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ROSITA Wedding Invitation


Jill & Charlie Selman Wedding Invitation

Design Agency: More Branding Production Date: 2007 Creative Director: Justin Johnson Designer: Chad Mjos Client: Jill Sparks and Charlie Selman Photography: Cody Johnson Nationality: USA Design Agency: Inky Livie's Workshop Production Date: 2009 Creative Director: Asa Montenejo Designer: Asa Montenejo Client: Emily Gaggia-Parent Photography: Asa Montenejo Nationality: Philippine

Jill Sparks (Selman) passion for birds and flowers were incorporated throughout the wedding materials, as were fireworks to complement her July evening ceremony. From the cakes to the cards - pink, mango and chocolate were repeated for consistency and a warm, summer tone.

The Rosita was inspired by Mexican folk art and was created for a wedding in Mexico.

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