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Pregnancy Announcement

Design Agency: Maria Pastore Design Production Date: 2011 Creative Director: Maria Pastore Art Director: Maria Pastore Designer: Maria Pastore Photography: Maria Pastore Nationality: USA

It's twins! This design is simple, sweet and from the heart. Since the couple did not know yet what they were expecting, boys or girls, the colours were kept neutral and complemented by a font that felt personal and handwritten. Cards were printed on a soft-white Italian cotton paper and were paired with a Kraft envelope.

Moving Announcements

Design Agency: McMillian + Furlow Production Date: 2011 Creative Director: William McMillian Designer: Lindsay Giuffrida Photography: Lauren Bilanko Nationality: USA

When designing the moving announcements, the designer chose a nautical theme in an effort to honour their majestic new home in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Spread out over 300 acres on the Brooklyn waterfront, this modern industrial park with such rich history, emerging business, and creative energy, is a welcome environment for M+F. The designer has always loved the anchor as an icon, whether it’s used in logos, tattoos, t-shirts, street art, etc., so The designer jumped at the chance to incorporate one into the layout of the moving announcements. The balance between the slab serif industrial font and the delicate style of the anchor, along with the angled typography and playful vernacular, creates a cheerful design, communicating a sense of excitement and enthusiasm for new home. The designer printed the announcements on a heavy stock bright white paper with a smooth finish, using the Pantone green, and completed the suite with charcoal grey envelopes.

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