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The Official Chino Hills High School Key Club Newsletter

Presidents Note Cannot believe that I have already served for my members for two months already! In these two months, I experienced the enthusiasm of the members, the responsibility it entails, and the bliss after successful service events. Thank you to the seniors and dedicated members who have made a significant contribution for the club throughout the year. Though seniors are leaving, the achievements they have made and the chances they have given to underclassmen will not be forgotten, and remember “Once a Kiwanian, Always a Kiwanian”. Though cliché, it is all about the members-thanks to you guys, the club is as great as it is. One of the beauties found in Key Club is the power to change one’s life. As Key Clubbers we are able to grow into a strong family, supporting each other not only in service events, but also in school and personal life. As Key Clubbers, we mature together, teach together, and laugh together. This feeling of unity is something I definitely treasure. In Key Club, I grew not only as a friend and a volunteer, but also as a leader. I am grateful to those who gave me this opportunity and those who continuously make my new term easier. I cannot wait to provide opportunities for the members to grow in leadership and for more to join and have fun in Key Club in the upcoming, new school year. I hope that all of you will have a great summer. In this summer, there will be several service events incorporated in a social atmosphere, so stay active while keeping in touch with friends in Key Club!

Vice Presidents Notes As the school year ends we can look back at a plethora of accomplishments from being the best club in the division for many months to earning the district awards to fulfilling one of the KEY aspects of the club- serving the community while having a fun time. Although we had guidance from past and present officers, none of these memories would be possible without the help of the members. It's is the members who make up the club and who have the most opportunities. The opportunity to grow in leadership though not only participating in the club level, but going above and beyond by actively learning about Key Club International on their own and being a part of its many nuances such as the divisional level. Key Club isn't just another club- it's a way we have fun, a way we learn, and so much more. In short it's our way of life. Despite the seniors leaving, the key club bonds won't since even though high school may end life goes on. To the underclassmen stay involved throughout the summer and the new year as you wouldn't want life to pass you by. The new year coming is going to be one of the most exciting yet as we explore and promote new areas of Key Club we only recently began to find - We'll be there and we hope to have you with us. We're all Key Clubbers and all one ohana~

BanquetTime!!! “Banquet was fun! Lots of people good food and overall just a great time to hang out with friends :)


This year’s banquet was held at the beautiful McCoy Equestrian center! And after all we have done this year, treating members to such a nice place was only best way to repay for their hard work. All of our achievements for this past year have been clearly represented through the numerous members who have achieved either the awards, "Member in Good Standing" or "Member of the Month". We were able to celebrate our achievements-5650 service hours and 5708 dollars raised-in the Banquet through a slideshow and speeches. Thank you, Key Clubbers. Thank you for the ones who have continuously provided support whether in Key Club or in school. Thank you for the familiar faces we continue to see at every event. Hope in the upcoming school year, we are able to accomplish much more and celebrate once again in a banquet. Chino Hills High School Banquet 2012 was a great way to end a year full of service, new friendships, and achievements!

May District Council Meeting. May DCM was tons of fun! The newly appointed Lieutenant Governor, Jaguar Jung, held this meeting and provided the clubs with important information- shirt designs, Officer Training Conference, and Region 13 Picnic! (These events can be found in the Summer Overview section-look them up (:) Afterwards, we had a water balloon fight! DCMs can be so much far as you meet Key Clubbers in the same division! He also announced the divisional executive board after going through many applications. These people will be able to answer your questions throughout the year!

Executive Assistants: Amy He and Fahrin Bhuiyan Divisional Secretary: Vanessa Luu Division News Editor: Daniel Marcelino Garcia

The June DCM for Division 15 will be at the Region 13 Picnic at Butterfield Park, Walnut on June 23rd from 11am to 5pm. The Region 13 Lt. Governors have decided to have a nice picnic out at the park for all of you to be familiar with your Region 13 Ohana! There will be lots of activities for you and your friends (including some spirit battles) so come out and meet new Key Clubbers from throughout Divisions 35 West, 35 East, 10 North, 10 South, and even your home division, Division 15!! We'll guarantee that your summer will start AMAZINGLY through this event! :D Chino Hills High School will also be selling strawberries covered with chocolate and fruit smoothies, so come out there and support!

Summer Debriefing

Our events do not stop in the summer! There will definitely be many ongoing events. Library volunteering will continue as usual and there will also be Isaiah's Rock food packaging events as well. Concerts in the Park is something that Key Club will also take part in every Wednesday throughout summer. We will also be cleaning up parks here and there. For the month of June, we have our OTC (officer training conference) and Region 13 picnic which we will be selling chocolate covered strawberries and smoothies at! Relay for Life is also a very prominent event in the summer that Key Club will be taking part in during the month of August. So watch out for further events, Key Clubbers!

Senior Detications On behald of the graduating class of 2012, let me say, “Thank you Key Club� Thank you for the wonderful memories that we will carry with us throughout our lives, from seeing the way of service and altruism can truly impact and transform the world around us, to allowing us the opportunity to cultivate leadership as servant leaders. Our high school experience truly would not have been the same without this amazing organization and all you great individuals. Continue to serve your community, and enjoy what is left of your high school career! Just as you have wished us, we wish you all the best in your incredibly bright futures!


Last month on May 19th, our Key Club assembled to wash cars and raise money for Relay for Life. Relay for Life is a volunteerdriven cancer fundraising event of the American Cancer Society, an event that Key Club actively participates in. The carwash was held near BJ’s Restaurant in the Commons at Chino Hills. Everyone enjoyed washing cars in the nice weather and splashing each other with water during our down time. Member Jacquelyn Li, said, “It was a really fun way to help the community,” while Rommel Pineda stated, “It’s a good way to raise money.” We raised a total of $160.00, which is more than our original goal of $100.00. Thank you for your hard work Key Clubbers and watch out for more fundraising events to come!


Working at the car

CALL TO RELAY FOR LIFE! Relay for Life, Key Club’s biggest event in the summer, is in two months! THIS is an overnight relay-style event with over 100 teams of people camping out in Ruben S. Ayala Park on August 4th. There will be entertainment from games and activities and fundraising opportunities to help those fighting Cancer! It is also a great way to earn over 24 hours. BE THERE. :D How to join and DONATE MONEY: site/TR/RelayForLife/ RFLFY12CA/750131195? 1. Go to 2. Click “Join Our Team” 3. Click “Team Member Registration-Pay by Credit Card” 4. Fill in personal information, T-Shirt size, etc. 5. Confirm Transaction


Interested into doing more for Key Club? Want a bigger role in Key Club? Want to be Division 15 Task Coordinators? This is your chance! Members have priority, so do not be afraid to apply! :D If interested, please send your name, school, grade, and position(s) interested to the following emails asap: THERE ARE MORE TYPES OF TASK COORDINATORS THAN THE ONES BELOW: Host Club Coordinators Main Coordinator: involved in planning the event in an overall aspect such as possible delegation of tasks and responsible for main communication with us, the division board Fall Rally Spirit Task Coordinator: Food/Decoration Coordinator: In charge of either catering or cooking and gathering the materials for decorations. Talent Show Coordinator: In charge of planning, auditions, judging, and equipment DCM Coordinator: DCM Location Coordinator: DCM Activities Coordinator Service Coordinator (finding/ regulating service): Fundraising Coordinator: Unicef Coordinator: RTC Coordinator: Misecllaneous Coordinators (division photographer/cebreakers coordinator):

Thank you for Reading

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June Newsletter  
June Newsletter  

June Newsletter includes the May DCM, Important info for Task Coordinators, and our biggest event Relay for Life.