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President Note September 2012 | Volume II | Issue 3

Hello Key Clubbers! With September, Key Club is finally back in Chino Hills High School again! It is time, once again, to show the power of community service and spirit of Key Clubbers! For new members, please do not hesitate to ask any officer after the meeting and email us at For this year, take risks! Go to new service events! Make new friends! Reach for leadership position! Yell the "I feel good" cheer LOUDER THAN EVER! September is just a start and October will be one of the most hectic month for Key Club, so prepare yourselves Key Clubbers! Fall Rally and Dues are coming up so watch out for that as well throughout the newsletter, Yours in service, Amy He

Vice President Note September 2012 | Volume II | Issue 3

Hey Key Clubbers for this issue's VP note we're going to get pumped for FALL RALLY!!! It will be the biggest gathering of Key Clubbers, until District Convention, you'll see this year. It is an amazing experience that I hope everyone will attend. It's not the rides, which are pretty fun, but the amount of Key Club spirit you'll see at the rally. Giraffe ears, shark heads, keyclub key blades , free hug signs, and just a vivid explosion of Key Clubbers' spirit from all over California, Hawaii, and Nevada. You'll have the opportunity to spend the day with friends, make new friends, and learn more about Key Club. However, what is the main point of the Fall Rally? Is it just to show your spirit and see others'? NO- it's to show that our Division 15 has the best spirit out of this entire region! So make sure to attend and be a part of the spirit battle where we will win the spirit stick!

Fall Rally September 2012 | Volume II | Issue 3

FALL RALLY Fall Rally will be out of this world this year! Hanging out with all of your Key Club buddies and Having the Most spirit a Key Clubber can have. This Fall Rally will be on November 10th and held at the one and only, Six Flags. If you plan to make this unforgettable event, here are a few reminders.  The Form for your ticket (you can get a form in Mr. Misawas room or at the next meeting) and Sprit wear (make sure to turn that in ASAP)  Forms are due Oct. 17th and turn it into Misawas room. The Key Club office (ask officers if you have questions)  The cost of 35$ for a ticket and make sure to pay in CASH.  And Your Spirit! We will need as much as possible!

Cheers you will need to know in preparation of Fall Rally: (start of quiet) {Hot. H-O-T. We’re Hot. So Hot. D15 cannot be stopped. Hot. So hot D15 cannot be stopped! ( repeat)} {P R I D E. Listen up don’t mess with me. Best. The Best. D 1 5 will top the rest. GI-R– A-F-F-E- giraffes.GI R– AFFEE giraffes. ALL HAIL GIRAFFIA!} {We’re Giraffes, We’re so FLY. We have our heads up in the sky. G-I, G-I-R, G-I-RA-F-F-E}

A Great Start September 2012 | Volume II | Issue 3

We had our first meeting on the 10th of September. Amazingly we had over 450 members attend the meeting! “The members kept coming in non-stop! It was crazy!” stated our treasurer, Jaihee Choi. In this jam packed meeting, we discussed the fundamentals of Key Club and its common goals for the year. We included upcoming events where nearly 100 members have signed up for, such as Aids Walk and Fall Rally. Great to see many returning Key Clubbers along with the new Freshman members. We’ve heard great feedback from our first meeting. A returning sophomore Key Clubber said,” As always, the officers’ enthusiasm always gets me looking forward to upcoming events”. –Jasmine Pantaleon. Hopefully members will continue to show up to our meetings which are every

day in the one and only Chino Hills High School Theatre!

See you Monday, Key Clubbers!


Regional Training Conference September 2012 | Volume II | Issue 3

Region Training Conference was a GREAT time! Thank you for all who made it to this amazing Conference. We got to learn how to become the best Key Clubbers we can possibly “Bee� and along the way we made friends with our fellow Division and other Division key clubbers! Region 13 has become one of the biggest Regions in the CNH District AND Division 15 is the BIGGEST in the Region! After all the conferences we attended, and the long time sitting there listening to our entertaining Key Club teachers. We ended with a BLAST! The one and only Spirit Rally! With the Spirit stick right in front of D15s reach, we conquered the spirit stick AGAIN for the second time. Hopefully more key clubbers from our school can attend the upcoming conferences as they teach everyone the true meanings of Key Club. Service.

What’s Coming Up September 2012 | Volume II | Issue 3


Aids Walk is one of the bigger events for our school! It has been a tradition to attend Aids walk and I am proud to say that we have over 100 MEMBERS ATTENDING! Members attending please remember to the following things!  Be there on time at the front of school for the bus ride there at 7:15 am this Sunday the 13th.

 Bring your forms. Medical form and Transportation form . 

Bring 5 DOLLARS without the money you will NOT BE able to get onto the bus along with the forms.

Bring Chaperons if you can! Members who bring a chaperon get double hours for the day!

Wear breathable clothing because it will be hot and we WILL be walking a lot.


Things to Remember September 2012 | Volume II | Issue 3

Make sure to email any problems or questions to the key club Gmail account!

Make sure to read the Aids walk if you are attending!

**AIDS Walk- October 14th Sun. Bus will arrive at 7:25am. @ **must bring $5, permission slip, and medical form THE DAY OF.

SIX FLAGS FALL RALLY- November 10th Sat. Order Form must be turned in by October 17th to Rm 173.

Harry’s Hotter at Twilight Tickets Selling- 5 tickets for an hour by Oct 25th

Pay your dues by October 26th

Caring for the Hills- Saturday 7am-9am. 15554 Cecelia Street Chino Hills

Bark for Life-October 20th, Sat. 10am-3pm. 1907 Boys Republic Drive Chino Hills

18$ at the Student Store.

James S. Thalman Library Volunteering- Tuesdays and Thursdays 4pm-6pm

Ongoing events:

Key Clubbers attending the Fall Rally be sure to refer to the Fall Rally Page. This is Crucial to know what is going to happen!

Batteries, Cranes, Ink Cartridges, Capri-Suns, Writing Instruments (Pens/Highlighters) **LABEL WITH NAME, AMOUNT, AND CLASS Cranes: 25 cranes/ 1 hour- Max 20 hours_Caprisuns: 30 caprisuns/ 1 hour- Max 20 hours Batteries: 1/3 mins- Max 5 hours_______Ink cartridges: 1/30 mins- Max 10 hours Writing instruments: 1/3 mins- Max 5 hours


Hello Class of 2016, Class of 2016 representative serves the club as a voice for your class. You will join with other elected officers to make decisions for the club and to help lead the club in meetings and service events. Keep in mind that an officer position in Key Club requires time and dedication. You will be required to attend officer and general meetings, Key Club service events, and important divisional events, such as Divisional Council Meetings and District Convention. Through this position, I hope that you will become educated thou roughly about Key Club and join our officer family! From a preceding Freshman officer: “Being a freshman officer enabled me to become more exposed to the bigger aspects of key club; from learning about the history of Key Club international to meeting different LTGs. I enjoy being involved with Key Club while representing my class as well. I can’t picture my freshman year without having joined Key Club.

Kiwanis Dinner

Kiwanis Dinner allowed for the Key Club officers to see more of the higher levels of Kiwanis. The Kiwanis had a change of the board including bringing out the new Kiwanis President and our very own Advisor, Bill Taylor! It was held at the beautiful Equestrian Center right across from Ayala high school. This night included speeches from the President from Ayala along with our own Amy He and multiple others. All in all, it was a great time meeting with others and having a formal event so early in the year.

Thank you for Reading! THE September 2012 | Volume II | Issue 3


CHHS Key Club | Division 15 | Region 13 | CNH District Chino Hills High School: 16150 Pomona Rincon Road Chino Hills, CA 91709-3101 Editor: Kevin Chou Email:

CHHS Septmeber Newsletter  

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