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Wikipedia's 10th Anniversary Installation

Production Date: 2011 Designer: Tim Burrell-Saward / Dean McNamee Client: Wikipedia Nationality: UK

Spiewak Golden Fleece Campaign Identity & Catalogue

Design Agency: Michelle LeClerc Design Production Date: 2008 Creative Director: Josh Chapman Designer: Michelle LeClerc Client: I.Spiewak & Sons Photography: Jeffrey Westbrook Nationality: USA The Golden Fleece catalogue heralded the debut of Spiewak' s limited edition 2008 outerwear collection. Family-owned since 1904, the collection celebrated over a hundred years of iconic style. Tree rings and a tree graphic element was used throughout all collateral to connote the family connection and connect the vintage elements to the current collection.

A series of 18 printers suspended above the guests printed physical records of individual contributions, each including a brief summary of the article edited. The volume of receipts highlighted the sites devoted community, with each individual receipt also acting as an insight into Wikipedia's collective knowledge.

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