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Promotion Card


I t i s t h e n ew ye a r ' s promotional card of the studio. In addition to w i s h t h e ev i d e n t "happy 2010", the user can choose the desire that like more and to complete the piece.


Lady Gaga Glasses Card Production Date: 2010 Creative Director: Vinicius Foscaches da Cunha Designer: Vinicius Foscaches da Cunha Client: Fernanda Almeida Photography: Vinicius Foscaches da Cunha Nationality: Brazil

Feliç 2010

Design Agency: Vellut Production Date: 2009 Creative Director: Pau Lamuà / Lara Lozano Designer: Pau Lamuà / Lara Lozano Photography: Pau Lamuà / Lara Lozano Nationality: Spain

Th i s p ro j e c t wa s d eve l o p e d fo r a f ri e n d , Fernanda Almeida, (Lady Gaga's performer in Florianópolis, Brazil). It was designated to be part of her divulgation on the Diversity Parade. This card consists in a format that remember the crystal glasses that Lady Gaga used on her 1st album cover. The card is design to fit in a nose, so it can be used as a little pair of glasses, and also be stored in a normal wallet.

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