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The SLVR message says it all: ‘Simply perfect’. The sleek design of this line certainly achieves its purpose. Jet black, white, and gunmetal colours create a timeless aesthetic. To illustrate this feel, a minimal design was applied. A custom die-cut enclosure housed a plastic card adorned in silver and black, with an upper left die accent.


Colourful Expressions

SLVR Gift Card

Design Agency: The Lowercase Production Date: 2011 Creative Director: Tessa & Michael Bautovich Designer: Tessa & Michael Bautovich Photography: Sam McAdam Nationality: Austalia

Design Agency: The Compound Advertising & Design Production Date: 2011 Creative Director: Chad Sawyer Designer: Michelle LeClerc Client: adidas SLVR Nationality: USA

The Lowercase Colourful Expressions Cards. Interactive Gift - Cards that Masquerade as a Bold Disguise! Each Colour in this designer series reveals a thoughtful Expression framed by a pair of windowed quotation marks for the viewer to look through. Simply Pop-out the unique Mouth Shape to form your own Expression...

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Card Design  

card design

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