme. Cris Kühlen was lucky to have had complete freedom of designing. In his illustrations He wanted to show the process of the barber cutting tons of long and curly hair every day. He grew up around hairsalons, so the process felt really nostalgic.

Painting in Wall Design




Designer: Sergio Membrillas Photographer: Pasqual Arnal Location: Vila-Real,Castell贸n,Spain Completed date: 2010

Project description: Forest is an illustration installation, where the animals dream of being human and the humans dream of being animals. The giant monster sticker represents it, a methapor of the forest and involves everything inside him.The drawings flow inside the forest monster and tell stories about the coexistence of the children with the animals.

SAMC Installation

Designer: DGPH Photographer: DGPH Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina Type: Music and visual arts festival Completed date: March 2007

Project description: First DGPH large painting for a festival. On the other side, was the second part of the installation with inflatable toys and projections by DGPH.

Painting in Wall Design



Mostro Exhibtion

Designer: DGPH Photographer: DGPH Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina Completed date: April 2009

Project description: DGPH exhibition at "El Diente de Oro�, gallery space in Buenos Aires, with paints on wooden pieces.

DGPH at Stick It Design Event, Peru

Designer: DGPH Photographer: DGPH Location: Lima, Peru Completed date: June 2008

Project description: Painting and toy installation in Lima, Peru, part of a groupshow based on stickers from different artists.

Painting in Wall Design



Stand M&O 2008 and 2006

Designer: Pascal Melloul/Le Pré d’eau Photographer: Le Pré d’eau Location: Paris, France Completed date: 2008/2006

Project description: Here are two different booths of Le Pré d’eau at the international design tradeshow Maison & Objets in Paris. The idea is to depict a mural graphic designer work for architects or clients. The décors play with the three dimensions.

Painting in Wall Design



Périgraphie Urbaine 09

Designer: Pascal Melloul & Carole Carecchio/Le Pré d’eau Location: Rouen, France Photographer: Heka Agence Photo Completed date: 2009

Project description: Pré d’eau was involved, during an exhibition, in a 300-square-meter blank space: it offered a narrative and graphical staging design that showcases the “Maison de l’architecture de Haute Normandie” in France. Each décor addresses space through varied graphical techniques.

Painting in Wall Design



Painting in Wall Design



Painting in Wall Design




Designer: Atelier Brueckner GmbH Photographer: Atelier Brueckner GmbH Location: Saragossa, Spain Completed date: 2008

Project description: “Water and sustainable development” was the theme of the Expo 2008, which took place from 14th June to 14th September in Saragossa, Spain. Along the river Ebro,around one hundred countries presented themselves in about twenty-two Pavilions. The Pavilion “Steppe, Savanna and Prairie” was dedicated to the Sub-Saharan Africa. It became a major attraction because of its extraordinarily designed façade: it was the only pavilion with a media façade.

Painting in Wall Design



Painting in Wall Design



Ordrup School

Project name: Ordrup School Designer: Bosch & Fjord Photographer: Anders Sune Berg Location: Copenhagen, Denmark Completion date: 2006

Project description: At Ordrup School in Gentofte, Denmark, Bosch & Fjord have rejected the traditional design of school interiors and instead created varied rooms with space for differentiated teaching and creative thinking.

Painting in Wall Design



Hjørring Central Library

Project name: Hjørring Central Library Designer: Bosch & Fjord Photographer: Laura Stamer Location: Copenhagen, Denmark Completion date: 2008

Project description: Focusing on the library’s role in society, Bosch & Fjord have created a forward-looking setting for the modern library’s communication and organisation of mate rial and knowledge. In close cooperation with the library’s employees and management, Bosch & Fjord have developed a new platform for communication and experiences that turns the library into a multi-functional experience and knowledge centre.

Painting in Wall Design



Przemek for SuperDeluxe

Designer: Przemek Sobocki Location: Super-Deluxe, Nishiazabu, Tokyo Completed date: June 2007

Project description:It's one of Przemek Sobocki fisrt mural projects when he moved to Tokyo. He was kindly given a whole wall at bathroom at super deluxe; afterwards this project leaded him to 6m long mural for Klein Dytham Architecture office KDa-Astrid Klein and MArk Dytham which owns Super-Deluxe.

Painting in Wall Design



The Design Bar

Designer: Jonas Wagell Photographer: Jonas Wagell D&A Location: Stockholm Fair, Stockholm,Sweden Completed date: 2010

Project description: Trade fairs are temporary constructions quickly built to be torn down shortly after. Instead of creating an installation which attempts to be more than this, the Design Bar of year 2010 aims to embrace the temporary by creating a space which is influenced by stage design and graphics rather than polished architecture.

Painting in Wall Design



The Traffic of Clouds

Designer: JHackenbroich Architekten Photographer: Hackenbroich Architekten Location: Berlin, Germany Completed date: 2007

Project description: The Traffic of Clouds was a large-scale sitespecific installation in the PRO GRAM Gallery Berlin developed by Hackenbroich Architekten in collaboration with Jan Christensen. The large wooden construction was woven together and worked without any connection elements; the pure tension of the interlinked wood created a stable structural system, in which all individual members stabilised each other. This structural system was extended by a wall painting by Jan Christensen.

Painting in Wall Design


Dômes and Spa Célestins Vichy

193 Designer: Pascal Melloul/Le Pré d’eau Photographer: Le Pré d’eau Location: Vichy, France Completed date: 2007

Project description: - Spa Célestins décor: Le Pré d’eau drew a fresco for the spa’ s atrium staging a water goddess conveying fluidity and movement. The décor combines drawings and words, between art history and modernity. - Les domes décor: this cure institution is packed with history. In its graphical concept, Le Pré d’eau focused on the mosaics that are strewn on the flooring of the building. They were entirely revamped with pixels, another form of 20th century mosaics.

Painting in Wall Design



Painting in Wall Design



Hiroo Garden Forest Temporary Walls

Designer: Kazunari Hattori Photographer: Masaaki Tanaka Location: Shibuyaku, Tokyo Completed date: March 2007

Project description: The purpose of these temporary walls is to set up an art work which screens the construction of collective housing area, Hiroo Garden Forest, and give some comfort to people living in the area when they walk around. The art work was required to show the changes of the seasons and richness of nature, because there is a hospital next to the walls.

Painting in Wall Design




Designer: Clemens Behr Photographer: Clemens Behr Location: Zeche Zollverein Tram Station, Essen, Germany Completed date: 2009

Project description: Clemens Behr was asked to paint the brand-new tram station of Essen’s world culture heritage Zeche Zollverein. Behr painted in December and nearly lost his fingers by the freezing weather. With the shapes he used, he tried to develop a confusing 2D/3D effect that seems to move the surface of the concrete.

Painting in Wall Design



Time Takes Too Much 时间带走太多

Designer: Clemens Behr Photographer: Clemens Behr Location: Dortmund, Germany Completed date: 2010

Project description: Free wall illustration

项目名称:时间带走太多 设计师:克莱门斯·贝尔 摄影师:克莱门斯·贝尔 项目地点:德国 多特蒙德 完成时间:2010年


Painting in Wall Design




Designer: Clemens Behr, Agnes Lammert, Dominik Wieschermann Photographer: Clemens Behr Location: University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain Completed date: 2009

Project description: Clemens Behr, together with his two friends, sticked thirty-two pieces of a paper to a wall and painted it for two days. The concept was just to use black ink and have fun. The designers just started spontaneously and tried to mix their styles. The pieces are now part of the university’s collection.

Painting in Wall Design



Painting in Wall Design




Designer: Progetto CMR Massimo Roj Architects Photographer: Progetto CMR Massimo Roj Architects Location: Milan, Italy Completed date: 2008

Project description: The renovation project for the building located on via Castellanza No.11 in Milan has been commissioned to Progetto CMR by The Carlyle Group, with a view to bringing the building to compliance with local regulations as well as responding to the requests and operational needs of Reply, the IT Company that rented the entire building.

Painting in Wall Design



Painting in Wall Design



Energy Efficiency Exhibition Centre

Designer: ALEXCHOI Design & Partners Location: Hong Kong Completed date: 2008

Project description: ALEXCHOI Design & Partners' painting on the wall of Energy Efficiency Exhibition Center.

Soyo Bar

Designer: Kiosk Location: Sheffield, UK Completion date: 2009

Project description: Mural artwork created by Kiosk for a Sheffield city centre bar called Soyo. The illustrations were created by design students from Sheffield University. The final composition was art directed and composed by David Bailey/Kiosk.

Painting in Wall Design



Harry in the Hallway

Designer: Harry Malt Photographer: Jeff Knowles Location: London, UK Completed date: 2010

Project description: Illustrator Harry Malt has just completed a collaboration with the studio to brighten up the hallway in the London office. Following on from a project between Harry and Research Studios for the 2009 Le Book show in London, he worked closely with Neville and the team to illustrate some most iconic projects, creative process and way of thinking onto the magnolia walls. Harry came armed with a box of black posco pens and spent two days in the hallway to complete the project in his own unique style which now acts as a warm welcome to the friends and clients of the office.

Painting in Wall Design



Painting in Wall Design


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Painting in Wall Design  

In the book, tens of renowned illustrators, interior designers and graphic designers from different countries contributed with their wall pa...

Painting in Wall Design  

In the book, tens of renowned illustrators, interior designers and graphic designers from different countries contributed with their wall pa...

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